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    This thread will have the stats for the PCs; Thorn, Yuri, Garth, etc.

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    Thorn Stoneshield

    Class: Fighter
    Alignment: LG
    Race: Mountain Dwarf
    Level: 7
    Experience: 85,000
    Sex:M Height: 3' 9.5" Weight: 169Lb
    Hair: black Eyes: brown Age: 53 (21 equivalent)
    Deity: Reorx Social Class: Middle Lower

    HP: 40 / 26
    AC: 1/2 (Plate Mail+1 armor & Buckler Shield)
    Current Move: 8
    Current Encumbrance: 849

    STR: 16 Hit Adj 0 Dam Adj +1 Wt Adj +350 OD 1-3 BB/LG 10%
    INT: 7 Add Langs 0
    WIS: 7 Mental Save -1
    DEX: 13 Sur Adj 0 Missile ADJ 0 Defense Adj 0
    CON: 15 HP Adj +1Sys Shock 91%Res Sur 94%
    CHA: 10 Max # Hench 4 Loyalty 0 React Adj 0 COM Adj 0

    Weapon Proficiencies
    Light crossbow (Specialized: +1 to Hit and Damage with this weapon)
    Light mace
    Short Sword
    Hand Axe

    Special Abilities
    +4 Save bonus vs Magic, Wand/Staff/Rod
    +4 save bonus vs Poison
    Infravision 60'
    Can make 2 melee attacks in 1 round; Missile weapons still use ROF
    Melee +1 to hit Goblin, Hobgoblin, Slig
    Giant, Ogre, Troll, Ogre-magi -4 to hit me.

    Within 10'
    Detect Slope/Grade 1-3/d4
    Detect new passage/construction 1-3/d4
    Detect sliding/shifting Wall/Room 1-4/d6
    Detect Stonework Trap/pitfall/falling block 1-3/d6
    Detect approx. Depth underground 1-3/d6

    Plate Mail +1
    small helm
    buckler shield 30

    Weapon Enc # of Attacks To Hit To Dam Damage Special
    Light crossbow 50 1 +1 +1 1d6+1
    Light mace 50 1 0 +1 1d6
    Dagger 10 1 or 2/1 0 +1 1d4
    Hand Axe +1 Dwarven Thrower (+3 to hit and double damage when thrown, returns to hand)

    Money: SP: 53 IP: 8 BP: 1

    Item enc
    2 quivers (score each) 30
    31 bolts
    3 bolts +1
    backpack 20
    1 week ration 75
    waterskin 50(5 empty)
    Tinderbox/flint&steel 2
    large belt pouch 10
    high hard boot
    cloak 25 (50 folded)
    3 Torches 75
    large sack 20
    Keys of Nuitari

    Hp/level: 5; 11, 2, 2, 4, 7, 9
    Language spoken: Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Goblin, Ogre, Troll + 2 more

    Background: Hails from the Mountain Dwarf nation of Kaolyn bordering Solamnia and Lemish. Often worked as a border guard and in this capacity met some of the friendly humans of Solamnia and some of the not-so-friendly ones from Lemish. He also got to know the young Garth Blackwood and instantly liked the hero-in-the-making. Eventually, some of the Elders of Kaolyn came to him with the proposition of heading south across the New Sea to see if anything could be found of the long lost Mountain Dwarf nation of Thorbardin; of which Kaolyn was a colony in the years before the Catacylsm. Accepting the quest, Thorn set out to cross the New Sea and young Garth; who by now was a Squire in the Knights of Solamnia ranks; accompanied him; as part of a final test to qualify for Knighthood. Along the way, they met Maxavel and Yuri…..and the adventurers continued on from there
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    Elven Male from Qualinesti
    Class: Fighter/Magic User
    Level: 5 / 5
    XP: 27,500 / 27,500
    Alignment: NG
    Age: 112 (22 human equivalent)
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Green


    STR: 13
    INT: 15 (1 bonus First Level Spell can be memorized and cast each day)
    WIS: 10
    DEX: 16 (-2 to AC; +1 to hit with missile weapons)
    CON: 15 (+1 hp a level)
    CHA: 13

    Armor Class: 3 (Elven Chainmail & DEX 16)
    Hit Points: 31 / 22

    Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin, Ogre, Ergothic

    Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword, Shortbow (Specialized: +1 to hit and damage), Dagger, Spear, Rapier

    Elven Bonuses: +1 to hit with Longsword and Bows; Infravision; Immunity to Ghoul Paralysis; Find Secret Doors on 1-2 on d6; 90% resistant to Sleep and Charm spells

    Total Combat bonuses: +2 to hit and +1 to Damage with Longsword; +3 to hit and +1 to Damage with Shortbow

    Equipment: Elven Chainmail armor; Longsword +1, Shortbow, Quiver with 18 normal arrows & 4 +1 arrows, Dagger, Belt with scabbards for sword and dagger, Backpack with Spellbook, Tinderbox, 1 wks Rations, waterskin and vial of ink and 5 sheets of parchment; Identifier Wand (16 charges remaining)

    Money: 100 Steel Pieces

    Spells in Spellbook:

    First Level: Burning Hands; Read Magic; Detect Magic; Feather Fall; Sleep
    Second Level: Levitate; Web; Wizard Lock; Knock; Mirrior Image
    Third Level: Fly; Phantasmal Force

    Can currently cast 5 First Level, 2 Second Level, and 1 Third Level spells a day

    Currently carrying: 2 Belt Pouches with spell components for 12 Low Level (1st-3rd) spells; 5 Mid-Level spells (4th-6th)

    Current Memorized Spells:

    First: Burning Hands x2, Detect Magic, Sleep

    Second: Knock

    Third: Phantasmal Force

    Background: Born the second child to the Speaker of the Suns in Qualinesti; Gilthanas has led a mostly charmed life as an Elven Prince with his
    serious older brother Porthios reveling in his role as Heir to the nation and his beautiful younger sister Laurana mostly serving as
    a friendly, charming and slightly spoiled little sister and aide to their father. His mother died soon after Laurana's birth and this
    greatly saddened him and caused him to act out by 'running away' from the royal family and entourage as a young elfling and it
    was during this time that he befriended a commoner elf by the name of Valentheran. The two became quite close and it wasn't
    until many decades later, when his sister began to go through the changes of becoming an adult Elven woman vice an elfling; that
    the two had a falling out. Laurana became romantically interested in Valentheran; though he claimed not to be interested in her.
    For all of their friendship though; Gilthanas could not reconcile his head around the idea of his sister with a commoner and this led
    to a major falling out between the two. It wasn't long after that that Valentheran left Qualinesti for some time. Gilthanas had in the
    meantime grown up to be a solid warrior; good with a sword and even better with a Bow; and he had also dabbled in the magical
    arts; learning how to cast spells effectively. With the gift of an inherited suit of elven forged chain mail and an enchanted blade;
    Gilthanas went on several expeditions to fight off incursions of Goblins or the rare Ogre. It is only recently however that a true
    threat to his nation and people has arisen; the terrible Red Wing of the Dragon Army….
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    Sir Garth Blackwood; Knight of the Crown (Currently NPC on a seperate mission)

    Human male Paladin from Solamnia
    Level 6
    XP: 85,000
    Alignment: LG
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Age: 19


    STR: 17 (+1/+1) WA: 500lbs. OD: 1-3 BB/LG: 13%
    INT: 10 Lang: 2
    WIS: 11 Save Bonus: 0
    DEX: 11 React/Att: 0 Def: 0
    CON: 14
    CHA: 17

    Armor Class: 3 (Banded Mail & Shield)
    [I]Hit Points: 38 /

    PPD: 13 PP: 14 RSW: 15 BW: 16 Spell: 16

    Secondary Skill: Woodworker/cabinetmaker

    Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword, Broadsword, Flail, Light Lance

    Languages: Common, Solamnic

    Equipment: Banded Mail; Broadsword +2; Steel Shield; Flail; Belt; Boots high, hard; Cloak;
    Backpack, Flint & Steel; Torch x 3; Waterskin; 1 week rations; 2 belt pouches;
    Lantern, hooded; Flask of oil x 2; Note of confirmation of Knighthood signed and sealed by
    Sir Gavin uth Kallin, Knight of the Sword

    Magic Item: Ring of Warmth

    Money: 62 steel pieces

    Paladin Special Abilities: Detect Evil 60' range at will (takes 1 round); All Evil aligned creatures -2 to Hit Garth; +2 on all Saving Throws; Lay on Hands 1/day to heal one person (can include self) 2 HPs per Paladin level (12 hps currently); Immune to all Diseases; Can Cure Disease in 2 people a week per 5 Paladin levels; Can Turn Undead as a Cleric 2 levels lower than current level (currently can turn undead as a 4th Level Cleric); More abilities to come in time

    Background: Born to a poor family of Solamnic farmers near the Garnet Mountains, Garth grew up hearing tales from his Grandfather about how HIS grandfather had been a dashing Solamnic knight, fighting for good and justice in a bygone-era. Though his parents told him such stories were nothing to be proud of since the Knights had fallen into disrepute; young Garth ate them up like food. He wanted NOTHING more than to one day be a shining, heroic Knight like his ancestors. He was a good lad though and helped out on the farm as best he could; growing to be big and strong and his handsome and honest nature made him well-liked by everyone in the sparsely populated region. His family was one of many that traded foodstuffs to the nearby Dwarves of Kaolyn in the Garnet mountains for metal-worked items such as weapons, farm equipment and the like and the young man grew to be quite friendly with several of the normally stoic Dwarves who liked him despite themselves. One of these Dwarves was a warrior by the name of Thorn Stoneshield. As Garth grew to be a teenager, his size and courage were noticed by the local militia leader who trained him in the arts of war. Garth became quite adapt at using weapons and a few skirmishes with bands of brigands and goblins saw that the young man did indeed have the makeup of an honorable warrior. A stranger passing through in the company of the Dwarven warrior Thorn Stoneshiled noticed the young man's bearing and he told him in secrecy that he was a passing Knight of Solamnia, by the name of Drang Silverspear. He had been summoned to a meeting of the Knights in thier secret fortress to the West; but he told Garth of the Oath and Measure and he swore him in as a Squire. Thorn had been sent on a mission to cross the New Sea to search for the long-lost Dwarven nation of Thorbardin and if it could be found, to establish ties between the Dwarven nation of Kaolyn and the ancient Dwarven state. If Garth accompianed him throughout the mission and conducted himself well, then when next they met; he would be made a Knight. Blackwood eagerly agreed and the young man and the Dwarf soon set off on thier quest, eventually coming into contact with an Ergothic woman by the name of Maxavel and a Gnome by the name of Yuri….
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    Maxavel "Max" Lar Vhon

    Human Female from Northern Ergoth
    Class: Cleric (of Mishakal)
    Level: 7
    XP: 85,000
    Alignment: NG
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 133 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown


    STR: 11
    INT: 12
    WIS: 17
    DEX: 17
    CON: 15
    CHA: 12

    Armor Class: 4 (Studded Leather Armor & DEX 17)
    Hit Points: 34 / 29

    Languages: Common, Ergothic, Goblin, Solamnic

    Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff, Sling, Heavy Mace

    Equipment: Studded Leather Armor, Heavy Mace, Sling & 15 sling bullets, 4 belt pouches, Pants, Boots (Low & Soft), Backpack, Iron Rations, Waterskin, 6 Torches, Tinderbox, Bundle of healing herbs, needles and bandages, Staff +1/Healing (1d6+3 hps), Medallion of Faith: Mishakal, Disks of Mishakal; Bag of Holding; 4 Sling Bullets of Bursting (+1 to hit; 3d4 damage; one-time use each); Sack of Holding; 2 Miniature Automaton Figures

    Money: 22 Steel Pieces; Numerous gems worth approx. 1,000 Steel Pieces (in Bag of Holding)

    Total Spells that can be Memorized: 5 First Level, 5 Second Level, 3 Third Level, 1 Fourth Level a day

    Current Memorized Spells:

    lv1(5): detect magic, CLW x3, light,

    lv2(5): speak animals, slow poison, silence 15' x2

    lv3(3): dispel magic, continual light, create food

    lv4(1): cure serious wounds

    Clerical Special Abilities: Can Turn Undead, All Healing Spells cast by Maxavel heal an additional +2 HPs (i.e. a Cure Light Wounds spell would cure 1d8+2 points)

    Background: Born in a small village near Gwynned in Northern Ergoth, Maxavel was the second and youngest child in a close-knit, very loving family of fisherman. She grew up with a love of learning how to heal and treat people and animals and people's wounds and illnesses and was in general a very wise and kind child who was much adored by just about all who knew her. When she was 14 tragedy struck in the form of a plague that ravaged her hometown and took away more than two thirds of the people in the village; including her parents and older brother. This devastated the young Max; though she HAD been able to help save the lives of a few of her fellow villagers. Her only remaining family that she knew of was her cousin Carvilon; who was a sailor on a merchant ship out of Gwynned. He took her onboard and she soon became a sailor; helping out wherever she could and especially valued because of her healing abilities and wise nature. She had become quite a sad and serious person though and would only rarely smile and lighten up; though everyone enjoyed it when she did. Recently; she has received a vision from an unearthly beautiful 'Goddess'; who has directed her to follow her strange new companions to a land in the south. She is starting to warm up to the young but exceedingly charming and brave Squire Garth Blackwood and his friend; the Dwarf Thorn Stoneshield. She is rather baffled but amused by the Gnome who quite literally fell out of the sky to join the group; Yuri. She is quietly excited at the prospect of finally learning about the 'Goddess' she has believed in all her life; much to the worry of her cousin....
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    Valentheran "Vale" Greentree

    Male Elf from Qualinesti
    Class: Thief/Mage
    Levels: 7/6
    XP: 42,500 / 42,500
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 112 (22 equivalent)
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 124 lbs


    STR: 9
    INT: 16 1 Bonus 1st level Spell a day, 1 Bonus 2nd level Spell a day
    WIS: 11
    DEX: 17 -3 to AC, +2 to Hit with Missile Wpns
    CON: 15 +1 HP a level
    CHA: 11

    Languages: Elven, Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Kenderspeak, Ogre

    Armor Class: 3 (Bracers of Defense AC 8, Cloak of Protection +2, DEX 17)
    Hit Points: 25 /

    Weapon Proficiencies: Rapier, Dagger, Dart

    Equipment: Hooded Cloak, Boots (high, soft), 4 Belt Pouches, 2 Spellbooks, Kith-Kanan's Rapier, Dagger, 12 Darts, Backpack, Iron Rations, Waterskin, Rope 50', Tinderbox, Thieves Tools; Ring of Spell Storing 5 slots (Magic Missile (9th lvl); Teleport (9th lvl); Magic Missile (5th lvl); Burning Hands (5th lvl); 1 empty slot)

    Money: 50 steel pieces

    Thief Skills: PP: 70%, OL: 57%, FT: 50%, MS: 65%, HS: 58%, HN: 30%, CW: 94%,
    RL: 35%


    1st Level Spells: Read Magic, Sleep, Burning Hands, Detect Magic, Jump, Identify; Magic Missile

    2nd Level Spells: Invisibility, Knock, Darkness 15' Radius, Levitate; Mirror Image

    3rd Level Spells: Phantasmal Force; Fireball

    Can cast 5 First Level, 3 Second Level, and 2 Third Level Spells a day (due to INT 16)

    Currently carrying spell components (in 2 belt pouches) for 12 Low-level spells (1st-3rd level), 5 Mid-Level spells (4th-6th level)

    Curently memorized:

    1st Level (5): Magic Missile x2, Sleep, Detect Magic, Jump
    2nd Level (3): Invisibility, Knock, Levitate
    3rd Level (2): Phantasmal Force, Fireball

    Background: Born to a middle-class family in Qualinesti, Vale's mother passed in giving birth to him and his father never really recovered. Luckily for him; he had a kind Aunt and Uncle who mostly took care of him and this helped him deal with the loss of his father to a Goblin raiding party while his father was part of a Border Patrol when he was still a youth. Vale possessed a quick mind and an aptitude for magic; which his Aunt helped him with immensely; while his Uncle, always a mischievous sort, encouraged his stealthy pranks. Vale was of an age with the second son of the Speaker of the Sun; Gilthanas; and the two became good friends. They loved to pull pranks on Gil's serious older brother Porthios and they talked about how they would one day go on all sorts of adventures. As he grew older; Vale noticed that many of the more noble Elves quietly disapproved of Gil's friendship with such a lower-class Elf and when his Uncle and Aunt passed away shortly after his 90th birthday; Vale grew more and more lonely. His friendship with Gil kept him going though; but soon he began to notice that Gilthanas' younger sister, Laurana; seemed to have developed a crush on him. Vale wasn't interested in the Elven princess-child; but when she one day 'ambushed' him and knocked him over and kissed him and Gil happened to see; things were never the same. Gilthanas' erupted with anger over the "horrible idea" of his sister being interested in someone as low class as his friend; and even though Vale had no feelings of the kind for young Laurana; he was hurt beyond words at this reaction from his only real friend. Soon afterwards; the lonely and hurt Elf left Qualinesti and began a series of adventures in the lands of Abanasinia; learning about Humans, Hill Dwarves and even the occasional Kender. He had some good times; but the transient way of life was still rather lonely for the young Elf and his growing ability at magic soon led to his making the journey to the Tower of High Sorcery to take the Test. He passed with no lingering injuries; at least externally, but his need for a real home was stronger than ever. He soon found himself on the road yet again; and then he came upon the tree-top town of Solace. Here; he finally found a place to belong as he quickly found kinship with the Kindly human proprietor of the Inn of the Last Home, Otik Sandeth. He was soon working at the Inn as a Waiter and living in an upstairs room as well. He DOES occasionally find himself missing the life of an Adventurer though....
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    Love the pic for the female cleric. Freema! Hubba, hubba!

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    Now, now....I chose her strictly for 'representative' purposes.....and if you believe that; I've got some FANTASTIC ocean-front property to sell you in Nebraska....

    Yeah....I'm not really a Doctor Who guy; but she is FIIIIINNNNNNEEEE! I don't know why the world seems to be in love with blue eyes and light hair; but me....dark eyes and hair get me EVERYTIME......probably why my brown-eyed and brunette wife is most definitely the boss!

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    Now I am certainly a fan of Doctor Who and while the rest of the family adored Billie, I was always partial to Freema. Of course that all changed when the lovely fire-headed Karen joined the cast. I've always loved the red-haired ladies. So much so that like you and the brunette types, I married one of them!

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    My father's one of you "bulls" (I call you guys that 'cause you can't resist the color red!). I'm definitely in the brown camp....which is getting to be a lonely place since most women seem to think its against the law to have natural brown hair or something; most of 'em seem to be bleaching and dying and whatever it away....sigh...

    Oh well; at least the Mrs. doesn't!


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