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    Greetings All
    Here is the campaign journals for our 5e version of the Age of Despair with a prelude adventures leading into the DL1-DL14 series. if any one would like to join in we play online. e-mail me at

    Adventure Log:
    Session One: One Faire Day:
    Our story begins, on a cool clear spring morning two men complete strangers book passage on a ship departing from Port-o-call and going across the straits to the village of Crossing in northern Abanasinia. Each of them are leaving Solamnia for very different reasons, The first one, a man of modest bearing wears a simple red and brown robes, he is beginning a sojourn to his homeland to the place he was born. There to seek out his heritage and to search out those who have not lost faith in the old gods.
    The other is leaving Solamnia in order to improve his situation. Have come through some difficult times recently it became necessary to move on. His bearing is rough, his explorers outfit has seen better days, he wears old rusting chain armor from a past age. His distinctive mustache, is that of one of the knights of Solamnia. On his back he carries an ancient greatsword.
    The two men find that they are to only passengers on this ship and begin to speak to pass the time.
    That evening they arrive in Crossing, checking in at a local Inn for the night they learn of the spring dawning faire taking place in the nearby town of Ravenvale.
    They journey south for the day arriving in Raven that evening. The Faire is in full swing.
    The celebration includes musicians, jugglers, actors, acrobats, fire eaters and entertainers. A band plays folk music as folks dance, eat, drink and enjoy the entertainers; venders have many different booths selling all variety of foods and goods.
    A medicine wagon with a middle aged man wearing worn but fancy clothes and his beautiful female assistant are selling potions in the plaza from a small platform attached to the side of his wagon. The man is spinning a yarn about the virtues of his potions, to a small crowd. “Dr. Tensdale Crookshank’s magic elixir, cures all types of stomach, liver and inner aliments. Grows hair; curing baldness; prevents aging keeps skin soft and beautiful” Etc.
    On the opposite side of the plaza a man in the brown and gold robes of a seeker priest is preaching to a small crowd. Haynar Codsworth preaches: “the old gods are dead, they have abandoned mankind, leave that false religion and turn to the new gods. Lift your hands in the air and shout: I believe, repent of your heathen practices. Practice not the evil of witchcraft or sorcery. Magic is evil and an abomination to the gods.

    Eventually the priest who overhears Tensdale Crookshank’s yarn about his magic elixir, interrupts him. “you sir are despicable, touting and selling your evil magic. Good people of Ravensvale. Don’t you know, magic is evil. You should not allow this man to sell his witchcraft in this town. You sir are a mountebank thaumaturgist , a hoodoo trickster begon with your voodoo potions and fortune telling.
    Tensdale replies; “balderdash, And you sir are no holy man, you are sham and a hypocrite a malinger of the truth. You seek power and glory and care not for the poor and the sick; the weary and downtrodden.
    How dare you! Haynar retorts. I shall see you arrested for your insolence, you will be tried you goods and wagon confiscated and thrown in goal.
    Tensdale begins to chant a spell, when his assistant runs up and graps his hand and says: no father, forget him, and turns him aside, come on lets go. Lets leave this town, we don’t need the trouble.
    She turns to the crowd and says that’s all folks the show is over, go home, the show over, we are closed for the day.
    She takes him into the wagon. She begins closing up and packing the wagon. With in the hour she has hitched up their mule and they are pulling out of town. They travel about 4 miles south of town before stopping to make camp.
    Haynar continues to preach and takes up a collection before heading over to the Boars Head Inn for dinner and a drink.
    As the sun is set the activities of the faire stopped and everyone went home or went to the boars head inn. the fighter, monk and kender followed into the inn. taking a table they ordered their food
    That evening they listened to a Bard recite the Canticle of the Dragon the story told of huma and the Dragonlance and how he slay the queen of darkness. after the story was over haynar rebuffed the Bard For telling the story about the old gods who are dead and preached to everyone in the room to follow the new gods . Next the monk began to debate with Haynar about the old gods. The Conversation stopped when dinner was served . Haynar tried to get the attention of Lucinda but she rejected his advances later after the meal was over when she was refilling is it drink she spilled it on him . This upset haynar and he got up and left . As the evening got long the others left or went to their rooms . Sir Lucius decided to go visit the priest Haynar in his room. however he found the room locked but the door was slightly a jar pushing his way in he found the room abandoned after trifling through Haynar’s possessions he found a scroll tube which he opened and found a papance of clergy from the high master of the seeker priesthood from the Lord city of Haven . He also found a journal that included a list of the local villagers and whether they had been receptive to his message to follow the new gods and whether or not they had given tithes to the church . Sir Lucius finding nothing of value left the journal but he kept me Papence of priesthood but returned be scroll case to his carpet bag. he also noticed that I sent of wet trousers was hung over a chair . He then left the room and went to his own room and went to sleep for the night.
    that night sir Lucius, Goku the monk and Teeli the Kender each had a dream about floating over the prairie grass to the mountains, then going over the mountains to where they saw a small village at the foothills with a nearby forest and they saw a small creek running from the mountains passed the village and into the forest a bear was fishing a trout out of the stream. From a top the mountain and they could see on the eastern horizon a dark storm cloud in the distance . The dream was interrupted early the next morning by the sound of a young boy calling out for help . Teeli and GoKu ran outside to see what the commotion was about meanwhile sir Lucius took time to put on his armor After which he went down to see what was going on . A small crowd was gathering around the village well . There was a man laying on the ground not far from him was a broken water bucket laying on the ground. there was a small boy about 10 years old who had been calling out or help . No monk check over the man on the ground and saw it was Haynar the seeker priest. he had a large bruise on his head with dried blood around his temple . The broken bucket also had a dark stain on some of the pieces of wood . Haynar’s upper body was also damp. Upon closer inspection Teeli found a small piece of lace clutch in Haynar’s right hand. As well as two sets of footprints one that matched haynar’s the other was smaller.
    surmising what happened and old gray-haired man stepped forward to address the crowd he cautioned the people not to overreact and the looking at the three strangers in seeing sir Lucius and the monk he turned and addressed them " good sirs I see you are devoted an honorable men and we have no constable in our village to investigate what has happened here . We would appreciate any assistance you may provide in investigating this mystery to determine what has happened here to haynar. sir Lucius and the monk agreed to help. after doing some investigating they learned that Haynar and made advances to Lucinda to which she spurned . After they found the lace, and learned about Lucinda spilling a drink on Haynar they went to talk to Lucinda . when they found Lucinda she was wearing a shawl around her shoulders and had on a different blouse . sir Lucius grabbed the shawl and pulled it off her revealing three scratch marks on her chest . This upset her and she became emotional . Sir Lucius and Goku rather than use diplomacy they decided to interrogate and intimidate Lucinda into telling the truth.
    In short time she broke down crying and confessed that haynar had followed her out the back door of the kitchen to go well and try to attack her . In order to defend herself she swung the bucket of water at him hitting him in the head and he fell to the ground . Scared she ran back inside
    Although they learned the truth about what happened the old innkeeper was very displeased at the rough handling and intimidation of his serving wench . Sir Lucius grabbed Lucinda by the arm and dragged her out into the plaza in front of Ruger Kane the elder of the village. And as they were dragging the stable boy ran up to sir Lucius and the Monk and said, I saw what happened it was not her fault you have and innocent woman . They monk and sir Lucius replied come with us and tell your story to the elders . sir Lucias then had Lucinda and the boy tale the elders what happened . Having discovered The truth so quickly Ruger thanked sir Lucius and the others for quickly solving the mystery . addressing the crowd he spoke, Everyone we will bury Haynar at sunset I expect you all to be there now go on with your day a little see you then .
    As the crowd was dispersing teeli overheard the innkeeper tell Ruger that he did not approve of Sir Lucius and the monk’s methods.
    Late that afternoon as they finished laying Haynar to rest the stranger Rode into town, he was wearing perfume and was wearing fancy clothes Marked with the Herald of Curston of Tantallon. he spoke any formal manner pardon me, I see I have come at a bad time , I thought this village would be celebrating the spring dawning faire, but I see, you must have lost someone very dear to the village . "
    A moment in the crowd replied “not that dear Mr. "
    followed by a man who replied " it seemed the decent thing to do since he was a priest "
    "A priest?" The Bard ask.
    " yes one of those seeker priests from Haven " replied another
    “so he was a respected and admired priest ? " Asked the Bard.
    a man replied " not so respected and admired you see you was a Theocrat by self-appointment over our village He came to ravenvale about a year ago and claimed to bring truth of the new gods to us he promised us blessings if we gave Tithes and offerings to the church . "
    The bard replied " I understand "
    Ruger asked " so sir why have you come here "
    the bard replied " actually I have come here in search of some who are willing to perform a service for my Lord . The work is dangerous but my Lord Curston will reward those who are successful in completing this special task.
    my Lord is seeking a handful of brave adventurers who are willing to go on a dangerous quest. my Lord will reward those who are successful in completing this task with a generous reward of 500 steel coins
    when Sir Lucius and the monk inquire about the job The Bard replies is there someplace we can discuss while I went to my whistle . They had over to the boars head inn an order food and drink .
    The barn begins " my name is Allric Garnett, I am a Herald in the service of sir Jeffrey Curston Knight of solomnia and Baron of Tantallon.
    about two months ago my Lord's oldest son Darius went on a hunting trip he was expected to return in a month when he did not return or send word of his coming or his well-being, my Lord became concerned and sent his Sergeant of arms Dunneth to look for him that was a month ago since then we have lost contact with Dunneth and so now my Lord has sent to me to recruit brave adventurers to take up this quest
    it was Darius plan to go to the southern end of the east wall mountains to a forest there known as the dire woods rumored to be full of strange and monstrous beast it was a land cursed after the cataclysm Darius went in search of the fear some owlbear.
    if you find Darius a live and return him home safely my Lord will pay you 500 steel coins if you find is remains or proof of his death he will pay you 250 steel for your trouble
    What say you are you, up for this quest?
    Are these terms agreeable? then we have an accord?
    The next morning the three joined together and headed south in search of the missing Darius.
    After a day of travel the came to the village of Que’ Shu, here they met a shepherd named Riverwind, who escorted them into the village where they me the chieftains daughter Goldmoon.
    The Que’ Shu welcomed the three into their lodge, sharing food drink and tobacco after dinner they share stories as was their custom. The medicine woman spoke of the old gods, the sky father and the moon sisters, the great bison warrior and the goddess the call the great earthmother, goddess of nature, how it was in days passed that she would walk Krynn as a great bear, or watch over her from a high perch soaring on the thermals as a golden eagle or hawk. He tells of a sacred place not far where she often visited.
    Those that would pay her honor would travel there, in time they built a shrine of standing stones it was believed that at the mid summers eve, the shaman would come together and commune with her in fellowship with the land. It was said to have been a mystical place of wonder.
    Eventual the fire burns low and all retire for the night. The smell of sweet grass and cedar linger in the air as you drift off to sleep they dreamed of the bear in the forest and of standing stones
    The next day they continued south, The weather is cooler, and the sky is partly cloudy
    At midday the sky becomes very cloudy and overcast.
    Late in the afternoon you see storm clouds in the west.
    As the sun sets you see a very small hamlet in the distance, no more than a few buildings at a crossroad. The largest structure looks to be an Inn and barn.
    As the party approached the sign reads the fox and hound Inn.
    Outside the inn is a long log hauling wagon loaded with 30 foot timbers. In the coral by the barn there are 4 oxen, and a mule
    Inside, the innkeeper (Trebor) smiles at you when you enter, he is missing a tooth, and has a stubble beard he is wiping out a mug. A middle aged woman (Isabo) serves food to two old men at a table (Buford and Bourn) local farmers. At the bar sits old raggedy and dirty man in a floppy brown hat, tattered brown cloak and red hair and beard. (Shamus the prospector), the is one other table with guests a middle aged man with two young men perhaps his sons. Set at a table eating bread and soup.
    After enjoying a meal. The three mingled with the other patrons of the Inn and learned the following:
    • yes I remember two young men passed this way about two months ago. Said they were going on a hunt.
    • And then about a month ago another fellow came this way claimed he was looking for the two boys, said they had not checked in and were overdue.
    • The town and mines of Eagle rock are cursed. There is a terrible plague that is spreading there.
    • The have been several kobold attacks on the village and folks have gone missing.
    • They say there are strange monsters like owlbears in the dire woods.
    Hector, Jarl & Carl:
    • We here there was a great black bear that roams the forest
    • I heard that somewhere in the woods is an ancient shrine of standing stones. Some say its where the old druids made their human sacrifices.
    That night you stay at the fox and hound inn a thunder and lightning storm rolls in. you are awaken during the night by the thunderclaps.
    The next morning the sky is grey and overcast and the temperature is cooler. You feel a strange since of foreboding as you head out. The trail is muddy as you muck your way toward the eastwall mountains. That afternoon as you make your way around the foothills, you see mountain goats high up the mountain on a goat trail. Eventually you spot a large rock pinnacle at the edge of the mountains. The path splits one follows the foothills, the other climbs up the mountain. The pinnacle has the natural shape of an eagle setting on a perch. From this vantage you can see over the plains and forest. Nestled against the mountain is a small hamlet on the eastward facing of the mountains
    A small creek runs down the mountain past the hamlet disappearing into the forest.
    Here the party split up. The monk and Sir Lucius skirted around the village to the forest, while Teeli entered into the village.
    After speaking to a villager Teeli went to the Pick and Axe Inn where eventually the others joined in. here they learned the following:
    10 years ago, the town was almost destroyed by the Townclaw clan of hobgoblins. But the town rallied together and fought them back until the retreated into the mountains. Old timers tell of a great black bear who killed many of the hobgoblins attacking the village.
    There is an old hermit who lives at the edge of the woods. Many believe she is a witch.
    Several strange things have happened recently.
    A stranger from new port came to the village about two months ago. He said he was going hunting in the mountains. After getting some supplies he left never to be seen.
    A bout a month ago, the water from the springs turned a rusty coppery brown color and folks in the village begin getting sick.
    The village woodcutter has been building a new sawmill for the village, nearing completion he left the village with a sum of the village’s money to go to Solace to purchase the metal parts, tools and saw blades for the mill, he has not been seen since.
    Before the cataclysm it is rumored that there is the ruins of an evil temple that was hidden in somewhere in the mountains but was destroyed by the knights of the divine hammer.
    Some believe there may be an ancient set of standing stones in the middle of the dire woods, and that each stone has a trapped spirit inside.
    Yes I remember 2 lads who came through here a while back Darius and Flynn I think were their names. They had a lot of gear with them. Said they were going hunting.
    They left and were gone about three days when they came crawling back to town.
    They were pretty mangled said they encounter a wild dire boar. The one called Flynn had been speared by the boar in the gut.
    There was much we could do but watch him suffer. However the next day was when the kobolds attacked the town. They did some damage but since the attack several folk have gotten very sick and some have died.
    After the raid a few villagers and Darius joined together to make a counter attack on the kobolds. None have returned.
    That Brinon Dunnerth fellow came looking for the boys but I have not seen him since then either.
    The next day they headed up to the mines. Following the tunnel inside they found the body of Dunnerth under a mine car. When they moved it it set of a booby trap.
    Next the followed the left passage where they came to a common room and a kitchen. Here they encounter several Kobolds and rats. Teeli was severely wounded but was stabilized.

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    Adventure log: Session 2: The curse of Tornclaw 6/12/15
    After a short rest and recovery our brave adventurers continued on their search of the silver mine.
    Leaving the larder they returned to central junction of the mine, when they noticed a torch light coming toward them from the entrance of the mine. The light outlined a human figure walking towards them. As he approached he began to sing and play a lute. Sir luscious drew his sword and moved up. It turned out the bard who they met at the Pick and Axe Inn last night had followed them into the mine. After introductions were made he joined the companions in searching the remainder of the mine.
    Heading out they companions took the west passage of the mine, they followed a long sloping downward passage. The small Teeli walked right over a trap with setting it off. But the heavy Sir Lucious set of trap falling into a pit.
    After climbing out and everyone get over to the other side they continued on. Eventually coming into a large cavern where most of the mining activity was. After searching the cavern they found two other exits. The first one they sent Teeli to investigate, there were several ropes and chains in the wall hanging from the alcove above. Teeli climbed up and peaked over the edge. There he saw several more kobolds on watch. Unfortunately the party was not to quiet and so the kobolds were aware of their presence. Combat quickly broke out and in just a few seconds however the monk was critically wounded before the kobolds were defeated. Searching the kobolds they found two vials. Sir Lucious took one and gave to the monk pouring it down his throat hoping that it would not turn the monk invisible but a healing potion. Luck was with him and it was a healing potion Restoring the monk back to health.
    Upon searching the cave, they found a concealed door in the cave upon opening the door they found a hidden lair with to young kobolds in it. After some discussion they left them and barred the door locked them in.
    Afterwards the party returned to the main cavern taking the tunnel south. They followed the passage that descended into a bowl shaped cavern where they found many slain miners. as they started to search the bodies for the missing prince the bodies again to rise as zombies. Soon our companions found themselves in a room full of zombies sir Lucius was separated from the others and surrounded by zombies. While the others retreated for strategic advantage back into the Corridor They began shooting the zombies with arrows while sir Lucius swung away with his sword.
    After a long combat the party overcame the zombies. upon searching the zombies they found the dead prince taking the Signet ring from the princes hand sir Lucious put the ring in is pouch.
    After the combat they continued along the Corridor until it came to another large cavern. In this cavern there was a large stalagmite with a bubbling fountain of water emerging from it carved into the stone was a series of runes. as the party began to explore and try to interpret the runes a large hobgoblin emerged from behind the stalagmite and cast a darkness spell on the party next he continued his magical attacks using dark spells to try and paralyze party members. Fortunately the fighter was able to resist his dark spell. Going on the offensive the party attacked the hobgoblin after an intense battle they defeated the hobgoblin and cut off his head.
    After killing the hobgoblin they searched the cavern and found the hobgoblin had a Warhammer and a scroll as well as some potions and a few steel coins and a gem.
    upon examining the stalagmites in the center of the cavern, they determined the runes on the stone were dark magic corrupting the water the source of the plague using the Warhammer sir Lucius smashed the runes breaking the curse of tornclaw and ending the plague. Gathering up what treasure was there the party left the mine in return to the Hamlet of Eagle Rock Springs.

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    Adventure Log: Session 3: the prophesy of Grendal 6/19/15
    Balnor Fireforge was the younger nefew to the renown metal smith Flint Fireforge of Hillhome. For the past few years Balnor had apprenticed under the master smith. A month ago some men from eagle rock springs came to Hillhome to place an order for pics shovels hammers and other mining tools . Flint and his apprentice worked through the month to forge the tools for the miners . Upon completion of the order Flint send the young Balnor to Eagle Rock Springs with a cart full of tools in his faithful mule Daisy.
    the road north from Hill home past near the: qualinesti forest and kingdom of the elves along the road Balnor met in elf. who was wearing noble attire. Balnor befriended the elf and invited him to accompany him to the mining town of Eagle rock Springs to deliver the order of tools to the miners .
    As they neared Eagle Rock Springs they saw three men and a kender coming down the old mine Road toward town. Balnor being the friendly dwarf t he is, hailed the companions and introduced himself and his elf traveling associate. One of the humans stepped up, he wore fancy but worn clothes and carried a lute over his shoulder. stepping forward he introduced the companions . The elf greeted sir Lucius in the ancient greeting of the knights, to which Sir Lucius stumbled in his reply to the formal greeting. This awkward moment was the beginning of some tension between Sir Licius and Gilthanas. However sir Lucius seem to hit it off with Balnor the dwarf.
    After locating the mining Guildhall Balnor to the mining tools to the guild for delivery. after completing his business there they headed over to the pick and axe inn for a drink and dinner . That evening the bard regaled the customers with the tale of their adventure in the mine in the defeat of old torn claw the hobgoblin shaman .
    The villagers were quite impressed With the skills of the companions to defeat the infamous hobgoblin tornclaw and for lifting the curse and plague on the land. in gratitude the villagers gave honor and thanks to the companions giving them free lodging and food and drink. The owner of the inn was a hill dwarf named Abnar Guntorheim When he spotted the hammer carried by sir Lucius he went over to the human and asked to look at the hammer sir Lucius asked if he could recognize the hammer Abnar stated he identify the Forge Mark as that of Theros Ironfeld Master Smith of Solice. this hammer was forged for captain Valic Who led the counter attack against the Tornclaw tribe of hobgoblins in the goblin wars 10 years ago. captain valic died in the battle of Eagle rock Ridge.
    after a night of feasting and drinking they retired to the room for a well-deserved rest . The next morning they decided to go visit the witch in the woods to see if she could identify any of the items they found in the mine and see if they were magical.
    After a days travel through the woods they encountered some fire beetles before caming to a small stone and grass hut in a clearing there were several farm animals outside as well as a small garden smoke was coming from a chimney as they approached an old woman came from the door and asked who goes there ? the companions introduce themselves and she invited them in for tea and crumpets. somewhat leery of the invitation only Teeli initially went in, however the others soon overcame their fear and had the courage to follow after boiling some water they enjoyed tea and crumpets. the witch Spoke and she said I have foreseen you're coming in now will define your future she picked up a small pouch spoke some strange words in an unknown language and scattered the contents of the pouch onto the table there were various trinkets including a number of small bones that fell on the table she spoke in a strange voice as she defined the meeting of the bones " that which was lost must now be found , no matter the cost seek the truth that lies underground , the darkness seeks but must not find a lost prize forgotten by time , shrine of stone reveals the way seek the truth on Chislev’s holy day the gift of knowledge is for the meek it will guide you to the truth you seek . "
    the witch told the companions about a shrine of standing stones about a days journey in the center of the dire woods .
    As the walked through the woods the encounter some large spiders, after a short combat they defeated the spiders, But the sound of combat attracted the attention of a much more dangerous beast in the woods. and owl bear came to investigate the noise from the combat initially the companions try to run away and distracted with noise unfortunately the dwarf was too slow and the owl bear began to close on him thinking quickly the others try to distract it from chasing the dwarf. Gilthanas, using his bow shot many arrows into the beast weakening the creature until sir licious was close enough to charge and kill the beast with a great blow .

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    Adventure Log Session 4: A love lost 7.3.15
    (Prologue; one week earlier)
    Tildarean Castle, sets on the eastern side of the Vingaard Mountains near one of the tributaries that feeds into the Vingaard River, where the plains of Solamnia meets the barony of Elkholm.

    Tildarean Castle is small, as castles go, and is more like a small keep and manor house. Overlooking the plains of Solamnia. Here they kept watch over the commoners who live on and work the land.

    A family legend tells of the patriarch and High Clerist of Justice of the order of the Sword, Elias Tildarean, who was able to call upon Kiri- Jolith to perform Orisons and wanders to combat evil and yet would defy the orders of the Kingpriest, when the Knights were order to close down a temple to Shinare, the patron of merchants. However, he vanished on the night of the cataclysm. Some say he was visited by a kindly old friar in brown robes just before he disappeared.

    After the cataclysm, hard times fell on the area, drought, floods, plague, goblin raids and bandits were a constant threat. The house of Tildarean, spent its wealth on meeting the needs of the poor and downtrodden, doing what they could to combat famine, plague, bandits and goblin war parties. Then there was the court intrigue, the power struggles between the noble houses of Auchuran, Crownguard, Brightblade and Silverblade. It seems some houses were more interested in holding on to their lands and titles than the oath and measure. Furthermore many different folks from all over Krynn placed blame on the knights for all the troubles of the world.

    Though the knights of the Order of the Sword still call upon Kiri-Jolith in their daily prayers and meditations, and invoke his name in their ceremonies and rituals, Not since Elias departure can they invoke the simplest of orisons.

    For the past 350 years has Tildarean castle fought just to maintain its existence. And then about a month ago a strange thing happened, The young Alacae was performing the ritual night of prayer vigil prior to his ceremony to become a knight, as Alacae was praying, he nodded off and had a dream. An old friar wearing simple brown robes appeared at the castle. He spoke of Huma Dragonbane and other tales of the past. He also said that a time was coming when men must find their courage, for the darkest of time was coming and that men must find comfort and strength in the true light. And that without that light mankind would be doomed to live in darkness. Then he turned to the young Sir Alacae and said: “ will you be courageous and true and take up a quest to find the true light to guide man’s heart unto the truth?” As you accept the challenge, he replied well met, no and go, so south your bothers need you. Go south and there you will find the light of truth to guide mankind. He begins to walk away as you awake.
    That day you packed you bags and said farwell to your retainers and headed south.

    From Port O’ Call you sailed across the straits of Schallsea to the Crossing. At Crossing you heard that a lord was recruiting adventurers in Tantallon. After making the trek to Castle Tantallon, you received the hospitality of Sir Geoffrey Curston where you learned his son had gon missing in the dire woods. Agreeing to help locate you set off the next morning hoping to catch up with other adventurers who had a day’s head start.

    Making good time south passing along the old Sageway road to the village of Que Shu. After resting there for the night. He continued south, the next day arriving at a crossroads inn called the Fox and Hound. There he met Rurik Battlehammer a Hill dwarf who was headed to Eagle rock springs with a wagon full of forged tools for the miners there. The two decided to travel together and traveled to Eagle rock the next morning. After arriving in Eagle Rock the dwarf delivered his tools to the miners guild. Learning about the companions’ success in the mines they decided to catch up with them into the dire woods and seek out the old ruins.
    After a day in the woods they came upon the sceen of a combat with spiders and an Owl bear, not far from the battle the companions were taking a short rest. Together they continued searching for the lost ruins of standing stones.
    The next day they encountered a Centaur, and later satyr who was playing a melancholy tune after a parley they learned he was heartbroken after a wicked hag captured his true love. Saully agreed to help guide the companions if they would rescue his beloved. He then lead them to a dark and twisted tree with a small entrance to an underground cave.
    As they explored the cave they encountered several nasty beasties, centipedes, bats, badgers, snakes, darkmantles and more.
    Eventually coming to her lair where the saw the beautiful nymph changed to a stalagmite suspecting a trap they enter cautiously, it was Goku who scouted out a small grotto where he discovered the true nymph was being held. With the deception revealed they group confronted the hag who they could now see in her true form. During the battle she cast a spell disappearing from them and then created a cave in trapping them in the cave. After trying to find a way out they discovered the cave in was an illusion. Eventually they cornered her and killed the hag and freed the captured nymph.

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    Adventure Log: Session 5: the Standing stones of Elkshart 7.17.15

    Loren Dale walked the isles of the library of Haven as he had many times. This day his son Ethan had come with him as he had so many times before. Ethan had learned to read at a young age and enjoyed coming to the library with his father.
    The library was small for its size compared to the great library of Palanthas or even Tarsis. It was one of the oldest buildings in Haven.
    The city of Haven was built on the ruins of an ancient elven city that was destroyed by the cataclysm. When the humans resettled the ruins after the cataclysm. They discovered the ruins of an ancient temple to Gilean which contained the vault of an old library, where many of the ancient scrolls and tomes had survived. The current library was built on these ruins and incorporated the ancient vault.
    Ethan especially enjoyed coming to the ancient section of the library to read the old books. One day Ethan read from one of the ancient chronicles of Astinus. The text he read spoke of an ancient shrine of standing stones, used by the druids of Chislev for over a thousand years. When the Kingpriest Belidinas outlawed the worship of the neutral gods he ordered the divine hammer to attack the druids and destroy the shrine. The divine hammer was thwarted in the efforts as the druids called upon a mist to hide the standing stones and summoned wild beasts to defend the forest.
    Ethan sparked with interest about these ancient standing stones decided to seek them out. Ethan was a student under a local red robe wizard named Gustav Mordar a local transmuter who operated a small potions shoppe in Haven. Where he was learning the art of magic and the uses of certain roots and plants as spell components.
    After learning about some rare plants that grow in the dire wood, that are key components for certain spells he set out to collect some of these but was also secretly drawn to the excitement of seeking out this lost shrine, Ethan decided that he would go on an adventure and seek out the standing stones as well.
    Having left his family and mentor behind Ethan left the city of Haven three weeks ago and headed to the dire woods.
    For 2 days Ethan had explored the dire wood on the morning of the third day a thick fog covered the forest.

    The companions having defeated the green hag and return with Solly the satyr to their forest Glen Where they rested for the evening. The next morning they awoke in the forest which was covered by a thick fog. as they moved through the forest they were spotted by Ethan who took cover behind and illusionary bush that he created after spying on them for a few minutes he determined they were not evil that's when everyone noticed there was several large wasp flying above the party in a nearby tree. soon the wasp flew down to check out the party. They attacked the party which they received as an enemy. After a few rounds of combat the party was able to defeat before wasp however the wizard Ethan was seriously wounded by a wasp sting. after introductions were made ethan joined the adventurers. After a short rest they continued to search for the standing stones. Later that day they came to the clearing where this standing stones lay the area was protected by four large dire boars.
    After defeating the four large boar they explored the standing stones and found several runes and symbols carved into the trilithon stones unable to decipher more they decided to rest for the night during the middle of the night the two moons of solinari and lunitari came together in alignment as per one of the holy days of Chislev. several of the runes began to glow in the moonlight. After puzzling it out they pushed the correct sequence of glowing runes which opened the stone altar revealing a staircase descending into the earth below. After lighting some torches the companions descended into the staircase and tunnel below. Halfway down the stairs that came to a landing that included more symbols and runes.
    After careful study they added each of the four elements earth, air, fire and water to the corresponding rune. This deactivated several traps and activated the fire pits to light the Corridor below. Next the companions passed a long corridor with four sections, Each representing one of the four elements in presenting a challenge for the party to overcome. The Kender Teeli especially enjoyed flying over the wind Pit. finally the party came to a large door with more runes carved into the door. defeating the same pattern on the door may manage to unlock the door. Opening the door revealed a large shrine with additional trilithon standing stones and an area for each element a dais was in the center of the room where to statues of boar sit aside a throne upon which a stone statue of a Druid set. As the party injured and through the corresponding elements into each element area a large floating green faced head of a man wearing a rams horn cap with red hair and beard surrounded by green flames appeared above the fire pit and spoke to the group.

    “Behold, that which was foretold has now come to pass.
    Since the dawn of time has the pendulum every swung,
    always does the balance of power swing freely.
    For three ages did it swing thus,
    then came the lighterbringer, Beldinas,
    the balance swung too far to the good.
    In his passion and pride he almost destroyed the world of Krynn
    Had the gods not intervened the pendulum would have stopped swinging forever;
    Thus did the gods humble the kingpriest for his arrogance
    Thus was the pendulum allowed to swing again;
    But at such at great cost, why must her creation suffer so?
    However, evil cannot be trusted
    The queen of darkness betrayed us all in her betrayal to seized power
    Now in this age of darkness and despair
    Evil threatens to forever hold power over Krynn
    Behold, that which was foretold has now come to pass.
    Behold the smallest and humblest of races
    For it only takes a pebble to start a rockslide
    As sand through time’s hour glass
    Let the winds of change begin to blow
    So, As the flame consumes it grows
    And as water so flows the river of time.
    The time has come for the pendulum to swing free
    Light must soon reenter the world or forever in darkness
    Will it be
    Behold, that which was foretold has now come to pass.
    Behold, that which was lost shall be found
    The greatest gift given unto mankind
    Seek, seek, seek the balance
    Seek the bearer of the blue crystal staff
    Seek the truth
    Behold, that which was foretold has now come to pass.
    Behold the khas pieces are in place
    Pawn against pawn
    Foe against foe
    Does the mighty struggle begin
    With weapons of might and power
    So shall you restore the balance of power
    Now go, go
    Go and meet your destiny”

    When the Oracle finished speaking the statue animated and presented several magic items to the party stating Take these items of mine, they will serve you well as they did me. You will would need them to return the balance and to allow the pendulum to swing freely once again at which time several items on the statue appeared on the table alter in front of the party for their taking.
    above the statue the gold eagle animated and also blessed the group to restore the balance and bid them to take the tools of elks heart and put them to good use. Go now as seek the bearer of the Blue Crystal Staff.

    Ethan recognized the Golden Eagle as one of the ancient avatars of chislev.
    having received their new treasure the companions left in reverence. From there they returned back to the small mining encampment of Eagle rock Springs to rest and recover.

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    Default abqdragonlance Age of despair campaign journals session 6

    Session 6: Hillhome 7.31.15
    Having returned from the dire woods, our companions returned to Eagle Rock Springs for good food and ale and warm bed to sleep on.
    As they entered the town they met a human coming from the north, reaching the Pick and axe pub and inn at the same time.
    Over dinner they spoke and divided up the treasure from the hags cave and the standing stones shrine.
    They invited Flynn to join the companions.
    Rurik was speaking to old Abner the innkeeper and learned that a magical axe of legend had been sighted in a cave near Hillhome.
    The next day the party set out south to Hillhome to find out more about the lost axe.
    After a few days on the road they arrived in Hillhome. While there they meet the Hammerhand clan and the fireforge clan, the mayor and one of the merchant’s Micah.
    After collecting some information they learned the following details.
    • Legend the axe was a godswork touched by Reorx.
    • It is also known as The Axe of the Brotherhood, Flint’s Axe or the Tharken Axe.
    • The axe was wielded by Relgar Fireforge in the dwarfgate war.
    • The axe has a prophecy (the blood oath) that it will be destroyed if used by a dwarf against a dwarf.
    • Flint used it at the battle of Hillhome against the Duegar dwarves and it was turned into a paper and foil version witch is kept by Bertina Fireforge matriarch of the clan in her diary
    • The axe was seen by to young dwarfs from the Hammerhand clan while out exploring a nearby cave.
    • Skabris the gully dwarf knows the location of the cave
    After hiring or agreeing to skabris constant demand to be their guide. He leads them to the gully dwarf cave outside of town, to the old throne room of Flint when he was their king. here Skabris found several old leather and burlap sacks which he proudly presented to the party as “ here you go, Flintsacks” the party then clarified they were looking for Flints AXE not his sacks. “Oh why didn’t you say so in the first place.” “That’s what the magic cow was looking for as well.”
    “Sure he was a magic cow, he walked on two legs like a man.”
    Skabris then lead them to a different cave a few miles away. After carefully entering the cave. The took a passage left and soon encounter 3 duegar guards in the cave. Who ambushed the party. After the battle in which they killed 2 of the duegar the third escaped. Badly wounded the party retreated and returned to Hillhome to rest and heal up.

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    Default abqdragonlance Age of despair campaign journals session 7

    Adventure Log: Session 7 The magic cow
    When our companions had returned from the dire woods to Eagle Rock Spriings, Sir Alaecae took the signet ring of young Darius Curston and agreed to return it to castle Tantallon to give the ring to lord Jeffrey Curston. Able to secure a horse he made good time along the old Sageway road. After gaining an audience with Lord Curston. He gave him the ring and reported on the loss. The lord then offered him the reward but Sir Alacae declined it. Recognizing the honor displayed by the young squire, Lord Curston stated he had served with honor and that he would bestow upon him full knighthood into the Order of the Crown. And that he should retire to the chapel for the evening for the traditional vigil of prayer and fasting to cleanse his mind heart and spirit in preparation for the ceremony in the morning and duty and responsibility to come.
    That even as Alacae prayed he received a vision. it the vision a dark storm swept across the land. spreading a great cloud of darkness over Krynn. Next he saw a great Blue Crystal Staff Shining brightly in the darkness, like the dawn of a new day. The light challenging the darkness. As he thought on this he recalled the words of the Spirit of Elkshart form the shrine of standing stones, “Seek the bearer of the blue Crystal Staff”
    The next morning the Sir Alacae appeared before the Lord Knight as per the ritual and was be knighted into the Order of the Crown. Feeling the urgency to seek this blue crystal staff he head south, perhaps to find his other companions who might be willing to join him in this quest for the blue crystal staff.
    After a few days travel he caught up to them in the hill dwarf town of Hillhome.
    In hillhome they meet up with the other companions who had all been wounded in a battle with Duergar Dwarves in the caves. After relating the story of the floating magic axe. The decided to pursue it together anew on the marrow.
    The next morning Sir Alecae, Raven and Teeli set about town talking with several folks to see if any clues had been missed. Unsual was the mayor missed breakfast at the White Boar Inn. Setting out to find him they met him coming out of his trading post and heading for a late breakfast. He apparently had an early morning customer. Tracks in some fresh mud, revealed a cloven foot print. This triggered a memory for something that Skabars had said about a magic talking cow who was also interested in the missing axe of legend. When asked about the magic talking cow, the mayor smiled and said do you mean a minotaur? Yes, I know one, he is an occasional customer who lives in the hills and comes to town for supplies periodically. He is friendly enough but keeps a low profile as to not stir up unnecessary attention. Yes he was here this morning. He has been doing research on magic axes for years, I told him about the recent sighting of the boys.
    After meeting the mayor and a few other folks, they set out to track the minotaur. With the recent rain it was easy to track him in the soft ground. A few miles away deep in the hill they cam to a small glen with an earth and log cabin and an exotic herb garden growing outside, along with a few farm animals.
    They met the minotaur whose name was Ryker, he was a red robed wizard who studied magical axes. He was searching the Axe of the Brotherhood. And had the original foil and parchment icon of the axe.
    He agreed to loan the parchment to Sir Alacae, if he agree to let him study the axe if they were successful in retrieving it. From there they set out to return to the caves. Inside the caves they encounter only a few guard dwarves, otherwise the common room and barracks were empty, apparently they had recently left on an expedition. It was apparent they had packed a large amount of supplies.
    Teeli searched several rooms and found some important documents. As the search the tunnels they found a large cave up ahead with a light glowing in it.
    This is where we paused for the next chapter of the story.

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    Adventure Log: Session 8: The Tyin and the Axe
    Our heroes returned to hillhome to rest and recover health. Whil resting the meet a new adventurer name Prayana who joined them.
    The next day Sir Alecae, Goku, Raven and Prayana headed back to the caves to retrieve the floating Axe. After scouting out several tunnels they entered the chamber of the floating Axe. The axe was guarded by a strange looking beast known as a Tyin, a 9 foot tall cross between an insect and a reptile, it had vicious claws and bite, and a wicked spiked tail. It also could spit acid. After several rounds of combat they killed the beast, recovering the axe.
    They discussed what to do next before deciding to scout out the dwarven lair. Exploring more tunnels the discovered, the forge and armory of the dwarves. As well as the mine they used for both the iron ore and coal needed. They also found tracks of beasts of burden. Following the tracks they lead north. Eventually coming outside about 10 miles from hillhome. From there, the headed back to town, arriving at after sunset at dark.
    The decided to infor the mayor of the axe and of the letters from Micah. The mayor asked the party to quietly collect Micah for a trial as to prevent a mob scene. The party was able to “Convince “ Micah to come without a fight.
    The next morning the party headed back to the woods to meet the minotaur wizard Ryker. Ryker studied the axe in detail for a long time, casting several detection spells coping down all of its runes and soforth. He determined it was indeed the Axe of the Brotherhood also known as the Tharken Axe.
    He determined it has several magical powers.
    It had at least a +1 enchantment,
    It glowed with a light spell, 20’ bright, 40’ dim
    It levitated when dropped, (floating in air)
    He also suspects that in the hands of a dwarf it has additional abilities.

    He also verified that it is part of a prophesy regarding the Axe, the Sword of Justice and a Shield that when found would herald the return of the Kiri-Jolith god of justice.
    When asked about the other two items, Ryker stated he had heard a story about the knight Sir Liam was the last known to have the sword. The ruins of his keep is to the north.
    With that information the party decided to head north.

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