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Thread: RotR Chapter One: Burnt Offerings

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    Gus made a rude noise with his mouth.
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    "Th-there is so much to re-research!" Victaria said excitedly. Her face turned red as she realized she didn't know this man at all, but she couldn't contain the exciting future ahead of her. In the past few days she had learned more than some people in a lifetime. She had so many names and things to look up, she could hardly wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBall View Post
    "What'll you all do with yourselves now, with no monsters left to slay? Settle down?"

    "Settle down?" Lalia echoed. "I wish we---well, I wish that I could. But there was evidence at the goblin stronghold that the threat to Sandpoint, and beyond, is far from over. I'm afraid I don't have enough solid information to elaborate on what I mean. We must investigate further."

    She tried to think of a way to lighten the conversation. "What about your future plans, sir, anything interesting on your horizon?"
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    Default All The Way Home...

    Jack rolled his eyes heavenward. Too late for a warning from the gentleman bravo, Eulalia had made a fatal error in the realm of dealing with Heironimous Grump. The old farmer began, talking of the future of farming economy and technology...all the way back to Sandpoint. When he North Gate was in sight, Grump broke off his hours-long lecture, calling Jack over to him. "Jonathan," he leaned down from his place on the driver's bench of his wagon, lowering his voice conspiratorially. "I haven't seen her look since the War." He flicked his eyes toward Ameiko, sitting up in the back of heir wagon, still as calm water. "I'm not sure the gods can help her, boy. Old Habe may be the only answer for the sickness in her head. Mark me well."

    That was the last he said to any of them. Rolling through the gate, the Heroes were treated to a spectacle. An honor guard detachment of the Sandpoint Watch led by Sheriff Baelor Hemlock stood on either side of the road. "DETAIL! ATTEN-HUT!" Called Hemlock. The men snapped to attention. "PAR-ADE! MARCH!" The guardsmen turned, and flanking the heroes and the wagons, escorted them into town. All along the streets, Sandpointers waved pennants, cheering and gesturing wildly toward the companions. The procession led all of the way to the town hall. Mayor Deverin, along with members of the civic council and Father Zantus were there to meet them. She presented them with a large, iron-forged Key to the City, along with much fanfare and speech-making. The Heroes of Sandpoint celebrated with the citizens of their town until the evening meal. Lalia excused herself, slipping away with Ameiko, leading her gently toward the Cathedral. Gus pulled the Sheriff aside, and he called a pair of men to quietly and discreetly escort Orik to the gaol. With a great deal of fuss, the others extracted themselves from their adoring public, securing a private room at the Rusty Dragon from Bethana to take their dinner.

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