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Thread: Dragons on the River of Time [Fourth Quest - "If This be Doomsday"]

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    Luccia halted at Ulin's approach and thanked him. "You are full of surprises," she remarked with a smile and let him work his magic. The weird words had a dissonant pattern and seemed to pluck at something. Different from Brother Beldyn's prayers, she did not feel healed but something felt corrected.

    "What did that do, exactly?" she was curious.

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    For all either of them knew, nothing had happened. Luccia's good feeling about the spell none-withstanding, only a healing prayer from Beldyn or a good night's sleep would prove for certain that the curse of the golem's wounds had indeed been lifted from the half-elf's body.

    "Simone, it's time to go," the Wayfarer said quietly while the others discussed Luccia's affliction.

    While Ulin had been casting his spell from the scroll the Wayfarer had taken that moment to open his fuller gate to the young woman's world. All she had to do was step through the portal and she'd be home.

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    Time to go Simone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luthen View Post
    "What did that do, exactly?" she was curious.
    "I'm not sure if it even worked," Ulin replied. "I tried to cancel the curse on you. You should ask Beldyn for a blessing to see if the scroll had enough power."
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    As the others quickly fell into post mission upkeep, Simone quietly made her way to the portal. Her mind was abuzz with questions about how to proceed, both for the evening, and life in general. What would it take to become the version of herself the Wayfarer had shown her? Was that even who she truly aspired to be? Should she return the Mantis Barb and hope to gain her father's approval through honest means, or should she continue to take matters into her own hands.

    Nearing the portal, she looked back at the others huddled around Luccia, then to the Wayfarer. What were the odds that she would even be sent back to the place or time she left. The Huldrefolk had been less than accurate in the past with his deposits into the River of Time. Would she have to explain the lost time? Would she be able to return the Mantis Barb in time, or would she have to own up to haven taken it without permission?

    She took a deep breath and faced the portal once more. There was no way to prepare for what was on the other side. She would just have to make the best of whatever situation she walked into.

    Wordlessly she stepped through the portal and vanished.
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