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    "Well?", one of the lost hill dwarves asked him as they all stood there, looking down at the dwarven settlement.
    "What ya mean well?", he said as he turned toward his cousin and the others. "We go down and ask 'em."
    Torvold started down the incline towards the front of the settlement. He made no attempts to hide his coming, he wanted them to see him. As he walked forward, he tapped out the words Friend not Foe in the language of hammers.

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    Leave it to the dwarf to break the internet!
    The Red Condor shrieked at Sir Darvig in full wrath. Wings flapped storms of fire across the sky. "The Mage-God grows in power swifter than it appears to Paladine. This I know. A warning," Sargonnas told Darvigl, "for you to give to Paladine in your prayers."

    I will, Darvig uttered.


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