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Thread: "Chapter Two: Where Opportunity Knocks Once and Lightning Strikes Twice"

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    Post It'll Be the Big Sleep for a Certain Lil' Gnome

    It had been a disorienting morning for Sora.

    First Squalk had jarred her awake by sitting bolt upright, quivering with anger.

    SQUALK: I had a strange dream
    MacGuffin sent Squalk a dream?
    He really must die
    Just after his cryptic words Oksana had shot into the air, likewise accusing the tyrant of intruding on her sleep.

    OKSANA: "Invade my dreams, offer me coward's way out. Spy on me?! I will get claws on you yet, Macguffin..."
    The memory had sent Oksana into a fury of rending blankets and screeching and calling for the gnome's death.

    Her dramatics had spurred Davey into a full panic, thinking she was under attack, until Tamsyn waved him off.

    With a casualness that had shown she was taking Oksana's outburst in stride, the catfolk had helped herself to some vodka and scoffed at her own manipulated dream.

    TAMSYN: "You would not believe the weird dream I had....Dr. M offered me a generalship..."
    It soon ceased to bemuse her, though, and the oracle had muttered darkly about an offensive offer that required her to betray her friends. She had begun packing, seeming intent as the others on stopping MacGuffin without delay.

    The catfolk's final comment had dazed Sora most of all: an invitation to join Fortune's Hand and take down the evil genius.

    She hesitated over Tamsyn's offer. That vote of confidence had surprised and pleased the gentle crane to no end...but how well could the blinded Hermit fare without his master spellbook, or without her to act as his eyes?
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    Post Greatest Show-Down on Earth (Or Sea)

    "I would hear more of these astounding dreams!" Davey put in. "Did that vile vivisectionist really try to recruit you?"

    "Hush, boy, let them eat!" Bizbee chided. "They've had more people trying to kill them in one week on this lousy rock than most heirs apparent will see in a lifetime!" He served them up a scant breakfast of caviar, cookies, and hunks of toasted Taldan bread to be washed down with spirits or water. (He declined to dish out the last of the leftover vulture meat, sparing Sora and Squalk's avian sensibilities.) The fey wished there were more to offer, to gird them for the trials ahead.

    Davey opened his mouth but Bizbee silenced him with a finger.

    "Boy, you don't know the half of what they've been through. They'll talk when they're good and ready!"

    The prickly grig had witnessed all of the Hand's misfortunes, since the evening one week ago when they had been knocked unconscious on the deck of the Fairwinds and abandoned on Macguffin's bloody Island. They had awoken to fatal traps and an unsought battle for the gnome's favor and generalcies.

    One thing seemed clear to Bizbee. In their dreams the heroes had reached a crossroads where MacGuffin offered them an easier path---and had unanimously spurned it.

    Now ahead lay peril and persecution, including the fearsome arts of the gnome's hired Mwangi assassins.

    Squalk, Tamsyn, and Oksana had fought for their lives against ragtag armies of mongrelfolk, half-frogmen, and zombies.

    They had bested a giant crustacean, a shapeshifting cultist of the god of pestilence, toxic mutants, and a trio of Calistria's wickedest worshippers.

    Along the way they had lost dear companions---ambitious Riddley, the capricious fox twins Enya and Wynn and their cursed tiger, and the oddly loyal trickster, Slim.

    For every loss they had gained strange new allies---the lofty centaur knight Randall, MacGuffin's hunted old mentor Iphraim and his dragon Umbert, Sora the mongrelfolk monk, and Wiley's mad green brotherhood.

    And now they've got a headstrong boy and his stolen artifact, 'Scepter of the Mad God' or whatever fool thing he called it. More trouble than help they'll be, I'll wager! But so long as they keep my home safe, they also have me, Bizbee thought. He prided himself that his expertise was as solidly in the 'Advantages' column as anyone could get.

    All those motley misfits on one side, against a madman with a huge summoning circle and legions of laboratory freaks on the other.

    The gods were definitely going to need more popcorn.

    OOC: END CHAPTER TWO! Bravo, my talented trio!

    I'll get the new Chapter Three thread up and running soon! It will pick up exactly where we left off.
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