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Thread: New Age of Mortals KOD campaign diary

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    The mage enjoys a luxury cruise to Port Balifor. All manner of meats, cheese and exotic fruits are found aboard. When docked, the captain sees the mage off personally, and advises him that the mage can re-board on a future trip from this point for the remainder of the cruise (good for one year, terms and conditions apply, see back of ticket for details). The black-robed mage clears customs without incident, heads for the local inn, and awaits the party. The party is not so lucky...

    The party is accosted by a water elemental who manages to knock two of the party members off the ship and into the sea. Luckily, the draconian makes his swim check and climbs back aboard, while the cleric saves another member from drowning. Following the battle, the ship gets a distress call, with rough coordinates, before the line goes dead. The characters convince the captain, with 50 stl, to aid the vessel.

    Bulligan, the skipper, and their 5 passengers are rescued. They are very happy, seeing as how they never expected to get rescued and expected to stay on the island for a long long time and would have to "make the best of things". The ship is attacked by sea cats on the voyage back to Port Balifor, which the party defeats. Rather than docking, the party convinces the captain to sell them a rowboat, and they row to shore, landing by the cliffs. It is pitch black, in the middle of the night.*

    The cleric and elf decide to row the boat towards the docks, cause a fog, and then sneak into town. The draconian and half-ogre are left on the shore. The cleric and elf get the benefit of fantastic dice, and are not seen leaving the water or entering town by anyone. However, rather than discussing a plan to rescue the others, they simply go to sleep.

    Thus a spot check of "20" leads a dark knight to notice two figures camped out on the beach. within the hour, the draconian and half-ogre are taken into custody. As the draconian carries the legion of steel star jewel, he is singled out for "special treatment". The half-ogre successfully bluffs/convinces the dark knights that he is too stupid to understand anything but *very* simple commands.

    The remaining party members make contact with Kronin and deliver the message from the Legion to Elijayess. The black-robe is still met with some discomfort, and he is forced to agree to aid in the liberation of Kendermore. Nuitari is displeased, and the mage must make concentration checks on the further use of his magic. Once agreed to, the kender agree to cause a distraction, so that a rescue attempt can be made for the draconian and half-ogre.

    Mage LE(N) - face turn in progress
    Ogre N(E) - Able to successfully "play" an idiot. Budding thespian.
    Elf - Has Acute sunblight. Also acutely absent from the game.
    C/R - Keen on helping save Kendermore.
    S - Beaten Unconscious. Special treatment has its disadvantages.

    * In the revised history, poor Ms. Howeling is discovered murdered aboard ship some hours later. (The Anvil strikes again). The party will not learn this information until they reach Flotsam.
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    When we last left our merry band of adventurers, two of them stood imprisoned within the dark knight enclave of Port Balifor. Luckily, the rest of them made some friends with displaced kender, who decided to help (in return for the party's promise to liberate Kendermore).

    This was a straight slog rescue fight. One kender guided the rescue party into a "secret" passage towards the prison level while other kender created a ruckus to distract the knights. The rescue party took no chances, using hold person if necessary to prevent any warning sounds or horns from encountered dark knights. Once rescued, the party had to escape the area and flee out the gates. This required battles with 5 successive groups of dark knights, but the party managed to make it to safety, with Elijayess in tow.

    The party later encountered a Desolation giant, and the half-ogre promptly crit hits it. The battle was not memorable. This later led the party to encounter two desolation giants...who managed to KO two of the party before being subdued. The party notices (and avoids) two flamestone panthers. They also come upon a wounded dark knight patrol with Lord Crager Bloodholt. The party gives them supplies and directions to Darkhaven.

    The party reaches the Oracles, who offer the party three questions answered (with more riddles). The party (Draconian) agrees to take the Hag's amulet in return for one question and are unsatisfied with the non-answer. So they smartly refuse the "quest" for them to obtain the staff of bones. The hags allow them to rest at the oasis overnight, and the party makes it to Kendermore without further incident.

    The party clears the ogre slavers out of Kendermore, and Elijayess stays in the city while the party heads to the peak, looking for the ant entrance. Once at the peak, the party wisely surrenders to the giant ants and are taken towards the queen, who demands that the party's queen steps forward. The wizard immediately steps forward...

    The wizard is right, being lawful and a wizard trumping the draconian, half-ogre or kender in the Queen's eyes. The wizard successfully negotiates with the queen for aid, which allows the party to ride to the doorway where the kender are kept. The party is told how to escape after rescuing the kender.

    The party defeats Dragath without incident, but the elf fighter jumps on the body as it explodes, killing him in the process. (player left the game). The party rescues the kender, one of which informs them of the rituals occurring down the hallway. The party investigates...

    Inside the chamber is Grigolthan, who knows the party is coming. Once they enter the chamber, dragging the body of the elf, the party is magically held. Grigolthan says that he has been watching them, and he senses *necromantic energy* within the half-ogre. He offers the half-ogre power if the half-ogre brings the dead elf to him, and drinks a vial of blood he has at the altar.* In addition, he promises the mage the necromantic energy he senses within the half-ogre.

    The half-ogre immediately agrees, and is released. The draconian and cleric groan. The mage is hoping this means he gets some power back.

    The half-ogre places the elf's body on the altar, and drinks the blood. He immediately passes out and is dying. Grigolthan immediately waves the staff of bones over the half-ogre's body, releasing the *necromantic energy*, and absorbs it with the staff, recharging it. He thanks the party for their energy and aid, but is somewhat saddened that his kender ritual did not appear to work.

    Meanwhile, the cleric actually prays to his god, who releases him from the magic ward. The hags, meanwhile, are negotiating with the draconian through the Hag's eye, promising them a *clear* answer if the party retrieves the staff of bones for them. The draconian agrees. Watching these proceedings is a thirsty, starving young Knight of the Crown who is caged on the other side of the altar.

    Once free, the party attacks Grigolthan, who summons kender zombies. This also awakens the half-ogre, who is now morphing into what could be described as a half-titan. Grigolthan claims success, telling the ogre to attack the party. But the half-titan declines and Grigolthan goes invisible, not recalling that a titan has a sense of smell. The ogre finds him and grapples with him. Grigolthan is defeated while the cleric rescues the knight from the cage.

    Sindra appears, breathing flames at the party and knocking out the mage. But the party is too strong for her, given the half-titan's new thirst for blood. (or perhaps he was always this thirsty...**). The party defeats Sindra, and the knight, weakened though he is, crit hits the door allowing access to Huma's Dragonlance and his equipment.

    The knight wants to take the lance, but the mage argues that he has a quest to deliver it to someone worthy and he does not believe that the knight fits that description. The party agrees to a truce to head to the Hag's oasis with the lance for the time being. They also fight over the staff of bones, as the mage wants it but agrees that the sorc should take it to prevent any Hag reprisals, although the mage still hopes that the hags will give him his power back from the staff....

    Nzunta Mage (5) LN(E) - face turn progressing
    Half-Ogre (Titan) Barbarian (5) C+E+ - willingly drank kender blood. Got lucky.
    Elf Fighter (5) (Deceased) - Died with Acute sunblight. No one shed a tear.
    Kender Cleric (3)Rogue (2) - CG - Saved Kendermore.
    Draconian (5) Sorc NG - sliced many zombies with the shard of light
    Human Fighter (4) KoC(1) - has no idea what he just signed up for. Also already better at RP than the other party members.

    *He is trying to regain his Titan form using kender blood rather than elven, and is using the half-ogre to test it (and hoping it works).

    **These events are minorly altered by the Anvil of time...which the party will encounter after visiting the Oasis and leading the kender home to Kendermore.
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    Nice write up.
    "It's not a game of Final Fantasy where you can step outside the plot for a bit and train up your stats, it's a potentially apocalyptic final chapter in an epic drama." - Brass Tiger Captain


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