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Thread: Tell us about your Dragonlance campaign

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    Default Tell us about your Dragonlance campaign

    This thread is to share the current going ons in your Dragonlance campaigns you may be running or playing in. The boards seem a little slow lately, so I thought something like this could be fun, and I always enjoy the "post your party" threads. Pertinent information can include any or all of the following:

    Edition/System used
    Cast of character (i.e. the party)
    Era/Timeframe it takes place
    Plot/story/campaign tidbits and any other details you want to impart upon us (anywhere from a couple sentences to a mini novel, its up to you)

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    I should point out that we have an entire subforum for this very purpose: Tales of the Lance (Campaign Journals). In fact, I'm going to move this thread to that forum.

    Carry on!
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    I've been running a pbp Dragonlance game for a year now, set in 351 AC in the city of Haven. It started on the same day as when the Companions met up in Solace, but the game has nothing to do with them at all. (My players who have read the books thus realize that the Red Dragonarmy is on their way, but the players who aren't book readers will be in for quite a surprise, I wager.)

    The party consists of:

    Kynaston Trench (Human Fighter 2 NG)*
    Haahqae (Gnome Illusionist 1/Thief 2 CN)
    Gregeddin (Human Bard 3 TN)
    Coroccoco (Hobgoblin Cleric 1 TN)*
    Khush (Half-Elf Cleric 1/Thief 1 CG)**
    Kendra Synclair (Human Fighter 2 NG)
    Darga (Aghar Thief 3 NG)
    Tulbas Erogund (Silvanesti Mage 2 TN)

    *Left the game

    Kynaston was a warrior who lived with his parents and brother in Haven. His father was very abusive, so in order to escape a bad life, he left home to join the Knights of Solamnia. He failed. Disgraced, he returned home to find his mother had died and his father and brother were gone. He joined the party hoping to make a difference and find his own path. (Sadly, the player dropped out during the second quest, so I removed him from the party.)

    Haahqae is a tinker gnome who left Mt. Nevermind in hopes of uncovering the secrets of the universe and making himself a god. He keeps his sorcery a complete secret for fear of persecution, as mages are not well liked in this time period. (Indeed, the rest of the party has yet to learn he is a mage, as he only casts when nobody is paying attention to him.) He currently stays at the Steel Tankard in his own room when he bribed the innkeeper to throw out the previous occupant (a pregnant woman) for him.

    Gregeddin is the son of two entertainers who make a living by playing music at the various inns and taverns in the city. Unlike the other party members, he doesn't have any kind of secret or wild ambition. He just wants to learn more about the world around him.

    Coroccoco was a hobgoblin who found god while sleeping in a cave somewhere. However, the 'god' she found was actually just an armadillo that spooked her in her sleep. Freezing, sleep deprived and starving, she hallucinated that the creature spoke to her. She called it "Weerschal" and decided to spread his 'message.' She made her way to Haven. (The original plan was to have her eventually discover Zivilyn and become a true cleric. But during the second quest, the player vanished and never returned, so I dropped her from the game.)

    Khush died at the very beginning. He was from a local village in the mountains and was walking to Haven in hopes of joining the Seekers. As I said, he was just a couple of miles from the city's gates when he saw a pair of goblins harassing a woman and a child. He rushed in to help them, alone and armed with nothing but a staff and some leather armor, and promptly got himself killed. His player dropped the game after that.

    Kendra is a Holy Guard who only works for the Seekers for money to help feed her mother, her crippled father, and her little brother and sister. She deeply resents the Seekers (she doesn't even believe in their faith), her family, and even her boyfriend. Her mother set her up with a wealthy jeweler that Kendra isn't even interested in.

    Darga came from Xak Tsaroth and is very intelligent (INT 9) for a gully dwarf. So he does a decent job of passing for a hill dwarf. Most people (including the party) don't realize the truth. His hope is to one day prove his people are not a joke and deserve as much as respect as anyone else.

    Tulbas, who joined the game most recently, was driven from his home and separated from his family when the Red Dragonarmy invaded Silvanesti. His parents were killed and his sister is missing. He made it to Haven where his uncle, a dark elf who was kicked out of the homeland years before, took him in.

    Right now, the party is mostly focused on the city's problems. There are 10,000 refugees--most of them poor and homeless--new cults sprouting up all over the place, and crime is running rampant. Little do they know (at least, in-character) that the Red Dragonarmy will be arriving in five days.
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    Running Dragons of Autumn DND 3.5 Module from Sovereign Press w/the new DND 5E rules. It's pretty cool because out of six players only two have read the books.

    I'm treating the Innfellows as alternating NPCs that aid the party as everyone rolled up their own characters and treated them all as Solace natives that went on the five year quest. There is the Alpha team and the Omega team. The players have Goldmoon, Riverwind, and Sturm in their party. One of the players is Goldmoon brother and he doesn't approve of the relationship she has with the "sheepherder". So, there is drama there as Riverwind isn't good enough for his sister. heh.

    We are on Session 5 and they just escaped Pax Tharkas.

    Toede has become a re-occurring villain that is hi-larious. The party has almost killed him a couple times. A cross between Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and Wormtounge from LOTR.

    The 5E rules are working just fine with the transition. I have had little to no issues. One of the players (after four sessions) can now actually cast cleric spells. So, he is happy to say the least...
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbrowncoat View Post
    Running Dragons of Autumn DND 3.5 Module from Sovereign Press w/the new DND 5E rules. It's pretty cool because out of six players only two have read the books.

    I'm treating the Innfellows as alternating NPCs that aid the party as everyone rolled up their own characters and treated them all as Solace natives that went on the five year quest. There is the Alpha team and the Omega team. The players have Goldmoon, Riverwind, and Sturm in their party. One of the players is Goldmoon brother and he doesn't approve of the relationship she has with the "sheepherder". So, there is drama there as Riverwind isn't good enough for his sister. heh.

    We are on Session 5 and they just escaped Pax Tharkas.

    Toede has become a re-occurring villain that is hi-larious. The party has almost killed him a couple times. A cross between Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and Wormtounge from LOTR.

    The 5E rules are working just fine with the transition. I have had little to no issues. One of the players (after four sessions) can now actually cast cleric spells. So, he is happy to say the least...

    That sounds really good! Keep us updated!
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    On the 26th I'm going to be hosting a planning session for a group of five players over Google Hangouts. The game will use the 5e rules and is inspired by the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module. Well, inspired by the name, really, since I haven't actually read the module yet. I'll try to post regular updates.

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    Default 5e conversion

    I really had an open mind to playing Forgotten Realms rather than convert all my AD&D 2nd edition stuff to 5e. However, it doesn't have that epic feel to it and I realize that I miss Dragonlance too much. I have decided to adjust a few things to make it more flexible and playable with 5e. These things had always bugged me from 2nd edition anyway:

    1. You don't have to be a wizard of high sorcery to cast a spell. Renegades aren't hunted and killed; there's too many of them and they aren't a threat to magic anyway. They just aren't respected. I don't restrict the spells by school like the original rules either. I don't think any mage should have all spells restricted or it just gets too rigid. I use the schools of magic as an alignment issue (could be used as schools of specialty?) and gives a great excuse for a cool epic mission (the test). This paves the path for sorcerers and warlocks as you deem fit. It also removes the weird bard situation (get hunted for casting a spell), etc. Wild mages could be something Scion related (stole this idea from dragonlance nexus podcast).

    2. I don't use NPC stats that much. I use NPC's for campaign flavor. If I need to create stats in the rare instance an NPC gets attacked by some foolish party member, I'll make him very powerful. The boxed set is mostly story and maps. The stats aren't that important in my opinion and therefore the content is still applicable to 5e.

    3. Clerics don't have spell restrictions but domains (Kiri-Jolith=war, Mishakal= Life, Gilean= Knowledge). I still haven't figured what to do with warlocks, bu seems reasonable some mid level Daemon or force?)

    4. Knights of Solamnia: No requisites to be knight of the rose or a special order. I didn't like that certain people didn't get to be knights of the rose because they weren't lucky enough to roll certain abilities, and some people were lying about rolls just to get to be what they want. I have it like so: Knight of the sword takes oath of vengeance, knight of the crown take oath of the ancients (without all the leafy decoration, etc), and knights of the rose take oath of devotion. Maybe not a perfect fix for the knight of the crown, but makes it cool so people may actually prefer to be knights of a certain order rather than everybody wanting to be knight of the rose. I make the initiation mission/test a one time thing at 3rd level like mages. Eldritch knights could be Kingfishers?

    5. Dragonborn are draconian. "Then they must be evil" you say? If Drizzt Do 'Urden is a heroic drow, then I can do whatever the frack I want. I would allow them sparingly.

    6. Half-orcs don't exist. Insert Minotaur character here. Maybe add maze navigation into it. Or not. You could add them I guess. I don't care.

    7. Drow and Tiefling's don't exist. Or they do. You could add them I guess. I don't care.

    8. No halflings but kenders. I don't think they are disruptive to play; I just think they're roleplayed incorrectly. Tasslehoff Burrfoot isn't as goofy as most PC kenders out there and there's no reason why they should disrupt game harmony. The whole handling thing should be managed with care. It's just a personality trait.

    I love to see most peopale are doing what I do which is start the party out at Solace and then splitting ways and just use NPC's for campaign flavor. Love it.

    Let me know what you guys think. I'd appreciate any ideas.
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    We have two campaigns I am putting together now to DM in the near future, just working out the players but ......
    About to start the following campaign that I am playing in.
    It's easier to just go and read it instead of me trying to explain it all over again.
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    I am currently DMing kinda 2 DL 5e games...

    The first, and longest running one (going on 4 years now, gaming about once a month) is (now) Spectre of Sorrows. The group just left Sargonath, on their way to Ghuth. I have 9 players total:
    Tananger-kender rogue/cleric
    Linus-dwarven fighter
    Firi-kagonesti druid (firebrand of Sirrion)
    Bash-Tarmak barbarian
    Agni-dragonborn (mutated fire newt from the Desolation) dragon sorcerer
    Cantickle Skrotum-kender wild sorcerer
    Maximillian-human cleric of Mishakal
    Nightengale-Silvanesti monk
    Gordo-human fighter-Solamnic Knight

    I also just started Princes of the Apolacalypse, with just one player, who made a Goliath warlock, so I made a Solamnic human paladin to go along with. So far, they have just checked out Red Larch and they're now checking out rumors concerning Lance Rock.
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    My game has just finished it's second year, so I thought an update would be warranted. I didn't have any drop outs this year, but did have a couple of additions.

    The party consists of:

    Haahqae (Gnome Illusionist 2/Thief 3 CN)
    Gregeddin (Human Bard 4 TN)
    Kendra Synclair (Human Fighter 3 LN)
    Darga (Aghar Thief 3 NG)*
    Tulbas Erogund (Silvanesti Mage 3 TN)
    Arulia Seroth (Half-Elf Fighter 2/Cleric of Paladine 2 NG)
    Grubnick (Goblin Cleric of Sirrion 3 CG)


    When we last left off, the party had their hands full with the thousands of refugees in the city of Haven. Tulbas discovered one such cult that claimed to follow a new god known only as 'the Master' and was led by a charismatic fellow named Kelryn Darewind. He wanted to infiltrate them to learn more about them, so he pretended to go along with them. Gregeddin and Haahqae assisted, but were actually more interested in exploiting the cult for their own self-gain. Kendra and Darga, however, wanted nothing to do with the cult.

    Tulbas eventually learned that the 'master' Darewind often spoke of was actually the Master of Past and Present--that is, the evil mage Fistandantilus! His emotions getting the better of him, he broke his cover by trying to call out Darewind as a fraud in front of his own worshipers. However, not only did this fail, but it made Darewind turn against him.

    Gregeddin and Haahqae, coincidentally, had also pissed off Darewind on their own. They kept trying to manipulate him into doing stuff for them, interrupting his speeches, and otherwise making nuisances of themselves. The two had heard a rumor of a hill giant terrorizing the countryside and managed to convince several of the cultists to assist them in going to slay it. Little did they know that among those cultists were two assassins Darewind had paid off to make sure the PCs did not return from the quest.

    Tulbas, afraid of Darewind's wrath, returned home to seek the council of his uncle and mentor. When the Red Dragonarmy attacked Silvanesti, Tulbas' family were either killed or captured. Only he made it out alive, and so headed to live with his uncle in Haven who had been cast out of the light years ago. As his uncle was a mage, he began to teach Tulbas magic, as well. However, Tulbas discovered his uncle stabbed and nearly dead. He saved his uncle's life, but in a world without magical healing, there was no way to wake him from his coma.

    A man in black robes appeared calling himself Magnus. He explained that he was old friends with Tulbas' uncle and the two were working together on a secret assignment to expose Darewind as a renegade. Darewind got wind of it and attacked Tulbas' uncle. And Tulbas would be next! Magnus offered his protection and Tulbas saw no recourse but to accept it.

    Gregeddin and Haahqae convinced Tulbas to come with them on their giant slaying quest, since it would involve leaving the city and thus getting away from Darewind. Tulbas agreed, and so Magnus came, too, as protection. While they were away, Kendra and Darga met with the local thieves' guild. Kendra had had it with the Holy Guard and was looking to make some new allies instead. They told her that if she could clear out the monsters in the sewer, she'd be in. They needed a new hideout and the sewers seemed the best place.

    Gregeddin, Haahqae, Tulbas, Magnus, four cultists and two bodyguards Gregeddin hired ('just in case') all teamed up with a local ranger to track down the giant. They eventually found its lair, killed the two dire wolves guarding it, then attacked the giant and the three ogres with it. Because the NPCs were generally higher level than the PCs, the battle was very easy. Just when the PCs thought things were going their way, two of the cultists turned on them, killing one of Gregeddin's bodyguards and grievously wounding the other. Magnus grabbed Tulbas and teleported back to the city, leaving Gregeddin and Haahqae on their own. A fight broke out and ultimately the PCs won, although they left their would-be killers alive. They also found, from their vantage point in the mountains, that a massive army was camped in the Haven Vale. An army that appeared to be heading straight for the city...

    Kendra's and Darga's quest didn't fare so well. They hired a couple of NPCs to help them, but they were ambushed early on by a trio of horaxes. Kendra dropped into the negatives and Darga tried to save her by grabbing the attention of all three monsters, only to get himself killed in the process. The NPCs were able to slay the horaxes eventually and stabilize Kendra at -9 HP, but it was too late for Darga.

    Back in the city, Tulbas discovered his uncle had finally woken up. His uncle warned him that it wasn't Darewind who attacked him, but Magnus. He was working with the Red Dragon army--the same army that destroyed Silvanesti--and had been sent ahead to eliminate any high level mages ahead of time. Magnus admitted he made up the whole thing and was going to kill Tulbas, too, but had become intrigued by the young elf. So he had decided he would spare Tulbas if he agreed to become his new apprentice. Magnus warned that when the army arrived, they would kill every pure blood elf in the city, so becoming his apprentice was the only way to save himself. Tulbas refused and was determined to somehow get his uncle out of the city before the army arrived, despite the fact that his uncle couldn't even walk yet. Angered, Magnus made the decision for Tulbas by killing his uncle with a barrage of Magic Missiles. Tulbas now had no choice but to accept Magnus' offer.

    By the time Gregeddin and Haahqae return to the city, they arrive only just before the army does. They try to warn people, but it's too late. The army has red dragons, just like the old myths. They easily break down the city's gates and march in. Darewind and his cultists try to challenge them, but the leader of the army, Verminaard, easily vanquishes him. The Seekers have no choice but to surrender the city entirely.

    A week passes as everyone tries to readjust to the occupation. Kendra eventually wakes up from her coma and learns of Darga's death and the new situation. She's living with her new husband (formerly her boyfriend; they got married before the occupation). An old friend of hers, Arulia Seroth, has been helping her recover from her wounds. Arulia has been having strange dreams of a platinum dragon reaching out to her, but isn't sure what they mean.

    (Note: Arulia is the new character Darga's player rolled up after the Aghar's death.)

    Tulbas is something of a shell of his former self. He resents Magnus for killing his uncle, but cannot take revenge without risking his own life. Plus, Magnus has taught him many new spells, and he enjoys the increase in power.

    Gregeddin is adjusting the easiest. Using the money from the giant's lair, he buys himself a new, bigger house. In fact, he finds he can has the potential to cast new spells, but since he spent all of his money on his new pad, he can't afford it. So he speaks to Magnus about doing a job for him in exchange for some free spells. Magnus tells him that the Temple of Takhisis (formerly the Seekers HQ) claims that a small group of Belzorite cultists are still in the city and wants them found and wiped out. Gregeddin agrees and takes Tulbas with him. He also finds Haahqae and recruits him, too.

    Kendra and Arulia have other plans. They want to do something about the occupation. The new governor that Verminaard left in charge, a bozak named Tethys, is a cruel dictator. He keeps raising taxes and then throwing anyone who can't pay into the slave wagons heading for Pax Tharkas. Arulia's father's people, the Qualinesti, might be able to help. Kendra's old boyfriend is an elf, too (she was forced to break up with him because her family didn't approve). They need to find a way to contact the elves. They learn that there is an old, retired vintner who used to deal with them, so they seek him out.

    Haahqae, Tulbas and Gregeddin don't have much luck in finding any Belzorites. They eventually realize that if Belzorites have been hiding in the city for this long, they are probably pretty good at staying hidden. They eventually find a lead--an old, abandoned building where people have been reported missing. They check it out, but find nothing. (They assume that the Belzorites are hiding with illusions, so are looking for those. It never occurs to them to push the empty bookshelf on the wall aside to look for a secret door.)

    Kendra and Arulia meet with the vintner but find they are too late. A group of goblin soldiers murder him for being a suspected elf sympathizer. Turns out they were right. The girls discover a secret passage in his home leading outside of the city where a group of elven spies are camped. They are led by none other than Kendra's ex-boyfriend! Awkwardly, he's still very much in love with her. The elves tell them that the army is planning to march on Qualinesti soon and they are evacuating it, but need to stall for time. Kendra and Arulia agree to find a way to do this, perhaps by infiltrating the army to gather intelligence.

    That night, Tulbas sneaks out after curfew, alone, to the abandoned building again. For...reasons? You got me. He clearly didn't think this out. Anyway, he's jumped by some Belzorites and captured. He soon discovers that these ones are different from the old Belzorites. They aren't illusionists trying to fool people. They are fanatics who are using some kind of transmutation magic to transform themselves into Yuan-ti! And they intend to induct Tulbas into their ranks! (I stole this idea from ferratus like five years ago.)

    Finally, while all this is going on, a goblin named Grubnick has come to town. Secretly, he has discovered the old gods himself and is a cleric of Sirrion. Seeing the city of Haven under the tyrannical rule of Takhisis and her army, he decides things need to be shaken up somehow. But first, he needs to find some potential revolutionaries...
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