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    All your player characters (PCs) are familiar with these Non-Player Characters...

    Backstory NPCs:

    1) Thora Dammerung (Sarha's mentor): Stern-natured Dwarf, town blacksmith, cleric of Torag (God of creation, discovery, & artifice). Former adventuring companion of town's founder. Age: Over 200. Looks: 5 ' 2'' with silver blonde braids, blue eyes, Ulfen (Norse/Viking) heritage.

    2) Aleph Tarkhir (Fuego's mentor): Pompous-natured Human wizard (retired adventurer) with a raven familiar named Blue. Age: None of your business (over 70). Looks: 6' 3'' skinny w/ long white beard, dark eyes, Kelesh-ite (Arabic) heritage.

    3) Gugal (Mingy's Mentor) : Headstrong Halfling barbarian, armor smith (retired), town drunk. Was adopted member of Mingy's kin's clan till feeble old age led to exile. Age: Over 90. Looks: 3' 8" bald spot w/ stringy grey hair & beard, hazel eyes & a few missing teeth. Chelaxian (Russian) heritage.

    4) Stroten Vargidan (Mort's Mentor): Brilliant Gnome inventor (forced into semi-retirement by old age). Age: No spring chicken. Wait, what if you could put springs on a chicken... Looks: 3' 2" due to being stooped over, wears thick glasses over his blue eyes, and sports an Einstein-ian cloud of white hair. Taldan (British) heritage.

    5) Felix Leschattes: Gruff Catfolk, co-founder of "Fortunehunters" summer adventuring camp, ranger. Age: 28. Looks: 6'1" orange tabby fur/ears/tail/whiskers & retractable claws but human mouth, pecs and abs, etc.

    Felix Leschattes is a skeptical Taldan (French/British) catfolk ranger with sharp eyes, fast reflexes, and a tongue that's sharper and faster still. Years ago alongside the elderly wizard Aleph (a retiree in Kassen) Felix famously debunked the murky legends surrounding a cult, a haunted mansion, and a shape-changing hag in the town of Ravenmoor. Afterward the catfolk tried teaching adventuring skills and tactics at the Acadamae in the city of Korvosa (in Varisia). He quit in disgust after a year of dealing with alumni parents who used their financial clout to shield spoilt offspring from well-deserved discipline and low marks.

    Felix sets up challenges, games, and exercises to teach survival skills, teamwork, etc. and also conducts sparring lessons and target practice. Your characters have each earned his respect and rare, gruff praise over the course of the this summer and the two previous summers.

    6) Farook Fazil: Encouraging Varana (monkeyperson), co-founder of "Fortunehunters," druid of Desna (goddess of luck, travel, & dreams). Age: 40. Looks: 5'4" black furred humanoid chimp w/ green eyes. Vudrani (Indian) heritage.

    Farook Fazil is an easygoing Vudrani (Indian) varana (monkey-person) druid with a quick smile for most he meets, though for bullies he has an even quicker quarterstaff for poking, tripping, or bopping. He is a resident of Kassen who has traveled all over Golarion to experience the worship of Desna (fickle goddess of luck, travel, and dreams) in its many forms. Farook's most recent adventure involved sabotaging the world domination schemes of a mad gnome alchemist off the coast of the island nation Mediogalti. In Korvosa, Farook befriended Felix and persuaded the ranger to accompany him home to Kassen to start Fortunehunters.

    Farook heals wounds, mediates disputes, dispenses advice, and deals with parents and townsfolk to arrange supplies, lodging, and so forth to give campers a home away from home. He also arranged for each of you to be apprenticed to a seasoned adventurer in Kassen (or someone of your choosing). Your characters have each experienced his warm affection, generosity, and high confidence in your potential.

    Farook is also the mentor and honorary uncle figure for Yen Wukong, whom he took under his wing one year ago when the young varana arrived in town.

    7) Dominik "Dom" Pressel (Micah's Mentor): Reserved human monk of Sarenrae (goddess of sun, fire, glory, good, and healing), who met and mentored Micah since volunteering as a caravan guard for the ifrit's gypsy parents. Age: 46. Looks: 5'2" and shaved bald, blue eyes. Molthunian (German) heritage.

    ALL NPCs List (In Order of First Chronological Mention in the Adventure Thread)

    1) Felix Leschattes: (See Backstory NPCs above)

    2) Farook Fazil: (See Backstory NPCs)

    3) Ekat Kassen: Deceased. Brave Human fighter who founded Kassen after retiring from adventuring. He died defending the town from a bandit warlord 174 years ago. Every autumn a representative (or group of youngsters) goes to light a torch from the magic ever-burning flame in his tomb and bear that fire to town to ensure prosperity through winter.

    4) Mayor Emil Zolas: Authoritarian elected leader of Kassen. By reputation a charismatic speaker who is highly concerned with tradition and safety and keeping up appearances. Varisian (Romanian).

    5) Ravelli: Traveling peddler with dodgy reputation for get-rich-quick schemes, disappeared from town last week. Varisian (Romanian).

    6) Ravelli's sister: Slow witted but sweet girl who sticks close to her brother; also disappeared from town last week. Varisian (Romanian).

    7) Stroten Vargidan (See Backstory NPCs)

    8) Thora Dammerung (See Backstory NPCs)

    9) Brother Alok: Earnest tengu (crow person), monk of Irori (god of knowledge & self-perfection) who runs that god's quarter of the All-Faiths temple including the House of Jade gymnasium. He teaches meditation and physical training. Age: 50. Looks: 5'4" black feathered, dark eyes. Shoanti (Native American) heritage, belonged to the Shundar-Quah (Spire Clan).

    10) Aleph Tarkhir: (See Backstory NPCs)

    11) Gugal: (See Backstory NPCs)

    12) Marta Vanlier: Diligent Human midwife & town laundress & self-appointed surrogate mother figure to orphans like Mingy and Sarha. Age: 30. Looks: 5'6", brown hair in tight bun under white cap, green eyes. Taldan (British).

    13) Captain Wisslo: Militant town sheriff and judge, in charge of law and security forces. Has watchtowers posted at three entry points of the walled-in town and a guard posted at the town's cemetery gate. Varisian (Romanian).

    14) Finnegan Ozziwig: Deceased. Gnome bard hero, former adventuring companion of Thora Dammerung and (deceased) Ekat Kassen. His mausoleum on a small isle in the Tourondel River is a historic landmark second only to Kassen's Tomb. Taldan (British).

    15) Yohan Fitzler: Gullible Human guard (fighter), low-ranking deputy officer of Kassen's elite Watch. "Friendly" ally to Sarha because her honoring the fallen soldiers in the graveyard impressed him. Age: 18. Looks: 6'1" blonde hair, green eyes. Ulfen (Norse) heritage.

    16) Old Kregg: Kassen's cemetery groundskeeper and undertaker. Yohan told Sarha that three months ago Old Kregg had reported to the mayor and captain of the watch that gravemarkers had been disturbed.

    17) Moira Lessing: Gregarious Human girl, friend of Sarha, works at Seven Silvers Inn and is the daughter of the owner. Her mother Hallie & grandfather Declan are deceased & (unbeknownst to her) their bodies went missing from the town graveyard months ago. Age: 16. Looks: Red curls, green eyes. Celwynvian (Irish) heritage.

    18) Seeker: Venerable tengu magic-user whom Mingy met in Fangwood Forest. His magic can be dangerous (the flint bear figurine of wondrous power) or helpful (goodberries). Age: Ancient. Looks: Faded gray feathers, milky eye. Heritage as yet unknown.

    19) Shale Farshore, wife Sika, & son Micah: Respectful young half-orc/human family living (in segregation) on a houseboat on the Tourondel River, friends of Aleph the wizard. Shale works at the Woodsmen's Guild and sometimes steers a ferry boat. Sika works in the kitchen at Seven Silvers Inn. Ages: Shale 21, Sika 20, Micah 4. Looks: Shale and Micah have pale blonde short hair & dusky red skin, slit nostrils, bat-like ears, and brown eyes. Unknown heritage. Sika has long black hair, dark eyes, and Vudrani (Indian) heritage.

    20) The Vargidans: A family of mysterious, capricious gnome sorcerers (fey bloodline) living in Kassen in a mansion across the river. Ages: Varied, unknown. Looks: Hair color blue streaked with shiny gold (except son, dyed blonde), eyes dark blue, long pointed ears. Heights range from 3' 2" (Stroten) to 3' 7" (Mort). Family includes mother Voltesse, Great Uncle Stroten, father Parlfax (pawnshop owner), daughter Umberta a.k.a. "Bertie," and son Mortius a.ka. "Mort." (For more details, see Mort's questionnaire answers in Planner.) Taldan (British) nationality.

    21) Corporal Windstalker: An intense, outwardly reserved high-ranking human officer in Kassen's watch. Age: 33. Looks: Short dark hair, brown eyes, blue whirling tattoos on half his face. Shoanti (Native American) Tamiir Quah (Wind Clan) heritage.

    22) Cezar "Zar" Zolas: Mischievous human elder son of Mayor Zolas, and a member of Pathfinder Society feeder school FLIP (Future Loreseekers, Icons, and Pathfinders), a.k.a. Fortunehunters' rival. Age: 17. Looks: 5'8" with long curly brown hair and blue eyes, lanky but muscled. Varisian (Romanian) heritage but Taldan (British) affectations of speech since returning from boarding school.

    23) Dominik "Dom" Pressel (Seek Backstory NPCs)
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