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Thread: Tell us about your Dragonlance campaign

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbrowncoat View Post
    Running Dragons of Autumn DND 3.5 Module from Sovereign Press w/the new DND 5E rules. It's pretty cool because out of six players only two have read the books.

    I'm treating the Innfellows as alternating NPCs that aid the party as everyone rolled up their own characters and treated them all as Solace natives that went on the five year quest. There is the Alpha team and the Omega team. The players have Goldmoon, Riverwind, and Sturm in their party. One of the players is Goldmoon brother and he doesn't approve of the relationship she has with the "sheepherder". So, there is drama there as Riverwind isn't good enough for his sister. heh.

    We are on Session 5 and they just escaped Pax Tharkas.

    Toede has become a re-occurring villain that is hi-larious. The party has almost killed him a couple times. A cross between Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and Wormtounge from LOTR.

    The 5E rules are working just fine with the transition. I have had little to no issues. One of the players (after four sessions) can now actually cast cleric spells. So, he is happy to say the least...

    I'd be really interested as to how you felt things translate in 5e. We ran the classic campaign in 3.5 a few years ago, using the original DL modules and the 3.5 conversions/supermodules. Worked pretty well - my write up link below if you're interested. Would really like to know if you found the same tricky parts in 5e as we did in 3.5

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    Currently have 2 (sporadic) campaigns running with my friends, one based on the Age of Mortals campaign (Key of Destiny, Specter of Sorrow and Price of Courage) and one based on the Magocracy of Ansalon alternate timeline (from Legends of the Twins). Both running on 3.5 rules.

    The Age of Mortals campaign party members are about to be introduced into Bastion (after having gone through Throlt and Crystine) and is following the actual timeline (a year after the War of Souls). The party consist of:

    Atarinas, Silvanesti elf wizard (abjurer) and moon disciple, looking for a way to gain power and help liberate Silvanesti from the minotaur’s invasion.

    Cameris, human rogue and ranger, hope to be one of the best archer in the world.

    Sir John Silvercrown, knight of Solamnia (Rose). Wish to restore the knighthood to a semblant of peace and return Huma’s Dragonlance to Foghaven Vale after eliminating Frost’s threat.

    Lady Elmara, human sorceress, Solamnic auxiliary and academy sorcerer, specializing in pyromancy.

    Lord Kell, half-elf cleric of Kiri-Jolith, knight of the Rose, father of Lady Elmara. Having been through the Chaos War, the Age of Mortals and the War of Souls, Lord Elminster wish to retire after returning the world to a semblant of peace.

    Dwarven cleric of Gilean and loremaster. Former member of the group, she decided to stay in Kalaman and create a new library/center of learning there.

    The Magocracy of Ansalon campaign has a very high magic component (our 2 wizards have numerous item creation feats, boasting the magic items of their peers to high heights, and a number of metamagic feats, boasting their own prowess) and incorporate elements from various themes (feats and prestige classes from the Complete’s handbook series and others sources, old D&D adventure Isle of Dread as an introductory setting, run the Red Hand of Doom adventure with draconians as the main leaders of the Horde, an aurak sorcerer as the main villain, Castle Amber as a magic-themed location and time-travel jump), up to running the War of the Lance campaign (renamed the War of the Staff) against the Grey-robed dragonarmies, where most clerics are replaced by wizards. Went through Dragons of Ice, of Dreams, of War, of Deceit and of Light already and are about to engage into the Vingaard campaign then Dragons of Faith, of Truth and of Triumph. Current roster of characters is:

    Typhania, female Silvanesti elf wizard and moon disciple. Chosen of the 3 moon gods to restore order to the world. Displaced in time from the destruction of the Tower of Sancrist.

    Derek McKernin, Solamnic wizard (abjurer). Nephew of Lord Alfred McKernin. Item crafter (soon to take the Spell Broker prestige class). Has taken the Arcane Disciple (Healing) feat and wants to heal the world following the War of the Staff.

    Kohl, minotaur mariner-barbarian-fighter, cousin of Chot Es-Kalin, leader of the Minotaur Empire. A nexus of death with is mighty greatsword.

    Guerrand, Ergothian rogue-warrior, dealing massive damage through the use of his 2 short swords.

    Karamakus, human cleric of Kiri-Jolith. An oddity in the world as one of the few clerics around but also under the protection of Solinari.
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