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Thread: Star Wars DoD - Episode V: The First to Strike

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    "You can probably answer that question better than I can. As a Ranger, I would rather think that we are partners rather than one serving the other. But that is just semantics." She then dropped the formal tone, "I am happy to look after you though."
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    "Then let's begin..."

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    Default Finale

    With words exchanged, the awkwardness between both women started to fade. Both were from extremely different upbringings, but with a fair share of similarities. Perhaps Alsia and Tahla were two sides of the same coin and with each taking something of benefit from the partnership. Alsia craved knowledge mostly sworn off by her long familial line. Tahla hoped to someday rebuild the jedi knights, or at least ensure that her mostly extinct order did not fall away into the annals of history. A moment passed between them. It broke when the ship lurched into movement.

    Back in the cockpit Shayle fired up the sublights, glad to finally have good riddance of the criminal element from the ship. That included the rogue droid consciousness. As he began the laborious process of making the calculations to set a course to Coruscant, the Bothan’s mind turned over the details of how their team became smaller and smaller. So many lives lost or others just disappearing on the winds of the galaxy from which they came. It didn’t sit well with him.

    And what would become of ACE? Even if they had the parts available, the issue of rebuilding ACE’s very specific positronic net was a daunting task. Vazus Mandrake, an outlaw Confederate officer, had cobbled together ACE’s programming in a way that made him unique to say the least. Mandrake even created redundancies that Shayle suspected ACE was not even aware of. Now that his people were rebuilding him, the technicians would probably study every nook and cranny of the droid’s blueprint. If they were diligent, perhaps the droid would be back to full capacity in a month if they were lucky. And that didn’t account for the ongoing feud with Switch. Even though the enemy crimelord was now at a disadvantage in losing a base of operations and becoming a fugitive of the Empire, Shayle suspected the droid still had a few hidden tricks left to play. Let them fight, he mused.

    The navicomputer beeped the affirmative, and Shayle’s clawed hand moved to the hyperdrive activator. Raising the small lever, the stars through the transparisteel stretched towards the ship, paving the way towards access to faster than light travel.

    It was 15 days back towards the Core with multiple jumps to get them out of the Rim. Instead of leaving to check on the others now that they were safely away, the Bothan wished a bit of solace, if that was possible on such a small ship. Returning to the SYSOP station, he inserted Switch’s datacard to begin studying the information that necessitated their current mission.

    Shayle hoped word from Admiral Varth was not long in coming…

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