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    Arrow COTE Maps, Loot, & Other Notes


    From Finnegan's mausoleum

    1) Enchanted spear: a +3 magic spear. Deals 1d8+3 damage (not counting the bearer's Strength damage modifier) [Fuego carries it]

    Also this spear (or the red ruby soulgem on its haft) contains the spirit of gnome bard Finnegan Ozziwig (cleric of Cayden Cailean 1/Bard 5), close friend to deceased town hero Ekat Kassen. Upon request Finn can cast verbal-only spells of Levels 0, 1, and 2 from the bard spell list (or Level 1 spells with somatic components if they are modified by the Still Spell feat), and a few Level 0 and Level 1 cleric spells in addition to channeling positive energy (1d6) up to 7 times per day.

    From All-Faiths Temple:

    1) Splash weapons [*+4 to ALL damage if thrown by alchemist] [Fuego's]:

    2 alchemical acid flasks [ranged touch attack 10 feet. 1d6 acid damage. Creatures within 5 feet of the hit take 1 point of splash damage.

    10 alchemical ice flasks [works the same as acid] 5 USED UP, 5 left

    10 alchemical fire flasks [ranged touch 10 ft, 1d6 fire damage plus a second 1d6 fire next round; 1 point of splash damage in 5 ft] 1 USED UP, 9 left

    11 holy waters (four light green tinted from Dom, 7 extra pure flasks from Fuego's alchemy check) [2 USED UP, 9 more left]

    2) Chastening Blade of Sarenrae [Mingy's] : a short sword for a Small person (permanent weapon of awe, +1 attack rolls and +3 damage)

    3) Super Sunrod [blindingly bright effect when first activated (Fort save), sheds pure sunlight for 10 seconds, harmful to some undead within 30 ft radius]

    4) Boons from Micah's greater harrowing spell:

    Fuego gets a harrowing boon, usable only once and it lasts one minute: +4 Dexterity Enhancement (see below)

    Keys: As a standard action, you can grant yourself a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity for 1 minute. While this bonus persists, you gain evasion, as the rogue class feature. (You take no damage after a successful Reflex save, instead of taking half damage.)

    Mingy gets a harrowing boon, usable only once and it lasts one minute: +4 Strength Enhancement (see below)

    Hammers: As a standard action, you can grant yourself a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength for 1 minute. While this bonus persists, you can reroll any bull rush, grapple, or sunder combat maneuver checks. You must use the result of this second roll.

    From the send-off party in town before your quest:

    1) map showing a trail from Kassen to Ekat's Tomb

    2) handaxe (1d4 slashing damage, +1 damage on first hit from sharpness, from Shale the half-orc)

    3) red glass hooded lantern (to hold the Everflame)

    For Mingy, Fuego, and Yen:

    4) One backpack and one belt pouch each containing:

    (1) 5 days' worth of food rations, and 8 Goodberries---BUT that berry spell expired as of posting date 11/3/15. Also 3 days' rations are left to each.

    (2) a small tent and written instructions

    (3) a fine winter blanket

    (4) a full waterskin

    (5) 3 tindertwigs

    (6) 50 ft hemp rope

    (7) a grappling hook

    (8) 3 torches (Yen has TWO left, others have 3)

    (9) 3 labeled potions of cure light wounds [orange] (from Farook)

    (10) a small cast iron cooking pot

    (11) a bottle of local brandy (bitter and cheap but hard stuff) called Slim Chance (from Gugal)

    (12) a bottle of blush wine (sweet and expensive and potent) called First Bloom (from Marta)

    From Encounter in the woods with the orc shaman and warped wolf:

    Loot-wise, if you search Mordrug's body you will find

    1) 2 War Spirit pouches (crush it, gain 1d4+1 temp HP for 10 minutes)

    2) 2 smoky lavender potions of false life (1d10+1 temp HP for 1 hour)

    3) 2 indigo potions of shield (+4 shield bonus to AC to 1 minute)

    4) 4 honey brown potions of cure light wounds (1d8+1 HP restored) [Mingy carried 2 of them, USED UP 1 and has 1 left] [Fuego carries the other 2 potions]

    5) one (non-magical) oak quarterstaff (medium)

    6) 2 mwk wooden shortspears (medium)

    7) ironwood armor custom-made pieces (non-magic bracers, shoulder and back armor pieces, & armor skirting for a broad medium sized creature)

    8) wolf furs (headdress, four tails, and a wolfskin blanket) and blue wrap he wore around his waist covered in symbols

    9) Food Supplies: waterskin and 4 very hard biscuits, two paper-wrapped packets of trail mix, and a small half-full ale jug whose cork bears teeth marks

    10) Party remembers his 2 tattoos: One on his forearm in red ink, a sharp triangular tooth with a single teardrop shape below it. The other behind his ear in black ink appears to be some stylized snake

    From the crypt entry hall:

    1) One potion of "Bull's Strength" in flask [USED UP---Yen carried it]

    From the giant frog's stomach in crypt room #2 with the fountain:

    1) mwk buckler shield (bronze with woman's face and radius of snakes design) [Mingy wears it]

    2) ring of maniacal devices (steel with scarab carving) grants +5 to Craft (traps) and Disable Device checks as though wearer is trained in that Skill [Fuego wears it]

    3) Bear's Constitution: +4 Con 1 minute, red potion in heart-shaped bottle [Yen carries it]


    From allies Ravelli and Marnie:

    1) wand of lesser restoration (1 charge) : cures 1d4 temporary ability damage and removes the fatigued condition (or upgrades exhaustion to fatigue) [Fuego carries]

    2) potions of hide from undead (4) : Mindless undead cannot hear, smell, or see you for 30 min OR until you attack. [Each hero carries one]

    3) potion of bull's strength: +4 Strength (effectively +2 on melee attack and damage rolls) for 1 min. [Yen carries it]


    Kassen Town Map


    1 = Seven Silvers Inn & Tavern (great place for food, gossip)

    2 = Mayor Emil Zolas’ Home

    3 = Greathall (3 stories, for town meetings/events)

    4 = All Faiths Temple (*Erastil (farming, hunting), Irori (physical health, knowledge), Desna (travel, dreams), Sarenrae (sun, life)) (contains gymnasium, hospital, places to worship, and holy symbols/holy water for sale)

    5 = Town Watch HQ

    6 = Fine Edgar’s Goods (glass, wax, cloth, soap, clothing accessories, tools, and any basic adventuring gear)

    7 = Vanlier Estate & vineyard (& laundry)

    8 = Parlfax’s Pawnshop (magic items, jewelry, etc.)

    9 = Thora Dammerung’s forge & shop (mwk weapons/tools available)

    10 = Zolas Marketplace, Farms and Stables

    11 = Aleph’s Tower (home of town wizard, retired)

    12 = Woodcutter’s Guildhall & Shop

    13 = Vargidan Estate & gardens (gnomish sorcerer family)

    14 = Finnegan’s Island/mausoleum (unmarked on map, but it's the only island in the water)

    Other places of note: Great Bell Tower, Cemetery
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    Arrow What You Know About Each Other

    Simoriah’s male ifrit alchemist named Fuego, and
    Drake’s female halfling barbarian named Mingy Glasschewer, and
    Madkerik's male gnome sorcerer Mortius "Mort" Vargidan

    Fortunehunter Teacher Farook Fazil’s adopted ward (who helped out with training but wasn’t an actual student) :
    Homunculus8’s male vanara Hungry Ghost monk named Yen Wukong

    All have been enrolled in Felix and Farook's Fortunehunters adventurer training camp for three years (summer months), except Yen who has helped out for the last two summers. Fuego lives in another city (Lastwall), Mort lives in town (Kassen), Mingy lives in Fangwood Forest (outside Kassen), and Yen is a wanderer who has stayed in Kassen at the All-Faiths temple for two years.

    The camp has wrapped up its third session as our story begins. Those of you who live elsewhere (not Kassen) are beginning to wonder why your parent(s)/guardian(s) have not returned and claimed you, with autumn about to give way to winter.

    1) What is your class?

    Simoriah/Fuego: Alchemist

    Drake/Mingy: Barbarian

    Madkerik/Mort: Sorcerer

    Homunculus8: Monk

    2) What is your race?

    Simoriah: Ifrit (descendant from fire elemental)

    Drake: Halfling

    Madkerik: Gnome

    Homunculus8: vanara (monkeyperson)

    3) What is your nationality/ethnic background?

    Simoriah: Taldan (British)

    Drake: Kellid (barbarian/Neanderthal)

    Madkerik: Taldan

    Homunculus8: Tian Xian (Chinese)

    4) What is your age?

    Simoriah: 18

    Drake: 16

    Madkerik: *38 (*gnomish equivalent of adolescence)

    Homunculus8: 16

    5) What is your gender?

    Simoriah: Male

    Drake: Female

    Madkerik: Male

    Homunculus8: Male

    6) What do you look like?


    Skin color: Brass with black scales down my arms
    Hair color: Fire (fire colored and constantly dances like flame)
    Eye color: Red
    Height & weight: 5’2” 110 lbs

    Red horns on brow. Always carrying teapot, tea cup, alcohol, & sterile bandages. Clothing matches my skin, simple but always clean.

    red hair: dirty, unkempt, full of beads, sticks, dreadlocks, bird skulls
    Green eyes 2ft8inches 30lbs
    Clothes: nice chainshirt, necklace made of sabercat teeth, but everything else is made by me.
    Weapon: my precious greatsword. A gift from my dad as he died a warriors death


    Skin color: Pale yellow
    Hair color: Blonde (dyed or bleached)
    Eye color: Dark blue
    Height & weight: 3'7'' 39 lbs

    Are you carrying any favorite weapons, tools, talismans, mementos, or other distinctive accessory?

    I carry many types of tools all crammed into a fine backpack.

    Around my forehead is the Diadem of the Destructor, a plain leather band with three petrified wood stones in brass cog settings. I inherited the construct-influencing item from my genius Uncle Stroten, who had no sons of his own. The item is meant to protect the wearer from ever having his mechanical creations turned against him. That terrible fate befell a close friend and colleague of my Uncle Stroten's.


    My fur and eyes are brown.
    I am 5’ 2” and 100 lbs.
    I always carry my bo staff (imagine a skinny quarterstaff with tapered ends). I always wear a black dog figurine made of onyx around my neck. I also wear the brass ghost strike bracers.

    7) What are you most afraid of?

    Simoriah: Germs

    Drake: I fear growing old and useless

    Madkerik: Heights

    Homunculus8: Dying alone

    8) What gets under your skin?

    Simoriah: Gross personal hygiene

    Drake: Disrespect and dishonor

    Madkerik: Bullies and laziness

    Homunculus8: Cruelty to animals

    9) What was your childhood like?

    (1) Did you grow up in Kassen (the town where the adventure takes place, in the country called Nirmathas), or elsewhere?

    (2) Who are (or were) your parents---names, jobs, primary personality traits? Are they still alive?

    (3) Who raised you…and/or who taught you or became your role model?

    (4) Any siblings or close relatives, and how did you get along?

    (5) How safe were you while growing up?

    (6) Did you witness or participate in anything growing up that left a strong impression on you?

    (7) What activities did you enjoy as a child, and what activities do you enjoy now?

    (8) What do you want to become---an adventurer seeking treasure or glory or justice, or another profession?


    9.1 Spent most of my life in the city of Vigil in Lastwall (neighbors Nirmathas), only recently moved to Kassen. Summer camp was my parents way of getting me to meet new friends (and to keep me from offering helpful hints to my mother for improvements on her housekeeping)

    9.2 Mum and dad are both still alive, but both are very enthusiastic to get me out of the house, preferably somewhere where I’ll get over my germ-phobia and become more adventurous like them. My parents are both active adventurers (with little time to spend cleaning the house). They are loving parents, but they’re very concerned about my preoccupation with cleanliness and they’d like to get back out adventuring--with me as soon as I’m willing.

    9.3 Mom and dad tried, but their adventurous stories had the opposite effect of inspiring me and ended up convincing me the world was a dangerous place full of germs.

    9.4 No siblings

    9.5 Very safe, much to my parents’ consternation

    9.6 Mom and dad’s stories made convinced me that staying home was necessary to survival--and that I had to make that home as safe aka clean as possible.

    9.7 There’s always time for tea. Some germs require more intense cleansing (hence my dedication to bombs). Sometimes if you can’t clean it, blowing it up is the only option left. It is my affinity for bombs that keep my parents’ hopes going.

    9.8 I want to be a civilized individual with a clean house and a safe life

    9. Background
    9.1 we were part of a nomadic tribe
    9.2 both parents are dead. Mom died during childbirth and dad died while hunting sabercats
    9.3 dad raised me
    9.4 no siblings that I know of
    9.5 not very safe childhood, always struggling to survive
    9.6 watched my dad get mauled to almost death, then I killed the sabercat with a rock... Where my rage came from
    9.7 hunting, skinning dead things
    9.8 not sure yet, that is why i left the tribe and set out to find my destiny

    9.1 Born and raised in my family's mansion in Kassen.
    9.2 Parents are alive and well, but also rich and bored. Fickle Voltesse (mom) is a gardening enthusiast and self-appointed punisher of "rude" people by way of belittling transmutations and other tricks. (What she considers rude changes by the hour.) Parlfax (dad), is a charming pawnshop owner who schemes to improve the town one good deed at a time. It is not he who performs these menial deeds of course, but rather his customers, who nearly always wind up in his debt after striking a bargain in his shop.
    9.3 Uncle Stroten introduced me to the world of invention. When the townsfolk talk about weird gnomish inventions, they're usually talking about Uncle Stroten.
    9.4 Ugh, yes, one sister Umberta "Bertie" Vargidan. She might follow a townsperson for weeks, making herself useful and hanging on their every word. But soon she drops that person, without explanation, for a new "best friend" or "mentor." I know she only does this to get whatever she wanted out of them in the first place, whether it's food or a piece of jewelry she took a fancy to, or even a secret she needs to know. I give her a wide berth, and she seems content to leave me alone in my uncle's workshop.
    9.5 I grew up fairly safe inside of a mansion.
    9.6 Growing up I worked a lot in Uncle's workshop behind the main mansion.
    9.7 Before I was old enough to work in Uncle's shop, my most favorite activity was avoiding my bored older sister. Now besides the shop I enjoy helping out around town, fixing and improving where I can (whether it needs it or not).
    9.8 I want to build constructs. That takes money, and I know my family would not part with that money. So treasure seeking it is!

    9: 1) My mom left me on the steps of a monastery in Tian Xia as a baby. I grew up there.
    2) I have no freakin clue about my mom or dad.
    3) I was kind of raised by the monks. But they were busy so I raised myself mostly. I read a lot.
    4) Closest thing I ever had to family was my dog Shadow. I raised from a puppy. I loved that dog to death.
    5) The monastery was safe until the warlord took it over when I was twelve. Bastard killed my dog and a lot of the monks. Then he brought the monks back as undead. He made us fight them to toughen them up.
    6) My dog was killed by the warlord in front of me. I survived the matches against undead only because of an ancient artifact the abbot gave me from his secret vault. That vault was the reason the warlord attacked. He never got into the vault though. Finally one of his own men killed him and then they left the monastery in peace. After that I traveled a lot by hitching rides. I even spent a year on a pirate ship. I ended up in Kassen studying on my own at the temple and helping out at the adventuring camp. Farook kind of adopted me.
    7) I loved playing with my dog. And martial arts. And clowning around to make people laugh. But usually I acted all goofy and entertaining just to distract a bully from hurting me or my dog.
    8) I definitely want to travel. And one more thing but I don’t talk about it.

    10) Do you have any words/phrases you use often, or other quirks or habits?

    Simoriah: My obsession with cleanliness and fear of germs can lead me to be rather unpredictable. I’m likely to decide something needs to be blown up (for cleanliness germ-killing sake) without telling anyone first. Due to this, I don’t get invited in to many homes. I also don’t like to be touched (people hands are covered in germs). I always make time for tea, it is the last vestige of the civilized life I led in Lastwall.

    Drake: "Aughahah Aghhhhh!!!!"

    Madkerik: The fact that sometimes I randomly fix tables, chairs, sculptures, walls, doorjams, lamp posts, and such may seem like a quirky habit to some.

    Homunculus8: I use the phrase “And one MORE thing” a lot. I act lazy and goofy right up until a fight begins. If someone I care about is in real danger suddenly get serious and start showing how much butt I can kick with my ki points.
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    Post The Story So Far (Notes)

    This adventure begins on the 4th of Neth (November), exactly 174 years from the day the town's founder, Ekat Kassen, defeated the town's greatest nemesis and lit the original Everflame that still burns in the crypt known as Kassen's Tomb.

    For the last three years, your characters (ages 13-18) have spent about 6 months per year in Kassen (summer/fall) for a training camp/summer camp, mostly for the children of busy adventurers. (Unless your character lives here year-round, like Mort and Mingy.) The camp is Felix and Farook's Fortunehunters (or "Fortunehunters" for short, with 'fortune' referring to both treasure and destiny).

    Felix means 'lucky' and Farook means 'judgment,' and their camp's motto is "Bonus animus fert fortuna---Good judgment brings good luck.")

    At 10 am your characters are expected to meet with your camp counselors, catfolk Felix and varana (baboon monkeyperson) Farook at the Great Belltower, to practice for the Founder's Festival games. The winners of the games get to retrieve a torch lit from the Eternal Flame in Ekat Kassen's tomb, two days' ride outside town.

    Encounters So Far:

    1) Mingy/Mondo & Gugal vs summoned bear (figurine of wondrous power) in Fangwood Forest [800 XP...i.e., before division] Whoops, forgot: Mingy's creative problem solving instead of dragging big rock from river. [15 XP]

    2) Fuego & Aleph vs dust mephit(s) & springloaded trapdoor in mausoleum on Finnegan's Island [800 XP] Whoops, forgot: Fuego evaded trapdoor. [15 XP]

    3) Sarha, Fuego, & Mingy/Mondo vs lacedon (aquatic ghoul) and fast zombie crocodile in Kassen's cemetery [400 XP and 600 XP]. Whoops, forgot: Sarha's excellent Diplomacy on guard. [15 XP]

    +35 XP for RP

    XP Totals (same for everyone) 600 XP. (Probably not too important to count, since this adventure begins and ends at Level One. But consider it 'slow' progression.)

    4) Seven Silvers Inn (RP and mini-encounters with villagers): Fuego & Mingy deal with folks wanting to rub firekin's head, causing all NPCs all flee. Mort RPs with PCs, proprietress, local bigshot Zar who used to bully him, his Uncle Stroten, & an barbarian trying to school him about women. RP all around. [50 XP to each---new total 650 XP]

    MORE NOTES ON STORY (May and June, in real world time):

    Heroes show up at practice and compete at three-legged race and tug o'war, gaining tactical (competence) bonuses in each. Sarha shows up late and announces she's heading home with her shaman "Seeker," surrogate father Brother Alok, and dwarf cleric mentor, Thora, to deal with a threat to her clan, the Shandar Quah (Spire Clan), in the Mindspin Mountains. Everyone says farewell and heads to the Great Hall for Mayor Zolas' commencement address.

    Aleph the wizard waylays the heroes and takes them onto Shale the half-orc's houseboat. There they meet the ghost of Finnegan Ozziwig, gnome adventuring companion to town founder Ekat Kassen. Finn tells the uncensored tale of Kassen's two-month fight against a bandit king: the bandit king was Ekat's vengeful former adventuring companion, corsair Kasper Sigurson, and his army consisted largely of undead (thanks to his visit to the Isle of Terror---see Nirmathas Map notes).
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    Default Nirmathas Map (and political/geographic surroundings) copied from Planner

    The small town of Kassen (in white script) in Nirmathas in the year 4709 A.R. is a very exciting place to *live!

    (*It is up to you whether your young characters have lived in this town at least the last 5 years, or whether your character only spends about 6 months per year in Kassen (summer/fall) for a training camp/summer camp for the children of busy adventurers.)

    Nirmathas is a struggling country bordered by rivers that only recently freed itself from imperialist Molthune. It has no strong centralized government, just a bunch of towns and villages with elected local mayors, governors, or councils. It has a rich mix of traditions, customs, and laws, the strongest influences being Varisian, Chelaxian, and Belkzen (barbarian, some Kellids and Ulfens). (The most common languages spoken in your region are Common, Varisian, Chelaxian, and the barbaric tongue called Hallit.) Nirmathas does however have a large but elusive army, led by the dashing Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk.

    To the North you have (in black) the Hold of Belkzen, which is run by savage orc hordes. So there are barbarian raid problems coming from that direction.

    To the South you have (in black) Molthune, a very civilized but ambitious country formerly of the Chelaxian Empire (Germans/Russians). Mothune wants to reclaim Nirmathas as part of their territory. So there are military and diplomatic spies and schemes coming from the direction of Fort Ramgate.

    To the West you have Janderhoff (dwarven city) in the treacherous Mindspin Mountains, friendly Varisia (Romanians/gypsies), and mystic but friendly Celwynvian (Irish/Celts, anyone?). But you also have the cutthroat pirate town of Riddleport and those scurvy seadogs will travel any waterway in search of ill gotten gains.

    To the East you have Lastwall (also directly north), a culturally Taldan (British/French) ally (now politically independent from the Taldan Empire) that helped Nirmathas win its freedom. But you also have the Isle of Terror, infamous for rampant natural disasters and legions of undead soldiers left behind by Kelesh-ite (Arabic/Moorish) necromancers when their evil caliph Tar-Baphon "the Whispering Tyrant" ruled the island. Pirates still frequent the areas around the Isle of Terror seeking the caliph's lost treasures.

    In short, Kassen is a peaceful, rustic port town...that just happens to have dangerously militant neighbors and the ever present threat of seafaring corsairs and mounted orc barbarian raiders. Your town is also surrounded by Fangwood Forest, which provides a barrier but poses wild perils of its own.
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    Post The Story Continues! (July in Real Time)

    Party goes to All Faiths Temple to get holy water, as the bard's ghost suggested. But Fuego ends up having to make some because Mort's family bought them all up. Mingy recites a vow and receives a magic shortsword in the name of Sarenrae (and Micah similarly receives a magic dagger).

    Micah the cleric does a harrow reading and stays in town to help, in case further undead threats appear. Mort stays in town to help his father Parlfax deal with a mysterious threat that may require holy water, and may involve recent, possibly supernatural attacks on the local sheep herds.

    During an enthusiastic community send-off, Fuego receives something wrapped in a paper note by the innkeeper's daughter Moira, whereas Mingy receives a Tamiir Quah paint whorl on her temple from Corporal Windstalker. Mingy, Mondo, & Fuego depart on foot for the Crypt of the Everflame.

    A savage-looking green orc with a black warped wolf on a leash blocks the road and tries to frighten Mingy and Fuego into turning back.

    Encounters Continued:

    5) Mingy & Mondo and Fuego vs orc shaman and warped wolf. [200 XP to each player. New total 850]

    The enemies are defeated, their bodies looted. (See Loot sheet, at the top of this page.)
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    Post Camp Chaos (September-October in Real Time)

    Mingy, Mondo, and Fuego find a suitable campsite. During Fuego's watch a lone mite attacks with sleep-poisoned darts and an acid-spitting beetle and tries to rob them.

    New Encounter

    Mingy/Mondo, Fuego, and Yen vs Mite & giant bombardier beetle. [325 XP to each. New total 1,175 XP.]

    Party captures the mite and takes away his knife but nothing else. (Pinch still has his other gear, including a mummified mite hand he calls "Jela" that can perform the mage hand cantrip.)

    The patry interrogates the mite thief the next morning. He confesses to trying to rob them of magic items in order to help his shipmates. He claims his crew were last seen through a crystal ball in the lower level of a crypt. He offers to lead them to the "dead man's treasure" of weapons and a magic blue torch---obviously referring to the Everflame in Ekat's tomb---but warns them of corpse-like monsters.

    True to his word the mite leads the party safely to Kassen's Tomb.
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    Post Tomb of Horrors? (November-January in Real Time)

    Outside Ekat Kassen's tomb the heroes found signs of a violent struggle and no horses by the broken hitching posts---it appeared as though the beasts (and perhaps their riders) were dragged inside the tomb. The interior of the crypt had been scrubbed spotless by broom golems, which turned out to be VERY territorial...

    New Encounter

    Fuego, Mingy, Mondo, and Yen vs 6 broom golems. The golems were destroyed.

    XP to each PC = 275; New total = 1,450

    Next Yen explored the adjacent room with a fountain and pool and was attacked, and the mite Pinch escaped in the confusion.

    New Encounter

    Fuego, Mingy, Mondo, and Yen vs 2 giant frogs. The frogs were slain.

    XP to each PC = 200; New total = 1,650

    From the frogs' stomachs the heroes recovered some useful items: a blood magic potion of Bear's Con, a ring of maniacal devices for lockpicking and trap disarming, and a mwk bronze shield.

    All three items bore signs of a death goddess (either Zura goddess of vampires or Urgathoa goddess of plagues) or of a death cult called the Scarab Sisterhood. The goals of the Sisterhood include both restoring the (currently imprisoned) lich wizard tyrant Tar-Baphon to power and also pursuing undeath as a means of immortality.

    In the next room the heroes took on several encounters at once...

    New Encounter(s)

    Party vs pit traps suspiciously full of pillows, a sealed door opened by three levers, and 5 mechanical spybirds. The latter they promptly destroyed.

    XP to each PC = 200; New total = 1,850
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    Post Overshadowed (February-March in Real Time)

    The smoke-filled room beyond the sealed door proved the most dangerous yet as the heroes were beset by two unusual undead...

    New Encounter

    Party vs 2 shadows (incoporeal undead) which were all that remained of two murdered nightmares from the extremely evil and depraved plane of Abbadon.

    The heroes won! XP per player = 400 each. New total: 2,250 XP
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    Holed up in the room beyond the chamber with the chimney and two shadow nightmare monsters, the party found two Kassen villagers (the rascal con man peddler Ravelli and his sweet but dim sister Dimira) and one pirate from Pinch's crew, Marnie the halfling, who was recognized by Yen from his cabin boy days.

    Fuego completed his side quest by giving Dimira the engagement ring from the innkeeper of the Seven Silvers. Because of this, Dimira and her brother will go straight to town and warn the townsfolk of what befell in Ekat's tomb.

    Marnie explained only she had survived, and had done what she could to make sure her crewmates weren't turned into undead minions by burning their bodies. She further explained that all the cultists were dead too, all slain by the Necromancer and his undead bodyguard so he could turn them into mindless undead skeletons and zombies.

    Ravelli confessed to setting the pillow traps and bringing the magic cleaning broom golems to the crypt, which in retrospect wasn't the best plan.

    With some urging Ravelli gave the heroes' free items to aid their confrontation with the Necromancer: one potion each of hide from undead that will get them safely past his thirty or so minions that line the stair case to the lower level where his crypt is.

    Marnie gave Yen a potion of bull's strength and a handy haversack containing weapons stolen by her pirate crew from Kassen's soldiers. She urged Yen to return the weapons, because there is a curse on her which rusts all her own weapons until they are restored.

    Marnie escorted Dimira and Ravelli out of the tomb, along with Pinch the mite thief, leaving the heroes alone.

    A daunting mission remained to the heroes alone: to confront the Necromancer and his undead army and special undead bodyguard, and to complete their quest by taking a lantern lit from the ever burning Everflame (from Ekat's personal crypt room) back to Kassen as a symbol of hope through the harsh winter.
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