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Thread: "Chapter Three: Kicking Up a Storm"

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    Exclamation Placeholder Post for reactions

    Folks, it's been four or more days without any posting, so we must press on!

    I am leaving this space open for reactions, discussion of whether to travel on the airship, etc.

    PM stuff to me OR talk amongst yourselves on the Planner, and it'll show up here. Collaborative posts welcome and encouraged!
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    Post "I Swear I Saw a Dragon!"

    Fortune's Hand might have had more to say about the faun's rather extreme, even reckless performance and dramatic invitation to ally with him and the Ruins, and the Compound's metal men, Iron Oars.

    Unfortunately something else demanded their attention.

    "Axl, you loudmouthed sod!" Les cried. "All that bellowing about killing MacGuffin eight ways from Moonday? I think someone heard you!" The black Mwangi cat female shape dissolved away to reveal a male lizardfolk---the real Les. He pointed a claw rimmed with yellow sparks at the sky. "That's one of the bomber ships that assailed the Oasis, incoming!"

    Fortune's Hand followed his pointing and saw a gargantuan green metal dragon shape was indeed closing in from the horizon.

    "Less than thirty seconds tae impact!" the other black cat warned. She changed back into her real form, a vishkanya with tiny bronzed scales that could pass for human skin and green reptilian eyes.

    Like Les, Daphne was dressed like a cross between a gypsy and a shipwreck survivor, cutoff pants and cutoff sleeves and a fringed, colorful partial skirt tied at her waist. While his boon from MacGuffin manifested in sparks, hers showed in large pink snapdragon-like blooms protruding from the scalp of her shoulder-length black hair.

    Captin Rhodes barked, "Daphne, Les, Damir, Clive, and Sinbad! Get in that cave, at least thirty feet to avoid the acid miasma shield!"

    The snakewoman and lizardman sprinted for the cave entrance. Clive burrowed underground. Damir, grinning savagely, twirled his sword and looked at Oksana. His eyes flashed red so quickly she might have imagined it. "At last, comrade!" he cried. The tiefling seemed to be waiting to see what the Hand would do. Sinbad likewise watched closely for their reaction instead of moving toward the cave.

    "I can't run, I won't make it!" Davey protested, panicked.

    "Into my bag, boy!" Bizbee snapped. To the heroes he said, "Don't forget us!"

    Sora grabbed the bag of holding and began tugging Squalk toward the cave. "Should we not take cover from the bombs?" she asked.

    "Fortune's Hand, I suggest you all join them in the cave and prepare yourselves for the fight of your lives!" Axl urged. "I will fetch the crew and weapons and hide the ship, then we'll meet you inside! It's best not to make our stand in the open air!"

    There was a guffawing sound and suddenly the faun was on the Dervish Dame's deck. He disappeared down a hatch, whistling sharply for reinforcements.


    You have FOUR rounds to prepare, move, etc. (Please see my last PM for more details.)

    Squalk/Drake can rejoin at any time---but since I know Drake's on an awesome vacation, I will "NPC Squalk" at the end of each round till he's ready to take over.
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    Default Making a hasty break for it...

    "Sinbad, come with me sweetie..." I will take off at a run for the cave. I will go about the 30 ft in and pull the wand of searing light from my pack as well as my rapier (which I set at my feet. I will also keep a close eye on the new found "Friends", looking for signs that this is a trap.
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    Post In the Eye of the Tiger

    Sinbad met Tamsyn's eyes for a moment and nodded to show he understood perfectly, then padded after her. "Come" was a command he knew, and anyway he couldn't bear to let her out of his sight now they were reunited. His limited vocabulary did not include yet include 'sweetie,' but her affectionate tone had been easy to understand.

    The tiger felt an ache for the mornings he used to wake up nestled between Enya and Tamsyn. The fox would never sleep beside him that way now...but this old friend might. It was tempting to transform so he could talk to the catfolk. But Uncle Chipo had spent too much time on teaching him the use of spoons, and not enough on blades. He was better off in a fight as a beast.

    "Sinbad, come!" the grig called. The tiger huffed but complied. "GOOOD potion, STROOONG tiger!" Bizbee said too loudly, tipping a yellow potion into the cat's mouth. The tiger's claws and teeth elongated and glowed with a golden aura.

    Daphne touched Les' shoulder and chanted, summoning armor of green force like Oksana's. Also like the strix's, the armor and its aura faded into an invisible force.

    The igauna-head lizardfolk looked sheepishly at Tamsyn. "You can see why I usually like to appear more cuddly, yeah? Afraid this next bit won't be pretty, though." Les cooed and drew his clawed hand down his face as though he were pulling down a mask. His eyes became wide and orange like a hawk's, and mottled feathers sprouted from the sides of his scaly head. "I see you like tigers. Hawks are basically the tigers of the sky, yeah?"

    The vishkanya conjured mage armor for Sinbad as well.

    "What about you, Daph?" Les demanded.

    She shrugged. "I'm owt. Maybe Axl will bring us summat."

    "Hey, cat sheila," the Auslander said to Tam, "I don't suppose you have a bow I can borrow? Just till Axl comes back?"

    Bizbee popped out of his bag again and held up Slim's masterwork crossbow with four bolts. "Like this?" His other hand held a green potion.

    Les took the weapon and bobbed his head. "Thanks, mate!"

    "Here, for pity's sake!" Bizbee tipped the potion of mage armor into Daphne's mouth and returned to his bag.

    Les loaded his bow. "Daph, luv, can you slurp your sleep poison on this, and get us some eyes in the sky out there?"

    "Right enough." The vishkanya wrapped her forked pink tongue over the point of her friend's weapon. She left the bolt coated in a sticky pink toxin like Slim's.

    Next she dug out a scroll and read it silently until it crumbled to dust. She closed her eyes and pressed her fingertips to her temples. "Got it! I'm in Darby's haid now. My darlin' thrush is in the treetop outside o' this cave. Looks like the dragonship is comin' in for a landin.' And there be five sky pirates on flyin' rugs, and don't those scunners look mad! They're all covered in rubble from yer blue friend!"

    "Kiss for luck, Daphne?" the Auslander asked, offering his now feathered cheek. She leaned forward blindly with puckered lips and gave him a smooch.

    After a moment's hesitation, the saurian shyly asked the same of Tamsyn. "Can I get a kiss for luck, luv? I'll need all you can spare."

    The grig had a question for her, too. "Nuts to your superstitions! Tam, may I get you something useful? We've got potions for flying, those creepy ghostlife ones, potions for bear-like endurance, oh, and a wand for protection against energy attacks. Didn't someone mention acid?"

    "Yes, Axl said acid bombs were used to destroy the Oasis," Sora confirmed. She had her copper quarterstaff in one black claw and a shuriken in the other, and twisted both nervously. Squalk had not followed her into the shelter of the cave. He had stayed outside behind a tree to attack those who tried to enter. She readied a throwing star in case anyone got past him.


    Orange T = Tamsyn

    Orange/black S = Sinbad

    Blue L & D = Les & Daphne

    Yellow b = bag/Bizbee

    Purple S = Sora


    ROUND 1:

    Double move action to reach 30 ft into cave for Les, Daphne & Tam & Sinbad & Sora.

    Bizbee feeds potion of magic fang to Sinbad.

    ROUND 2:

    Daphne casts mage armor on Les.

    Les casts aspect of the falcon, asks for bow.

    Bizbee hands Les bow, retrieves mage armor potion.

    Tam draws wand of searing light.

    Sora draws quarterstaff.

    ROUND 3:

    Daphne casts mage armor on Sinbad, uses swift action to lick crossbow bolt.

    Bizbee gives green potion to Daphne.

    Les accepts and loads mwk crossbow.

    Tam draws magic rapier and sets it on ground.

    Sora draws shuriken.

    ROUND 4:

    Daphne casts scroll of share senses on thrush familiar, Darby.

    Les collects a 'kiss for luck' from as many women as he can.

    Sora readies action to throw shuriken.

    Bizbee offers to use potion (e.g., fly or false life or bear's endurance) or wand (e.g., resist energy) on Tamsyn, awaits her answer.

    Tam has one standard and one move action left for Round 4.
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    Default Move over St. George...

    Oksana grabbed a mage armor potion and downed it like the last bottle of vodka. With a wicked smile on her face, she launched herself higher into the air, making certain she would be well above the dragon ship. Adrenaline rushed through her veins and she offered her companions a wink and a smile before letting her skin melt to match the blue of the sky, hiding her from sight. Holding her hands out to her sides and making quick, excited gestures, she summoned her magic. (OOC: Cast Summon Nature's Ally: Stirge and Stone Call at appropriate times).
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    Post In a Gilded Rage

    Oksana gave herself the dual protections of the armor potion and sky blue camouflaged skin and clothing.

    Meanwhile, Damir and Squalk flew up and concealed themselves in the upper branches of the trees flanking the cave entrance. (Darby, the bird familiar with a white belly speckled in black, watched from another tree entirely, along with Cato the fez-wearing monkey.)

    The strix's first druidic spell brought a heavy rain of boulders down on the ship seventy feet in the air. The rocks and debris also nailed the five sky pirates who had been trailing behind the ship on flying on carpets, holding ropes attached to grappling hooks.

    Each airdog (as Axl had termed them) attempted to regain control of his enchanted weaving beneath the rocky onslaught.

    Two failed, pinwheeling their arms until their "mounts" flipped upside down. They dangled from their special shoes with an uncomfortable loss in circulation at the ankles. To make matters worse, they lost their grip on the ropes and were left behind in the dragon ship's wake.

    Of the two that failed, one was dressed like a Captain, with his black tricorner hat sporting an enormous white feather and his fancy blue coat with brass buttons and fine trimmed white beard. The other had dark skin and a completely shaved head and face.

    Both upside-down pirates were human, a fact which spurred Oksana to think of hunting parties and other brutal acts of persecution against her kind long ago.

    Two other pirates split off from the vessel to stay behind with their leader. These crewmen were difficult to tell apart, initially, dressed in identical blue shirts and white pants and with dark stubble vanishing up into their knotted blue kerchief hats. They helped the man in the long coat and the bald dark-skinned fellow right themselves again in the air.

    But the third and final aerial buccaneer flew ahead of the others. He was pale and clean shaven and a silver amulet shone at his neck. He scanned the air for threats with a telescope and seemed to detect Oksana's movement. He waved his long fingers up and down. Gold dust spurted high up in a geyser to engulf the strix and the hard flecks clung like glue.

    She blinked her eyes rapidly and avoided being blinded. But her body glittered in the rising sun, her position exposed. Perhaps the mage would be the target of the bloodsucking stirge she was calling...


    Orange O = Oksana (95 ft up)

    Orange S = Squalk (partial cover from tree, 20 ft up)

    Purple D = Damir (same as Squalk)

    Orance c = Cato (familiar)

    Blue d = Darby (familiar)

    Red C5 = cloud pirate (caster)

    Green spots = trees

    Grey spots = cave mouth

    *Red C1 = cloud pirate (Captain)

    *Red C3 = cloud pirate (dark skinned)

    *Pink C2 = cloud pirate (stubbly guy, don't aim for him cuz' he's just an extra for NPCs to fight)

    *Pink C4 = cloud pirate (same as Pink C2)

    Green pentagon = dragon ship

    *These NPCs are farther away than they appear on the board, I simply ran out of space.


    Again, do NOT attack the cloud pirates in pink (even numbered), just the ones in red. The pink ones are just for show, and NPCs will fight them.

    AND Tamsyn still has a standard and move action for Round 4. (This can be solved by taking two turns in a row during Round 5.)

    Round 3:

    Oksana's stone call deals 2d6 (5,5) = 10 damage to all pirates. Ship unaffected.

    Round 4:

    Oksana spends full-round casting Summon Nature's Ally I--Stirge.

    Cloud pirates busy dealing w/ aftermath of stone call, except the caster who uses glitterdust to negate camouflage.


    All 5 cloud pirates = 10 damage
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    Post Hot Report (END of Round 4)

    Damir and Squalk clicked their heels and fired their bows twice at the spellcaster who had unwisely targeted their comrade.

    The tengu's snapdragon firework arrows manifested in great wyrms of purple sparks. They dazzled the man and singed his forehead and eyebrows fiercely.

    The tiefling, too, used fire. Two heavy crossbow bolts ringed in crackling orange, much like the ones Wynn had obtained on the Island.

    Every missile found its mark, charring away the man's flesh and sky hued clothes.

    Chaulo the apeman lay on the ground far below the excitement. He looked forgotten and helpless and rather more exposed in every sense of the word. Daphne gasped when Darby showed him to her, and again at the strix's plight.

    "Yer blue friend is all gold and sparkly from haid to heel!" Daphne reported to the others in the cave. "And the apeman'll be easy prey, too, lyin' naked in the dirt like that. I dinnae see our ship no more, so Axl must be on his way."

    "How close is that dragon ship, luv?" Les pressed.

    "Aboot seventy feet diagonal, and closin' fast! And they're raisin' the acid miasma shield."

    Darby, Cato, Damir, Squalk, and Oksana beheld a bright green gas beginning to emanate from vents that rimmed the belly of the dragon ship.

    A loud hissing filled the air as the enemy continued its descent, down toward the trees and the yawning cave mouth. The dragon's face was pointed toward the tunnel where Tamsyn, Sinbad, & the Ruins had fled. Its opaque crystalline eyes glowed an evil red.

    The dragon's neck extended toward the ground and three Mwangi assassin women dropped from its mouth and broke their fall by landing with a roll.

    "There's a spellslinger on a flying carpet out front and four more sky pirates behind the dragon ship!" Daphne announced to the others in the cave. Les, Sinbad, and Tamsyn saw the next threat before the she had a chance to announce it, but she did anyway. "And now there are three Mwangi women headed right for us!"

    Three native women in hide armor, wearing quivers of javelins at their backs and and clutching shortbows, raced into the cave. They were too fast for Squalk or Damir to draw a bead on them.

    "Drop yah weapons and put yah hands behind yah heads!" ordered the one in the lead.


    Players are up! You start Round 5. (Tamsyn still has her Round 4 standard and move actions. Effectively she can take two turns in a row to catch up.)

    Again, the light pink figures (M2, M3) are there as "extras" in the scene for NPCs to deal with, and players best focus on the red ones.

    Metal dragonship looks like the image, only painted dark green.

    Squalk composite longbow (Malchick's, +4 Str mod) two shots d20 (19, 20, 8 does not confirm) +1 mwk +1(haste) +3(bab) +4(dex) = 28, 29, 17. 2 hits

    Ref saves d20 (9,1) + 8 = 17 (Success), Fail. Caster is dazzled 1 round (-1 attacks/Perception checks)

    Damage 1: 1d4(1) +1d4(4) fire & 1 round dazzle (Ref for 1/2), +4 Strength = 7 damage
    Damage 2: 1d4(4) +1d(4) fire & 1 round dazzle + 4 Str = 12 damage & dazzled

    Updated DAMAGE COUNTER (pirate C5 only)

    Caster pirate = 29 damage
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    Default Again? Seriously?

    Oksana screamed her fury to the skies, rage at being covered in glitter for the second time in as many days making her blood boil. Blinded with fury, she drew her elven curve blade and dove for the mage who had cast the spell, silver eyes flashing, sharp canines bared. She aimed for the man's stomach, intending to gut him in mid-air...

    (d20:16 + BAB 3 + Dex 3 + 2 charging +1 sword enhancement bonus +1 higher ground +1 favored enemy HUMAN -4 unfamiliar weapon) = 23
    Damage: d10:10 + Str 1 +1 sword enhancement bonus = 12
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    Default placeholder

    "Hit me with a resist acid please Bizbee... I think it could be useful eh?" After feeling the funny spell trickle over my fur I will take aim at the Mawangi assassin female headed for me with the wand of searing light. 12+3+4=19 to hit *(Does 2d8 for 3+5=8 damage)
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    Post Haven't the Guts to Fight On? (Round 5 continues)

    Bizbee obliged her with a flick of the energy resistance wand. A yellow green aura outlined Tamsyn like the corona of a flame. When she concentrated she could see a similar protection around the three short Mwangi women.

    Davey popped out of the bag of holding. He looked even more translucent green than usual and was breathing hard. He maneuvered himself in front of Tam and their allies. In one hand he clutched a human arm bone with some kind of radiant diamond chip at the end, which he thrust at the Mwangi. "Confound!" he cried.

    A windstorm at gale force moving faster than a cheetah howled out from the end of his unpredictable artifact.

    Ranged weapons like the tattooed women's javelins and shortbows became utterly useless in the gust's path sixty feet outward. That hardly mattered, as the small women themselves were bowled right out of the cave. They curled into protective balls and rolled like tumbleweeds out to the tip of its range. Their tumble ended beneath the descending dragon ship.

    Each of the women lifted their arms and cried out in their native tongue. All three began to levitate toward the bottom of the ship.

    Outside the blast whipped the branches in the trees where Squalk and Damir crouched, and tore some clean away. Daphne's thrush had to fly above the carnage to avoid being blown away. Likewise Cato had to jump to the ground and get behind the trunk.

    The ferocious winds also swept the gaseous acid cloud emanating from the ship back away from the cave entrance. They dispersed the miasma into something too faint to inflict serious harm.

    Heedless of the shrieking winds, the strix plunged her sword into the caster's belly, twisted, and pulled. The results left a steaming mess on his flying carpet. She watched the light leave the bilge rat's eyes instantly. The sorcerer flipped forward and tipped his carpet till he dangled upside down, arms swaying in the breeze.

    The Mwangi women seemed routed and ready to flee, but the swift execution of their crewman galvanized the carpet corsairs. Their captain raised his cutlass and swept his outstretched finger toward Oksana and Squalk in his tree. He bellowed something the Hand couldn't catch over the gale (but it likely included maligning their mothers' chastity).

    Daphne put her mouth directly to Tamsyn's ear and shouted to be heard over the bone rod's windstorm. "Did ye see the three women flyin' back tae their ship after a li'l wind? Sure'n the pirates aren't runnin' off, though, accordin' to Darby! They're mad yer blue colleen skewered their mate!"

    What happened next did not improve the Captain's temper. Oksana's stirge appeared behind him...and decided it could definitely eat. It jabbed its proboscis right into his neck.

    The buccaneer ranted his fury on the bloodsucking beast, heavily implying its parents hadn't been married either, and on his crew and their mothers in the oldest profession for not getting the bug off him fast enough.


    Still to go for Round 5: Squalk, Tamsyn, the Ruins (Les/Daphne), Damir, & Sinbad.

    Wand grants 10 points acid resistance to Tam for 30 minutes.

    Oksana's curved blade attack vs caster (23) hits, threaten crit (keen). d20(17) confirms. x2 damage (12) = 24. At new total 53, C5 is DEAD.

    Davey's rod of wonder d100 (17).

    Gust of wind (windstorm force): 60 ft gusts of severe wind, -8 hearing Perception checks, Fort DC 14 or pushed back, snaps limbs off trees, moves up to 74 mph, ranged attacks become impossible, siege weapon attacks suffer -4.

    3 Mwangi women activate Flight hex, levitate 20 ft up (under the ship).

    Stirge (Summoned Nature's Ally I) attacks captain d20(20), hit. Drains 1 Con.
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