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Thread: Drawn to an Inside Straight

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    The campaign is booming, it officially has name, Drawn To An Inside Strait.
    Any rules issues we can deal with as we go. In order to provoke an AoO you must walk more than 5 feet from an enemy. You can prevent an AoO by using your Action to Disengage. Circling around your enemy will never provoke an AoO.

    I found an online naming generator specific for Dragonlance, so the names of NPCs will now be inline with what they should be as opposed to my best guess.

    Lucid Draw will use 2 decks for 2 people and 3 decks for 4 people. This ensures that rolling d10 will never result in the overuse of a single card.

    Whenever you buy something, sell something or gain coins I will provide an update on your current coin total at the end of the paragraph. I will also create a separate equipment list as an rtf.

    You make a faint to the right then quickly strafe left. The old man is caught off guard by your actions and not nearly quick enough anymore to keep up with you. As you are stepping to the left you summon and shape your arcane powers into a cone of deadly fire. You rock your weight onto your left foot and pivot to be facing both your enemies. The old man is now in front of your left arm and you are facing the younger attacker. You bring your thumbs together and extend your hands intoning the incantation, "Kair tangus miopiar." A blast a fire shoots forth from your hands along a path just left of the younger brigand and a foot above his head. You intentionally aimed high to ensure you didn't start the dead dry grass on fire.

    The bright flame expands out from your hands consuming everything in its path. The old man tries to twist out of the way but he was unprepared and too slow to avoid the flame. The left side of his body is ignited and a scream of terror erupts from his lips. The scream is cut short as he succumbs to the pain and falls lifelessly to the ground. The look of terror is still etched on what is left of his face, his remaining eye open wide in shock.

    The younger man fares worse, for the entire cone of flame envelopes his body. He throws up his hands to shield himself, but the fire shows no mercy. He is burned from head to toe and his scream of terror only escalates his pain as the cone of fire enters his mouth and travels down into his lungs, burning his body inside and out. He collapses forward to the ground as his body continues to smolder.

    The smell of burnt flesh and hair permeates the air around you, it would normally be an odor to avoid, but today it is the smell of victory and safety. You earned 150 XP. A small section of grass has caught on fire, but you cast Prestidigitation and extinguish it.
    You search the bodies and find 6 sp and 60 cp. The equipment the men were wearing is now burned. However, (Intelligence Investigation) you can tell that the padded armor was almost useless prior to the fight. It was poorly maintained and had aged badly. Their weapons are worse for ware. The old man's dagger is so rusted you believe he intended to give you tetanus if he had been successful in piercing your skin. The war hammer of the younger man is in the same shape. If he had hit you with it, you are certain he would have created a toxic cloud of rust.

    Coins 13 sp, 65 cp

    The young man's body is burned beyond recognition, but you get a close look at half of the old man. He has many scars, tattoos, an earing (its worthless) and his body is tanned and weathered. You are certain this was a sailor and with all the scars you suspect a pirate. Looking at his remaining hand you see a fresh tattoo. It is crudely done and appears to have been made to inflict pain on the man. The tattoo says, "CARD CHEAT." Based on this you surmise (Intelligence Investigation) he was caught cheating either the Captain or First Mate and was dropped off here to die. Its the only way you can figure these two would be so far from a port with no gear. You guess the younger man was his partner in crime.

    You catch your breath and finish your waterskin. You set off on your way again heading south. As you crest the small hill where the pirates hid, you see the copse of trees that Kerick told you of. You realize this is where he recommended you spend the night. Seeing as how the area is in a shallow gully you agree it is a secluded and safe spot to stay. You glance around to where the pirates were hiding to see if there is any additional equipment, but there is nothing to be found.

    You walk down to the trees and find a fire pit and a collection of firewood. The fire pit is surrounded by rocks and looks as if it was made sometime ago. The collection of firewood is recent and you guess that the pirates had collected it. You settle down for the night to study your spell book and research new spells. You see there is fresh soot in the fire pit. This helps to reveal the nature of the soot and how it can be used as a component to you. After walking for eight hours, the rest feels exceptionally good.
    If you wish to change your prepared spells, you do so at this time.

    A sudden shiver and blast of cold wind remind you the temperature is falling. You quickly throw some logs into the fire pit and cast Prestidigitation to set them on fire. The heat from the fire quickly warms and relaxes you. You see the sun setting through the trees and prepare you bedroll as it is now past Evening Watch. As you lay down you see Lunitari rising. The moon is past its first quarter and is almost to high sanction. The red light casts a calming feeling over you and you quickly succomb to sleep.

    Make a Perception Check.
    If your score is under 10, you take d4 cold damage.
    If its over 10, but under 20, you take 1 cold damage.
    If its over 20, you wake up before you get too cold.

    You wake from the cold and realize your fire has gone out. It is now the middle of the night, After Deepwatch. Solinari has risen and is a faint sliver in the sky, Lunitari has traveled through the horizon and is close to setting.. You quickly load the fire pit back up and restart the fire. After a minute you sense it is much colder than earlier and you put several more logs onto the fire. The fire takes almost 30 minutes to heat you up to where you a comfortable. You add several more logs before laying back down to sleep again.

    You wake in the morning at the Waking Hour refreshed and ready to start your day. You ponder the oddity of this, if you were in a tavern gambling you would be just going to bed. You hear a cry, "Who who who who" in the early morning directly above you. You glance up, but can not spot the owl as he blends into the trees. You glance around on the ground for any sign of feathers, but can not find any. You contemplate climbing the tree in hope of finding one there, but abandon the idea as you look at the first branch. There resting on the branch is a fresh feather having just fallen off the owl. You take the owl feather and place it in your component pouch. You pack up your bedroll and the remainder of your gear. You glance at the firepit and realize the fire had recently gone out.

    Your component pouch is now full.

    What would you like to do?

    If you continue south, make an Investigation check and a Perception check to see if you find any water. And what you would like to do if you discover some. Although you may have taken damage, you completed a long rest so you will have all your spells for the day.

    Also, if you want to spend 8 hours walking to Serval, please say so.

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    Let's update the file naming convention. My files will end in DM, have yours end in FSMS or something so we can quickly see who sent what. I realized my file system was getting large and this will help a lot when I have to reference back.

    I rolled a 6 for the perception check, so with my wisdom bonus and perception proficiency, that gives me a 10.

    Hooray, more DM experience! I will now refer to all checks as a DC to avoid this issue. 10 was supposed to be the DC to avoid losing d4 and only lose 1 HP. So, you lost 1 HP.


    You listed that you wanted to prepare Sleep, Magic Missile, Mage Armor, Burning Hands and Silent Image. However, you get to prepare 1 spell per Wizard level plus your INT bonus, so 4 spells for now. Obviously you had Burning Hands prepared. Since you restudied last night I need you to pick which 4 spells you now have prepared.

    I made some choices as to the size of your spellbook, 12x9x0.5 inches, and weighs 3 lbs. I consulted the 2E PHB and DMG and the 3.5E PHB and none provided a size. So I went with the approximate size of the DMG. You get to decide what the spellbook looks like.

    I need you to roll a d6 and tell me the result.

    You head south keeping the sea in either site or hearing range as you pass through the rolling plains. After walking for about an hour, you find a small puddle of water. You fill your waterskin and contemplate waiting here to drink more, but somehow you know that you will find more. You continue your journey. The walk is enjoyable, even with a chill on the air. There are few clouds in the sky and the sun is shining brightly.
    At Second Watch you spot another puddle. You decide to stop here and eat. You drink and refill your waterskin. You settle down in a nice position and can see and hear the waves crashing on the shore. Although you have only taken one voyage on a ship and you don't remember it, you are excited about getting back on the sea. You know just a few miles to the east is the familiar land of Solamnia. After a 30 minute rest you continue on your way.

    The hills and trees roll by as you keep a brisk pace going. Your waterskin is empty once again, but you spot another small puddle. You decide to take a break and refill your waterskin. It is now High Watch Rising 30. If Kerrick was right, you should be only about an hours walk to Serval. The feeling of the warm sun on your face relaxes you and you take a short nap (15 minutes). You wake up and feel refreshed and quickly gather yourself up for the rest of the trip.

    As you are walking up a small rise you hear the sound of children playing. Nearing the top of the rise, the wind stirs and you smell wood fires. You must be very close to Serval. You crest the top of the hill at Eighth Watch and it is just as Kerrick said, there laid out in front of you is Serval.

    Looking down you see that the village has a center with what looks like a well and three large buildings. Surrounding those are houses arranged in an almsot random pattern. The houses have a collection of goats and chickens. You occasionally catch glimpses of children running between the houses. There does not appear to be any type of a street on this side of town, but it looks like the main street extends from the center of the village southwest towards Eastport. A quick estimation has you believe there are around 100 buildings in Serval. You try to pick out a route through the alleys to get to the center of the village. Once you are confident you can meander your way there, you walk down the gentle slope.

    Meandering through the alleys you notice that no one comes out to great you and when the children spot you they run away. You ponder if strangers are welcome here. You arrive in the center of the village and goto the well to refill your waterskin. After taking a drink, you look around and see the three larger buildings are an inn, general store and a tavern. They have the orginal names, "Serval Store, Serval Inn and Serval Tavern."

    Your food and water requirement is met for the day, 7 more days of double water. Additionally, you have walked 8 hours already today, as such I am guessing you do not want to Force March and risk gaining levels of Exhaustion. You decide to explore Serval.

    Knowing your beltpouch is almost empty you elect to forego a shopping trip and its way to early to worry about a place to sleep, so you head to the tavern to hopefully find out more about the village and possibly join a game.

    As you enter the tavern you see a solitary figure leaning on the bar facing away from you. He barely looks up, tilting his head in acknowledgement of you entering, but does not look your way. He is obviously pre-occupied with something. Looking around you see several circular tables fill most of the tavern. The bar is off to your right and is about 10 feet long. On the opposite wall by the bar is a door to what you assume to be the kitchen and a fireplace is in the middle of the wall. There is no fire going now, the tavern is eerily quiet and you don't hear or smell anything going on in the kitchen.
    The man leaning on the bar is a tall Ergothian with long hair pulled back in a pony tail. He is clean shaven and wearing clothes in the Ergothian style. He appears to be around 50, reasonably fit, but starting to grow a stomach. "Hello," you say to the man as you walk up. He hears your voice then slowy turns to look at you. "Hello," he says, "I had assumed you were a local when you walked in. We typically do not get many visitors. I am Hafiz Djalili, the mayor, constable and owner of this tavern. Is there something I can do for you?" You sense that Hafiz would prefer if you left, but has no intention of asking you to do so. You also notice he has a gold ring on his left hand.

    You reply that you have just come down from the village and are on your way to Eastport. Hafiz responds, "Ah, we normally get a group from their in early Phoenix (Frostkolt, December)." "You seem to be worried," you reply, "is there something going on?" Hafiz smiles and responds, "Yeah, a simple matter for a traveler such as yourself, but a big deal in town. One of our shepards was kicked by a goat and as he fell his sickle cut a large wound in his stomach. He is bleeding and in need of help, but our local healer went to Caergoth several weeks ago and has not returned. We sent a runner to Eastport, but it will probably be 7 more hours before they return."
    You believe that Hafiz would like help, but attempting to negotiate a payment would upset him in his current state of mind. If you decide to offer help, it may be best to do it for free and hope for some benefit afterwards.

    What would you like to do? If you have a series of questions, ask them. Then if you want, you can offer to help the shepard.

    Select Prepared Spells
    Spellbook description
    Roll d6
    Questions for Hafiz and decide if you want to help the shephard.

    Whatever version of acrobat I have on my laptop refuses to save stuff in the form, so I'll try to keep track of stuff separately till I get home, but we may need to verify my character sheet status after friday.

    We will need to, especially since I have to double back and see what you ate. I am not impressed with the character sheet so I will come up with probably a text file for your gear and status. The character sheet has that small section for gear and yours changes constantly and you have a lot of it and will be getting more (tracking spell components and herbs in your herb kit etc).

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    I provided you some information on XP that you earned, but I may change how you earn XP in the future. So XP rewards may be odd and inconsistent until I figure it out. Also of note, my total of your XP is drastically different than yours. You will really only know how much XP you have when I tell you to level up.

    Spells (and character sheet)

    Facepalm! Uhm, yeah, 18 is indeed +4.

    Also of note, eventually you will be L2 and would then probably select level 2 spells to research. You can do that, but when the PHB comes out I can give you the entire list of L2 spells. So you may end up gaining spells you never researched. Just curious, did you order the PHB?


    I tend to print things out for faster access while creating the days events, so a smaller font size would not exactly be helpful to me.

    You have my Herbalisism kit listed as empty...Yeah, I am only tracking the herbs and salves/potions/etc you have made on the character sheet. We both know there is more in there.


    Hafiz smiles and responds, "Yeah, a simple matter for a traveler such as yourself, but a big deal in town. One of our shepards was kicked by a goat and as he fell his sickle cut a large wound in his stomach. He is bleeding and in need of help, but our local healer went to Caergoth several weeks ago and has not returned. We sent a runner to Eastport, but it will probably be 7 more hours before they return."

    It seems to me that offering to help before asking any questions is a better idea, since gnerating goodwill before pestering him with questions seems like it will give more helpful responses in the long run. In that spirit, inform Hafiz that i have some knowlege of herbalisim, and may be able to help the shepard.

    Hafiz's eyes let up and he exclaims, "Really? That is incredible news. You have something that will help him?" You frown and say, "Well, no, but if the ingredients happen to be available here in Serval I can whip something up in about an hour." Hafiz stops smiling and thinks to himself, finally saying, "It doesn't seem right, but it is necessary. We can check the healer's house. He lived on the northwest side of Serval and that is on the way anyway. I feel bad about breaking into his place, but I am not sure if he will be back. Please, let's go," finishes Hafiz as he escorts you out the door.
    You inquire about the healer and Hafiz responds, "He traveled to Caergoth several weeks ago. He was supposed to be gone for a week to 10 days. He has been gone so long I fear that something has happened to him." Hafiz leads you through all the twists and turns of the alleys of Serval before finally stopping at the healers. There is a sign by the front door of a pestle and mortar. Hafiz opens the door and motions for you to enter.

    As you enter you realize this is a professional apothecary that could make just about anything. Serval was very lucky to have this here. You entered through a door on the east side of the house. Glancing around the room you see the entire northern wall is windows. Below the windows is an herb garden, which is still green and giving off a fragrant scent. Two works benches are near the herb garden, one for specializing in making potions based on the equipment there and the other table closer to you for more conventional work. The center of the room is occupied by a large stone and several mirrors. You see that in the roof are several windows letting light onto the stone and the mirrors focus additional light onto the stone. This focused light appears to be exceptionally bright. Directly in front of you is a stove which appears to be where all the heating and cooking was done. The southest corner is filled with dried herbs and chemicals. The south side of the room has a desk and small book shelf extending into the room and immediately to your right is a bed.

    Hafiz closes the door behind and asks, "Do you think you can find what you need?" Wide eyed looking around the room you say, "Most definitely. Who worked here?" you ask in wonder. "Kresh Hidel," responds Hafiz, "I hope he is still alive. He has helped everyone in this town live much longer lives, especially the animals. We have had 7 good years of growing herds with Kresh helping to prevent disease." You walk over to the herb shelf and look for the dried herbs you need. It is well organized and you quickly retrieve everything you need including the oil from the chemical shelf. You return to the work bench and use Kresh's tools to prepare the herbs for the salve. Finally you take the mixture to the stove where you use Prestidigitation to heat it. You watch the mixture cook while making small talk with Hafiz. After the salve has started to form you dismiss your spell and poor the salve into a nearby petry dish to congeal.
    You spent 15 minutes cooking the salve and it takes another 45 for it to congeal. In this time you can ask Hafiz questions.

    (I rolled a 6, with with my int and proficiency modifiers gives me a 12, so, success).
    After the salve is ready you tell Hafiz, "Ok, let's go see the shephard." Hafiz looks at you and says, "Are you sure it will work?" While you are confident in your abilities you realize Hafiz is concerned for his friend so you respond, "Let's check." You remove the bandage from your left hand and apply a portion of salve to the wound on each side of your hand. You feel a tingling sensation and coolness about the salve confirming to you that it is working. "My hand is already feeling better," you tell Hafiz. Hafiz straightens up and smiles feeling more confident after your demonstration. The two of you leave the apothecary and head southwest to the injured shephard.

    After a meandering 5 minute walk you arrive at his house and Hafiz knocks. A woman you assume to be the shephards wife answers the door. You can tell she is rattled and worried. Hafiz introduces you and informs her that you can help, she instantly is relieved and hopeful. You are escorted into the single room house. The shephard is lying on the straw bed with a bloody bandage covering his abdomen, groaning in pain. He is pale and looks as if he has lost a lot of blood. You walk over to the man and remove the bandage seeing a large nasty cut. It is still bleeding and roughly 18 inches long. "Do you have some water I can wash out the wound with?" you ask the woman. She says yes and brings you a pitcher. Hafiz inquires, "Should we use alcohol instead of water?" "Its not necessary with this salve," you respond. "The salve has herbs in it to prevent infection." As you wash the wound the man cries out in pain. You pull out the petry dish and start applying the salve to his wound. At first he flinches from your touch, but as the salve fills his wound he starts to relax. When you have finished he weakly says, "It already feels better."

    You remain in the house while the salve works. You show Hafiz your hand saying, "Its been an hour, now look at my hand." Hafiz looks on in wonder, there is no sign your hand was ever wounded. Within 10 minutes the shephard's wound is repaired as well. He and his wife thank you profusely while you say, "The wound is healed, but your blood is still lost. You will need to drink a lot more water for the next two weeks as your body replaces it." Hafiz thanks you as the two of you leave.

    As you are walking back Hafiz asks, "Could you make more of that salve in case we need it?" You contemplate for a second and say, "Yes, the salve does not go bad, so it could be stored until you need it. Kresh has plenty of herbs so ingredients will not be a problem." Hafiz thinks for a second then says, "If you will make the salve, I can escort you back to Kresh's, but must leave you there so I can go open the tavern. I will send a meal for you and since Kresh will probably not be returning you could stay there tonight."

    What would you like to do?

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    Your spell book requires a high quality quill and 1/3 of an ounce of high quality ink to properly add spells. This cost is per page (ie a level 2 spell requires 2 quills and 2/3 of an ounce of ink). The high quality quills will cost 1 steel each and the high quality ink is 15 steel per ounce.


    You have my Herbalisism kit listed as empty...Yeah, I am only tracking the herbs and salves/potions/etc you have made on the character sheet. We both know there is more in there.

    I figured that, although knowing exactly what is in it may be helpful if I have to improvise something someday.

    I will probably update the chart to show if the compartments/vials/dishes are used or not.


    You spent 15 minutes cooking the salve and it takes another 45 for it to congeal. In this time you can ask Hafiz questions.

    "Can you tell me what to expect on the road to Easport?"

    Hafiz chuckles before he says, "The road is more of a path and all you should expect to see is a river about halfway there. It is decently wide, but never very deep. There are a couple fjords, but if you miss one it should be no big deal. If you travel too far south, you'll see the sea. That is about it. Its not much traveled this time of year and the area is kept clear to ensure the herds have no issues while grazing. Eastport sends out patrols around the area and hunters from Serval ensure that anything that wanders in the area is harmless."

    "Would you happen to know of a LucidDraw game I could get in on while I'm in town? I enjoy playing and If I get lucky, it may help fund my travel expenses."

    Hafiz shakes his head and says, "No, gambling is outlawed in Serval. Since the patrols from Eastport protect us, they also have significant sway over our community. The big gambling house in Eastport bribed everyone they could to pressure us to ban gambling. It was better for us to do rather than risk losing protection of the patrols. So, if you want to gamble, you will need to travel to Eastport."

    What would you like to do?

    Whip up as much of the salve as is practical, with the ingredients and time available until evening. Keep a full container of salve for myself as "payment". Also, snoop around a bit for notes on any other preparations that may be useful, and record them for my future use.

    The apothecary is stocked that you can easily make as much salve as you desire. You set out three petri dishes at first because the limiting factor is how many mixtures you can heat with Prestidigitation at one time. As you start heating the third one, the first one is complete so you pour it into the petri dish to congeal. You quickly put together a fourth and repeat the process until you have made 10 petri dishes of the salve.
    Roll 10 d20. I am not sure how I specified this, but I will determine what version of the salve you make based on your bonuses and roll plus any DM related mitigating factors. So you will just attempt to make the salve and I will let you know what version you made. You will understand the quality of your work, so you will know what type of salve you have. As such, the highest quality salve you make will be what you take.

    There is enough alfalfa, ginseng, arnica, canar root, and belladonna remaining to fill your herbalism kit. If you elect to take the herbs, you will have 10 doses of each herb.
    It is now Evening Watch Rising 30 and you contemplate starting a fire to keep the chill out of the air. As you start to look around you realize that it is still very warm inside the apothecar. You walk towards the large stone in the middle of the room and realize that this is the source of the heat. Having been the focus of the intesified light all day, the stone gives off a significant amount of heat that should last until the early morning. Glancing around you see that this must be the case as there is no fire place in the apothecary, only the stove for days when it is extremely cold.
    While you were working a runner from the tavern brought you supper and set it down on the desk. You sit down and eat while looking around for any useful information. Your supper is seasoned lamb with dried fruit. The spices used on the lamb add a lot of flavor and the fruit helps to accentuate the taste. Immediately to your left the book shelf is empty. Since this shelf is within reach of the desk, it probably held the most used books. Looking at the remaining books you see they are all text books regarding herb lore. You marvel at one such book as it is entirely written about the herb Majorem. This was most likely the result of someone's life work, you silently hope that no matter where you go in life your major accomplishment is not so dull. You deduce that the books that are missing were the recipes for everything that Kresh made here.
    Looking at the desk you see a note that reads, "Unknown language." Under the note is a parchment written in magic. You clearly understand why Kresh didn't know the language. You quickly glance at the scroll and deduce it has something to do with creating copies. You contemplate studying it more, but see a case that contains three fine quills and some exceptional ink. This presents a great time to add notes to your spellbook. As you start writing you believe you have now mastered Comprehend Languages and Identify.

    You are now level 2. You earned 5 HPs (this was the d6 you rolled, changed to my house rules). The new spells are now part of your book. You used two of the three quills and two thirds of the fine ink to add the spells to your spellbook.
    The writing case is 10x3x2 and weighs 3 lbs if you would like to take it. It has enough room for 10 quills and two vials of ink. The case currently has 3 low quality quills, one high quality quill, 1/3 of a bottle of high quality ink and a bottle of low quality ink.
    You also find a scroll case with 10 blank parchment pages in it. The case is of fine quality and appears to be waterproof. This would be a valuable asset to have in helping you research spells. The scroll case is 10 inches long and has a four inch diameter. It has a maximum capacity of 50 sheets.

    Once you complete eating it is Late Watch.

    Tasks to Resolve
    Would you like to identify the spell and add it to your spellbook?
    You may now prepare an additional spell. Please select it.
    You may also consider identifying 2 more spells to research.
    Do you want to take the scroll case with parchment?
    Do you want to take the writing set?
    If you elect to copy the spell, it will be Late Watch by the time you finish, and you will need to select what to do, and you do have use of the apothecary to sleep tonight. If you decide to not decipher the spell, it is Last Watch and you need to decide what to do.

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    Default This Introduces Tukson, the Dwarven Fighter

    The harbor is starting to bustle in the early morning. This early in Deep-Dark (this is Dwarven for February) you would expect it to be cold and this morning is no dissapointment. It is now Second Watch. As you look out around Caergoth harbor you see the Solamnic Knights loading one of the war galleys for a naval mission. You turn to Captain Ruvelas and inquire, "How much for passage to Eastport?" The Captain informs you that passage is 52 sp and he adds, "We host off just before Third Watch."

    Coin: 41 steel, 9 sp, 97 cp

    You ask the Captain how long the trip will take, "We should reach Eastport before Evening Watch tomorrow." Two days at sea you think to yourself. This will be two long days. You pay the fare and board the ship and settle down as the final preperations are made. The ship has a single mast in the center of the deck. Judging by the other ships in the harbor, this one is on the smaller side. You watch for about an hour as trade goods are loaded into the hold.

    The Captain is true to his word, shortly before Third Watch the ship hosts off and you get your first experience on the ocean. It is not a pleasant one. The rocking of the ship quickly gets to you and you have trouble holding your breakfast down. Make a DC 15 Constitution check.

    Rolled a 1

    You rush to the side of the ship and start vomitting. After your have purged all of your breakfast you gasp for breath and hear the entire crew of the ship laughing at you. You are about to turn to say something when you convulse into another fit of vomitting. You spend the next hour dry heaving over the edge of the ship. You finally master your stomach and although you still look green, you are able to sit down and try to recover.

    Owing to your condition you do not talk to anyone on your first day at sea. You are finally able to eat close to last watch as the ship adjusts to a skeleton crew to travel through the night. Your sleep is restless as you constantly wake up ready to vomit.
    With the dawn comes little relief. Your stomach is still twisted in knots and you feel as green as you look. Several times throughout the day you hear calls from the bird's nest. "Sail off port bow. Sail off the starboard bow. Sail off the stern." You are finally feeling normal when you hear a sound that lifts your spirits. "Land ahoy," is the call from the bird's nest. You stand up to see your first sight of Southern Ergoth.
    You sail into the harbor prior to Twelfth Watch. You can see some activity at the docks, although most of it appears to be centered around closing down for the day. The ship enters the bay of Eastport and docks at the southern docks. The southern dock consists of two sets of docks while the nothern is just a single. Glancing out around the harbor you see one other large ship and many smaller fishing boats. Immediately west of the docks is a row of warehouses. Off to the north appears to be a tavern judging by the sounds coming out of it. There is also an official looking building by the northern docks.

    As your ship docks you see an offical looking man standing on the dock. Captain Ruvelas calls down to him, "Hey Manacus, how are you today?" Manacus responds, "I am doing well, what about you? Just the normal cargo today?" The Captain confirms that and adds, "Also have a passenger, a dwarf." Manacus calls back up, "Ok, send him down. Once you get settled meet me at my office and we will take care of business."

    Captain Ruvelas tells you, "That is the Harbor Master, Manacus Zanpolo. He'll inform you of the local laws and customs. You may also have to pay a small tax to enter town. This is a fair and free town so as long as you don't cause any trouble you won't be having any problems."

    You thank the Captain and disembark the ship. You stop at the dock next to the Harbor Master who pulls out of a form and says, "Greetings Master Dwarf, I need to know your name."

    Provide my name

    You tell the Harbor Master your name and he says, "Welcome to Eastport, Tukson. Is this your first visit?"

    This is my first visit, and I would like to find some lodging and a tavern
    "Ah," responds the Harbor Master. "In that case, welcome. There are no special laws here. Don't start any trouble and you will be fine. If you get out of line, the Constable is quick to action and faster to punish. You are required to register with the city guard by no later than Last Watch tomorrow. If you follow this road, "he says pointing to the only major road leaving the docks which heads west,"and go past the market you will find the City Guard Headquarters on the north side of the road. Its just before the western gate of town. A word of caution if you leave town, we have been having problems with ogres in the area, so consider yourself warned. As for ale and lodging, the tavern here on the docks has ale, gaming, loose women, and a knife for your back if you are not careful. The inn has rats, lice, loose woman and doors that somehow never lock. I recommend you go to tavern and inn at the market. Since you need to register with the city guard, there is currently no tax to enter town. Do you have any questions?"

    not at the moment i thinks. I shall go register on my way to the inn
    The Harbor Master thanks you for cooperating and takes his leave. You leave the docks and head west on the main street. Several shops line both sides of the street, a tattoo parlor, sailing supply store, armor, weapons, a jeweler, clothes and a store selling furs. The street opens up directly into the market. There is a bustle of activity, but it is mostly vendors closing for the night. In the center of the square is the town's well. There are 3 other exits from the square in the cardinal directions. The square is lined with businesses, to your right is a baker, the northwest has the tavern and inn, the southwest has the town's smith and on your left is the livery. You cross the square pausing at the well to refill your waterskin. Just past the tavern is an alley running north and south. You see the Constable's office to the south, the barracks to the north and beyond that the Guard Headquarters.

    You turn north and approach the HQ. There is a guard relaxing in a chair in front of the building and as you approach he says, "We are closed, come back tomorrow." What would you like to do?

    I shall book a room at the Market Inn

    You travel back down the street and return to the market. You enter the inn and are greated by the Innkeeper. "Greetings, welcome to the Eastport Inn. I am Roshenko Hawkin. How can I help you?" You inquire about a room for the night and are informed they are 6 sp per night. You pay for the room. What would you like to do?

    You now have 41 steel, 3 sp, 97 cp

    You enter the inn and hear a bell go off, you see that it is attached to the door. Whenever the door moves, the bell is rung. You see that the entrance is a small area with a desk, hallway and stairway going up. The innkeeper is slender man in his mid 30s standing behind the desk. He is wearing clothes in which you guess are in style in Eastport. He has a beard (or what humans call a beard) and is starting to lose his blonde hair. He gives you the sense he is an honest man running an honest business. After paying for your room Roshenko says, "You can have room 3, its upstairs and around the corner." He hands you an exceptional simple metal key and says, "Its not much of a lock, but the doors bar from the inside and the only way into the inn is through the front door."

    I would like to offload my traveling gear in the room, but fear it will be stolen so I continue, with my gear, to the tavern for some local fare and refreshment
    Feeling satisfied that your room will be safe when you are sleeping, you bid farewell to Roshenko and head to the tavern. As you step outside you notice that the temperature is dropping. It is at least 10 degrees colder now than when you first arrived in Eastport. It is now Evening Watch and you can tell the sun is setting as you walk to the tavern. The sign on the side of the tavern says, "Market Corner Food Games Ale."
    You enter the tavern and close the door. Taking a step to the right (North) you stay there for a moment as your eyes adjust to the gloom and you feel the comfort of the warm air relax you. Looking around you see that the tavern is deeper on the right than the left. The left side (south) is dominated by the bar which is in the shape of an L extending along the shallow western wall. There is a single circular table in the area by the bar. Directly to your left behind the bar is a door which apperas to lead to the kitchen. You see a serving girl come out with a platter of food. On the deeper side of the bar is two long tables, two circular tables back in the western recess and to more tables near the northern wall. There is a flight of stairs in the northwest corner that lead upstairs. There is a group of people at the closer long table, two people at the bar not by each other, both circular tables in the recess are occupied as is the circular table to your right. The man you assume to be the tavern keeper is standing behind the bar. He is younger looking, you'd guess 25 and tall. He has broad shoulders and large arms. He presents an imposing figure.

    You walk over to the bar and order an ale and a meal. The bartender introduces himself as Kindro Azra. He is far more pleasant than his looks would imply. You pay 54 cp for the meal and ale. You are certain he served you a mug of dog piss but he keeps drawing ales out of the same cask and no one else complains so you believe this to be an acceptable local beverage. Kindro says, "If you are interested in gambling, the parlor is upstairs. All cheaters get escorted by me over to the Constable. Its not an easy walk if you catch my drift. No gambling is allowed down here. If you are interested in local news, the only story is all of the ogres in the area." Before you can get a word in, he heads off to fill several more tankards of the local dog piss, er ale.

    What would you like to do?

    You have met your food and water consumption requirements for the day.

    You now have 41 steel, 3 sp, 43 cp

    I'll take another ale (I've consumed the first) and will head upstairs

    You pay 4 cp for the ale (you now have 39 cp) and head upstairs. The gaming parlor is small. There are 4 tables to play. One table is setup for a dice game, one is blackjack and the remaining two are for Lusid Draw. Lusid Draw is patron versus patron and thus requires at least two players. One Lusid Draw table has 4 players and is thereby filled, the other has 3 leaving room for one more. The house supplies the dealers for both Lusid Draw games and this makes it unlikely that the games are rigged. The blackjack and dice games are against the house. The blackjack allows up to 5 players, 3 are currently playing. The dice game does not have a limit for players and since the players throw the dice, its doubtful the dice are loaded. You are familiar with all 3 games. You realize (Wisdome check DC 5 passed) that if you win against the house, the odds of someone coming to kill you are a lot less. What game would you like to play?

    I shall start with dice

    Dice Game

    All bets in the dice game are against the house. The game has a thrower and everyone else bets against him.
    The thrower rolls 2d6. He has up to 5 rolls. On the first roll his score must be greater than 6, 2nd is 7, third is 8, 4th is 9 and 5th is 10. There is an increasing payout for each successful roll. The thrower places a bet which the house keeps, minimum 20 sp. Payouts are 25% of bet for the first roll, 50% on the 2nd, 100% on 3rd, 200% on 4th, and 400% on 5th. After he loses or has 5 rolls the dice are passed to the person on his left.

    Non-throwers bet against the thrower. The house pays out odds depending on the throw. 1st throw is even money, 2nd is 3:2, 3rd is 2:1, 4th is 5:1 and 5th is 10:1. Minimum bet is 10 sp.

    The dice game currently has 3 players. As is the custom, you join the table to the right of the shooter so you will be last in line to throw. Before you can place a bet the shooter throws a 2 and the dice are passed to the next shooter.
    You won 20 steel and 16 sp and bought 2sp of ale.
    You now have 61 steel, 17 sp, and 39 cp.

    You return to the inn at Darkwatch and sleep until morning.

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    You wake up at First Watch and gather your belongings. You great the innkeeper as you leave the inn. You contemplate eating one of your rations, but the smell of fresh baked bread dissuades you of the idea. You purchase some bread and dried fruit in the market and drink water fresh out of the well. You spent 7 cp. You ensure that your waterskin is full and return to the headquarters of the town guard.

    You now have 61 steel, 17 sp, and 32 cp.

    The entrance to the HQ is once again guarded by the same man. "Morning," he says to you, "you here to sign up?" "Aye," you retort and introduce yourself. "I am Private Dunne," responds the guard. "You can go in and talk with Captain Molony. It should be early enough for you to get an assignment if you want." You thank Private Dunne for the information and enter the building.

    The building is little more than the office for Captain Molony. There are papers everywhere and a crudely drawn map on the south wall. The map shows the area surrounding Eastport with several locations pointed out. The map shows three guard towers, one to the southwest of town, one to the west of town and another to the northwest of town. Additional flags have been added to the map in what looks like various locations, but the majority of which are southwest of town.

    The Captain appears to be a veteran from his demeanor and graying hair. He is in good shape, clean shaven and wearing the uniform for the guard in Eastport. He has his rank affixed to both of his shoulders. The Captain greets you, "Morning, I am Captain Molony. You just registering or are you looking to go on patrol? Sergeant Fole may still be next door in the baracks. He will take rookies with him to train them. If you are interested in going on patrol see him. You get paid 5 steel per day, get one meal and your patrol is paid a bonus of 5 steel per ogre head brought in. You must register at both guard towers in order to get paid." He then points to your right at a book and indicates you are to sign it.

    Based on the Captains demeanor and papers he keeps handling, you believe he does not want any further interruption. You sign the book, thank the Captain and head to the barracks.

    As you enter the barracks you see several guardsmen getting prepared to leave. A tall human sees you and says, "I'm Sergeant Fole, did the Captain send you here?" You confirm the Captain did send you here. The Sergeant nods and says, "We will be leaving shortly. You ever been on patrol before? You state that you have not and the Sergeant replies, "Ok, wait for us outside and I will fill you in on the way to the gate."
    You leave the barracks and wait outside for a few moments before the Sergeant and three other humans walk out. "Let's move," barks the Sergeant as you fall in besides him. "This patrol will head west to the first guard tower, " states the Sergeant, "that should take about three hours. We'll take a short rest there then head northeast to the second guard tower. That'll be another three hours of marching and short rest followed by the two hour march back to town. Our instructions are to kill any ogres we find." The guards at the western gate salute the Sergeant as you pass through leaving Eastport.

    Once outside of the village, the Sergeant says, "Keane, take point. Mackenna with him, Omidi cover the rear." Private Keane jogs ahead, he is a thin human about 20 carrying a longbow. You notice Mackenna has pointed ears, but no additional elven features so you assume he is a half-elf. Like Sergeant Fole, he is carrying a longsword and shield. Omidi is a tall, muscled Ergothian who wields a greatsword. The Sergeant motions for silence and you march westward searching the area for signs of ogres.
    After three hours of marching you reach the first guard tower. You drink some water and make small talk after signing the guard roster. The guard tower is manned by at least 5 guards and you thought you saw more with crossbows on the second floor as you approached. You find out that everyone on your patrol is originally from Eastport and elected to join the guard. After an hours rest, you leave the tower and head northeast towards the next tower.

    After an hours march Mackenna and Keane drop down and signal for silence. They motion for the Sergeant come forward. You wait where you are as Omidi catches up to you. The other 3 members of your patrol are pearing over the edge of a rise looking down at something. They nod at each other and motion for Omidi and you to quietly approach them.

    You reach the rest of the patrol and the Sergeant signals there are 2 ogres in the gulley in front of you. He motions for everyone to spread out and as he does Private Omidi breaks a twig. You hear several grunts below you and movement as the ogres look for the source of the sound. "Damn it," shouts the Sergeant before he says, "Charge!"
    Roll Initiative.

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    Default Deepkolt 12, Restful Hour


    Does that pinch of soot and salt for comprehend languages mean that I need a pinch of soot and a pinch of salt that are separate (2 spell component compartments) or would they be kept mixed together (i.e. a pinch of soot and salt mixed together) and take only one compartment, and not be usable for other spells? (I don't see any spells in the basic rules that uses either alone, but you never know)

    Either is fine. So if you want, you can pre-mix the pinch and that is sufficient. Also of note, I went to the 2E PHB and read through 4th level wizard spells and only one spell used salt (I am not sure the spell would be useful in 5E). There may be a few tweeks for 5E, but several of the spells were identical.

    Rolls (without modifiers)
    6, 18, 8, 4, 11, 19, 7, 5, 5, 16
    Ok, the salve you take restores d4+6 HPs in 30 minutes.

    Tasks to Resolve
    Would you like to identify the spell and add it to your spellbook?

    The spell is Copy, see the other file. Of note, you used some of the bottle of ink and 3 pieces of parchment to learn the spell.

    You may also consider identifying 2 more spells to research.
    I want to see what that spell scroll is first

    And again, this can be changed without penalty once the PHB comes out.

    Do you want to take the scroll case with parchment?
    Yes, it looks like this guy is not going to be returning, and I'm in need now.

    Do you want to take the writing set?
    Yes, see above.

    Also, fill up my herbalisim kit with the herbs.

    Don't take any of those items until the morning after I sleep. (Don't want to be found with them on my person if he should come home while I'm sleeping)

    See about collecting some soot to mix with my salt if I need to keep them mixed. (check the stove, or hold a plate above a candle or something)

    I assumed you did this since it appears no spells will use only salt as an ingredient. If they do, we can fix it later.

    Head over to the tavern at Late Watch and let Hafiz know that the salves are done. Diplomatically suggest that some additional paymet would surely help resupply myself for the trip to Eastport. Offer to produce additional salves in the morning if that will help convince him (and if sufficient supplies are available, of course).

    I will be taking some liberties with your suggestion. For Role Playing in the future you could add some info about how you are trying to deceive him. This isn't a persuade check since it doesn't benefit Hafiz to pay you.

    You collect your new gear into a location that will be easy for you to pack in the morning. You select the best salve and store it in your herbalism kit. You package the rest and label accordingly from cuts to major wounds to loss of limb for the best one. Afterwards you decide to return to the tavern to talk with Hafiz.

    You leave the apothecary and are plunged into darkness. The sun has set long ago and dusk has also passed. You casually look around but do not see nor hear anyone. You cast Light on your belt buckle and wander your way through Serval. You believe you have memorized the path back to the apothecary and as long as you don't get loaded at the tavern you should find it without a problem.

    Once you get to the village center you extinguish your spell. You are walking toward the tavern when you stop by the well. You quickly pull up the bucket and wet your hair and face. You work to give yourself a disheveled look. You also grab some dirt off the ground and rub it onto yourself. Once this is done, you enter the tavern and head to the bar. You lean on the bar gasping for air. Hafiz comes over and says, "You look terrible, are you ok?" You nod your head while still breathing heavily and gasp out, "Water."

    Hafiz brings you over a tankard of water. You quickly drink some and then throw the rest in your face. You act like you are calming down while taking some deep breaths. "Wow," you say, "that salve is a pain to make in volume. I was lucky to make it back here in the dark. I know why they charge so much for it in cities. I am beat."

    Hafiz marvels at you and says, "Well, thanks for making it for us, but if you are so tired why did you come here at night? You could have waited for the morning?" You respond, "Oh," pausing to take a couple deep breaths, "I wanted to let you know it was all done. You should be good for a long time."

    You are attempting to Deceive Hafiz, you roll a 11 + 2 for a total of 13.

    Hafiz thanks you again, then turns to go, stops, cocks an eyebrow and looks down at you. "Ah," he says, "I am guessing the salve is just as easy to make in volume as it is for small doses. A very good try on your part though. You did indeed do a valuable service for Serval. I'll give you 5 steel, not for your work, but the nice job of acting you just did." Hafiz hands you the steel while smirking. Even though you attempted to trick him, you believe that Hafiz is now more fond of you.

    You now have 5 steel, 13 sp, and 65 cp.

    You smile and thank Hafiz. You order a mug of ale. You relax for a few minutes and finally look around the tavern. There are two men here, both passed out drunk. You turn to Hafiz and say, "Slow night?" Hafiz laughs and says, "No, most everyone in town is a farmer or shephard so they keep early hours. The rush typically ends by Last Watch. Just the few balls of energy you see here stay late." You chuckle at Hafiz's joke and finish your ale. The local ale has an interesting flavor that you enjoyed.

    You now have 5 steel, 13 sp, and 61 cp.

    You thank Hafiz and bid him goodnight. Hafiz says, "I'll stop by tomorrow morning with breakfast. I'm not an early riser so it'll probably be well past Second Watch before I arrive. I would like to discuss purchasing the salve formula from you. It didn't seem hard to make and it'd be nice to know in event of an emergency."

    You contemplate Hafiz's offer as you leave the tavern. Looking around you don't see anyone so you cast Light again and head back to the Apothecary. You easily follow the path back and enter the dark building. You are now exhausted so you just head to bed. You fall asleep shortly after your head hits the pillow.

    You wake at First Watch to a bright morning. You can see the suns early light starting to focus on the rock. You contemplate Hafiz's question. If you are interested in selling the recipe, you may want to write it down now so you do not have to look around for the writing kit or scroll case.

    What would you like to do?

    You also need to decide what to do after breakfast and talking to Hafiz. Will you start going to Eastport?

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    Default Deepkolt 12, Tukson Patrol

    Private Omidi charges forward slashing his greatsword at the ogre on the right. T he ogre pulls up his club to parry the blow but Private Omidi drops his swing low opening a large wound on the ogre's stomach.

    The ogre howls in pain and responds by swinging his greatclub wildly at Private Omidi. The Privte easily sidesteps the attack.

    Sergeant Fole charges forward to attack the ogre on the left. The Sergeant swings a masterful stroke at the ogre with his longsword. He feints low, then slashes high opening a large wound on the ogres chest ending just before his neck.

    Private Keane draws his bow level and launches an arrow at the ogre on the left. The arrow sails high, going over the head of the ogre.

    The ogre on the left howls in rage and swings his greatclub at Sergeant Fole. The Sergeant takes a vicious hit, knocking him back a step and appearing to daze him.
    Rothfuss, Steven A Mr CIV USA USAMC: I roll a 7. Tukson evaluates the fight and notices the that O1 (Left Ogre) has a grave wound. He calls for the group to focus their attention to O1 unless in danger of being splatted. Tukson then Throws his HandAxe at O1, draws his battle axe and storms down the hillside.

    Tukson grunts as he releases the handaxe hurtling it towards the ogre (d20 => 7 + 7 = 14). The axe spins end over end before its flight ends with a loud "crack." The handaxe penetrates the right side of the ogres head splitting his skull (dmg d6 => 4 + 4 = 8). The ogre stands for a second before collapsing to the ground.
    err... check that Tukson yells barreling down the hill, everyone work over the last ugly one

    Private Mackenna races down the hill snaking between Tukson and Sergeant Fole. He uses his momentum and surprise to slash at the rear of the ogre. His blade slices through the soft flesh on the back of the ogres legs, causing the ogre to yell in pain but little damage.

    Private Omidi strikes quickly while the ogre is in pain from the attack. He raises his greatsword and slashes down across the chest of the ogre, opening another vicious wound. The ogre rocks back in shock, but somehow manages to stay on his feet. The ogre is visibly shaken and losing a lot of blood.

    The ogre howls in rage. He raises his great club high and attempts to crush Private Omidi into the ground. Private Omidi attempts to dodge the blow, but he is too slow. The greatclub hits him square in the face, knocking him to the ground.

    Sergeant Fole rushes around to help encircle the ogre. He sees that the ogre is badly wounded and quickly swings at his exposed throat to end the fight. Unfortunately the ogre is much taller than Sergeant Fole and his attacks bounces harmless off the ogres hide armor.

    Private Keane draws another arrow and takes aim at the remaining ogre. He aims high to avoid hitting anyone else and his arrow again sails over the head of the ogre.
    Tukson thinks to himself how can Keane miss so horribly with that bow? In the same thought, Tukson turns to face the Ogre and draws his shield from his back to rest properly on the left arm. His Battle Axe in the right hand. Properly facing the creature Tukson, then swings at the beast. (Swing Roll 15, Damage Roll 7)
    As the ogre draws his greatclub back up after knocking Private Omidi to the ground, Tukson launches a vicious attack at his eye level. The battleaxe flashes in the light and buries itself into the groin and left leg of the ogre. The attack severs the ogres arteries causing a massive amount of blood to flow down his leg. The ogre stands for a moment before toppling over. landing between Tukson and Private Omidi.
    Sergeant Fole exclaims, "Excellent work Tukson! Two kills on your first patrol! That is amazing." All of the Privates applaud you as they gather around the bodies, Private Omidi is especially greatful saying, "Wow, was I worred after he knocked me down. I'm glad you were there to finish him off."

    The Sergeant inquires about Private Omidi who responds, "I'm ok, just got knocked down. Although that beast can pack punch." The Sergeant nods at the news as he instructs Private Mackenna to collect the ogre heads. "Search the bodies," Fole calls out, "and put anything you find into this bag." The Sergeant throws a bag on the ground. "Remember, everything recovered belongs to the guard so we can try to find out what is going on. Everyone get a drink then we will continue on to the next tower."

    Private Mackenna struggles but finally pulls your handaxe out of the ogres head. He wipes it off on the grass then tosses it to you saying, "Next time, don't put it so far into his head." The entire group busts out in laughter. After a few minutes Privates Mackenna and Keane take up the lead while Private Omidi falls in behind. As you walk the Sergeant praises your effort, "You were like a pro out there today. Calm under pressure and the right kind of agressive. I am glad you decided to volunteer."
    The hills roll by and sun shines brightly. The day is pleasent enough, but cold. The rest of the trip to the second guard tower is uneventful. You sign in at the tower and sit down to rest for a few minutes. The ogre possessions and heads are turned in and recorded in the towers register. The Captain of the tower says, "Another one of these damn scrolls. I wonder what the hell they say? Every single ogre party we killed has them."

    I would like to rest with the group, have a snack and clean my weapons then move on when the party is ready. Not sure if that is too many actions (I'll read up on what counts as a turn)

    You rest with the group for about an hour then start the journey back to town. The day is pleasent enough with a lot of sun, but cold air. The area is rolling hills with sparse trees and dead grass which you would expect to see this time of year. You come up to the northern gate of Eastport at Evening Watch. The patrol is ushered past the guards and heads south towards the market square. Just prior to the tavern you turn east down an alley and follow it to the barracks. Sergeant Fole says, "All right, everyone take it easy, I'll go sign us in and get meals brought down." Everyone lays down on their bunks while you sit down at the table waiting for supper to arrive.
    Around 30 minutes later the door opens and the Sergeant and Captain come in. "Fall in," orders the Sergeant. It takes a minute as a couple of the guards had fallen asleep. When everyone is assembled Captain Molony says, "Ok, listen up. I have some bad news. One of the southern patrols never checked in at the western tower. They are presumed dead. As such, Private Omidi and Private Mackenna are now transferred to the south patrols. Gentlemen, get your gear and head down to the southern barracks tonight." Sergeant Fole looks at the Captain in shock, "What?" he says, "you expect us to do a patrol tomorrow with 3 people? One of them isn't trained or even a member of the guard?"

    The Captain responds, "Oh right, Tukson, you are officially a member of the guard. You will now be housed in the barracks. If you have any possessions you want retrieved for you let the Sergeant know and we will arrange to pick them up. Select on of the empty beds and get some rest. You go out on patrol again tomorrow morning. The draft has officially started, so the guards at each gate will not let anyone leave town and the harbor master will not let boats leave if they have passengers. So don't get any ideas about deserting." The Captain adds, "Oh yeah, the roster came in, everyone gets 5 steel for the patrol and another 2 steel each for each ogre killed."
    You now have 68 steel, 17 sp, and 32 cp.

    After his announcement the Captain leaves and Privates Mackenna and Omidi follow him out. As they are leaving everyone bids them farewell. As the door closes the Sergeant shakes his head and says, "A three man patrol. This is ridiculous. Well, we are going to need our rest tonight because it is going to be dangerous on patrol until we get more help." The Sergeant sits down with you at the table muttering to himself. The door opens and your meal is brought in. It is a bowl of stew with bread and is refreshing after being out in the cold all day. It is now Last Watch and you may be able to convince your patrol mates to do some gambling now.

    What would you like to do?

    lets break out the dice

    Private Keane and the Sergeant and not particularly interested in throwing dice, "Don't supposed you have a deck of cards for Lucid Draw, do you?" asks the Sergeant.
    i'd not be a gambler without a deck would I? (reaches into his pack for the cards)
    Both men perk up at the prospect of playing cards and quickly pull out their belt pouches. "This is limit, right?" asks the Private. "Aye," you respond, "One steel ante, one steel for a card."

    You play for an hour and win 10 steel.
    You now have 78 steel, 17 sp and 32 cp.

    After the game everyone relaxes and goes to bed to be ready for tomorrow's patrol. Your sleep is a restless one with the worry of tomorrow's patrol. You wake just before Morning Watch and pack your gear. A few minutes later the Sergeant returns to the barracks and screams, "GET THE HELL UP KEANE!" Private Keane bolts up and almost falls out of bed. The Sergeant looks at you and says, "Breakfast will be here soon. Since its only the three of us we can get an early start."

    Private Dunne brings in a platter of sliced ham and cheese for breakfast. He is obviously beat after the night shift, but you can't feel bad for him since he will be sleeping all day while you are on patrol. The four of you eat breakfast and then prepare for your patrol.

    Where's the Ale?

    Everyone laughs heartily until they realize you are not kidding. After breakfast you assemble outside the barracks. The Sergeant says, "Ok, Keane, you will be on point. Vand, follow behind him about 20 feet and I will take the rear guard. If there are no questions, we'll get started."

    Once again you head out the western gate. The morning ale is cool. The sun is slowly rising. Eastport is slowing starting to begin the day. As you leave the gate Keane takes point with you following behind him. The walk is uneventful through the rolling hills. After two hours Keane drops down to one knee and signals a halt.
    He motions for everyone to bunch up. You and the Sergeant slowly and quietly work your way up to Keane. He points at his ear then to the northwest. You can hear the sound of something large moving in that direction. There is a small rise that way and it sounds like whatever it is has almost reached the top. The rise is less than 20 feet from where you are. As you are waiting you here a harsh gutteral language being spoken and the Sergeant bursts to his feet and starts storming up the rise. As he is halfway there an ogre crests the ridge and spots you.

    Roll Initiative

    Sergeat, Private, Tukson, Ogre

    The Sergeant finishes his charge to the top of the rise and slashes at the ogre. The ogre is unprepared to make a defense and the Sergeant's sword slices down the ogres right arm.

    Private Keane draws back and launches an arrow at the ogre. The arrow sales wide to the left of the ogre.

    I'd like to curse at Keane for missing again! I use my handaxe and send it sailing through the cold air

    Tukson rises up and launches his handaxe at the ugly beast. The axe flies through the air sailing higher and higher before it buries itself into the left shoulder of the ogre. The wound is deep and blood flows swiftly down quickly covering the ogre in blood.
    I will draw both my battle axe and follow the Sgt up the hill towards big red there
    The ogre roars in pain. He draws up to his full height, towering above the Sergeant. He brings his club up and attempts to flatten the Sergeant into the ground. The Sergeant expertly slides to his right and deflects the blow with his shield.

    The Sergeant reacts quickly before the ogre can recover and cuts a vicious wound on the bests neck. You marvel as the ogre still stands and prepares to retaliate.
    Private Keane takes a steady aim and launches another arrow. The arrow sails true. As you look up at the ogre all you see are the tail feathers of the arrow protuding from the ogre's right eye. The ogre collapses to the ground.

    I scream finally thinking what a waste of good arrows before

    "Ha ha ha," Keane responds sarcastically. "Pipe down," orders the Sergeant, "Tukson, take his head and anything his is carrying and put it in this bag. Keane, scout ahead over the next rise. Stay in sight." Keane quietly moves on. You set your shield down and wield your battleaxe with both hands. You forcefully slash down severing the head of the ogre. You put it in the bag and find nothing else on his body. You retrieve your handaxe.

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    Default Deepkolt 13, Firstwatch

    There is an additional supplement you can download if you want. It has a few spells, magic items and info on monsters. There is also an update to the free PHB scheduled for this Friday.

    All stores will have the standard equipment list unless I specify otherwise. Any high quality item will require a specialized store.

    Arcane Focus will not be part of the campaign. I'm enjoying spell components too much.

    The Hafiz Salve Errata

    Here are you responses in chronological order after Hafiz asked you to make the salve:
    Whip up as much of the salve as is practical, with the ingredients and time available until evening.

    Head over to the tavern at Late Watch and let Hafiz know that the salves are done. Diplomatically suggest that some additional payment would surely help resupply myself for the trip to Eastport. Offer to produce additional salves in the morning if that will help convince him

    Um, I was actually just thinking that the salves were worth more than a night's lodging and a meal, and was trying to get paid for my work. Not sure where you got the deception notion. I'll take the 5 steel, tho.

    In the first one, I read it as you agreeing to Hafiz's terms of a nights stay and free meal since you started making salves. This, of course, is a bad deal, but seeing as you are poor I thought it was fine for you to accept it. The second one mentions additional payment, I took that as you still were ok with the original deal, but wanted more. And the third one is you rightly saying you were underpaid. Now, I'm perfectly fine with you asking for more, but could you tell me that at the start? I really was under the impression you were ok with the deal.

    As far as a Deception, Diplomacy is gone. So checks are now divided into two categories, Deception and Persuasion. Persuade is getting someone to do something in their interest. Deception is getting someone to do something against their interest. I had you do the Deception check because I thought you were in agreement with the deal. And since the deal was done, it was not in Hafiz's interest to pay you more. And since this is how the rules are written, I believe Deception will be used a lot and would not be a bad or evil thing. IE using Deception while bluffing at poker. Negotiating a better deal with a merchant. Larger reward for saving the damsel in distress.
    And to bring this back around full circle, just let me know earlier when you want to negotiate a better deal.

    Write down the recipe, and attempt to get the best price possible from Hafiz. (I rolled an 18, if i need an ability check there)
    How about an opening offer? 100 steel?

    After selling the recipe to Hafiz, go check out the store for potentially useful items.
    You wander over to the store pausing at the well to refill your waterskin (you have now drank half a gallon of water today). You see that the majority of the store holds feed for the sheep, chicken and goats. The gear for sale is the standard adventuring gear. One item you do notice that fills an immediate need is a pair of warm gloves. You remember the cold sting of the air on your hands and elect to avoid that issue again. You purchase the gloves for 1 sp. You also consider purchasing a blanket to avoid cold nights.

    You now have 5 steel, 12 sp and 61 cp.

    Negotiate a price with Hafiz
    Decide to purchase anything at the general store.
    Decide what to do after the general store.

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    You return the bag to Sergeant Fole and head off towards Private Keane. The rest of the trip to the first guard tower is uneventful. The three of you sign in and rest at the tower for about an hour before begining your journey towards the next tower. Three uneventful hours later you sign in at the second tower and rest for an hour.


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