1. Disabled and Dying: Characters are disabled when their HP is from 0 to their Con mod, afterwhich they fall unconscious and are Dying. So if a character’s Con score is 15, with a +2 Con mod, they are disabled until they reach -3 HP, and are able to take a single move action, or a single standard action (taking a standard action inflicts another point of damage). At this point they fall unconscious and are Dying. This is bad…is there a doctor in the dungeon?
2. Character Death: Characters will only die once they reach their constitution score +1. So a character with a Con score of 15 dies when their HP is at -16. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this.
3. Healing: When rolling any form of healing, whether from a divine caster such as a spell or positive energy channeling, potion of healing, or from a wand of curing, you may reroll the die ONCE if the number is LESS than 50% of the possible roll. If the second roll is still LESS than 50% of the possible die roll, it becomes the number that is 50% of the die roll. For example, a character goes to drink a potion of healing which heals 1d8+1 point of damage. They roll a 2 on their first roll, then follow it up by a 1. Since 50% of a d8 equals 4, they heal 4+1 for a total of 5. This can be a bit confusing, so if you don’t get it, put your die rolls out there and I’ll give you a hand.
4. Two Day Rule: I’d love to have everyone, including me, be able to post a couple of times a week. However, life can be complicated, so we’ll all just do the best we can. I’ll reach out to anyone who we are waiting on, and if need be, I’ll act for their character to keep the flow of the game smooth. Oki doki?
5. Critical Fumbles: If you roll a natural 1 on anything…it misses. If it’s on an attack, roll again. If you ‘miss’ again, something interesting happens (i.e. I pull out a Critical Fumble card!). If you’d otherwise hit, then it’s just a miss and there are no ill effects other than the shame you must face from your fellow heroes!
6. Critical Hits: If you roll a natural 20, roll again. If you hit, you roll a number of dice equal to the multiplier of that weapon (i.e. X 2 on a Longsword, X 3 on an axe, X 4 on a Scythe, etc.). You don’t just ‘double’ your damage roll.¬¬ However, I will be using Critical Hit cards to add some descriptive flavor of just how much a critical inflicted upon your character hurts!
7. Spellcraft: If you are a cleric, and you are trying to use Spellcraft to glean what spell a Sorcerer (or any other arcane caster) is casting, the difficulty is increased by +2. And vice versa.
8. These rules are subject to change if they are deemed incorrect, or otherwise obsolete, by order of the Gnomish Rules Lawyers Guild, Charter #35830385.00713.