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Thread: Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance: Character Sheets and XP (Updated)

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    Default Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance: Character Sheets and XP (Updated)

    B55-947-ACE (ACE) 4th-degree custon droid Scout 2/Scoundrel 4/Independent Droid 3/Ace Pilot 1/Crime Lord 2
    Init +16; Senses Perception +13, dark vision, lowlight vision
    STR: 15 (+1), DEX: 21 (+4), CON: --, INT: 16 (+3), WIS: 11 (+3), CHA: 14 (+2)
    Speed: 6 squares, Base Attack: +8, Destiny Points (Discovery): 4, Force Points: 2, Dark Side Score: 4
    Fort : 27 [10 + 13 (level) + 2 (class) + 2 (class)]
    Ref : 30 [10 + 13 (level) + 4 (class) + 5 (Dex) +2 (misc)]
    Will : 27 [10 + 13 (level) + 4 (class)]
    Damage Threshold : 32, Second Wind : 19, Damage Reduction: 10 vs Ion
    Hit Points : 76 (76)
    Condition Track : normal

    Captain Alsia (Pall) Verza Medium human (female) Scout 14
    Init +15; Senses Perception +14
    STR: 12 (+1), DEX: 19 (+4), CON: 14 (+2), INT: 16 (+3), WIS: 17 (+3), CHA: 14 (+2)
    Speed: 6 squares, Base Attack: +9, Destiny Points (Discovery): 2, Force Points: 11, Dark Side Score: 0
    Fort : 29 [10 + 14 (level) + 1 (class) + 2 (Con) + 1 (Flight Suit) +1 (feat)]
    Ref : 31 [10 + 14 (level) + 2 (class) + 4 (Dex) +1 (feat)]
    Will : 28 [10 + 14 (level) + 0 (class) + 3 (Wis) +1 (feat)]
    Damage Threshold : 28, Second Wind : 28
    Hit Points : 113 (14) blaster burns, Force Lighting
    Condition Track : normal

    Captain Kadrien Soth, Medium, Zabrak (male) Soldier 6/Jedi 4/Elite Trooper 1/Jedi Knight 3
    Init: +15; Senses: Perception +14
    STR: 14 (+2), DEX: 19 (+4), CON: 15 (+2), INT: 12 (+1), WIS: 17 (+3), CHA: 15 (+2)
    Speed: 6 (4 in armor) squares, Base Attack: +12 Destiny Points (Rescue): 2, Force Points: 5 Dark Side Score: 0
    Fort: 32 [10 + 14 (level) + 4 (class) + 3 (Con) +1 (Zabrak)]
    Ref: 37 [10 + 14 (level) + 5 (armor) + 2 (class) + 4 (Dex) +1 (dodge) +1 (Zabrak)]
    Will: 30 [10 + 14 (level) + 2 (class) + 3 (Wis) +1 (Zabrak)]
    Damage Threshold: 31, Second Wind: 33
    HP: 135 (98) Blaster burns, Force gripped
    Condition Track: normal

    Colonel Shayle Wist'lya, Medium Bothan (male) Noble 3/Scoundrel 1/Scout 3/Infiltrator 4/Saboteur 2
    Initiative: +11, Senses: Perception: +13
    Str 10 +0, Dex 21 +5, Con 12 +1, Int 16 +3, Wis 15 +2, Cha 20 +5
    Speed 6 squares, Base attack +8, Destiny points (Rescue): 2, Force points: 3, Dark Side Score: 0
    Fort: 26 (10 + 13 level + 1 class + 1 con + 1 misc)
    Reflex: 33 (10 + 13 level + 4 class + 5 dex + 1 misc)
    Will: 32 (10 + 13 level + 4 class + 2 wis + 3 misc)
    Damage threshold 26, Second Wind: 24
    Hit Points: 97 (47) blaster burns
    Condition Track: normal

    Master Tahla Joona, Medium Human (female) Jedi 8/Jedi Knight 4/Jedi Master 2
    Initiative:+15; Senses: Perception +16
    STR: 12(+1), DEX: 18(+3), CON: 12(+1), INT: 15(+2), WIS: 18(+4), CHA: 15(+2)
    Speed: 6 squares, BAB: +13, Destiny Points (Discovery): 0, Force: 12, Dark Side Score: 0
    Fort: 29 [11 + 14 (level) + 3 (class) + 1 (Con) + 0(Misc)]
    Ref: 32 [11 + 14 (level) + 3 (class) + 4 (Dex) + 0(Misc)]
    Will: 32 [11 + 14 (level) + 3 (class) + 4 (Wis) + 0(Misc)]
    Damage Threshold: 28, Second Wind: 31
    Hit Points: 125 (81) treated blaster burns and blade gash
    Condition Track: normal

    Average Party Initiative = 14

    Conditional Bonuses: None


    The Beginner's Luck: Hit Points: 132 (113)
    SR: (35)

    Objects in Space: Hit Points: 110 (110)
    SR: (15)

    Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor: Hit Points: 60 (60)
    SR: (15)

    Campaign Calendar
    7 months, 6 days since Episode I: The Traitor's Gambit
    1 year, 1 month, 6 days since Order 66 (Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith)
    Current Year: 18 BBY
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    Default Character Creation and House Rules

    Character Creation Reference Books: The Dawn of Defiance campaign will allow one “time-sensitive” book, and several fluff books. The list is comprised of:

    Star Wars Saga Core Rules Book (eratta version: Google search it)
    The Force Unleashed (Time Setting Book)
    Scum and Villainy
    Starships of the Galaxy
    The Scavenger's Guide to Droids

    Character Statistics: For each stat, please roll 4D6 and drop the lowest. When rolling for each stat, you may reroll one die that comes up as “1”. I hate it when that happens.

    Also, if you roll four "6" 's in a row, it is an automatic 20 for a stat. Yes, I realize this allows for slightly higher-powered play, but the villains and NPC’s are getting the same treatment. Please be honest. I trust everyone in this thread as great players and roleplayers, so don’t prove me wrong.

    Starting Credits: Start off with maximum for 1st level.

    New Players: Remember to read the Core Rulebook. There are a lot of differences from 3.5, 4.0 and even Pathfinder compared to Saga.

    House Rules

    1. Ammunition: Players will not have to keep track of energy cells for blasters since they are quite rechargable. The only time a player has to worry about new energy cells is if using the "Auto-fire" option, or making a "Critical Botch."

    2. Critical Botches: Rolling a natural "1" on a D20 has consequences. If using any type of blaster, the gun immediately surges, and you must replace the energy cell as a move equivalent action. If using melee weapons it is an auto-miss, you may take no further action that round.

    3. Dark Side Points: We will be using the moderate transgression lists for awarding Dark Side points. And yes, if you guys hit 11 points, you become an NPC.

    4. Destiny Points: As inidicated in the rules, you can use a Destiny Point to instantly make a successful critical hit. As we get to higher level play, NPC's will also have Destiny Points, and will be able to use them effectively against you. If a PC/NPC uses a Destiny Point to make an instant critical hit, a Destiny Point can be used to counter the critical, but its stops there. PC's/NPC's cannot Destiny Point a negating Destiny Point. For instance, Player one uses DP to crit, and NPC uses DP to negate. Player 1 gets angry, and attempts to use another DP to negate that DP. GM comes across virtual table and throttles PC. So no, it only goes so far.

    5. Party Initiative: Initiative is determined by taking the party average against the enemy average. Simple enough.

    6. Posting Policy: If you are away from the boards for over 48 hours without warning (not including weekends), then I will act for your character.

    7. When using the navicomputer to generate hyperspace coordinates, a PC only needs to take full-round action on Round 1 and 10 of the minute calculation.

    8. Datapads can get unrestricted information without having a scomplink to a computer. I mean, seriously? Star Wars doesn’t have Wi-Fi?

    9. Standing from a prone position provokes an attack of opportunity unless a DC15 Acrobatics check is made as a Swift action. You must be trained in the Acrobatics skill.

    10. Destiny points may be used to bolster certain activities outside of the applications in the book. This must have prior GM approval, and work within the player's named Destiny.

    11. If you are trained in it, using the Perception skill to notice targets is a Swift action, instead of a standard. It is still a normal reaction on the first try.

    12. When using the Jump skill to make a high jump, multiply by six instead of 12 to determine the DC. Otherwise jedi couldn't jump more than a few feet and that's silly.

    13. We will play with this version of the Battle Meditation jedi talent:
    Battle Meditation: The Jedi technique known as Battle Mediation allows you and your allies to work together seamlessly and with a level of precision that can only come from the Force. As a standard action, you can spend a Force Point to give you and all allies within sight of you a +1 insight bonus on attack and damage rolls. This bonus persists as long as you continue to spend a move action to concentrate on this ability every round. By spending a second Force Point, you can reduce the time spent concentrating down to a swift action every round. This bonus does not extend to allies outside the range of effect, even if they move within sight later on. Allies who benefit from this effect must remain with sight of you to retain the insight bonus, and the bonus ends if you are knocked unsconsious or killed. This is a mind-affecting effect.

    14. Lightsabers: For PC's with lightsabers, a move action to draw the weapon ignites the blade as part of the action during combat. If a lightsaber is in hand and extinguished, it's a Swift action to activate during combat.
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    Default XP

    Episode I:

    Day One: Sel Zon Station

    Total: 1,416 XP to each player.

    Jungle of Felucia

    Total: 2,496 XP to each player

    Episode II: Part 1, Cato Nemoidia

    100 XP to Ace, Comps, Kadrien and Shayle

    200 XP to Lykka, Tahla and Trangle

    431 XP per player

    Episode II: Part 2, Darga's Palace

    1,218 XP to each player

    Ace, Lykka, Kadrien and Shayle = 650 XP per player

    Comps, Tahla = 600 XP per player

    1257 XP per player (not Kadrien)

    Jaded Exports Mission 2

    Total: 2,101 per player, -1 to all Dark Side scores.

    Episose III: Part 1, Cloud City

    Day 1

    1060 XP per player for Comps, Rarwaara, Tahla and Trangle
    300 XP per player for Ace and Lykka

    1020 XP per player to Ace, Jak, Lykka, Shayle and Tahla
    100 XP per player

    Day 2-3

    700 XP per player to Jak, Lykka and Tahla

    800 XP per player to Ace, Comps, Kadrien and Shayle.

    Roleplay Award: 700 XP per player

    Day 4-5

    Total: 2,516 XP per player.

    The Finale

    Total: 6,881 XP per player, -1 Dark Side scores to all players

    Episode IV - Part I: Reuniting

    1,600 XP each for Kadrien and Tahla

    1900 XP each for Ace, Alsia, Jak and Shayle

    Episode IV - Part II: Ossus

    9460 per player
    -2 Dark Side points to all players

    Episode V - Part I: The Tribunal

    2,600 XP per player

    Episode V - Part II: Concord Dawn

    14,920 XP per player

    Episode VI - Part I: Into the Core

    1100 XP per player

    Episode VI - Part 2: In the Heart of the Empire

    15,300 XP per player

    Episode VII - Part 1: Revenge

    7,350 XP per player

    Episode VII - Part 2: Redemption

    5,410 XP per player

    Episode VIII - Part 1

    9,750 xp per player, -1 dark side points and warnings.

    Episode VIII - Part 2

    Into the Sarlaac's Maw
    3 Byss Defense TIE Interceptors (CL 13), 2 Advanced Construction Space Trooper Squad (CL 12) = 2,520 xp per player.

    Sarlacc Super Structure
    3 Byss Defense TIE Fighters (CL 14) = 1,680 xp per player
    3 Point Defense Laser Turrets (CL 10) = 1,200 xp per player

    Main Reactor and Escape
    3 Byss Defense TIE Fighters (CL 14) (evaded) = 1,680 per player
    Bonus: Destroyed Main Reactor = 3,000 xp per player
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    Default Tauren's Character

    Alias: GE3-LOM5
    Medium 4th-degree custom droid scout 2/scoundrel 4/independent droid 3/ace pilot 2/gunslinger 1/crime lord 2
    Age 3.5 Height 2 m Weight 90 kg
    Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Felucianese, and Huttese.
    Init +16; Senses darkvision, low-light vision; Perception +13
    XP 94,876*
    *XP current through "Main Reactor and Escape."

    STR: 15 DEX: 19 (21 current) CON: - INT: 16 WIS: 11 CHA: 14

    Speed: 6 squares
    Base Attack: +9
    Destiny Points: 5 [Discovery - Find a way to free droids across the galaxy from the restrictions of their primary programming.]
    Force Points: 7
    Dark Side Score: 4

    Fort: 28 [10 + 14 (level) + 2 (class) + 2 (Str) + 0 (Misc)]
    Ref: 33 [10 + 14 (level) + 4 (class) + 5 (Dex) + 2 (Misc)]
    Will: 28 [10 + 14 (level) + 4 (class) + 0 (Wis) + 0 (Misc)]

    Hit Points: 77/77
    Damage Threshold: 32
    Damage Reduction: 10 vs. ion damage
    Shield Rating: 15

    unarmed strike +10 (1d3+6)

    Kessra's modified DL-44 heavy blaster +15 (3d8+7 or 2d8+7 stun)
    blaster pistol +14 (3d6+7 or 2d6+7 stun)
    holdout blaster pistol +14 (3d4+7)
    blaster carbine +14 (3d8+7 or 2d8+7 stun)
    missile launcher +8 (6d6+7)
    frag grenade +14 (4d6+7)
    ion grenade +14 (4d6+7 ion)

    Special Class Features
    Command cover
    Independent Spirit +1
    Vehicle dodge +1

    Armor Proficiency (light)
    Double Attack
    Lightning Draw
    Point Blank Shot
    Precise Shot
    Quick Draw
    Skill Training (Deception)
    Skill Training (Persuasion)
    Vehicular Combat
    Weapon Proficiency (pistols)
    Weapon Proficiency (rifles)
    Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons)

    Attract Minion
    Fool's Luck
    Full Throttle
    Inspire Fear I
    Ion Resistance 10
    Modification Specialist
    Multiattack Proficiency (pistols)
    Targeting Package

    +12 Acrobatics (+5 Dex, +7 half level)
    +9 Climb (+2 Str, +7 half level)
    +14 Deception (+2 Cha, +5 trained, +7 half level)
    +7 Endurance (+7 half level)
    +9 Gather Information (+2 Cha, +7 half level)
    +17 Initiative (+5 Dex, +5 trained, +7 half-level)
    +9 Jump (+2 Str, +7 half level)
    +15 Knowledge (galactic lore) (+3 Int, +5 trained, +7 half level)
    +15 Knowledge (physical sciences) (+3 Int, +5 trained, +7 half level)
    +15 Knowledge (technology) (+3 Int, +5 trained, +7 for half level)
    +15 Mechanics (+16 to diagnose problems, +19 to make jury-rigged repairs with tool kit; +3 Int, +5 trained, +7 half level)
    +14 Perception (+0 Wis, +5 trained, +7 half level, +2 improved sensor package)
    +14 Persuasion (+2 Cha, +5 trained, +7 half level)
    +17 Pilot (+5 Dex, +5 trained, +7 half level)
    +12 Ride (+5 Dex, +7 half level)
    +12 Stealth (+5 Dex, +7 half level)
    +7 Survival (+0 Wis, +7 half level)
    +9 Swim (+2 Str, +7 half level)
    +7 Treat Injury (+0 Wis, +7 half level)
    +15 Use Computer (+3 Int, +5 trained, +7 for half level)

    Systems: walking locomotion, magnetic feet, heuristic processor, 4 arm appendages, 4 hand appendages, plasteel shell, tech specialist modification [+2 Dex], vocabulator, diagnostics package, improved sensor package, targeting package [talent], darkvision, internal storage (up to 1 kg), hidden holster, short-ranged internal comlink w/slave circuit for The Ace in the Hole, locked access, DC 5 translator unit, SR 15 shield generator

    Equipment: long gray coat, blaster pistol & hip holster, Kessra's modified DL-44 heavy blaster & hip holster, holdout pistol w/concealed holster, blaster carbine w/standard targeting scope & baldric, missile launcher & 2 missiles, tool kit (stored internally), bandoleer: 4 frag grenade, 2 ion grenade, 2 thermal detonators, 2 extra power packs, mesh tape

    Carrying Capacity: 98 kg
    Total Weight: 29.6 kg
    Funds: 87,363 credits in various accounts.

    Description: Originally cobbled together from the battle damaged pieces of Trade Federation battle droids and super battle droids the burgeoning rebellion against the Empire upgraded and streamlined ACE's original design. However, after his destruction on Concord Dawn he rebuilt and upgraded by his burgeoning criminal organization to his own specifications. Appearing as a more heavily armored B1 Series Battle Droid, ACE's new plasteel shell is a deep black with a right stripe that boomerangs down his face, forming a red block around his optical sensor on that side. His armor plated arms are also painted with a pair of red stripes that start as his shoulders and end at the backs of his hands. He still has a comlink slaved to his ship and a small storage compartment in his torso, which ACE still uses to store his tool kit. He also has two smaller extra arms attached to the small of his back, which fold up neatly beneath his coat until needed. Usually to deliver an explosive surprise to an enemy.

    ACE still wears an explosive and equipment laden bandoleer crossed around his chest and a long silky gray coat with bright red buttons. He wears a blaster pistol in a holster on his right hip, a heavier modified blaster in a holster on his left hip, and keeps a holdout pistol secured in the hidden holster built into his upper right arm. He often carries a scoped blaster carbine slung over one shoulder.

    Background: ACE was built on the out-of-the-way jungle world of Felucia by a human soldier named Vazus Mandrake. Mandrake commanded a mercenary unit for the Separatist army during the Clone Wars, but he deserted and went into hiding amongst the massive mushrooms that dominated the landscape. Grievously wounded in a fight with clone troopers Mandrake avoided capture and nursed himself back to heath while the battle for Felucia wound down. He never returned to military life. Instead he made a home for himself in the jungles raising kybucks. However, he lived as a hermit to avoid capture by the clones, and later, the Empire. He built ACE from the discarded pieces of battle droids destroyed in the fighting to act as a go-between between himself and the local Felucians.

    Built from the scraps of over fifty droids, B55-947-ACE was programed to be a skilled pilot and a quick and stealthy fighter. Mandrake's injuries from the war often still pained him so the human man cleverly programed what he could of his own survival skills and combat training into his droid's crude heuristic processor. Unfortunately, like they did on many backwater worlds, the locals were often harassed by petty criminals looking to make some fast credits.

    On one routine supply run for his master ACE ran afoul of an evilly intelligent Nemoidan named Igren Demos and his crew who worked for the fledgling crime lord Darga the Hutt. Even though ACE killed or wounded most of Igren's men as a result of the fight the criminal picked, it was apparent to the clever alien the value of a droid like ACE. Instead of destroying the droid he captured him, then had one of his slicers, a Twi'lek named Lykka, wipe away any trace of the droid's past and somewhat bland personality beyond the skills he thought his boss would find useful.

    ACE worked alongside Igren and Lykka in Darga's organization for the next year-and-a-half making routine smuggling runs for the cabal. Very few people suspected a droid pilot of criminal activity. However, ACE wasn't entirely loyal to Darga's gang. Lykka, although a talented slicer, was still very inexperienced when he'd wiped the droid's memory and he hadn't done his job as thoroughly as he could have. As a result ACE had developed a rather bothersome personality quirk: He was insufferably curious.

    The droid longed to get rid of his restraining bolt and explore the galaxy; to discover new planets and scrap with new alien races. Simply flying a new route on the job would have been enough for him. Since he couldn't however, he satisfied himself by exploring the limits of his superiors' patience, pushing them as hard as he dared with little pranks and clever twists on the orders they gave him. Lykka turned out to be a frequent partner for the droid on smuggling runs and the Twi'lek took a perverse delight in the droid's bad attitude – having wound up in Darga's employment simply as something to do until something better came along. Like the droid he didn't particularly care for his employers. They became bonafide partners in crime and good friends along the way. However, Lykka never told the droid what little he knew about his past and his own role in trapping ACE in Darga's organization. He was afraid it would ruin is only one trusted friendship within the cartel.

    When Darga's business turned to selling alien slaves to the Empire the Twi'lek and the droid finally decided it was time to cut and run. Lykka removed ACE's restraining bolt and the two scoundrels stole one of Igren's brand-new Corellian YT-1300 transports, “The Beginner's Luck.” That was three weeks ago. Since then they've been hanging around the Sel Zonn space station trying to figure out how to make some credits without drawing any attention from their former employers.
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    Default ACE's Ship

    The Beginner's Luck
    Corellian YT – 1300 Transport

    Captain: ACE
    First Mate: None
    Crew: 1 (slave circuit)
    Passengers: 6
    Size: Colossal Space Transport, -10 [Treated as Gargantuan for Combat, -5]
    Cargo Capacity: 50 tons
    Consumables: 2 months
    Crew Cover: Total
    Cost: 100,000 (25,000 used)
    Hyperdrive: Class 1 (x2; back up x12), navicomputer
    Armor Bonus: +13
    Max Velocity: 1,600 km/h (Sublight Engines, 4 square movement)
    Initiative: +10 (Ace +14 Pilot, +1 personalized controls, -5 size)

    STR 42 (+16) DEX 10 (+0) INT 14 (+2)

    Fighting Space: 12x12 (1 square starship scale)
    Vehicle Speed: 24 squares (4 squares starship scale)

    HP: 132/132
    DR: 15
    SR: 45

    Ref: 13
    Fort: 26

    Damage Threshold: 76
    Current Condition: Normal

    Current Crew Placement
    Pilot: ACE
    Piloting is, at minimum, a move action. A vehicle can have only one pilot at one time. The pilot adds the vehicle’s size modifier and Dexterity modifier on all Initiative and Pilot checks. If trained in Pilot, all pilot controlled weapons receive +2 to attack rolls. If trained, a pilot may make a Pilot check for Initiative. If the pilot of The Beginner's Luck is ACE he receives a +1 to Pilot checks because of the ship's personalized controls. If the pilot is not ACE they suffer a -2 penalty to Pilot checks.
    Copilot: Available
    A copilot can help the pilot by using the aid another action; this is a standard action. A vehicle can have only one copilot at one time.
    Commander: Available
    The commander coordinates the crew members on the deck. The commander can help the system operator by using the aid another action on Use Computer checks; this is a standard action. A commander can also use the aid another action to assist a gunner’s attack (DC 10 Knowledge [tactics] check). A vehicle can have only one commander at one time.
    System Operator: Shayle
    The system operator manages the vehicle’s shield, sensors, and communication systems. A system operator can recharge shields by taking 3 swift actions to increase shield rating by 5 up to maximum (DC 20 Mechanics check). A system operator can use the aid another action to assist a gunner’s attack (DC 10 Use Computer check).
    Engineer: Available
    An engineer can reroute power by taking 3 swift actions to move +1 step on the condition track (DC 20 Mechanics check).
    Gunner: Kadrien
    Attack with Ship Weapons: d20 + base attack bonus + vehicle's Intelligence modifier + range modifier

    Medium Laser Cannon
    Operator: Pilot
    Atk: 1d20 + pilot's base attack + Ship's INT mod (+2) + range mod +2 if pilot is trained
    Damage: 4d10x2
    Base Atk: Pilot's Base Attack
    Ship INT: +2
    Range/Penalty: Point Blank = No Penalty; Short = -2; Medium = -5; Long = -10
    Range: PB 0-150; Short 151-300; Med 301-750; Lg 751-1,500 (Starship Scale PB 0-1; Short 2; Med 3- 5; Lg 6-10)

    Double Laser Cannon
    Operator: Gunner
    Atk: 1d20 + gunner's base attack + Ship's INT mod (+2) + range mod
    Damage: 5d10x2
    Base Atk: Gunner's Base Attack
    Ship INT: +2
    Range/Penalty: Point Blank = No Penalty; Short = -2; Medium = -5; Long = -10
    Range: PB 0-150; Short 151-300; Med 301-750; Lg 751-1,500 (Starship Scale PB 0-1; Short 2; Med 3- 5; Lg 6-10)

    Grapple: +36

    Cargo: None
    Total Weight: NA

    Modifications (x5 cost mod): Combat Thrusters (1 EP; 10,000 credits), Smuggling Compartments (1 EP; 1000 credits), Double Laser Cannon (0 EP; 7,500 credits), Hypertransceiver (1 EP; 10,000 credits), Armor +1 (2 EP; 10,000 credits), Shields SR 45 (2 EP; 20,000 credits), Slave Circuit - recall (0 EP; 30,000 credits), Sublight Drive upgrade [speed 4 squares] (1 EP; 50,000 credits), Reinforced Bulkheads +10% (2 EP; 10,000 credits), Reduced Cargo Space [50 tons] (+1 EP), Medium Laser Cannon (1 EP; 4,000 credits), Personalized Pilot Controls [ACE] (0 EP; 1,000 credits), Class 2 Hyperdrive (3 EP, 15,000 credits).

    Emplacement Points Used: 11 of 11
    Emplacement Points Remaining: 0

    Modification Specifications:

    Combat Thrusters: Treated as one size category smaller than its actual size for the purpose of being targeted by capital ship weapons. Treated as a starfighter for the purpose of dogfighting and combat maneuvers. Does not change ships size mod to Reflex Defense.

    Smuggling Compartments: Hidden cargo spaces designed to resist detection. Requires a detailed inspection and a DC 30 Perception check to find. Holds up to 5 x 200 kg of cargo, and must never be more than 5% of original cargo space.

    Double Laser Cannon: Adds 1d10 to existing Laser Cannon damage (included above).

    Hypertransceiver: Effectively have an unlimited range, allowing ships at opposite ends of the galaxy to communicate with each other, although such communications can experience significant time lag. Give a ship access to information on the HoloNet, though not with the full detail of a HoloNet transceiver. This is the only means of communicating with a starship in hyperspace. They can do so only if both ships are traveling along the same path in hyperspace or if one ship is near the point of arrival or departure for the ship in hyperspace.

    Armor +1: + 1 to Reflex Defense.

    Shields SR 45: Whenever Beginner's Luck takes damage, this is reduced by 45 and the remaining damage is dealt to the ship's hit points, subtracting the Damage Reduction normally. If the damage dealt by an attack exceeds the ship's SR, reduce the shield rating by 5. This reduction is cumulative, so it can be reduced to zero. Shields can be recharged by spending three swift actions on the same or consecutive rounds to make a DC 20 Mechanics check; if this succeeds, the SR improves by 5 points (up to its max).

    Slave Circuits (Recall): Reduces crew requirement to man ship to 1. Allows ship to be summoned by comlink even when unmanned. It's a swift action to activate the slave circuit. Move action to retrieve.

    Repulsor Pad (200 credit value, comped by the GM).

    Reinforced Bulkhead +10%: Increases the ship's maximum total hit points by ten percent.

    Personalized Pilot Controls: Personalized pilot controls grant ACE a +1 bonus on Pilot checks. However, the high degree of personalization also makes it difficult for anyone else to pilot The Beginner's Luck, giving any other character a -2 penalty on Pilot checks.
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    Shayle Wist'lya

    Aliases used: Ralk Azira

    Medium Bothan (male) Noble 3/ Scoundrel 1/ Scout 3/ Infiltrator 4/ Saboteur 2
    Age: 25 1.6m 55kg
    Languages: Bothese, Basic, Binary, Bocce, Durese, High Galactic, Huttese, Ryl, Shirywook
    XP 89,610/91,000 (up to Reactor Corridor)

    Bothan SpyNet: Spy, score: +19 (can reroll any knowledge check 1/day, a spy pays no credits for Gather Information checks, even when obtaining secret information)

    Initiative: +11, Senses Perception: +13

    Str 10 +0
    Dex 21 +5
    Con 12 +1
    Int 16 +3
    Wis 15 +2
    Cha 20 +5

    Speed 6 squares
    Base attack +8
    Destiny points 2 (rescue destiny)
    Force points 5
    Dark Side score 0

    Fort 26 (10 + 13 level + 1 class + 1 con + 1 misc)
    Reflex 33 (10 + 13 level + 4 class + 5 dex + 1 misc)
    Will 32 (10 + 13 level + 4 class + 2 wis + 3 misc)

    Hit Points: (total/current) 97/97
    Damage threshold 26
    Second wind 24
    Damage reduction
    Shield rating

    Special combat actions
    Point blank shot, Demand surrender, Surveillance, Set for stun, Unarmed stun, Lead infiltrator (+5), Unexpected results, Destructive

    Bothan heavy blaster pistol +13 2d8+6 damage or 3d8+6 stun damage
    Ion rifle +13 3d8+6 ion damage
    Stun grenades +13 4d6+6 stun damage
    Ion grenades +13 4d6+6 ion damage
    Unarmed strike +8 1d4+6, if using to stun 2d4+6

    Skill focus (Mechanics)
    Precise Shot
    Skill focus (stealth)
    Skill training (stealth)
    Skill focus (Use Computer)
    Skill training (Mechanics)
    Point Blank Shot
    Improved defenses
    Skill focus (gather info)
    Weapon prof (pistols, simple weapons, rifles)

    Talents and Class Abilities
    Influence tree (noble)- Presence (Make intimidate check as a standard action instead of full-round)
    Slicer Tree (scoundrel)- Electronic Sabotage (As a standard action, you can lock down a computer terminal by making a Use computer check, making it difficult for anyone else to use. Computer is considered unfriendly to anyone other than you and the result of your Use Computer check replaces the computer's Will Defense when attempting to change it's attitude. Cannot take 20 on check.)
    Influence tree (noble)- Demand surrender (Once per encounter can make a persuasion check as a standard action to demand surrender from an opponent who has been reduced to one-half or less of it's hit points. If check equals or exceeds target's will defense, it surrenders to you and your allies, drops any weapons it's holding and takes no hostile actions. If target is higher level than you it gets a +5 bonus to it's will defense. If you or any of your allies attacks it, it no longer submits to your will and can act normally. This is a mind effecting effect.)
    Spy tree (scout)- Traceless tampering (Spies specialize in leaving no evidence of their presence when tampering with advanced electronics or basic mechanical systems. When using mechanics to disable device, you automatically leave no trace when tampering (with no DC increase), and you must fail by 10 or more (instead of 5 or more) before something goes wrong.)
    Spy tree (scout)- Surveillance (As a full round action you can make a perception check against a single target within line of sight. The DC is equal to 15 or the target's stealth check result (if the target is actively trying to remain hidden), which ever is greater. If the check is successful, you grant you and your allies within line of sight a +2 insight bonus on attack rolls until the end of your next turn. Your allies must be able to hear and understand you to benefit from this bonus, and they do not lose the benefit of this talent if they move out of line of sight after it is used.)
    Infiltrator tree (Infiltrator)- Set for Stun (If you are using a ranged weapon that deals stun damage (including lethal weapons set to stun), you can use two consecutive swift actions in the same round to activate this talent. If the stun damage on your next attack exceeds the targets damage threshold, you move the target -3 steps on the condition track instead of the normal -2.)
    Unarmed stun Can use unarmed attacks to deal stun damage. You must designate your intention to stun your target. +1 damage die
    Bothan Spynet tree (Infiltrator)- Spynet Agent (You can use your Gather Information check modifier instead of your Knowledge (Galactic lore) check modifier when making Knowledge (Galactic lore) checks. You are considered trained in the Knowledge (Galactic lore) skill for purposes of using this talent. If you are entitled to a Knowledge (Galactic lore) reroll, you can reroll your Gather Information check instead.)
    Lead Infiltrator You can make a stealth check for a number of allies within line of sight equal to your charisma modifier, using your check in place of theirs. At 8th you double the number of allies you can lead. Allies must stay within line of sight to retain bonus.
    Unexpected Results When an enemy making an attack roll against you rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll using an advanced melee weapon, lightsaber, pistol, rifle or heavy weapon, that weapon is immediately disabled and ceases to function until it has received repairs (through use of the repair object application of the Mechanics skill).
    Sabotage tree (Saboteur)- Device Jammer (You can construct a short-ranged jammer that affects a specific type of electronic device such as a personal shield generator, comlink, computers or datapad. As a full-round action, you select a particular piece of equipment (any object except a droid, vehicle or weapon) and make a DC 20 Mechanics check. If the check is successful, all objects of that type cease to function while within 12 squares of your position for the remainder of the encounter. You may only have one jammer (device or droid)active at a time.)
    Destructive you always deal double damage to unattended objects and vehicles.

    Deception +16 (+6, +5 cha, +5 trained)
    Gather info +21 (+6, +5 cha, +5 trained, +5 skill focus) (Can make Knowledge (Galactic lore) check)
    Initiative +11 (+6, +5 dex)
    Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +14 (+6, +3 int, +5 trained)
    Knowledge (Galactic lore ) +14 (+6, +3 int, +5 trained)
    Knowledge ( Technology) +14 (+6, +3 int, +5 trained)
    Mechanics +19 (+6, +3 int, +5 trained, +5 skill focus)
    Perception +13 (+6, +2 wis, +5 trained)
    Persuasion +16 (+6, +5 cha, +5 trained)
    Pilot +11 (+6, +5 dex)
    Ride +11 (+6, +5 dex)
    Stealth +21 (+6, +5 dex, +5 trained, +5 skill focus)
    Treat injury +13 (+6, +2 wis, +5 trained)
    Use computer +19 (+6, +3 int, +5 trained, +5 skill focus)

    Bothan heavy blaster pistol w/ power pack, Ion rifle with power pack, 6 Frag grenades, 2 Stun grenade, 6 Ion grenades, Short ranged encryption com-link (+10 to use computer check to intercept message), Utility belt, Data pad w/ recognition system (DC 30 use computer check to gain access), Data cards (5), 9 med packs (has 5 on him the rest in med kit), 4 glow rods, credit chip (access to account), Bothawui encryption/ cypher data cylinder, 7 stim packs, medical kit (stored on the Luck), surgery kit (stored on the Luck), 2 pocket scramblers, binder cuffs, electrobinoculars, sound sponge (6 square radius, increases the DC's to perception checks in that area by 10), Security kit, 5 explosive charges

    Carrying capacity 25kg
    Total weight 25 kg
    Funds 21,575


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    Spasseltock Nimblefingers kender CN (with good tendencies) Rogue/13, Handler/ 8
    Shayle Wist'lya Bothan Noble 3/Scoundrel 1/Scout 3/Infiltrator 2 Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance
    Evelyn Morningory Aasimar Warpriest of Sarenrae 2 Wrath of the Righteous
    Virgil Halard Human Ranger 4/Fighter 2/Rogue 2/Knight of the Lily 1 Hourglass in the Sky

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    Default Tahla Joona

    Tahla Joona
    Medium Human (female) Jedi 8/Knight 4/Master 2
    Age: 18, 1.7m, 55 kg
    Languages: Basic, Bocce, Ryl
    Initiative:+12; Senses: Perception +13
    XP: 102,240

    STR: 12(+1)
    DEX: 18(+4)
    CON: 12(+1)
    INT: 15(+2)
    WIS: 18(+4)
    CHA: 15(+2)

    Speed: 6 squares
    BAB: +14
    Destiny: 1
    Force: 13
    Dark Side Score: 0

    Fort:28 [10 + 14(level) + 3(class) + 1(Con) + 0(Misc)]
    Ref: 31 [10 + 14(level) + 3(class) + 4(Dex) + 0(Misc)]
    Will:31 [10 + 14(level) + 3(class) + 4(Wis) + 0(Misc)]

    Hit Points:
    (total/current) (131/131)
    Damage Threshold: 27
    Second Wind: 31

    Special Combat Actions:
    Deflect, Block, Redirect Shot, Fearless, Serenity

    Unarmed +14 (1d4)
    Lightsaber +20 [2d8+9 (when two handed)]
    Lightsaber +18 w/Rapid Strike [3d8+9 (when two-handed)]
    Lightsaber +17/+17 w/Double Attack [2d8+9 (when two-handed)]

    Acrobatic Strike (Jedi 6)
    Double Attack - lightsabers (Jedi 8)
    Force Boon (Knight 1)
    Force Training (Jedi 1,3)
    Force Sensitivity (class bonus)
    Rapid Strike (Jedi 4)
    Skill Focus: Use the Force (class bonus)
    Vehicular Combat (Knight 4)
    Weapon Finesse (Human bonus)
    Weapon Focus (Lightsaber) [Jedi 2]
    Weapon Prof.(Simple, Lightsaber) (class bonus)

    Redirect Shot
    Weapon Specialization (lightsaber)
    Force Pilot
    Multiattack Proficiency

    +15 Acrobatics [6 + 3 + 5]
    +7 Climb [6 + 1 + 0]
    +8 Deception [6 + 2 + 0]
    +7 Endurance [6 + 1 + 0]
    +8 Gather Info [6 + 2 + 0]
    +15 Initiative [6 + 3 + 5]
    +7 Jump [6 + 1 + 0]
    +14 Know (Galactic Lore) [6 + 2 + 5]
    +8 Mechanics [6 + 2 + 0]
    +16 Perception [6 + 4 + 5]
    +8 Persuasion [6 + 2 + 0]
    +9 Pilot [6 + 3 + 0]
    +9 Ride [6 + 3 + 0]
    +9 Stealth [6 + 3 + 0]
    +10 Survival [6 + 4 + 0]
    +7 Swim [6 + 1 + 0]
    +10 Treat Injury [6 + 4 + 0]
    +8 Use Computer [6 + 2 +0 ]
    +19 Use the Force [6 + 2 + 10]

    Force Techniques:
    Force Point Recovery
    Improved Force Trance

    Force Secrets:
    Multitarget Power

    Force Powers Known:
    [] Mind Trick
    [] Move Object
    [] Farseeing
    [] Surge
    [] [] Battle Strike
    [] Rebuke
    [] Negate Energy
    [] Vital Transfer
    [] Sever Force

    Starship Manuvers Known:

    Lightsaber w/ Concealed Holster, Utility Belt (3 days/food caps, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glowrod, commlink, liquid cable dispenser w/ grappling hook), Credit Chip, All-Temperature Cloak, Binder Cuffs

    Carrying Capacity: 62 kg
    Total Weight: 9.3 kg
    Funds: 89,666 credits


    Tahla is a young Human woman, about 17 years old. She wears her long, blonde hair up most of the time, unless the situation calls for otherwise. Her fierce, blue eyes are filled with sorrow, and determination.

    Since joining the crew of the Resurgence, Tahla has replaced her dirty, tattered, and conspicuous Jedi robes. She wears the uniform of the Resurgence crew: a smart, light blue tailored jumpsuit, though hers is devoid of any paramilitary rank or insignia. While aboard the Nebulon-B, her lightsaber is displayed proudly, hanging from the web belt around her waist. When she leaves the safety of the ship, she stores it in a concealed holster inside of her right boot.


    Tahla's earliest memories were the soft electronic chimes and glowing lights over her cradle in the nursery of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When she was old enough, she was sorted into a class of younglings. Her instructor explained to her, along with the rest of the class, that she was brought to the Temple away from her parents because she was special - she had a connection to the Force. She was told that she was Alderaanian, and she was given a datapad with extensive information on her home planet.

    When Tahla was twelve, she met the man that was to be her master for the first time. He was a tall Rutian Twi'lek named Oordra Freta. He taught her to speak his language, and about the nature of the galaxy at large. He lectured for hours on the Unifying Force. The day that he presented her with a lightsaber (which she still carries) was the day that the Clones landed on Geonosis. He was given the rank of Jedi General by the Council, and command of one of the Republic's Star Destroyers. Tahla experienced the Clone Wars from outer space, on the bridge of a starship with her nose pressed to the viewport. Her longing to become a part of the conflict was a grim forshadowing of the events to come.

    The night that she and Master Oordra were visiting the Jedi Temple was the night that changed her life forever. They were returning from the Outer Rim sieges for a brief respite when Anakin Skywalker marched on the Temple with his 501st legion behind him. The Jedi Knights there, including her master, put up a valiant defense to no avail. He bought her enough time to flee deeper into the massive Temple. While running, she met Master Even Piell leading a frightened group of younglings and padawans. She joined him, and met a young Mon Cal named Trangle. They became fast friends, first out of fear and necessity, and later, because they got to know each other better. The ragtag flock of children and their shepherd escaped the Temple into the underbelly of Coruscant, hiding and surviving for months before they were seperated from the Lannik by a Stormtrooper attack. She and Trangle fled together and drifted through the vertical slum for a time, until they were scooped up by a Zabrak mercenary named Kadrien Soth claiming to work for Senator Bail Organa. Though she wasn't certain why, something felt right about this man. He became sort of a bodyguard and an escort on their wildly zig-zagging journey through Coruscant. Travelling unregistered on the bulk freighter of a sympathetic captain, they are joined in transit by a stand-offish Bothan, who also claims to work for the First Prince of Alderaan. They are on their way to Sel Zonn station, where she and Trangle will hopefully board another ship, and flee from the Empire's grasp completely...
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    Delta-7 Aethersprite Ligt Interceptor CL 10
    Huge Starfighter
    Initiative +14; Senses Perception +9
    Defense Ref 29 (Flatfooted 11), Fort 22; +3 Armor
    HP 65; DR 10; SR 15; Threshold 32
    Speed fly 16 sq. (max velocity 1,150 km/h), fly 5 sq. (Starship scale)
    Ranged Laser cannons +12 (+6 Autofire) Dmg 6d10x2
    Fighting Space 3x3 or 1 sq. (starship scale); Cover total (crew), +5 (astromech)
    Base Atk +5; Grp +27
    Atk Options Autofire (laser cannons)
    Abilities Str 34, Dex 24, Con -, Int 14
    Skills Initiative +14, Mechanics +6 (+11 w/Astromech), Perception +9, Pilot +14,
    Use Computer +6 (+11 w/Astromech)
    Crew 2 plus Astromech droid (expert); Passengers none
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    Kadrien Soth
    Medium, Zabrak (male) Soldier 6/Jedi 4/Elite Trooper 1/ Jedi Knight 3
    Age: 23, 1.9 m, 78 kg
    Languages: Basic, Durese, Zabrak
    Init: +14; Senses: Perception +14
    XP: 102,660 (As of "Main Reactor and Escape")

    STR: 14 (+2)
    DEX: 19 (+4)
    CON: 15 (+2)
    INT: 12 (+1)
    WIS: 17 (+3)
    CHA: 15 (+2)

    Speed: 4 squares in armor, 6 Base
    Base Attack +14
    Destiny Points: 3
    Destiny: Rescue- Protecting the Jedi Order
    Force Points: 14
    Dark Side Score: 0


    Fort: 32 [10 + 14 (level) + 1 (Armor)+ 4 (Class) + 2 (Con) + 1 (Zabrak)]
    Ref: 37 [10 + 14 (level) + 5 (Armor) + 2 (Class) + 4 (Dex) + 1 (Dodge) + 1 (Zabrak)]
    Will: 30 [10 + 14 (level) + 2 (Class) + 3 (Wis) + 1 (Zabrak)]

    Hitpoints:(total/current) (142/142)
    Second Wind: 33 HP
    Damage Threshold: 31
    Damage Reduction:
    Shield Rating:

    Unarmed +16 (1d6 + 9)
    Improved Damage Attuned Lightsaber (Ion Charger) +17 (2d8 + 2d6 ion + 13) (when two-handed)
    Shockweb (when attacked in melee): 1d6 electric + 2d6 stun

    Improved Damage Heavy Blaster Rifle (Pulse Charger, Scoped) +18 (3d10 + 14)
    Stoklhi Spray Stick +19 (3d6 + 9 Stun)
    Grenade Launcher +18 (2 frag, 1 stun, 1 ion)
    Heavy Blaster Pistol + 18 (3d8 + 5)

    Force Powers Known
    Battle Strike
    Force Stun
    Force Grip
    Move Object
    Negate Energy x2


    Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium)
    Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple and Heavy Weapons, Lightsabers)
    Weapon Focus (Blaster Rifles)
    Point Blank Range
    Force Sensitivity
    Skill Training (Use the Force)
    Force Training x2
    Martial Arts I
    Precise Shot
    Skill Focus (Use the Force)
    Double Attack

    Species Talents (Zabrak):
    +1 to all Defenses.
    Can reroll any perception check, must take result even if worse.

    Weapon Specialization (Blaster Rifles)
    Armored Defense
    Improved Armored Defense
    Harm's Way
    Attune Armor
    Battle Meditation
    Force Fortification

    Elite Trooper Class Feature

    Delay Damage

    Force Techniques
    Force Point Recovery

    Trained Skills:
    Endurance +14:(+6 +2 Con +5 Trained)
    Initiative +16:(+6 +4 Dex +5 Trained)
    Knowledge (Tactics) +13:(+6 +1 Int + 5 Trained)
    Perception +15:(+6 +3 Wis +5 Trained)
    Use the Force +19:(+6 +2 Cha + 5 Trained +5 Focus)

    Acrobatics +10:(+6 + 4 Dex)
    Climb +9:(+4 +3 Str)
    Deception +8:(+4 + 2 Cha)
    Gather Information +8:(+4 + 2 Cha)
    Jump +9:(+4 +3 Str)
    Mechanics +6:(+4)
    Persuasion +8:(+4 + 2 Cha)
    Pilot +10:(+4 + 4 Dex)
    Ride +10:(+4 + 4 Dex)
    Stealth +10:(+4 + 4 Dex)
    Survival +9:(+4 + 3 Wis)
    Swim +9:(+4 +3 Str)
    Treat Injury +9:(+4 + 3 Wis)
    Use Computer +6:(+4)

    Equipment: Krail 210 Personal Armor (Helmet package, Vacuum Seals, Liquid cable dispenser, Jet Pack, Protective Armor upgrade, Secret Compartment, Shockweb), Aquata Breather (350 cred), Utility Belt (3 day/food caps, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, commlink, liquid cable dispenser w/grappling hook). Stokli Spray Stick, All Temp Cloak (100 cred), Binder Cuffs (on noghri) (50 cred), Trangle's Lightsaber (in armor Secret Compartment). Heavy Blaster Pistol w/ hip holster. Inquisitor Draco's Lightsaber, HOLOCRON, 5 vials of stuff from Ossus.

    In storage on the Luck: Combat Jumpsuit, Blaster Rifle, Bounty Hunter Helmet

    Carrying Capacity: 49 kg
    Max Dex: +4
    Total Weight: kg
    Funds: 9,591 Credits

    Although not a man to start a fight unnecessarily, Kadrien will always finish one. Tall and with tough yellowish skin, his appearance is even more imposing thanks to the small horns that crown his head. His face has some light tattoo lines that he chose. They symbolize his silent but tough demeanor.

    Kadrien grew up on the rough world of Iridonia. An orphan in a major city, he learned early that the will to fight was the will to survive, but also that those who fought too much ended up inevitably losing. He created a philosophy of having no qualms of fighting when necessary, and he fought brutally when it was, but to avoid it when he could.

    Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t very often. He was raised in an orphanage that specialized in militancy and discipline. Arguments were often settled through arena style fighting. As such, Kadrien is personally very disciplined, but he fiercely holds on to his independence. As soon as he was old enough he left his home planet and never looked back. Again unfortunately for him, he realized that the only marketable skill he had was his combat abilities. To make ends meet, he’s reluctantly made a living for himself as mercenary.
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    -Loren Soth (LG Male Human Fighter 7/Paladin 3; Dragons on the River of Time)
    -Kadrien Soth (Zabrak Soldier 5/Jedi 2; Star Wars-Dawn of Defiance)
    -Victaria Grey (NG Female Cleric of Irori 5; Rise of the Runelords)

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    Alsia (Pall) Verza
    Medium, human (Female) Scout 14
    Age: 21, 1.8 m , 62 kg
    XP 92,500 (105,000) (Into the Sarlaac's Maw)
    Languages: Basic, Huttese, Sith, Rodese
    Init: +16 ; Senses: Perception +15

    STR: 12 (+1) (+1 level 8)
    DEX: 19 (+4) (+1 level 4) (+1 level 12)
    CON: 14 (+2) (+1 level 8)
    INT: 16 (+3)
    WIS: 17 (+3) (+1 level 4) (+1 level 12)
    CHA: 14 (+2)

    Speed: 6 squares
    Base Attack +10
    Destiny Points: 5
    Force Points: 15 (5+7 class + 3 feat)
    Dark Side Score: -1

    Fort: 29 [10 + 14 (level) + 1 (class) + 2 (Con) + 1 (flight suit) +1 (Feat]
    Ref: 31 [10 + 14 (level) + 2 (class) + 4 (Dex) + 1 (Feat)]
    Will: 28 [10 + 14 (level) + 0 (class) + 3 (Wis) + 1 (Feat)]

    Hit points (total) 123
    Damage Threshold: 29

    Special Combat Actions:

    Unarmed +11 (1D4+1)
    Lightsaber +11 (2d8+5+2+2 (destiny bonus)) crit 20

    Bryar Rifle +15 (3d8+7) or (4d8+7 w/ swift action build up)
    DX-2 Disruptor Pistol +14 (3d6+7) 1 shot every other round
    Stokhli Spray Stick (rifle) +15 (3d8+7) stun only + grapple or grab

    Force Powers:
    Mind Trick
    Force Lightning
    Sever Force
    Negate Energy

    Coordinate Attack
    Force Boon
    Force Sensitivity
    Force Training
    Improved Defenses
    Shake it Off
    Skill Focus (Use the Force)
    Skill Training (Acrobatics)
    Strong in the Force
    Weapon Finesse
    Weapon Focus (rifles)
    Weapon Proficiency (rifles)
    Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers)
    Weapon Proficiency (pistols)
    Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons)
    Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Weapons)
    Vehicular Combat

    Acute Senses
    Improved Initiative
    Uncanny Dodge I
    Uncanny Dodge II
    Damage Reduction 10
    Force Recovery

    Acrobatics +16: [7 + 4 (Dex) + 5 (Trained)]
    Climb: +7 [7 + 0 (Str) + 0 (untrained)]
    Deception: +9 [ + 2 (Cha) + 0 (untrained)]
    Endurance: +13 [7 + 1 (Con) + 5 (trained)]
    Gather Information: +9 [7 + 2 (Cha) + 0 (untrained)]
    Initiative: +16 [7 + 4 (Dex) + 5 (trained)]
    Jump: +7 [7 + 0 (Str) + 0 (untrained)]
    Knowledge (Galactic Lore): +15 [7 + 3 (Int) + 5 (trained)]
    Knowledge (Physical Sciences): +15 [7 + 3 (Int) + 5 (trained)]
    Knowledge (Untrained): +10 [7 + 3 (Int) + 0 (untrained)]
    Mechanics: +15 [7 + 3 (Int) + 5 (trained)]
    Perception: +15 [7 + 3 (Wis) + 5 (trained)]
    Persuasion: +9 [7 + 2 (Cha) + 0 (untrained)]
    Pilot: +16 [7 + 4 (Dex) + 5 (trained)]
    Ride: +11 [7 + 4 (Dex) + 0 (untrained)]
    Stealth: +16 [7 + 4 (Dex) + 5 (trained)]
    Survival: +15 [7 + 3 (Wis) + 5 (trained)]
    Swim: +10 [7 + 0 (Str) + 0 (untrained)]
    Treat Injury: +10 [7 + 3 (Wis) + 0 (untrained)]
    Use Computer: +10 [7 + 3 (Int) + 0 (untrained)]
    Use the Force: +20 [7 + 3 (Wis) + 5 (trained)+5 (skill focus)]

    credit chip
    comlink, long-range
    field kit (2 canteens w/ purifier, sunshield, weeks worth of rations, 2 glow rods, 2 breath masks w/ 24 filters, 12 atmo canisters, all-temp cloak)
    DX-2 Disruptor Pistol w/ spare power pack
    Bryar Rifle w/ spare power pack
    medpac x 3
    utility belt
    holster, concealed (for lightsaber)
    holster for pistol
    flight suit
    Stokhli Spray Stick
    Spray Stick canister
    laser trip mine
    2 x frag grenade

    Carrying Capacity: 60.5kg
    Total Weight: 25.7kg
    Funds: 3850

    Antarian Rangers: level 21 Ranger Captain: Once per encounter, a Ranger can make a Perception check as a swift action; aid to jedis is increased by 1.
    Character level +7
    Force-sensitive +1
    Has at least one level in the scout or soldier class +1
    Has the Coordinated Attack feat +1
    Has the Weapon Focus (rifles) feat +1
    Consistently travels in the company of a Jedi +1
    Completes a mission assigned by the Rangers +1
    Discovers a Jedi who survived Order 66 +2 (Thorla, Kenobi)
    Saves the life of a Jedi, or frees one from captivity +2 (Thorla)
    Kills a dark Jedi, Sith, or other dark sider (Draco, Soth) +4

    Gargantuan starfighter
    Init +7; Senses Perception +6
    Defenses Ref 25 (10+7+8) (flat-footed 12), Fort 27; +7 armor OR pilot hero level +14
    hp 110; DR 10; SR 15; Threshold 46
    Speed fly 16 squares (max. velocity 1,000 km/h)' fly 4 squares (starship scale)
    Laser cannons (pilot) Atk +10 (base) +2 (int) +2 (pilot weapon) +range, Dmg 5d10x2
    Medium concussion missiles (pilot) Atk +10 (base) +2 (int) +2 (pilot weapon) +range, Dmg 8d10x2, 2-square splash
    Fighting Space 4x4 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
    Base Atk +10; Grp +31
    Abilities Str 42, Dex 22, Con -, Int 16
    Skills Initiative +7, Mechanics +6, Perception +6, Pilot +7,
    Use Computer +6
    Crew 1 (skilled); Passengers 1
    Cargo 110 kg; Consumables 4 weeks; Carried Craft none
    Payload 3 medium concussion missiles
    Hyperdrive x2, navicomputer
    Availability Restricted; Cost 145,000 (65,000 used)


    Alsia is slightly taller than an average human female and in her early 20s with shoulder length brown hair, normally, pulled up into a pony tail. Her eyes are a royal blue color that are as hard as a glacier, and she often wears a black flight suit with matching blue accents when on the job. She has an athletic build and in down time wears loose fitting, workout clothes. However, when the occasion calls for it, she knows how to dress to impress as it is all part of the game to her. Her ancestral lightsaber is hidden at all times, while her pistol and rifle are on her hip and back, respectively, when there is work to be done. She is single minded and it doesn't bother her to get dirty and mix it up. She comes across aloof, independent and uncaring.


    Alsia (Pall) Verza’s story begins thousands of generations ago. She is a direct descendant of the very first Dark Lord of the Sith, Ajunta Pall. Those who know history of Revan, a jedi of the old republic and former Dark Lord of the Sith , know he redeemed Pall 3000 thousand years after his death. However, what is only known among the Pall line was the reason for the redemption. Immediately preceding Pall's fall, Pall and another jedi conceived a child. The mother went into hiding, ashamed of the banishment that was surely to follow from the jedi council. This was just one issue on the long list of grievances that Pall had with the jedi. Once Pall was established on Koriban, he sent for his consort, but she did not go to him. Rather, she accepted his protection amongst the true Sith people of Korriban, hiding the fact that she was a former jedi.

    Generations passed.

    The Pall line mingled with the Sith and eventually, when defeat looked inevitable, the remnants of the Pall clan left. Seeking shelter among the stars, the clan moved from planet to planet, and working as mercenaries or bodyguards; always hiding their secret. They fiercely kept their genealogy a secret lest it be exploited by one side or another. Some in the line were strong in the force, other were not, and yet all direct decedents of Pall were force sensitive. However, sometimes the ability to use force powers would skip several generations before reemerging in a youngling. None were jedi or sith. Eventually, after untold generations, the Sith was breed out of them, for their own sakes. Like all of her kind, she is force sensitive, but showed no further signs. As was handed down from generation to generation, she carries and knows how to use the lightsaber that once belonged to Pall's jedi companion. She had been taught as part of her heritage to use the weapon, though she would rather trust in her blaster. The blade of the lightsaber is royal blue, like Alsia's eyes.

    Shortly after her 17th birthday, her family travelled to Antar 4. Her father prophesied that a great conflict was coming and wanted her to be prepared for it. On Antar 4, after months of back alley deals and shady contacts, they made contact with the Antarian Rangers. Order 66 was as lethal to rangers as it was to Jedi, and, ostensibly, the rangers had disbanded. Nevertheless, she was accepted into the Rangers. She already had an impressive array of skills due to the life she had lived but the rangers were able to hone her into a more effective tool. Shortly after her initial training was complete she was sent to Corellia to serve under Garm Bel Iblis. That was the last time she saw her parents, who had told her that they were returning to the planet of their forefathers, Korriban. On Corellia, She quickly moved up the ranks due to both her instincts and the lack of competition, as the Ranger ranks had been thinned drastically. Upon the day of her achieving the rank of luitenant, Iblis gave her a special assignment, one in which the Antarian Rangers were created. Irbil noted that it was time for the rangers to resume their primary mission.
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