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    -Encounter 1: Ran into 6 Hobgoblins with 1 Leader Hobgoblin on pony ('Fewmaster Toede'); Leader runs off at the start; other 6 Hobgoblins attack party and all are defeated

    -Loot: 70 ip; ?Scimitars

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    I kinda forgot about this thread; sorry!

    Other encounters:

    -The Inn encounter/'fight' with Hederik the High Theocrat and mysterious old man that led to being chased by Guardsmen out of town; learning that the Staff needs to go to Xax Tsaroth and of course; Vale joining the party

    -On the plains; the sight of a camp fire of hundreds perhaps thousands of organized beings; meaning an Army of some kind has come to Abanasinia

    -Coming to the destroyed village of Que-Shu. Much of the village had been burnt; even stone had been burnt. A couple of head Hobgoblins were found hanging from a post with a sign explaining that they had been executed for taking prisoners against the orders of someone named 'Verminaard'. Casualty estimates were about 150 out of perhaps 300 villagers. The fate of the other Plainsmen remains unknown.

    -Into the swamp; a Giant Snake attempted to make a meal out of Thorn; this did not work out too well for it; but it survived and fled the scene.

    -While crossing a narrow vine bridge; two types of lizard-like humanoids and a half dozen goblins wielding poisoned javelins attack the heroes. The larger of the two types of humanoids are discovered to have the ability to cast spells; and between Web spells and poisoned javelins the party is captured

    -While captured; a wicker statue of a Black Dragon is seen at the camp of these organized bad guys and much is learned. The Lizard-like men are called 'Draconians'; with the smaller ones called 'Baaz' and the larger spell-using ones called 'Bozaks'. The Bozaks seem to be the leaders and they do not speak the same language as the Baaz; speaking to each other in Common. The Baaz are discovered to turn into stone upon being killed; sometimes trapping the weapon that killed them in the process. After a short time though; the statues crumble to dust; freeing any trapped weapon. It is unknown what happens when a Boazk is killed.

    -In the middle of the night; with most of the camp asleep; a breakout is made with the enemy waking up half-way into it. Vale puts some to sleep with a spell; and battle is joined. 10 goblins are defeated (5 that were put to sleep are left gagged and tied up); as are 2 Baaz draconians. The single Bozak draconian that was still in camp; turned Invisible via magic and fled with the party in pursuit.


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