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Thread: DungeonManor Productions presents "The McDungeonmaster's Saga" (Character Sheets)

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    Default DungeonManor Productions presents "The McDungeonmaster's Saga" (Character Sheets)

    This will be an invite only thread, using Pathfinder rules to play a Pathfinder adventure.

    I run blindly through the madhouse ... And I cannot even pray ... For I have no God.
    ― Grant Morrison, Batman: Arkham Asylum


    Character sheet format:
    Do not post alignment! Send to me in a private message.
    Hit points
    Armor class
    Gear (with weight)
    Character traits
    Class features
    Spells (if any)
    Mounts/animal companions (if any)
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    "All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination."

    Carl Jung

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    Default Nirmathas

    Nirmathas flag.jpg

    Nirmathas (pronounced NEAR-math-ehs) is a struggling country that only recently freed itself from the grasp of the imperialistic nation of Molthune, which continues to try to reclaim it. The people of Nirmathas are proud of their freedom, liberty, and self-sufficiency. They are continually on guard for incursions by their southern border.



    The government of Nirmathas is fairly informal: there is no strong, central government, and most decisions are handled at the local level. This local governance varies from village to village, town to town, creating a chaotic patchwork of laws, traditions, and procedures. The people of Nirmathas may not have much in common, but there is one trait they all share: their dislike of a regimented bureaucracy like the one that was forced upon them first by the Empire of Cheliax and then by its successor, Molthune. Nirmathas's only authority figure is the commander of its military: Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk. A new Forest Marshall is elected every four years by prominent leaders and soldiers.



    Nirmathas lies on the western shores of Lake Encarthan, one of Avistan's largest bodies of fresh water. As a nation, Nirmathas is surrounded by enemies: to its south lies Molthune, its parent nation and the country that Nirmathas has unofficially been at war with since its creation. To its west, along with Varisia, lies Nidal, the home of fell shadow beasts and the foul aristocracy that commands them. To the north lies the orc-infested Hold of Belkzen; it inhabitants' warlike ways are a constant threat to lasting peace.
    Nirmathas does have one friendly neighbour: the kingdom of Lastwall at its northern border. Both countries share a respect for one other, and though they do not give each other direct military aid (as Lastwall is also an ally of Molthune), they both share a common enemy in the orcs of Belkzen.

    Fantasy Horde - Villagers.jpg


    The inhabitants of Nirmathas are primarily human, though they tend to judge a creature on its actions rather than its race. The people of Nirmathas are renowned for their love of individual freedom and hatred of bureaucratic meddling and repression, putting them at odds with the two nations that have previously conquered them. The people are generally independent and self-reliant, even within the cities, where such traits are less necessary. This independent attitude does have its drawbacks: Nirmathas effectively functions without a higher government, with each town and village running it own affairs.
    The real problem with this is the military, for it can be very hard to run an army of free spirits. While the Forest Marshal does an admirable job of coordination, his battle plans often go awry when different groups decide they have a better plan. Much of the army is made up of bands of Nirmathi men who wander town to town fighting injustice, and who view themselves as the embodiment of Nirmathas's free-spirited attitude.
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    "All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination."

    Carl Jung

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    Default Carmody Brackenridge

    Carmody Brackenridge

    Female Half-elf Ranger Level 1

    Hit points 10

    Initiative +3

    • Strength 10
      Dexterity 16
      Constitution 11
      Intelligence 14
      Wisdom 13
      Charisma 18

    Armor class 15, Touch 13, Flat-footed 12

    Fottitude +2
    Reflex +5
    Will +1

    BAB +1 /CMB +1 /CMD +14

    Languages: Common and Elven

    Acrobatics +3
    Appraise +2
    Bluff +4
    Diplomacy +8
    Disguise +4
    Escape Artist +3
    Fly +3
    Gather Information +6
    Handle Animal +13
    Heal +5
    Intimidate +4
    Knowledge Geography +6
    Knowledge Local +7
    Knowledge Nature +6
    Perception +6
    Ride +9
    Sense Motive +1
    Stealth +7
    Survival +5

    Proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields)

    Short Sword

    Armor : Leather

    Gear (with weight)
    Weapon/Armor 19 lbs
    Arrows 3 lbs
    Backpack 2 lbs
    Bedroll 5 lbs
    Flint & Steel
    Mirror .5 lbs
    Signal Whistle
    Healer KIt

    Feats: Skill Focus Handle Animal (bonus for being Half Elf), Animal Affinity

    Character traits
    Helpful (Combat)
    You always know the best way to assist your companions, be it assisting them with a task, defending them in battle, or helping them place a well-aimed strike.

    Benefit(s): When using the aid another action, you grant your ally a +3 bonus instead of a +2 bonus.

    Friend in Every Town
    You have no problem making friends and learning information from them wherever you go.

    Benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus on all Knowledge (local) checks and Diplomacy checks. One of these skills (Knowledge Local) is always a class skill for you.

    Class features
    Favored Enemy : Animal
    Wild Empathy

    She lives with her "parents" who are both human, and her six human brothers, on a horse farm in the outlying area of Kassen. She was born in some faraway city, but doesn't remember that. They have lived in Kassen for twenty years, since the birth of her first brother.
    Carmody loves her horses, and ponies, and goats. She also loves to shoot predators with her little bow and arrow, and sometimes deer and squirrel. Possums too, and sometimes even raccoons, if she can't talk them out of their mischief first.


She loves her family, her town, and in some heartbreakingly abstract way, her country Nirmithas. If Kassen has a 4H club, she is in it, and has been president at least three times. At the fair her goats won best of show, her cheese got an honorable mention, and she got a gold medal in horse jumping. 
Carmody befriends everyone she meets, pretty much. She is always there with a helping hand. There was this one time when she solved two problems at once by catching the fox that had been raiding Misha's henhouse, and then made it into a warm sack for Sansa's baby, when she was 15. The militia like her since she took out that orc scout with her bow. It was scary and hard to watch the thing die, and it haunts her to this day. She doesn't have much experience dating, because she has six brothers ranging in age from twenty to nine. They tend to treat her like a child, even though she can outshoot every one of them. That's okay, because it gives her time to visit with the neighbors, and tend to things, and ride her favorite pony.
    BUT, she yearns to see the world, maybe go someplace where they don't have orcs.

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    Default Maarinya Ond

    Maarinya Ond
    Female Undine Monk (Zen Archer) 1

    Hit points 10

    Initiative +3


    Strength 10
    Dexterity 16
    Constitution 15
    Intelligence 9
    Wisdom 20
    Charisma 9

    AC 19, Touch 19, Fl 15

    Fottitude +4
    Reflex +6
    Will +7
    BAB +0 /CMB +0 /CMD +19/16 Fl

    Languages: Common and Aquan

    Acrobatics +7
    Appraise -1
    Bluff -1
    Climb +9
    Diplomacy -1
    Disguise -1
    Escape Artist +3
    Fly +3
    Handle Animal
    Heal +5
    Intimidate -1
    Perception +9
    Ride +3
    Sense Motive +5
    Stealth +7
    Survival +5
    Swim +8
    monk weapons, bows


    longbow +3/1d8; 40 arrows
    Ranged Flurry: +2/+2, 1d8

    10 shuriken +3/1d2

    hands +0/1d6

    Total Weight Carried: 23.42/100lbs, Light Load
    (Light: 33 lbs, Medium: 66 lbs, Heavy: 100 lbs)

    Arrows x40 0.15 lbs
    Belt pouch (5 @ 1.42 lbs) 0.5 lbs
    Chalk <In: Belt pouch (5 @ 1.42 lbs)> -
    Flint and steel <In: Belt pouch (5 @ 1.42 lbs)> -
    Longbow 3 lbs
    Marbles 2 lbs
    Money <In: Belt pouch (5 @ 1.42 lbs)> 1.42 lbs
    Monk's outfit (Free) -
    Paper candle firework x2 <In: Belt pouch (5 @ 1.42 lbs)> -
    Shuriken x10 0.1 lbs
    Tindertwig x10 -
    Trail rations x5 <In: Waterproof bag (5 @ 5 lbs)> 1 lb
    Waterproof bag (5 @ 5 lbs) 0.5 lbs
    Waterskin 4 lbs
    Weapon cord

    Armor : NA


    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Monk Weapon Proficiencies
    Perfect Strike (2d20) (1/day)
    Precise Shot

    Character traits

    Deft Dodger=+1 to reflex saves
    Wisdom in the Flesh (Climb)=wisdom bonus for climb skill
    Class features

    AC Bonus +5
    Breath Weapon (5-ft cone, 1d4 acid & sickened, Ref DC 12) Ooze Breath
    Darkvision 60ft
    Flesh Chameleon
    Flurry of Blows -1/-1 (Ex)
    Hydrated Vitality (2 HP/day)
    Swimming (30 feet)
    Unarmed Strike (1d6)

    blue eyes
    turquoise skin
    turquoise hair
    5'7" 155lbs

    Maarinya Ond is searching for questions.

    The Undine of Avistan have always been there, although they have migrated from water source to water source over the centuries. Many human settlements tend to forget the Undine due to the humans' much shorter life span and the Undine's roaming habits. Like many other Undine, Maarinya migrated north during the time the Cheliax/Molthune regiemes had their hold on Nirmathas.

    When word spread north that the Molthune's rule was near its end, Maarinya and several of her cousins headed south again to search for their grandparents, who had opted to stay behind during the invasion, saying “These pesky human conflicts do not concern us, if they come near our settlement, we will move on, as always.”

    When the group of cousins arrived to the lake their forefathers had refused to leave, they barely recognized the landscape. An entire regiment of Molthunian soldiers had built a permanent settlement on the lake edge, and had subjugated the nearby human and Undine villagers to farm and fish for them. The village had been torched as the soldiers withdrew, and no survivors could be found, only burned bodies of various races. The cousins camped on the lake edge that night, trying to decide what to do next by the light of the smoldering embers of a boat dock.

    A bandit gang of former Molthunian soldiers came upon them in the night, killing most of the travelers in their sleep. Maarinya and her brother survived only because they slept closest to the water. When they tried to fight back, the soldiers began beating her brother senseless. In her desperation, she tried to pick up her brother's bow, although she had never fired an arrow in her life. She nocked the only unbroken arrow and let it fly-it stuck into the ground at the nearest soldier's feet as he laughed and cut her brother down. Another soldier knocked her senseless with a blow from a club, and thinking her dead, tossed her body into the water.

    When she awoke the next day, she had floated far away from shore. She gave thanks to the gods for sparing her life, and dedicated the rest of her life to perfecting the way of the bow. She has now returned to the shores of her youth, hoping to find questions to the answers she has found.
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