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    Default HOUSE RULES

    Okay; here will be the thread for my house rules......first up is my modified Weapon and Armor List and some combat notes at the end. All prices are listed in Steel Pieces (sp); they are more or less equivalent to gp in the PHB. Please take a gander and see if the money you spent on equipment changes dramatically. If it does...please let me know and we can work it out. Also....if there's anything you'd like to change in regards to your purchases or weapon proficiencies; let me know.

    1. In the hands of Skilled users (i.e. if you have the weapon proficiency); all Pole Weapons and Spears (but NOT javelins) may be set to receive a charge. If you are attacked by a charging opponent and if a hit is scored; double damage is dealt.

    2. In the hands of Skilled users who are conducting a mounted charge with Lances; if a hit is scored all damage is doubled.

    3. Javelins do 1d4 damage in melee combat; 1d6 when thrown.

    4. All Large Weapons (marked L) must be wielded with 2 hands except for Lances; which can only be used while mounted. Dwarves and Kender may use Medium (M) weapons; but this requires using both hands. They may NOT use L weapons.

    5. Fighting with 2 weapons may only be done if both weapons are Small (S) or one weapon is Medium and the “off-hand” weapon is Small. The penalties are -2 to hit for the Main Weapon and -4 to hit for the off-hand weapon. This is partially negated by a High DEX score. Characters with a DEX Score of 13-15 are -1/-3 to hit; Characters with a 15-16 DEX Score are 0/-2 to hit and Characters with a DEX Score of 18 are 0/-1 to hit when dual-wielding.

    6. In the hands of a skilled user a Flail will negate a target's Shield bonus to their AC.

    7. Slings may use bullets or stones; Bullets do 1d4 damage and range is as per the Player's Handbook; If using stones; the damage is 1d3 and the range is 30/60/90.

    8. Hoopaks are a Kender weapon that combine a Light Club with a large Sling-shot that can hurl sling stones. When used in melee combat the Hoopak does 1d4+1 damage; when used to sling stones, it does 1d3 damage. It may NOT sling bullets.


    Type: AC Rating: Cost: Notes:

    Padded Armor 9 10 sp

    Leather Armor 8 15 sp

    Studded Leather 7 25 sp

    Scale Mail 6 40 sp

    Chain Mail 5 50 sp

    Elven Chain Mail 5 100 sp N/A for most PCs

    Banded Mail 4 80 sp

    Dragon Scale 4 150 sp N/A for most PCs

    Plate Mail 3 200 sp

    Dwarven Plate 2 250 sp N/A for most PCs


    Wooden Shield: -1 to AC rating; susceptible to fire damage and
    if an opponent misses by 1 on the attack roll;
    the shield has a chance to be broken.

    Steel Shield: -1 to AC rating

    Notes: Elven Chain and Dragon Scale can be worn by Mages and Elves and spellcasting is still possible.

    Quick money system: 1 Steel Piece (sp) is equal to 10 iron pieces (ip) or 100 bronze pieces (bp)

    So from the PHB; 1gp is roughly equal to 1 sp; 1 silver piece is roughly equal to 1 ip; and 1 copper piece is roughly equal to 1 bp.

    Method behind the madness: I long ago realized that other than for "flavorful" reasons; many weapons in the PHB are pretty worthless from a game mechanic point of view. Other than perhaps cost (and even then; this frequently doesn't apply); many weapons are pointless....why use a Horseman's Mace or Flail? If spears and javelins are essentially combat equals; and javelins have a better range....why ever use a spear? Why the 50 trillion different types of Polearms that are little different from one-another? (Sorry Gary!)

    Therefore; I made some simplifications (Polearm covers everything from a Fauchard Fork to a Glaive to a Guisarme; Poleaxe covers Halberds, Bardiches, etc.) and made some things have a somewhat significant game mechanic difference (speed, damage, range, cost) so that they would hopefully have some more appeal to different gamers. I realize some of these things are a bit of stretch (why are Longswords faster than Broadswords, etc.); but hopefully they will prove useful in a game.

    I'm sure my cut and pasted table probably doesn't look too good; but hopefully it'll make sense to people. If not....I"ll just make it an attachment.
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    Sigh....that table came out all screwed up....I'll PM an attachment to you guys if you like. Sorry about that.....I'm sure there's a way to do tables in these threads; but I'm pretty computer stupid...sorry folks! :(

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    Okay....due to that table not coming out too good; here's an attachment with a cleaned up's in Word. Hopefully that will come out clear to people....

    Other houserules.....

    Clerics can use any weapons in the "Blunt" Category on the list

    Thieves can use any M or S weapon.

    Mages will have bonus spells depending on their INT score; as follows:

    -INT 13-15; the Mage may memorize and cast 1 additional 1st Level Spell a day

    -INT 16-17: the Mage may memorize and cast 1 additional 2nd Level Spell a day (in addition to the 1st Level spell as listed above)

    -INT 18: the Mage may memorize and cast 1 additional 3rd Level Spell a day (in addition to the 1st and 2nd Level spells listed above)

    Obviously; you cannot memorize a spell that you can't cast yet (i.e. a 4th Level Mage with an INT of 18 doesn't get a "free" 3rd Level spell as he cannot yet cast 3rd level spells)

    Also; I'm using a fairly simple mechanic of having spell components be something that Mages have to purchase or attempt to collect themselves (still working the rules for that out). In essence; a Belt Pouch can contain enough components for 10 spells; the cost is 1 Steel Piece for enough components to cast 1 Low Level (1st-3rd) spell; 5 Steel Pieces to cast 1 Medium Level spell (4th-6th); and 20 Steel Pieces for High Level spells (7th-9th). This way Mages have a reason to want money and something to keep track of; without having to go into the details of "wait...I've got bat guano but no fur or amber rods.....hmm, guess it's fireball time!").
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    A few more of the houserules ported over from the old Announcment/recruitment thread:

    * I will NOT be using the Knights of Solamnia as a class (a la the Dragonlance Adventures or 2nd Edition boxed sets); instead the Knights will be Fighters and the rare Cleric or Paladin

    * 2 class characters are okay but NOT 3 class characters....i.e a Fighter/Mage is fine; a Fighter/Mage/Cleric is not

    * No Attributes scores higher than 18 though the bonuses/penalties still apply at character creation for Demi-humans; no minimums/maximums based on race or gender EXCEPT that the attribute die which is penalized by -1 (i.e. CON for Elves) cannot be higher than 17; and the following attribute for each race must be at least a 9:

    Elves and Kender: DEX; Dwarves: CON; Gnomes: INT...also Gnomes get a +1 to INT and -1 to WIS

    * While I MAY allow Illusionists or Monks with the right kind of back-story; no Assassins please

    * Clerics (after becoming TRUE clerics that is) will have a special ability based on their chosen example would be all Healing spells cast by Clerics of Mishakal will gain +2 on any HPs restored rolls (i.e. Cure Light Wounds is now 1d8+2; etc.)

    * Initial character attribute rolls will be 4d6; dropping the lowest and arranging as desired. Scores can be increased via 2 for 1 trading...i.e. you may have rolled a 16 and placed it in DEX for your Thief character and have a 12 in STR. You could increase the DEX score to 17 by lowering the STR score to 10

    * The Ranger class is quite overpowered in 1st Edition; in my opinion. If anyone chooses that class; please note that I will be running the class mostly along the 2nd Edition versions lines...i.e. a SINGLE chosen enemy; not the list of virtually every Evil humanoid in the Monster Manual; two weapon fighting with no penalty as long as light armor is worn; d10 hit points vice 2d8 at First Level; and Druid spells at high level and no MU spells (honestly....WHY in the hell do Rangers get MU spells? Anybody?)

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