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Thread: Magic Items....and what they can DO!

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    Default Magic Items....and what they can DO!

    Okay; here's a quick place to go if you need to know what Magic Items you're carrying and what they do....

    THORN: Our tough Dwarven warrior has a trio (3) Crossbow Bolts +1; which will do 1d6+2 points of damage on a successful hit; add +1 to HIT rolls made with the Light Crossbow; and have a better chance of not breaking when fired than normal bolts do. (Basically, I make a 50/50 roll to see if they don't break when fired; if collected again)

    He also has a nice, trusty: Hand Axe +1 Dwarven Thrower. This Weapon is +3 to hit and does double damage when thrown and always returns to hand; when wielded by Dwarves) It is a +1 weapon (on both to HIT and Damage) when used as a melee weapon; or if thrown by a non-Dwarf.

    : The young Solamnic squire and Paladin has a Ring of Warmth (pretty much he doesn't have to worry about freezing to death in the snow and gets Saving Throw bonuses when taking Cold-based attacks); and he wields a Broadsword +2 (to both To Hit and Damage); which is of Solamnic make and has the Knights of Solamnia insignia built into its hilt and pommel.

    VALENTHERAN: The Elven Thief-Mage has Bracers of Defense AC 8; which are enchanted armbands; which when worn by someone with no armor; provides a base AC of 8. Other; non-armor magic items can be used in conjunction with the Bracers (such as Rings of Protection; etc.). Vale also carries KITH-KANAN's RAPIER; a +3 weapon which inflicts double damage on Dragons, ignores the 'weapon-freezing' effect of a dying Baaz draconian and which warns its user when he/she is within 30 or so feet of an evil dragon.

    MAXAVEL: Our young cleric has a Staff of Healing; which functions as both a +1 weapon (To Hit and Damage); and in addition; when carried by a Good-aligned Cleric; it can heal up to 12 different individuals 1d6+3 pts of damage by touching that person. HOWEVER; it can only heal each individual ONCE a day. In addition; she has a Medallion of Faith (which in of itself; has only 1 magical ability; it can create copies of itself for anyone the Cleric converts to becoming a Cleric of that same Deity); and the Disks of Mishakal; which is a series of Platinum Plates with information about the 21 True Gods; and specifically about the 7 Gods of Good; and how to become Clerics of them. Anyone studying them and who chooses to devote themselves to one of these Deities can become a Cleric (or Paladin or Ranger) of the chosen God and will gain the powers thereof.
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