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    Can you blame your father and I? I mean...


    Now THAT's a proper sheila! Get it? Sheila. That's her middle name...oh, never mind...

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    Player: Brett
    Class: Ranger
    Alignment: NG
    Race: Human
    Level: 6
    Experience: 85,000
    Sex: M Height: 6' 3" Weight: 240 lbs
    Hair: Blonde/Gray Eyes: Green Age: 53
    Deity: Social Class: Hermit

    STR: 11
    DEX: 16 -2 to AC, +1 to hit with Missile Weapons
    CON: 15 +1 hp a level
    WIS: 15
    INT: 10
    CHA: 9

    HP: 40 / 36
    AC: 5 / 7 from behind

    Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Troll
    Favored Enemy: Trolls (+2 to hit and damage when in combat with Trolls)
    Special Abilities: Tracking; Hide in Shadows (outside): 37% Move Silently (outside): 47%, Can fight with 2 melee weapons with no penalties while wearing Studded Leather Armor or less, Druid Spells at 8th Level, Animal Calming

    Weapon Proficiencies: Staff; Long Bow; Hand Axe; Dagger

    Armor: Studded Leather

    Equipment: Quarterstaff +2, Long Bow, Quiver w/18 arrows, 6 +1 Arrows, Hand Axe, Dagger, Hooded Cloak, Pack, Flint & Steel, Rope 50', Fishing Hooks & Line, Waterskin, Weeks worth of Rations; Sunbeam (Dagger +3, deal double damage to Undead, 1/day can use 'Sunbeam' power: 3d12 damage to any Undead caught in the 60 foot long, 10 foot wide beam; also has to make a Save or be Blinded for 1d12 rounds; 1/day it can provide Invibility 10' radius to Undead power once a day which lasts for 1d4 hours)

    Money: 50 steel pieces


    Rough, by anyone's reckoning, was born in the woods. He had been wandering the forests and mountains since he could walk. He had been raised by his foster family, a band of fur tradesman and fishermen. He had a true free range childhood, and knew the ins and outs of every corner of the wilderness from solace to the borders of Qualinesti, and all the way to the mountains of Pax Tharkas before he was even considered a man. Ever a man of the wood he spent most of this young life carrying on the traditions of hunting and fishing for a living he had learned. A reputation was hard earned for being a shrewd but fair dealer, and his word earned him favor among the local peoples when he came into town. He acted as a guide, a hunter, and part time trader as he went from town to town selling and trading what the wilderness provided. He lead a life of peace and the solitude suited him just fine. That is not to say he didn't have friends, it just took a special kind of person to get along with him. He has friends that were Human, Qualinesti Elven, and Dwarven, in almost every case they too were rangers and traders who ventured out into the same paths he himself traveled. It was some years ago that he was with a trio of his friends, elven rangers he had met up with on their way to Solace to trade in furs as he was. Happy to be with friends they had ventured into town together when one of the leaders of the Seeker religion accosted them. "Solace and the Gods had no room for vagabonds and elven heathens!" Rough immediately stood up for his friends, and the Seekers only used it as an excuse to rouse the gathering crowd into a fight. By the time it was over he had earned a few new scares, not the least of which coursed down the right side of his face, alarmingly close to his eye. He angrily swore off society all together and has yet to return to Solace. He lives now as a hermit in the mountains, though he still ranges the lands practicing his trade of hunting and trading between the Qualinesti and the Dwarves at appointed gatherings or when he happens upon them in his wanderings. Most of his days are split between equal parts of surviving the wilderness, practicing his trade, and meditating on the growing sense that there is indeed a greater presence in the wilderness that he dares to say is godlike, but knows beyond doubt that it is not the gods the Seekers preach about. As he begins to enter into the later half of his life, and his body is starting to slow, he finds himself becoming more and more rooted in this realization.
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    Stats for the Deceased PC Yur:

    Yuri (short for You'regoingtohavetositdownaspelltolistentomyfamily slongandextensivehistory...)

    Player: Bill Anderson
    Race/Gender: Minoi Gnome, Male
    Hair/ Eyes: Brown, Brown
    Height/Weight: 3ft 8in, 83 lbs
    Age: 92
    Class/Level: Tinker 6 (Mate 2nd Class)
    Guild: Transportion
    Lifequest: Build a rocket propelled vessel to the planet, Reorx.
    Home: Mount Nevermind, Sancrist.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    XP: 25,000
    Next: 40,000

    STR: 17 +1 Hit/+1 Dmg, OD:1-3, BB:13%
    INT: 15 Lang:4
    WIS: 7 MAA:-1
    DEX: 17 +2 React/Att -3 DA
    CON: 16 HP+2, SS:95%, RS:96%
    CHA: 8 Hench: 3, LB:-5%, RA:0

    Hit Points: 36/
    Hit Point Roll History: 3, 3, 4, 1, 4, 4, 3
    Armor Class: 3 / 5
    Armor Type: Leather Armor, Buckler +1

    Weapon Prof:

    Hammer (+1 to hit and damage in Melee; +2 to hit and +1 to Damage if thrown)
    Light Crossbow (+2 to Hit; damage special)

    Langs: Gnome, Common, Solamnic, +2 more

    Class Features:
    Creation of Gnome Devices (page 22-26 DLA)
    Use any Weapons or Armor.
    Save as Clerics and Use Magic-Users Combat Chart (Based on errata in Time of the Dragon Rule Book, page 4)
    +10% XP Bonus if Int at least 15

    Racial Abilities:
    Magic Resistance: +4 to saving throws versus magic wands, staff, rods, and spells.

    Gnomes have infravision, the ability to see into the infrared spectrum, so a gnome character is able to see up to 60' in the dark, noting varying heat radiation.

    Being miners of exceptional merit, gnomes are able to detect the following facts when within 10' of the area to be examined, or at any time with respect to determination of their approximate depth underground:
    Detect grade or slope in passage 80% probability
    upwards or downwards (d10, score 1-8)
    Detect unsafe walls, 70% probability
    ceilings, or floors (d10, score 1-7)
    Determine approximate 60% probability
    depth underground (d10, score 1-6)
    Determine direction of 50% probability
    travel underground (d10, score 1-5)

    In melee combat, gnome characters add 1 to their dice rolls to hit opponents who are goblins.

    When being attacked by Ogres, Trolls, Ogre magi, or Giants gnome characters
    subtract 4 from their opponents' "to hit" dice rolls because of the gnomes' small size and their combat skill against these much bigger creatures.


    Leather Armor
    Boots (low, hard)
    Belt pouches (1 large, 1 small)
    War Hammer (1d6 damage; range: 10/20/30)
    Quiver w 20 bolts
    Light Crossbow (Special: V.E.C.T.O.R. crossbow)
    Tinder Box
    Buckler +1
    Iron rations (1 week)


    Steel (sp): 24
    Iron (ip): 12

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    SIR GERALD DOORNE; Knight of the Crown

    Human Male from Solace
    Class: Fighter
    Level: 5
    XP: 20,000
    Alignment: LN
    Age: 34
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue/Green


    STR: 17 (+1 to hit and damage with melee weapons)
    INT: 10
    WIS: 11
    DEX: 15 (-1 to AC)
    CON: 16 (+2 hp a level)
    CHA: 9

    Armor Class: 5 (Studded Leather, Shield, DEX 15)
    Hit Points: 39 / 27

    Languages: Common, Goblin

    Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (Specialized: +1 to hit and +2 to damage), Dagger, Spear, Shortbow, Battle Axe

    Total Combat bonuses: +2 to hit and +3 to Damage with Longsword; +1 to hit and +1 to Damage with all other Melee Weapons

    Equipment: Studded Leather Armor; Shield, Longsword, Dagger, Shortbow, Quiver w/24 arrows, pack, tinderbox, 6 torches, rope 50', waterskin, parchment showing proof of being made a Squire and then a Knight of the Crown in the Order of Solamnic Knights by Sir Gavin uth Kellin; Knight of the Sword

    Money: 10 Steel Pieces

    Background: Born and raised in Solace, former Mercenary until he married. After an injury while guarding a merchant caravan rendered his sword arm useless, Gerald started drinking and a deep depression set in. His wife died in the attack on Solace, while he was passed out in a ditch after another night of heaving drinking; be blames himself for his wife's death.
    While prisoner in Pax Tharkas, he met the Solamnic Knight Gavin, who taught him the Code and the Measure. After he was miraculously healed (Elistan), he has devoted his life to becoming a Solamnic Knight and redeeming himself.
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