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Thread: Rise of the Runelords (Character Sheets, XP, House Rules)

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    Default Rise of the Runelords (Character Sheets, XP, House Rules)

    Gus Thrune LN Human Fighter 9
    Senses: Perception +1
    AC: 22(24), touch 15, Ff 15
    CMD: 26
    Fort: +10, Ref: +8, Will: +3
    HP: 101/101 (Healthy)
    Str 17, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 12
    Arrows (44), Blunted (6), Smoke (5), Fire (6), Net (1)
    Potions: Rage, Cat's Grace (2), Mirror Image
    Hero Points: 1

    Jack Merriman CG Human Rogue 7/Duelist 2
    Senses: Perception +14 (+16/traps)
    AC: 26, touch 18, Ff 19
    CMD: 22
    Fort: +7, Ref: +12, Will: +7(+6)
    HP: 80/80 (Healthy)
    Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 14(13), Cha 15
    Spell-like Abilities: Ghost Sound [] [] [], Mage Hand [] [] [], True Strike [] []
    Wand of Shocking Grasp -CL 3rd (48)
    Crossbow bolts (8), Sleep poison bolts (2), Strong sleep poison bolts (5)
    Potions: Cure Mod, Cure Serious
    Hero Points: 3

    Victaria Grey NG Human Cleric 9
    Senses: Perception +9
    AC: 21, touch 14, Ff 18
    CMD: 18
    Fort: +7, Ref: +6, Will: +13
    HP: 63/63 (Healthy)
    Str 13, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 17, Wis 23, Cha 16
    Spell-Storing Armor: Bestow Curse
    Lesser Rod of Reach [] [] []
    Channel (5d6) /per day [x] [x] [x] [x] [] [] [] []
    Rebuke Death (1d4+2) /per day [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Remote Viewing /per day [x] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Sling Bullets (22). Flaming Burst Bullets (2), Bolts (6), +1 Mons. Humanoid Bane (2)
    Scrolls: Prot from Evil, Obscuring Mist, Bless, Dismissal,
    Ghostbane Dirge, Resist Energy, Bull's Strength, Cure Serious Wounds (2)
    Remove Disease (3)
    Potions: Cat's Grace, L. Restoration
    Wands: Cure Light Wounds (15), Prot. from Evil (47), Cure Mod Wounds (12)
    0 Spells: Read Magic, Light, Guidance, Detect Magic
    1 Spells: Bless, Command, Comprehend Lang., Sanctuary, Divine Favor,
    Shield of Faith [] []

    2 Spells: Bull's Strength, Cure Moderate, Hold Person, Grace, Sound Burst, Spiritual Weapon
    3 Spells: Prayer, Blindness/Deafness [x] [x], Bestow Curse, Speak With Dead
    4 Spells: Summon Monster IV, Cure Critical Wounds, Holy Smite, Spiritual Ally
    5 Spells: Summon Monster V
    Hero Points: 0

    Aiduin Tathron NG Half Elf Fighter 9
    Senses: Perception +2, Low Light Vision
    AC: 26, touch 17, Ff 23
    Fort: +10, Ref: +7, Will: +4
    HP: 110/110 (Healthy)
    Str: 20, Dex: 16, Con: 16, Int: 11, Wis: 10, Cha: 13
    Potions: Cure Serious
    Hero Points: 3

    Francazio Zedwig Wordsworth III CG Gnome Bard 9
    Senses: Low-Light Vision, Perception +10
    AC: 20, touch 15, Ff 17
    CMD: 19
    Fort: +10, Ref: +11, Will: +10
    HP: 87/87 (Healthy)
    Str 10, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 24
    Bardic Music: 3/25 (rds per day)
    Spell-Like Abilities: Dancing Lights [], Ghost Sound [], Prestidigitation [], Speak w/ Animals []
    Crossbow Bolts (38)
    Potions: CLW (10)
    Wands: Magic Missile (48), Shield (49), Lesser Restoration (50)
    Alchemy: Tanglefoot (2), Antitoxin (2), Smokesticks (2), Alchemical Grease (2),
    Flash Powder, Sneezing Powder
    0 Spells: Detect Magic, Light, Mending, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Read Magic
    1 Spells (1/6): Cure Light Wounds, Hideous Laughter (+1 CL/DC), Restful Sleep
    Timely Inspiration, Touch of Gracelessness

    2 Spells (2/6): Cat's Grace, Glitterdust (+1 CL/DC), Invisibility, Mirror Image
    3 Spells (0/4): Dispel Magic (+1 CL), Good Hope, Haste, See Invisibility, Purging Finale
    Hero Points: 4

    Group Initiative: +4

    Current Effects In Play
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    Caveat: As we discover what works and what doesn't, rules may be added or removed here

    1) Critical Hits: A player may either roll more dice, or multiply the result of a single damage roll, whichever suits them better.

    2) Levelling While Wounded: If a character gains a level while at less than max HP, half of their new HP are immediately added to current HP. Their max total increases as normal.

    3) Spellcraft: The difficulty for an arcane spellcaster to identify a divine spell (or vice-versa) with a Spellcraft check increases the DC of the check by +2. Spell-like abilities and spells that are opposite of the spell type used by the caster (ambient or focused) will also increase the DC of the Spellcraft check by +2.

    4) Iron Hit Points: Falling behind on average hit point totals can have an adverse effect on game play. Hence, characters will receive their average HP automatically, and roll the d4 remainder. I.E. a Fighter with a d10 hit die will receive 6 HP per level (+Con mod), and roll a d4 for the remainder. A Cleric would receive 4, and Barbarian would receive 8, etc. (thanks for this one, Gabe!)

    5) The Two-Day Rule: Not counting weekends, if a player does not act for his character within two days of being prompted to do so, the GM may act for him until he returns.

    6) Group Initiative: To speed gameplay during combat, the individual initiative scores of the characters and their adversaries will be totaled, and averaged to a single modifier. The GM will make an opposed test to determine which side will act first in combat (Players, or GM). The players may act in any order they wish. Their turn will continue until all players have acted in a given round.

    7) Combat Advantage: When a "1" is rolled on an attack roll in combat, in lieu of fumbling (Dropping weapons, or damaging oneself), the attacker will inadvertently grant his enemies an advantage, reducing his AC by two for a single round. This could be illustrated as overextending a lunge, or taking a bad step, etc.

    8) Nonlethal Damage: Attepting to inflict non-lethal damage on a target incurs a -2 penalty to the attack roll, not a -4

    9) Gus' Trick Arrows

    Smoke Arrows: same as published. 10 gp each. DC 15 Craft check.

    Fire Arrows: +1d6 damage, no splash, and no catching fire. 10 gp each. DC 15 Craft check.

    Net Arrows: 30 gp per arrow. On a hit, the arrow does normal damage, and it entangled. A creature entangled by a net arrow takes a -1 to attack, a -2 to Dex, moves at half-speed, and can't charge or run. DC 10 plus spell level Concentration check to cast. DC 15 Escape Artist check (full round action) to get loose. DC 15 Strength check to burst (also a full round action). Firing a net arrow incurs a -2 penalty to the attack roll, due to the additional weight of the attached net.
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    Chapter One: Burnt Offerings - 9,544 XP each
    Chapter Two: The Skinsaw Murders - 25,234 XP each
    Chapter Three: The Hook Mountain Massacre -

    Highway Robbery - 800 XP for Gus.
    Drake on the River - 800 XP for Lumi, Jack, Victaria, and Aiduin.
    The Strange Firepelt - 1,800 XP each.
    Danger In The Corn - 1,280 XP each.
    The Barn, Front - 480 XP each.
    Prisoners in the Barn - 2,200 XP each.
    Front Porch - 400 XP each.
    The Bush in the Basement - 500 XP each.
    The Skinning Room - 1,440 XP each.
    The Dining Room - 480 XP each.
    The Playpen - 480 XP each.
    Showdown in the Corn - 1,760 XP each.
    Traversing the Whitewillow - 240 XP each.
    An Audience With The Queen - 1,920 xp each.
    The Storage Cave - 320 xp each.
    The Lizard Warren - 2,640 XP each.
    The New Barracks - 1,920 XP each.

    The Battle for Fort Rannick - 9,040 XP each.
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    Sir Jonathan Merriman “Jack”
    Male Chelaxian human rogue 7/duelist 2
    CG Medium humanoid (human)
    Age 44 Height 5'9" Weight 175 lbs. Eyes hazel Hair dark brown and grey
    Traits Black Sheep (Apothecary), Magical Talent (Ghost Sound, DC 12)
    Languages Taldane (Common), Varisian, Elven, Giant
    Current XP 61,985 (Battle for Fort Rannick) Needed for Next Level 71,000

    Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 15

    Speed 30 ft.
    Initiative +6 (Improved Reaction); Senses Perception +14 (+16 for traps)
    AC 26, touch 18, flat-footed 19 (+6 armor, +6 Dex [canny defense], +1 Deflection, +1 Dodge, +2 Force)
    hp 80 (7d8+14, 2D10+4); current hp 80
    Base Attack +7
    CMB +8 (+7 base attack, +1 Str)
    CMD 22 (10, +7 base attack, +1 Str, +4 Dex)

    Saving Throws
    +7 Fort (+3 base, +2 Con, +2 resistance)
    +12 Ref (+6 base, +4 Dex, +2 resistance)
    +7 Will (+3 base, +2 Wis, +2 resistance)

    Combat Expertise
    Combat Reflexes
    Improved Feint
    Weapon Finesse
    All simple weapon proficiencies, plus the hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow and short sword.
    Light armor proficiency

    Special Qualities
    Bleeding Attack
    Canny Defense (+2)
    Favored Class: Rogue
    Improved Reaction +2
    Major Magic: True Strike 2xDay
    Minor Magic: Mage Hand 3xDay
    Precise Strike (+2)
    Sneak Attack (4D6)
    Spell-like Ability: Ghost Sound 3xDay (DC12 Will)
    Trap Sense +2
    Uncanny Dodge

    +16 Acrobatics (9 rank, +4 Dex, +3 class)
    +7 Appraise (+2 rank, +2 Int, +3 class)
    +13 Bluff (+8 rank, +2 Cha, +3 class)
    +8 Climb (+4 rank, +1 Str, +3 class)
    +7 Craft (Alchemy) (+2 rank, +2 Int, +3 class)
    +6 Craft (Woodworking) (+1 rank, +2 Int, +3 class)
    +12 Diplomacy (+7 rank, +2 Cha, +3 class)
    +21 Disable Device (+9 rank, +4 Dex, +3 class, +3 Rogue bonus, +2 MW tools)
    +6 Disguise (+1 rank, +2 Cha, +3 class)
    +14 Escape Artist (+7 rank, +4 Dex, +3 class)
    +4 Fly (+4 Dex)
    +2 Heal (+2 Wis)
    +6 Intimidate (+1 rank, +2 Cha, +3 class)
    +11 Knowledge (local) (+6 rank, +2 Int, +3 class)
    +6 Knowledge (dungeoneering) (+1 rank, +2 Int, +3 class)
    +6 Linguistics (+1 rank, +2 Int, +3 class)
    +14 Perception (+9 rank, +2 Wis, +3 class) (+16 for traps)
    +7 Perform (dance) (+2 rank, +2 Cha, +3 class)
    +8 Ride (+1 rank, +4 Dex, +3 class)
    +13 Sense Motive (+8 rank, +2 Wis, +3 class)
    +10 Sleight of Hand (+3 ranks, +4 Dex, + 3 class)
    +15 Stealth (+8 rank, +4 Dex, +3 class)
    +2 Survival
    +8 Swim (+4 rank, +1 Str, +3 class)
    +12 Use Magic Device (+7 rank, +2 Cha, +3 class)

    (+1) Keen Rapier +12/+7 (1d6+4/15-20 x2)
    (+1) Hand Crossbow +12/+7 (1d4+1/19-20 x3)

    Possessions (Item, Cost & Weight, Location on Person)
    explorer's outfit (10 gp, NA, worn)
    +2 mithral shirt armor (2,10035 gp, 10 lbs., worn)
    Ring of Force Shield (??, worn on right hand. command word=Tela)
    Ring of Protection +1 (??, worn on left hand.)
    Golembane Scarab (2,500 gp, -, worn on the neck)
    Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000 gp, 1lb, worn)
    Sandals of Quick Reaction (?, ?, worn)
    +1 Keen Rapier (3,320 gp, 2 lbs.)
    +1 Hand Crossbow, wrist-mounted (??? gp, 2 lbs.)
    8 bolts (1 gp, 1 lbs., quiver on back) (2 bolts treated with drow poison, marked black) (6 bolts treated with unknown poison)
    backpack (2 gp, 2 lbs.):
    bedroll (1 sp, 5 lbs.)
    1 potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (?/-)
    1 potion of Cure Serious Wounds (?/-)
    wrist-sheeth, spring-loaded (?/-)
    flint and steel (1 gp, -)
    grappling hook (1 gp, 4 lbs)
    lamp, common (1 sp, 1 lb.)
    3 flasks of oil (3 sp, 3 lbs)
    3 tindertwigs (3 gp, -)
    2 torches (2 cp, 2 lbs)
    MW thieves tools (30 gp, 2lbs)
    2 days of rations (1 gp, 5 silver, 3 lbs.)
    Wand of Shocking Grasp (48 charges, ?/-) Caster Level = 3rd
    waterskin (1 gp, 4 lbs.)

    779 gp, 6 sp, 2 cp

    Carrying Capacity
    Light Load: 50 lbs. or less Medium Load: 51-100 lbs. Heavy Load: 101-150 lbs.
    Weight Carried: 40 lbs.
    Max Dex: +6 Check Penalty: 0 Run: x4

    Conditions: None.


    Sir Jonathan Merriman is fast approaching middle age. Dark brown hair lightened with liberal silver, and a lithe body beginning to slow down, his hazel eyes usually dart about the room, ever on the alert. Taller, but not extremely so; athletic, but not muscular: Jack, as he prefers to be called, is focused and intense. His wry sense of humor is the only levity the man keeps from jobs taken in the seedier side of life.


    Sir Jonathan Merriman, or Jack as he sometimes preferred, was a man’s man. He thought fear a long forgotten old wives tale. The form casting the long afternoon shadow before him invoked the memory. Emotion slapped him wetly in the face, and he could only shift uncomfortably in the high-backed, black leather chair. Finally, Jack’s hazel eyes met those of the monster. Slender and unassuming, a severe powdered face glared sullenly back. Squinty black eyes, much like a crow’s, orbited a long pointy nose. A white primped wig framed an angular jaw in perfect curls. The noblemen, dressed in a poofs of velvet and fine regalia associated with only the most expensive tailors, began tapping slender fingers on the ebony desk. Each pitter-patter was like an uncomfortable slam in Jack’s ears, detailing certain doom for his current way of life. His memory turned the clock backwards to the month-long siege of the Ballard. It was the drums, every day and night. Those pounds finally drove out the crazed defenders of the stalwart port-city: boom, Boom, BooM, BoOM, BOOM!

    Finally in extreme impatience, Lord Rassor Marlindeen cleared his throat. His adam's apple quivered like a piece of pan-fried pig grizzle. Jack wanted to squirm, his thought off and away in the times of the past, anything to protect him from this villain.

    “Sir Jonathan..,” he finally began, breaking the pregnant silence.

    “Please. Call me Jack.”

    “Sir Jonathan,” the lord of royal treasury and taxes corrected, brooking no associative pleasantries. “You understand in which the reason I now sit before you, yes?”

    Crow-eyes narrowed as Jack again fearfully glanced about the room. The veteran of a dozen wars and hundreds of battles finally took a deep breath, gulping it like a desert nomad did water in an oasis. What was he so afraid of? Lesser men had died at the edge of his blade, and greater women satisfied at the end of another. Cocking a grey eyebrow, Jack finally assumed his identity, one of several he noted egotistically. Lines of worry, worn there by years of concern for finances relaxed, his skin sagging. Gone was care for money and title. In that moment, years shed away from the sellsword; the adventurer; the man of men. Gone was Sir Jonathan. He exhaled. Freedom.

    “Yes, old boy,” he replied. “If my annual taxes aren’t paid, well that’s it. My estate is a goner.”

    Lord Rassor seemed confused a moment. Merriman had never addressed him in such a dismissive tone. For as long as he had his royal appointment, no one had, for that matter. Rassor huffed and tapped his fingers on the desk menacingly. It was an outrage. A noblemen with no royal blood claim, who bought himself into the good graces of the kingdom could not address him as such; should not address him as such! It was bad form! Understandably, people usually acted queerly under times of duress. Yes. He would allow him this one indulgence. Crow-eyes again narrowed but Jack met them dead on. His hazel orbs took a steely stance, deflecting the irritation of Rassor. This time, the crow averted.

    “….yes…well Sir Jonathan, that is a very indignant way of explaining a bankruptcy declaration,” the nobleman returned in outright irritation. “And I shan’t be talked to in that manner. Old boy, the outrage!”

    “I”ll say what I please and when I please. Old boy,” Jack returned without a pause.

    “Well, well. Fine! Fine! Thirty days, Merriman! And I shall be the first one at the head of royal collection force for eviction!”

    “See your way out, old boy,” Jack said calmly, with an emphasis on old and boy.

    Rassor huffed and puffed, squawking as if wounded the whole way off the estate. This included the slamming of three doors and four separate curses heard through each one. Smiling, Jack rose from his seat, eyeing the one spot on the wall barren of any decoration. With a clever combination of pushes, the false panel opened to reveal long unused items. A slender blade, almost thin enough to pass for a fencing foil. A miniature crossbow, small enough to wield one-handed, complete with a bandolier of darts. And finally, battered leather armor that absorbed the sunlight bleeding through the window.

    Jack smiled.

    “Well, well. It’s been a while boys. Where to next,” he asked to no one in particular.

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    Victaria Grey
    Female human cleric 9

    NG Medium humanoid (human)
    Age 20 Height 5'5" Weight 125 lbs Eyes Blue Hair Black
    Traits Birthmark, Scholar of the Ancients
    Languages Taldane (Common), Varisian, Shoanti, Elven, Thassilonian, Dwarven
    Current XP 62,743 (As of "Battle for Fort Rannick") Needed for Next Level

    Str 13 (+1)
    Dex 16 (+3)
    Con 11 (+0)
    Int 17 (+3)
    Wis 23 (+6)
    Cha 16 (+3)

    Speed 30 ft.
    Initiative +1; Senses Perception +6
    AC 21, touch 13, flat-footed 18 (+7 armor, +1 Ring of Protection, +3 Dex)
    HP 63
    Base Attack +6/+1
    CMB +7 (+6 base attack, +1 Str)
    CMD 20 (10, +6 base attack, +1 Str, +3 Dex)

    Hero Points: 2

    Saving Throws
    +7 Fort (+6 base, +0 Con +1 Sihedron Medallion)
    +7 Ref (+3 base, +3 Dex +1 Sihedron Medallion)
    +13 Will (+6 base, +6 Wis +1 Sihedron Medallion)

    Extra Channel
    Scribe Scroll
    Selective Channeling
    Rapid Reload
    Point Blank Shot
    Craft Magic Arms and Armor
    Proficient with simple weapons, Light and Medium armor

    Special Qualities
    Favored Class: Cleric
    Aura of Good
    Domains: Knowledge and Healing.
    Domain abilities: Lore Keeper-(30); Rebuke Death (1d4 +3; 8/day); Healer's Blessing (empowered Cure Spells); Remote Viewing (9/day) [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Channel Positive Energy 5d6 (8/day) [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Spontaneous Casting (Cure)

    +2 Acrobatics (0 rank, +2 Dex)
    +3 Appraise (0 rank, +3 Int)
    +3 Bluff (+0 rank, +3 Cha)
    +1 Climb (+0 rank, +1 Str )
    +3 Craft (+0 rank, +3 Int)
    +13 Diplomacy (+7 rank, +3, Cha +3 class)
    +2 Disable Device (+ 0 rank, +2 Dex )
    +3 Disguise (+0 rank, +3 Cha)
    +2 Escape Artist (+0 rank, +2 Dex )
    +3 Handle Animal (+0 rank , +3 Cha)
    +15 Heal (+7 rank, +6 Wis, +3 class)
    +3 Intimidate (+0 rank, +3 Cha)
    +10 Knowledge (Arcana) (3 rank, +3 Int, +3 class+ 1 trait)
    +7 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (1 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +15 Knowledge (History) (8 rank, +3 Int, +3 class + 1 trait)
    +7 Knowledge (Planes) (1 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +8 Knowledge (Local) (2 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +14 Knowledge (Religion) (8 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +7 Knowledge (Nature) (1 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +3 Knowledge (All others) (0 rank, +3 Int)
    +7 Linguistics (+1 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +10 Perception (+5 rank, +6 Wis)
    +3 Perform (+0 rank, +3 Cha)
    +10 Profession (Scribe) (+1 rank, +6 Wis, +3 class)
    +2 Ride (+0 rank, +2 Dex)
    +11 Sense Motive (+2 rank, +6 Wis, +3 class)
    +12 Spellcraft (+6 rank, +3 Int, +3 class)
    +2 Stealth (+0 rank, +2 Dex)
    +6 Survival (+0 rank, +6 Wis)
    +1 Swim (+0 rank, +1 Str)
    +3 Use Magic Device (+0 rank, +3 Cha)

    Melee: +1 Longspear +8/+3 (1d8 +2) x3, Reach, Brace
    Dagger of Doubling +8/+3 (1d4 +2, 19-20, x2)

    +1 Light Crossbow +10/+5 (1d8 +1, 19-20)
    Sling +7/+2 (1d4 +1) x2, (Range 50ft)

    Spells (DC 16 + Spell Level)
    0th (4)- Read Magic, Light, Guidance, Detect Magic
    1st (4+ 2 Wis+ 1 Domain)- Bless, Command, Comprehend Languages, Divine Favor, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith, Shield of Faith
    2nd (3 +2 Wis +1 Domain)- [I]Bull's Strength[/I], Cure Moderate Wounds, Grace, Hold Person, Sound Burst, Spiritual Weapon
    3rd (3 +1 Wis +1 Domain)- Bestow Curse, Blindness/Deafness, Blindness/Deafness, Prayer, Speak With Dead
    4th (2+ 1 Wis +1 Domain)- Cure Critical Wounds, Holy Smite, Spiritual Ally, Summon Monster IV
    5th (1+ 1 Wis +1 Domain)- Breath of Life, Flame Strike, Summon Monster V

    Possessions (Item, Cost & Weight, Location on Person)
    Handy Haversack
    Rod of Reach (3000 gp, belt)
    +2 Headband of Wisdom (4000 gp, worn)
    Gloves of Arrow Snatching, (Worn)
    Head scarf (NA, Worn)
    +1 Spell Storing Elven Chain (Bestow Curse) (9150 gp, 20lbs, worn)
    Courtiers Outfit
    Sihedron Medallion (+1 resistance bonus to all saves. False Life 1/Day. Gentle Repose. CL 5.)(NA, worn on neck)
    +2 Belt of Dexterity (4000gp,worn)
    Ring of Protection +1 (worn)
    Pearl of Power, 1st (1000 gp, pocket)
    Dagger of Doubling
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds, 16 charges (750 gp, pocket)
    Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, 18 charges
    Wand of Protection from Evil, 48 charges (750 gp, pocket)
    Potions of Lesser Restoration, 2
    +1 Light Crossbow (2335 gp)
    MWK Hanbo
    +1 Spear
    Bolts, 24 (3 gp)
    +1 Monstrous Humanoid Bane Bolts, 2
    Sling bullets, 27 (Pouch)
    Flaming Burst sling bullets, 2 (pouch)
    Bedroll (1 sp, 5 lbs., backpack)
    Lamp, common (1 sp, 1 lb., backpack)
    Flasks of oil, 3 (3 sp, 3 lbs, backpack)
    Days of rations, 2 (1 gp, 5 silver, 3 lbs., backpack)
    Waterskin (1 gp, 4 lbs., backpack)
    Incense, 10 sticks (10 gp, backpack)
    Ink + inkpen(8 gp 1 sp, backpack)
    -Maester's Pen (can scribe one spell known)
    "Unfettered Delight in Puzzles" (NA, Backpack)
    Parchment, 10 pages (2 gp, backpack)
    Scroll Case (1 gp, backpack)
    Scroll of Cure Serious Woundsx2, Obscuring Mist, Ghostbane Dirge, Resist Energy, Dismissal, Cure Disease x3 (Scrollcase)
    Maps: Sandpoint and hinterlands, Iron Peaks, whole of Varisia (NA, backpack)
    Figurine of Wondrous Power, Silver Raven (3600 gp, Backpack)



    2997 gp, 31 sp, 16 cp

    Carrying Capacity
    Light Load: 50 lbs. or less Medium Load: 51-100 lbs. Heavy Load: 101-150 lbs.
    Weight Carried: lbs.
    Max Dex: +4 Check Penalty: 0 Run: x4

    Conditions: None.

    Victaria is a young, fairly pretty girl who is dressed to travel. Most of her clothes have been dyed blue in honor of her god, Irori, and her hair is always pulled back in a ponytail to stay out of her face. Her fingers are often ink stained from her own writings and from reading old tomes that she loves so much. A long, simple walking stick is her best weapon, though that doesn't mean much. Her trusty backpack is filled with scrolls of her own writing and the means to make more. Though travel worn and tired, she appears prepared for anything.
    Victaria was born to a fairly poor family in one of the lower class, though safe, areas of Magnimar. Her father was a baker and barely made enough for him, her mother, her, and her three brothers to live above the restaurant. Their house was situated right up against the divide between the richer neighborhood, and one day when Victaria was young she saw a young man her age climbing down the wall. She questioned the strange boy, named Marin, turned out to be the son of a wealthy merchant who was exploring the neighborhood because his father had told him not to. The two became fast friends, with Victaria showing him around the area that was her entire life but seemed strange and exotic to the young boy.

    One day Victaria found Marin practicing his letters while learning his reading and writing. Victaria was fascinated, and it soon became their routine that anytime Marin learned anything in his lessons he would come later and teach it to her. Victaria eagerly learned any tiny scrap of knowledge Marin could teach her, and eventually began spending time in the library in his neighborhood to learn more. She read and wrote voraciously, loving especially the histories of the ancient land that was her home.

    As the two grew older the time they spent together became more…adult. They had known each other for years, and there was no one in the world she more wanted to be with. Victaria dreamed of the day when Marin would marry her and she could live with him in his world of wealth and comfort. Unfortunately, her father’s business took a turn for the worse and he decided he could no longer afford to be feeding so many mouths. It was decided that she would be married off to a nearby butcher, a large, gross man much older than her. She immediately ran to Marin, begging him to take her in. There would never be another chance, she said. She could live with him, or they could run away. Anything as long as they were together. To her heartbreak, Marin only made excuses. It wasn’t the right time, he said. His parents would disown him, he said. He had said he loved her, but to Victaria it was apparent that he only loved her as long as it was easy for him. She fled in tears, gathering her things in the middle of the night and setting out.

    It was rash, she knew. Victaria was in no way prepared for the outside world. Luckily for her, as she was leaving the city gates with no destination in mind she ran into what must have been the oldest man she had ever seen. His skin was like wrinkled leather and he was small and hunched. The only hair on his body was a wispy, dirty grey beard that hung so low he seemed to tuck them into the rope he used as a belt. He smiled at her and showed his near toothless mouth. She had been about to quickly pass the odd man when his hands shot out impossibly and fast and locked onto her wrist with an iron grip. He looked at her bare arm, saw her birthmark which was vaguely in the shape of a hand and said, “You are the one!”. Victaria was stunned and fearful, but the old man eventually explained that he was a monk of Irori and months ago had been given visions that it was his responsibility to find and train the one who bore the mark of his god. The man radiated kindness and compassion, and eventually Victaria began to trust him. She agreed to try as long as they went anywhere but here. So Victaria and the monk, who would only give his name as Raz, set out to wander Varisia.

    Victaria learned the meditation techniques the monk taught her, and the man soon became closer than family to her. He was the kindest man she had ever met. He seemed to love every living thing, but he would defend himself with hands and feet of iron if the need arose. What began as just an escape turned into her new life. Her faith in Irori grew, differently than the monk’s but just as strong. The two traveled with a focus on the ancient ruins, and Victaria had a chance to see the wonders she had often read about. After her tragedy in Magnimar Victaria was finally happy and comfortable with her life. And then, after two years, Raz began to cough.

    It had seemed like nothing at first. Despite his age Victaria had never met a healthier man. She couldn’t ever remember seeing him tired. The cough grew worse and worse, and although he tried to hide it one day she saw a rag come away with blood after he covered his mouth. He sat her down the next day and told her calmly that he was dying. He had been sick long ago, and Irori had given him the strength to hold the disease at bay long enough for him to find Victaria and begin her training. But now his time had come, and she needed to move on. They were near the town of Sandpoint, he told her, and a friend of his named Sabyl Sorn ran the House of Blue Stones there. There was a library, he told her, and she would be safe and happy there until her destiny took her where she needed to be. She held back tears but the old man comforted her, telling her that he had lived many good years and, most importantly of all, he had found her. His hand was in everything she did from now on, he said, and in that way he would never truly be gone from the world.

    The next morning Victaria had found him in meditation and eventually had tried to get him up and going. To her shock, she found that he had passed away at some point during his meditations. He had a look of serene peace on the old weathered face that she had spent so much time with. She was glad his death had been peaceful, at least. She buried him there with tears in his eyes, making a stone cairn just a few hours walk outside of Sandpoint. After a few hours meditating there in honor of her friend she began to feel truly alone in the world. Her family, Marin, Raz; none were there for her anymore. With a grim, frightened determination she began to walk towards Sandpoint, though what she was actually she was walking into she had no idea.

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    Default Solangus Crispin Thrune III

    a.k.a. Deputy Sir Gus Erastil,
    Protector of Magnimar

    Male Chelaxian human fighter (archer) 9
    LN Medium humanoid (human)
    Age 20 Height 5'10" Weight 200 lbs. Eyes Dark brown Hair Light brown
    Traits Anatomist, Rich Parents
    Languages Infernal, Taldane (Common), Varisian
    Current XP 62,100 Needed for Next Level 8,900
    *XP is current through "The Battle for Fort Rannick."

    Str 17, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 12

    Speed 40 ft.
    Initiative +4; Senses Perception +1
    AC 22, touch 16, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +1 natural, +4 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 deflection)
    hp 101 (9d10+28)
    Hero Points: 1
    Bonus Modifiers: 0
    Base Attack +9
    CMB +13 (+9 base attack, +4 Dex)
    CMD 26 (10, +9 base attack, +3 Str, +4 Dex)

    Saving Throws
    +10 Fort (+6 base, +3 Con, +1 coat)
    +8 Ref (+3 base, +4 Dex, +1 coat)
    +3 Will (+3 base, -1 Wis, +1 coat)

    Harriq & Thala +11/+6 & +11 (1d6+4/18-20 plus 1d6 fire & 1d6+3/19-20)
    mwk heavy mace & Thala +11/+6 & +11 (1d8+3/1d6+4/19-20)
    +2 adaptive composite longbow +18/+13 (1d8+7/19-20/x3)

    sword cane +12/+7 (1d6+3)
    sword cane & sheathe +11/+6 & +11 (1d6+3/1d6+3)*

    Agile Maneuvers (b)
    Dodge (b)
    Improved Critical (longbow) (b)
    Mobility (b)
    Nimble Moves
    Point-Blank Shot (b)
    Precise Shot
    Quick Draw (b)
    Shot on the Run
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Weapon Focus (lowbow)
    All simple and martial weapon proficiencies and all armor and shield proficiencies (including tower shields).

    Special Qualities
    Favored Class: Fighter
    Hawkeye (+10 ft. to range increments w/bows)
    Trick Shot (disarm, sunder)
    Expert Archer
    Safe Shot

    +12 Acrobatics [+16 when jumping] (8 ranks, +4 Dex)
    +2 Appraise (+2 Int)
    +3 Bluff (2 ranks, +1 Cha)
    +8 Climb (2 ranks, +3 class skill bonus, +3 Str)
    +12 Craft (alchemy) (7 ranks, +3 class skill bonus, +2 Int)
    +3 Diplomacy (2 rank, +1 Cha)
    +1 Disguise (+1 Cha)
    +4 Escape Artist (+4 Dex)
    +4 Fly (+4 Dex)
    -1 Heal (-1 Wis)
    +6 Intimidate (2 ranks, +3 class skill bonus, +1 Cha)
    +4 Knowledge (dungeoneering) (2 rank, +2 Int)
    +9 Knowledge (local) (7 ranks, +2 Int)
    +6 Knowledge (religion) (5 ranks, +2 Int)
    +1 Perception (-1 Wis, +2 hawkeye)
    +1 Perform (+1 Cha)
    +8 Ride (1 rank, +3 class skill bonus, +4 Dex)
    -1 Sense Motive (-1 Wis)
    +11 Stealth (6 ranks, +4 Dex)
    -1 Survival (-1 Wis)
    +8 Swim (2 ranks, +3 class skill bonus, +3 Str)

    Possessions (Item, Cost & Weight, Location on Person)
    hat of disguise (1,800 gp, 1 lb., worn as a hood)
    explorer's outfit w/Sandpoint deputy's badge & coat of resistance +1 (1,001 gp, worn)
    boots of striding and springing (5,500 gp, worn)
    +1 mithral chain shirt (2,250 gp, 12.5 lbs., worn)
    ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp, worn on right hand)
    Tian Xian jade philospher amulet [amulet of natural armor +1] (2,000 gp, around neck)

    +1 flaming scimitar ("Harriq," 4,315 gp, 4 lbs, right hip)
    +1 elven short sword ("Thala") (2,310, 2 lbs., left hip)
    +2 adaptive composite longbow (9,400 gp, 3 lbs., worn over left shoulder)
    38 arrows (3 gp, 3 lbs., quiver on back)
    6 blunt arrows (1 gp, 3 lbs., quiver on back)
    5 fire arrows (8 gp, 1 lb, +1d6 fire damage)
    5 smoke arrows (10 gp, 0.2 lbs., quiver on back)
    1 net arrow
    5 +2 shocking burst arrows

    handy haversack (2,000 gp, 5 lbs., worn behind left hip):
    central pocket -
    bedroll (1 sp, 5 lbs.)
    common lantern (1 sp, 1 lb.)
    38 ft. of hemp rope (1 gp, 10 lbs.)
    4 days of rations (4 lbs.)
    waterskin (1 gp, 4 lbs.)
    1 flask of oil (1 sp each, 1 lbs.)
    mwk heavy mace (312 gp, 12 lbs.)
    Magnimar courtier's outfit
    martyr's tear
    right pocket -
    corked leather bottle of goblin rotgut [potion of rage] (NA, unknown)
    left pocket -
    2 potions of cat's grace from Bottled Solutions (300 gp each, NA)
    1,105 gp, 17 sp (22.44 lbs.)

    Locked up in his room at The Rusty Dragon:
    portable alchemist's lab (75 gp, 20 lbs.)
    sword cane (45 gp, 4 lbs.)

    pentagram tattoo (2 sp, around left eye)

    1,130 gp, 17 sp

    (500 stl of free DM money)

    Carrying Capacity
    Light Load: 86 lbs. or less Medium Load: 87-173 lbs. Heavy Load: 174-260 lbs.
    Weight Carried: 23 lbs.
    Max Dex: +4 Check Penalty: 0 Run: x4

    Conditions: None.

    Description: Gus is a tall lanky man. Although he's skinny, he's solid muscle. His light brown hair always appears to being sticking straight up, despite his efforts to brush it back with his hands. He has dark eyes and his left eye has a bright red pentagram tattooed around it and is currently missing an eyebrow. He wears a worn brown overcoat over his armor. His magical haversack, like the rest of him, looks like it's been through hell. His face is generally covered with dark stubble. His weapons are meticulously well-kept, however.

    Code of the Devil's Bow: Gus believes that law and order are paramount in maintaining a healthy society and that government and government officials are responsible for doing for the people what they can't do for themselves. That said, as long as a person's individual actions don't disrupt the order of the collective whole then they should be trusted to govern themselves. When rulers are corrupt or abuse their power or people then it's right and just for an individual to act outside the law for the greater good until order is restored.

    Background: Solangus Crispin Thrune III was the only child of a low-ranking magistrate in the frontier metropolis of Korvosa. His father, Solangus the Second, was responsible for overseeing the harbor master's office in the city. Gus' grandfather was a priest of the archdevil Asmodeus and the rather severe old man was not very found of his rambunctious grandson. Gus' father was a more amiable sort. That, combined with the education he had received from his father's church, allowed him to become one of the most skilled bureaucrats and contract negotiators in the city. He ensured that all contracts done through the city's harbor master's office were fair and legal and that everyone was paid what they were owed. Seeing how he was responsible for making sure everyone in the port was doing their jobs properly he saw nothing wrong with setting aside a little extra for himself and his family. As a result the Thrunes quickly became wealthy above their station.

    Despite his dislike of Grandpa Thrune Gus was still raised in the strictest traditions of Asmodeous' church. He even had the archdevil's five-pointed star tattooed around his left eye when he began his Hellknight training (although that was his grandfather's doing, not his). He was too headstrong and short-tempered to be a bureaucrat like his father. His grandfather had tried to beat the teenage boy's arrogant spirit out of him, but it only made Gus resent the old man and his church each time they came to blows. His father had tried a gentler approach, letting Gus get his hands dirty and work with the men on the docks to discourage him from the a lowly life he would surely have if he didn't curb his resentment of lawful authority. Gus however, embraced his new low-born friends and the physicality of their blue-collar existence. It also opened his eyes to the injustices being done to the lower class by the wealthy citizens of the city. He was quite happy working the docks and mocking the offices and churches his family were so eager to cram him into. Worried his son would eventually embarrass the family, Gus' father and grandfather decided to send the boy away to Citadel Vraid in the Mindspin Mountains to join the Hellknights, despite his mother Quinta's protests.

    To everyone's surprise the brash young man took to the military life like a fish to water. He was strong, tough, and well-liked by the other men. He showed a remarkable talent for archery. Every compliment to his skill always got a wink and a knowing tap to the pentagram branded around his eye.

    “What can I say? I'm a lucky devil,” he'd say after another bulls-eye.

    However, Gus Thrune was not destined for a soldier's life. While visiting his family on his first leave from the citadel, criminal charges were leveled against his father by the rival Wardroxan family. The Thrunes had been edging the Wardroxans out of valuable shipping contracts for the last ten years. Now someone had finally put together enough of a case to accuse his father of illegal business practices. Enraged by the outrageous accusations against his family, Gus launched his own private investigation and was distraught to learn that most of what the Wardroxans were claiming was true. His father had been in the pocket of the Sczarni for nearly his entire life, using his bureaucratic skills to make money for his family and the infamous criminal fraternity under the noses of the authorities.

    As an Armiger in the Order of the Nail it was Gus' duty to bring his father's criminal activities to justice. Instead he rashly launched a one-man vigilante war against the Sczarni elements threatening to ruin his family's good name. His crusade was short-lived, however. Gus quickly found himself facing men and women far more ruthless and deadly than himself. When he was finally captured by Sczarni agents things took an even nastier and surprising turn. The criminals he was fighting actually worked for his grandfather and the church of Asmodeus. It turned out that Grandfather Thrune was the mysterious “Old Devil” who ran most of the illegal activities in Korvosa's port. The bitter old man was jealous of the more sizable fortune his son's own dealings had earned him and had secretly been the party responsible for leaking his wrongdoings to the Wardroxans. Gus the Second had no idea that he'd been working for his father all of these years. Gus escaped, after a terrible fight with his grandfather, and fled the city with just the clothes on his back and the weapons and gear he'd been using in his one-man war against the Sczarni. He did, however, manage to steal the old goat's sword cane during their fight, but he couldn't return to Citadel Vraid. The target on his head was too big now. He was forced to go awol and become a drifter instead.

    He wandered the Varisian country side for months, helping people where the law needed to be upheld under the alias “Gus Erastil.” Slowly but surely he began to make his way west, further and further from his troubles at home. He fell in with an eccentric Andoran woman named Eulalia Gordon as he traveled and without her, he likely wouldn't have survived some of the wilder parts of his wanderings. He'd never really taken to the survival training the Hellknights had given him, but the other ex-noble was as home in the woods as she was the grand halls of the lands. He liked the woman well-enough, she was kind and friendly, but he still made a point of keeping his identity secret as best he could.

    Eventually the duo made their way all the way to the town of Nybor on the shores of Ember Lake. While there Gus and Eulalia helped a wandering priest of Erastil against some bandits harassing some of the town's remote farmsteads. The cleric was so grateful for Gus' help help he gave the archer a sacred emissary arrow. Gus never learned the other man's name, but his gift made him think just a little bit harder about the assumed name he was using as he wandered.

    Gus and Eulalia joined a merchant caravan in Nybor headed for the town of Sandpoint. Inspired by recent events the young man hired himself on as a proper guard. The trip turned out to be fraught with danger and misfortune, however, but thanks to the bravery of swords-for-hire like Gus and the dwarven warrior Goraxis Hammersplit the caravan made it to Sandpoint safely. Satisfied that he was far, far from his grandfather's reach, the weary young man began to considering settling down.

    Fate had other plans for him and his friends.

    Misc. Notes:
    "The short sword claimed by the archer gave the scholar pause. The fact that it was in the hands of a Goblin reviled him. It was a short, shimmering blade about two feet in length. The short blade widened and narrowed into a leaf-shape, and was sharpened on both edges. Elvish script scrolled down the flat of the blade. Decorative and beautiful, he read the script, telling Victaria that the blade's name was 'Thala'. The Elvish word for 'Trustworthy'. He told her that it was most likely forged in Kyonin, and was a practical killing weapon, meant for war. The subtle Elven magic laced into the steel is a common enchantment, created to make the weapon faster and more accurate. (+1 Shortsword)"
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    Default Loot and Stuff:


    The Ogrekin has a +1 Spear

    +2 Belt of Giant Strength= AINDUIN

    a +1 Ogre Hook (weapon group: Axes), an Amulet of Natural Armor +2

    two Cure Serious Wounds Potions= GUS

    Martyr's Tear. The bearer may, as a standard action, place 3d6 of his hp into the jewel. As a standard action, they can hold the jewel themselves, or touch someone else, and the intended recipient will heal whatever amount is stored inside.= GUS

    Sandals of Quick Reaction. In a surprise round, the wearer may take a move and a standard action. If they already can take a full set of actions, their speed increases ten feet in the surprise round. = Jack

    Dagger of Doubling= VICTARIA

    Loot in basement?

    Skinning room loot?

    Playpen loot?
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    From the Field Notes Of Victoria Grey: An Index of Facts, Foes, and Friends.

    History of Sandpoint- Summarized in other materials (Post #226)
    • Points of interest noted on the map of Sandpoint from the Thistletop War Room- symbols over the Glassworks, the ruined lighthouse called the Old Light, and another on top of the rough outline of the Sandpoint Cathedral.

    Sinspawn- Twisted warriors and soldiers of Ancient Thassilon, seven varieties created by each of the seven Runelords from Runewells. Wrath type encountered below Sandpoint.

    Alaznist- First mentioned in inscriptions in the Catacombs of Wrath under Sandpoint as the "Runelord of Wrath". She is known to have specialized in the magic of Evocation and ruled her realm with an iron fist.
    • Bekaram- The name of the country that she ruled. Sandpoint sits right on the border of Old Bekaram before the Cataclysm caused the country to sink into the ocean, and what is now the Varisian Gulf.
    • Malfesnekor-Greater Barghest servant of Alaznist, trapped in Thistletop by Karzoug’s forces for thousands of years. Released to aid in the fight against Karzoug, loyalties unknown once he finds out the disappearance of Thassilon and his mistress.

    Karzoug- A wizard-king in the ancient Thassilonian Empire, master of a city of fable high in the mountains, Xin-Shalast. Runelord of Greed, master of Transmutation magic. Possibly biggest threat in the region.
    • Descripton from ghostly apparition in Thistletop: He was tall, lithe, and bald, except for a long prince's lock. He wore fine robes. There were gemstones embedded in the backs of his hands, and his forehead. A long-hafted glaive was leaned across his lap, and the fingers of one hand ended in long, sharp steel claws.
    • Nualia- Apparently working for Karzoug to help take over Sandpoint. Devout follower of Lamashtu. Behind the Goblin attacks on the city. Killed at Thistletop.
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    Aiduin Tathron

    Male Half-Elf fighter 9
    NG Medium humanoid (half-elf)
    Age 24 Height 6'2" Weight 205 lbs. Eyes Violet Hair Black
    Traits Courageous, Reactionary
    Languages Common, Elf
    Current XP 61,560 Needed for Next Level 71,000 The Battle for Fort Rannick )

    Str 20 (belt +2), Dex 16, Con 16, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 13

    Speed 30 ft.
    Initiative +4 (dex + trait); Senses Perception +2
    AC 26, touch 17, flat-footed 32 (+7 armor, +2 shield, +3 Dex, +1 dodge, +3 misc)
    hp 110 (toughness)(favored class)); current hp 110
    Hero Points: 4
    Bonus Modifiers: 0
    Base Attack +9/+4
    CMB +14 (+9 base attack, +5 Str)
    CMD +27 (10, +9 base attack, +5 Str, +3 Dex)

    Saving Throws
    +10 Fort (+6 base, +3 Con, +1 misc)
    +7 Ref (+3 base, +3 Dex,
    +1 misc)
    +4 Will (+3 base,
    +1 misc)

    Sword, bastard (Silver) +1: 1d10+7 19–20/×2; Attack 13+1+2-2=14/+8+1+2-2=+9
    Sword, short (Cold Iron):
    S: 1d6+5 19–20/×2; Attack 13+1+1-2=13/+8+1+1-2=+8
    Mithral Quickdraw Throwing Shield of Bashing +1:
    Throwing:1d8+6 ×2
    Attack 13+1-2=12;
    1d8+6 ×2; Attack 13+1-2=12
    2nd attack:
    Throwing:1d8+6 ×2; Attack 13+1-2-5=7;
    1d8+6 ×2; Attack 13+1-2-5=7


    Mithral Quickdraw Throwing Shield of Bashing +1: +2 to AC
    Breastplate (agile) +1: +7 to AC
    Ring of Protection +1;
    Cloak of Resistance +1; +1 to AC
    Amulet of Natural Armor +2; +2 to AC

    Endurance: +4 on saves vs. nonlethal damage
    Dodge: +1 dodge bonus on AC
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency Weapon: Bastard Sword
    Improved Shield Bash: Shield bonus still applies when bashing
    Skill FocusIntimidate)
    Toughness: +3 hp + 1/level over 3
    Two-Weapon Fighting: Reduce 2-weapon fighting penalties
    Double Slice: Add strength bonus to off-hand damage
    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Improved Two-Weapon Fighting

    All simple and martial weapon proficiencies and all armor and shield proficiencies (including tower shields).


    +2 to dexterity (already included)
    Immune to magical sleep
    Allowed two favored classes. Fighter
    Take a skill focus as a bonus feat at level 1
    + 2 racial bonus on saves vs. enchantments
    Low-light vision
    + 1 racial bonus on perception checks
    + 2 racial bonus on diplomacy and gather information checks


    Bonus Feats (already included)
    Armor training -- penalties for armor decrease by one each at levels 3, 7, 11, and 15
    At level 3, moves at normal speed in medium armor. At level 7, moves at normal speed in any armor.
    Bravery -- +2 on saves vs fear (level 6), increases by one at level 6, 10, 14, 18
    Weapon training 1; at levels 5, 9, 13, and 17, choose one group of weapons and take +1 on attacks and damage from this group and all groups previously selected.
    Level 5: blades, heavy
    Level 9:Close: heavy shield, light shield, unarmed strike
    Level 13:
    Level 17:
    Armor Mastery (level 19) -- Damage reduction 5/- wearing any armor or using any shield
    Weapon Mastery (level 20) -- choose one weapon for which all critical threats confirmed and damage multiplier increased by 1; cannot be disarmed when using it

    Acrobatics Dex* 0 = +2 -2 [armor]
    Appraise Int 0 = +0
    Bluff Cha 1 = +1
    Climb Str* 10 = +4 + 3 + 3 [class skill]
    Diplomacy Cha 3 = +1 + 2 [half-elf]
    Disguise Cha 1 = +1
    Escape Artist Dex* 0 = +2 -2 [armor]
    Fly Dex* 0 = +2 -2 [armor]
    Heal Wis 0 = +0
    Intimidate Cha 16 = +1 + 9 + 3 [class skill] + 3 [skill focus]
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) Int +4 = +0 +1 +3
    [class skill]
    Perception Wis 2 = +0 + 2 [half-elf]
    Ride Dex* 0 = +2 -2 [armor]
    Sense Motive Wis 1 = +1
    Stealth Dex* 0 = +2 -2 [armor]
    Survival Wis 1 = +1
    Swim Str** 8 = +4 + 3 + 3 [class skill]
    -2 [armor]

    * = check penalty for armor/shield; mithral light shield, no penalty; agility armor, climb and jump checks are only at -1; armor training -1
    ** = some groups double armor/shield penalties for swimmers

    Possessions (Item, Cost & Weight, Location on Person)
    Mithral Quickdraw Throwing Shield of Bashing +1; 5109 gp; 7; off hand
    Breastplate (agile) +1; 1500 gp; 25; worn
    Sword, bastard (Silver) +1; 12225gp; 6; main hand
    Sword, Short (Cold Iron); 20gp; 2, side
    Bag, Handy Haversack; 2000 gp; 5; back
    Ring of Protection +1; 2000 gp; main hand
    Cloak of Resistance +1; 1000 gp; worn
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1; 2000 gp; neck
    Bedroll; 1 sp, haversack
    Explorer's Outfit; haversack
    Waterskin; 1gp; haversack
    Rations (10 days); 5gp; haversack
    Belt of Giant Strength +2



    Carrying Capacity
    Light load: 100 lb. or less

    Medium load: 101-200 lb.
    Heavy load: 201-300 lb.
    Lift over head: 300 lb.
    Lift off ground: 600 lb.
    Push or drag: 1500 lb.
    Weight Carried: 45
    Max Dex: Check Penalty: Run:

    Conditions: None

    Description: Aiduin Tathron is a tall half-elf, with an incredible muscular build and strong hints of his Varisian heritage. He wears muted colors of black and grey. He has a star tattooed on his chest with the points running to his five extremities. His black hair was long, to his chin and the nap of his neck, partially hiding his elven heritage. He carries an oversized one-handed bastard sword and a circular shield with concentric engraved rings and star in the middle that matched his tattoo.

    Aiduin Tathron is the 7th of 8 children of Corchon and Abela Tathron, the proprietors of the White Deer Inn in Sandpoint. The family made up nearly the entire half-population of Sandpoint.
    Growing up as the 7th of 8 children, and youngest boy, left its mark on young Aiduin, mainly in the form of bumps, bruises, black eyes, and any other kind of punishment his elder siblings decided to meet out to him. Of course, there were also numerous kicks by animals in the the White Deer Inn’s stables, and not to mention the bullies that the half-elf had to deal with. After one particularly bruising thrashing at the hands of the local bully, one of the Scarnetti family, as he was nursing his cheek, his mother approached, who was the spirited one between his parents, and stated, “500!” “500 what?” He innocently asked. She then expounded that 500 fights is what someone needed to be considered a legitimate tough guy. Later that evening, Aiduin got started, and got his ass handed to him. So it was with the first 25 or so fights. However, with time, his prowess and physical abilities grew, as did his victory total. Somewhere around 100 he got tired of beating on the town boys and his older siblings and tried his hand at other forms of fighting, finding it suited him.

    At about the same time his attitude changed about fighting, as did his maturity level, he found that he enjoyed the company of his younger-by-a-few-moments little sister Luminitsa, or Lumi as the family called her. The two looked as like one another as possible for an opposite twin set. As children, they were not particularly close. Aiduin resented the fact that Lumi was favored and seemed to enjoy getting Aiduin into trouble, always snitching. However, as late adolescence came, he found himself enjoying having her around, even to the point that they would often work the same jobs for their parents and others around town.

    During the goblin raid, Aiduin was, um, checking the quality of the woodwork at the Pixie’s Kitten. It wasn’t Shulelu Andosana, the local folk hero, but good enough for the festival day and a fellow could always dream. When the alarms sounded, he bounded out, still tying the drawstrings as he ran through town towards the Deer. One the way, one unlucky goblin became an improvised club as Aiduin swung it back and forth by the legs, clearing a path for him to reach his family. Luckily, all were unscathed. The same couldn’t be said for the goblin. Since that time, Aiduin has been looking for an excuse to help the town solve the problems it has been experiencing.

    Fight count 385/500
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    Francazio Zedwig Wordsworth III, aka "Frank the Prank"
    Male gnome Bard 9
    CG Humanoid (gnome)
    Age 62, Height 3'5, Weight 40 lbs.
    Traits Lore Seeker +1 Knowledge (arcana), Pick 3 spells from list and they function +1 caster level and +1 DC's (if any) (Hideous Laughter, Glitterdust, Dispel Magic)
    Indomitable Faith +1 Will Save
    Languages Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Giant, Elven, Aklo, Varisian, Draconic
    Patron Deity Cayden Calien
    XP 60,420/71,000 (up to the Battle of Fort Rannick)

    Str 10 +0
    Dex 16 +3 (20 +5)
    Con 16 +3
    Int 14 +2
    Wis 12 +1
    Cha 24 +7

    Speed 20', Initiative +3
    Hit Die 9d8+27, Hit Points 87
    AC 20 (+5 Armor, +3 Dex, +1 size, +1 ring) (22 (+5 armor, +5 Dex, +1 size, +1 ring)
    Base Attack +6/+1
    Melee +7/+2 (+1 size)
    Ranged +10/+5 (+1 size)
    CMB +5 (-1 size)
    CMD 19 (10+6 Base+0 Str+3 Dex- 1 Size+1 deflection) (21)

    Saving Throws (+2 vs. illusion spells and effects, +4 vs. bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects)
    Fortitude +10 (+3 Base, +3 Con, +2 Great Fortitude, +2 cloak)
    Reflex +11 (+6 Base, +3 Dex, +2 cloak) (+13)
    Will +10 (+6 base, +1 Wis, +1 Trait, +2 cloak)

    1st Great Fortitude
    3rd Lingering Performance
    5th Extend Spell
    7th Expanded Arcana (Good Hope)
    9th Hero's Fortune (Gain a hero point, max is 5 instead of 3)

    Racial/Class Abilities
    Ability modifiers +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Str
    Small + 1 size bonus to AC, +1 size bonus on attack rolls, -1 penalty to CMB and CMD, +4 size bonus to stealth
    Slow speed 20'
    Low light vision Can see twice as far in conditions of dim light
    Defensive training +4 dodge bonus to AC versus monsters of the giant type
    Hatred +1 attack against humanoid creatures of the reptilian and goblinoid subtypes
    Gnome Magic +1 to DC's of Illusion spells, Spell-like abilities 1/day: Dancing lights, Ghost sound, Prestidigitation, and Speak with animials. Caster level equal to gnome's level. DC for these spells is equal to 10+spell level+ Cha modifier
    Illusion resistance +2 racial saving throw bonus versus illusion spells and effects
    Keen senses +2 racial bonus to Perception checks
    Obsessive +2 racial bonus on a Craft or Profession skill of their choice
    Weapon Familiarity Treat any weapon with the word "gnome" in it as a martial weapon
    Favored class Bard (Extra skill point 1st-8th)
    Increased ability score Charisma 4th, Charisma 8th
    Bardic knowledge (Ex) A bard adds half his class level to all knowledge skill checks and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained
    Bardic Performance 24 rounds/day
    Starting bardic music is a standard action and maintained as a free action. Changing a bardic performance from one effect to another requires bard to stop the previous performance and start another as a standard action. Bardic performance cannot be disrupted, but it ends immediately if the bard is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious or otherwise prevented from taking a free action to maintain it each round. A bard cannot have more than one bardic performance in effect at one time.
    At 7th level can start performance as a move action, at 13th level can start performance as a swift action.
    Each bardic performance has audible components, visual components, or both
    If audible, targets must be able to hear the bard for the performance to take effect. A deaf bard has a 20% chance to fail when attempting bardic performance. If the check fails, the attempt counts against his daily limit. Deaf creatures are immune to bardic performances with audible components
    If visual, targets must have line of sight to the bard for performance to have any effect. A blind bard has a 50% chance to fail while attempting a performance with a visual component. If he fails it counts against his daily limit. Blind creatures are immune to bardic performance with visual components
    Countersong (Su) At 1st level a bard earns to counter magic effects based on sound (but not spells that have verbal components). Each round of countersong he makes a Perform (keyboard, percussion, wind, string, or sing) skill check. Any creature within 30' of the bard (including the bard himself) that is affected by a sonic or language-dependent magical attack may use the bard's Perform check result in place of its saving throw. If a creature within range of countersong is already under the effects of a noninstantaneous sonic or language-dependent magical attack, it gains another saving throw against the effect each round but must use the bard's Perform check for the save. Countersong uses audible components.
    Distraction (Su) At 1st level, a bard can use his performance to counter magic effects that depend on sight. Each round of the distraction he makes a Perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) skill check. Any creature within 30' of the bard (including himself) tha is affected by an illusion(pattern) or Illusion (figment) magical attack may use the bard's Perform check result in place of its saving throw. If a creature within range is already under the effects of a noninstantaneous illusion (pattern) or Illusion (figment) magical attack, it gains another save each round but must use the bard's Perform check result. Distraction relies on visual components.
    Fascinate (Su) At 1st level, a bard can use his performance to cause one or more creatures to become fascinated with him. Each creature to be fascinated must be within 90', able to see and hear the bard, and capable of paying attention to him. The bard must also be able to see the creatures affected. The distraction of nearby combat or other dangers prevents this ability from working. For every 3 levels beyond 1st, he can target one additional creature with this ability.
    Each creature within range gets a Will save (DC 10+ 1/2 bard level+ Cha modifier) to negate effect. If save succeeds the bard cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. If save fails, the creature sits quietly and observes the performance for as long as the bard maintains it. While fascinated, a target takes a -4 on all skill checks made as reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential threat to target gives it a new save versus the effect. Any obvious effect, such as drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a weapon at target breaks effect immediately.
    Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-effecting ability. Fascinate relies on audible and visual components.
    Inspire Courage (Su) At 1st level a bard can inspire courage in his allies (including himself). To be affected, an ally must be able to perceive the bard's performance. An affected ally receives +1 moral bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and +1 competence bonus on attack and damage rolls. At 5th level and every 6 levels there after this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +4 at 17th level. Inspire courage is a mind-effecting ability. Bard must choose which component to use when starting his performance.
    Inspire Competence (Su) At 3rd level, can use performance to help an ally succeed at a task. Ally must be within 30' and be able to hear the bard. That ally gets a +2 competence bonus on that skill check. This bonus increase by +1 for every 4 levels beyond 3rd. A bard can't inspire competence in himself. Inspire competence relies on audible components.
    Suggestion (Sp) At 6th level, a bard can use his performance to make a suggestion (as per the spell) t a creature he has fascinated. Using this ability does not interrupt the fascinate effect, but does require a standard action to activate. A bard can use this ability more than once against an individual creature during an individual performance.
    Making a suggestion doesn't count against the bard's daily use of bardic performance. A Will save (DC 10+ 1/2 bard level+ Cha mod) negates the effect. This ability effects only a single creature. Suggestion is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-effecting, language-dependent ability that relies on audible components.
    Dirge of Doom (Su) At 8th level, a bard can use his performance to foster a sense of growing dread in his enemies, causing them to become shaken. Enemy must be within 30' and able to see and hear the bard. The effect persists for as long as the enemy is within 30' and the bard continues his performance. This performance cannot cause a creature to become frightened or panicked even if the target is already shaken from another effect. Dirge of doom is a mind-effecting fear effect, and relies on audible and visual components.
    Inspire Greatness (Su) At 9th level a bard can inspire greatness in himself or a willing ally within 30'. For every 3 levels beyond 9th he can target another ally to a max of 4 at 18th level. To inspire greatness all allies must be able to see and hear the bard. A creature inspired with greatness gains 2 bonus Hit Dice (d10's), the commensurate number of temporary hit points (apply con modifier if any to these), a +2 competence bonus to attack rolls and a +1 competence bonus to fort saves. The bonus Hit Dice count as regular Hit Dice for determining the effects of spells that are Hit Dice dependent. Inspire Greatness is a mind-affecting ability that relies on audible and visual components.
    Versatile Performance (Ex) At 2nd level, a bard can choose one type of Perform skill. He can use this bonus in that skill in place of his bonus in associated skills. When substituting in this way, the bard uses his Perform skill bonus, including class skill bonus in place of its associated skill's bonus, whether or not he has ranks in that skill or is a class skill. At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the bard can select an additional type of Perform to substitute.
    The types of Perform and associated skills are: Act (Bluff, Disguise), Comedy (Bluff, Intimidate), Dance (Acrobatics, Fly), Keyboard instruments (Diplomacy, Intimidate), Oratory (Diplomacy, Sense Motive), Percussion (Handle Animal, Intimidate), Sing (Bluff, Sense Motive), String (Bluff, Diplomacy), and Wind (Diplomacy, Handle Animal)
    Well-Versed (Ex) At 2nd level a gains a +4 bonus on saves made against bardic performance, sonic and language-dependent effects.
    Lore Master (Ex) At 5th level, the bard can take 10 on any Knowledge skill checks he has ranks in. A bard can choose not to take 10 and roll normally. 1/day a bard can take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action. He use this ability one additional time per day every 6 levels beyond 5th, to a maximum of 3/day at 17th level.

    Skills (Can use Perform (Comedy) in place of Bluff and Intimidate and Perform (Oratory) in place of Diplomacy and Sense Motive)
    Acrobatics +16 (5 ranks, +3 Dex, +3 class skill, +5 boots) (+18)
    Bluff +19 (Perform (Comedy))
    Diplomacy +19 (Perform (Oratory))
    Escape Artist +10 (4 ranks, +3 Dex, +3 class skill) (+12)
    Intimidate +19 (Perform (Comedy))
    Knowledge (arcana) +13 (3 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +1 trait, +4 level)
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) +11 (2 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +4 level)
    Knowledge (engineering) +6 (+2 Int, +4 level)
    Knowledge (Geography) +11 (2 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +4 level)
    Knowledge (history) +10 (1 rank, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +4 level)
    Knowledge (local) +12 (3 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +4 level)
    Knowledge (nature) +11 (2 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +4 level)
    Knowledge (nobility) +6 (+2 Int, +4 level)
    Knowledge (planes) +12 (3 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill, +4 level)
    Knowledge (religion) +6 (+2 Int, +4 level)
    Perception +11 (5 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 class skill, +2 racial)
    Perform (Comedy) +19 (9 ranks, +7 Cha, +3 class skill)
    Perform (Dance) +12 (2 ranks, +7 Cha, +3 class skill)
    Perform (Oratory) +19 (9 ranks, +7 Cha, +3 class skill)
    Perform (Sing) +16 (6 ranks, +7 Cha, +3 Class skill)
    Linguistics +10 (5 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill)
    Sense Motive +19 (Perform (oratory))
    Spellcraft +14 (9 ranks, +2 Int, +3 class skill)
    Stealth +11 (1 rank, +3 Dex, +3 class skill, +4 size) (+13)
    Use Magic Device +19 (9 ranks, +7 Cha, +3 class skill)

    Hero Points 3

    Bardic Music 27 rounds/day (move action to activate) (21)
    Inspire courage +2
    Inspire competence +2
    Fascinate DC 21
    Suggestion DC 21

    Spell-like abilities 1/day Dancing Lights*, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Speak w/ Animals

    Spells DC=10+ spell level+ Cha modifier, Concentration check +16
    0 level- Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Read Magic
    1st level (7/day)(5) Cure Light Wounds, Hideous Laughter (+1 caster level and DC), Restful Sleep, Timely Inspiration, Touch of Gracelessness
    2nd level (6/day)(2) Cat's Grace, Glitterdust (+1 caster level and DC), Invisibility, Mirror Image
    3rd level (5/day)(2) Dispel Magic (+1 caster level), Good Hope, Haste, Purging Finale, See Invisibility

    +1 Light crossbow +11 1d6+1 19-20 x2 (+13)
    Masterwork longsword +8/+3 1d6 19-20 x2 (In Scabbard of Vigor, 1/day can activate as part of drawing weapon to endow with an enhancement bonus. +4/1round, +3/3 rounds, +2/5 rounds, +1/10 rounds)

    +1 Mithral Chain Shirt (+6 max dex, 0 ACP)

    Explorer's Outfit
    +1 Mithral Chain Shirt (2100 gp) 5 lbs.
    Masterwork Longsword (315 gp) 2 lbs.
    +1 Light Crossbow (2335 gp) 2 lbs.
    37 bolts (4 gp) 2 lb.
    Handy Haversack (2000 gp) 5 lbs.
    Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 (4000 gp) 1 lb.
    Cloak of Resistance +2 (4000 gp) 1 lb.
    Ring of Protection +1 (2000 gp) -
    Scabbard of Vigor (1800 gp) 3 lb.
    Wand of Shield (49 charges, CL 1) (750 gp) - Ib Haversack
    Wand of Magic Missile (49 Charges, CL 5) (3750 gp) - in Haversack
    Wand of Lesser Restoration (50 Charges, CL 3) (4500 gp) - in Haversack
    Boots of Elvenkind (2500 gp) 1 lb.
    10 potions Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1) (500 gp) - in Haversack
    2 Tanglefoot bags (100 gp) 8 lbs. in Haversack
    2 Antitoxin (100 gp) - in Haversack
    2 Smokestick (40 gp) 1 lb. in Haversack
    2 Alchemical grease (10 gp) 2 lbs. in Haversack
    Flash powder (50 gp) - in Haversack
    Sneezing powder (60 gp) in Haversack
    Bedroll (1 sp) 2.5 lbs. in Haversack
    Waterskin (1 gp) 2 lbs. in Haversack
    Spell component pouch (1 gp) 1/2 lb.

    1,784 gp, 9 sp

    Carrying Capacity/Encumbrance (Light Load 0-25 lbs., Medium Load 26-49, Heavy Load 50-75 lbs.)
    22 1/2 lbs.

    Francazio has long green hair he ties back into a ponytail. He sports a long thin green mustache that sticks straight out like pencils and green soul patch on his chin. He wears colors of all sorts and nothing is off limits. He'll wear red with pink with oanrge and green; the more outrageous the better. He has a likeable disposition but tends to pull pranks on anyone and everyone. He loves to see what he can get away with before someone blows their top.

    Francazio grew up in Magnimar, his father Franczio Zedwig Wordsworth the II worked at the Golemworks there. Young Francazio found he had a penchant for magic which led him go to Korvosa and study magic at the prestigious magic school, the Acadamae. There he found the studies of magic to arduous for his tastes, they took magic too seriously when he just wanted to use it for fun. Francazio was promptly kicked out of the Acadamae when he switched all the labels in the Alchemy lab with disastrous yet beautiful results, all students and teachers in the room had there skin turned blue and it took months before the grand wizards were able to find the proper incantation to reverse the process. This earned Francazio his infamous nickname Frank the Prank. After being dismissed from the Acadamae, Francazio enrolled in the less prestigious and smaller school Theumanexus College of magic. There he learned he wasn't going to be a great wizard or sorcerer for he wasn't as knowledgeable as most thought, but was able to help his fellow students in tough tasks and learned just enough about magic to grasp enough to help his fellow friends. He graduated from Theumanexus at the bottom of his class... but he did graduate.

    With his new found knowledge in magic and his ability to make people laugh and enjoy themselves, he moved back to Magnimar and landed as the entertainer for the Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras. During one of the Lord-Mayor's parties, Francazio had one of his best performances and all laughed and clapped except for the Lord-Mayor who just yawned and waved his hand dismissingly toward Francazio. Later that evening, the Lord-Mayor took Francazio for one of his servants and asked him to fetch him a drink. He decided to teach the Lord-Mayor a lesson. He took apart his favorite carriage and put it back together on the roof of his manor. No one saw the gnome do this so there was no proof to pin this on Francazio. For months, the Lord-Mayor didn't care about the performances or "mistaken" Francazio for a servant or worse. One day Francazio had had enough, he would make sure the Lord-Mayor would know who he was. He spent an entire day under the great bridge in Magnimar collecting bat guano. When he had a large bag full he enacted his plan, that night he spread the guano on the lawn of the Lord-Mayor's front yard. No one noticed the compost for a whole day and it took one more to clean the mess. The next few days brought heavy rains and with it, new growth on the Lord-Mayors lawn. The deeply enriched guano had fertilized the lawn where Francazio had spread it, making those areas darker and more lush than the rest of the lawn. The fertilized area spelled out "It was I, FRANCAZIO ZEDWIG WORDSWORTH III!" making sure the Lord-Mayor would never forget who he was again... and he didn't. He bought Francazio up on vandalism, trespassing and wanton destruction charges. All carried minimal sentences, but instead of doing his time in jail, Francazio decided to join the Order of the Black Arrow. He would help and entertain those men... at least they would appreciate him, now a known bard as well as petty criminal.
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