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Thread: Legacy of Blood (character sheets)

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    Sienna Savaeltanis, daughter of Jameld of Hroth
    female half-elf (Sithicus/Dilisnya) rogue (poisoner)5/sorcerer (fey)3
    medium humanoid (half-elf) CuL 7
    Age 28, 5'3", 115 lbs. Hair: black streaked with silver; Eyes: amber

    Traits: Alchemical intuition (1/day, add CHA mod to craft: alchemy checks)
    Secret Keeper (+1 bluff; +1 to saves vs. divinations/dominations to compel her to speak the truth)

    Physical Traits:
    Long Fingernails (around 3-4 inches); Wears an Eyepatch

    Mental Traits:
    Careless; Occasion Amnesia

    Languages: Common, Elven, Vaasi, Balok
    XP current 34,000 /needed for next level 16,000 /next level 50,000

    Str:10 (+0)
    Dex:18 (+4)
    Con:13 (+1)
    Int:14 (+2)
    Wis:14 (+2)
    Cha:17 (+3)

    Speed: current: 20 ft. (base 30 ft.)
    Senses: +12 perception; Low-light Vision,
    Hit Dice: 5d8+5; 3d6+3 (+1 con); Hit Points (max/current): 46/46
    AC 15/18* (+4 dexterity, +1 padded armor), touch 14; flat-footed 14; *with Mage Armor
    +4 base attack; grapple +4(+0 str)
    +4 base melee attack (+4 base, +0 str)
    +8 base ranged/finesse attack (+4 base, +4 dex)
    CMB: +14
    CMD: +18

    Saving Throws
    +3 Fort (2, +1 con)
    +9 Ref (5,+4 dex)
    +6/+7*/+8** Will (4, +2 wis)

    *+1 to saves vs. divinations/dominations to compel her to speak the truth
    **+2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

    Quick Draw (draw a weapon as a free action)
    Improved Unarmed Strike (always armed & may deal lethal dmg with unarmed strikes)
    Machiavellian (+2 competence bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive)
    Adder Strike (As a swift action, you can apply one dose of contact or injury poison to two body parts that you use for unarmed strikes. You must still protect yourself against exposure to contact poisons you apply in this way.)
    Weapon Finesse (rogue talent) Dex instead of Str for light weapons
    Skill Focus [Sense Motive] (racial bonus) + 3 to one skill
    Back to the Wall (You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and AC when you are at one-quarter or less of your maximum hit points.)

    Abilities (racial, class features, etc.)

    Racial abilities (half-elf):
    +2 to One Ability Score (STR)
    Low-Light Vision: Half-elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
    Adaptability: Half-elves receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 1st level.
    Elf Blood: Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.
    Elven Immunities: Half-elves are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.
    Keen Senses: Half-elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.
    Multitalented: Half-elves choose two favored classes at first level and gain +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in either one of those classes. (+1 skill points)

    Class abilities:

    Sneak Attack (+2d6): The rogue’s attack deals extra damage any time her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the rogue flanks her target.
    Poison Use: Replaces Trapfinding
    Evasion (EX): On a successful reflex saving throw to take half damage, no damage is taken instead if the rogue is wearing light or no armor.
    Rogue Talents: (Finesse Rogue, Swift Poison)
    Master PoisonerA poisoner can use Craft (alchemy) to change the type of a poison. Replaces Trap Sense
    Uncanny Dodge: A rogue retains her Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) even if she is caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. However, she still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized.

    Bonus Feat eschew materials
    Bloodline [Fey] bloodline spells, feats, powers and arcana
    Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell of the compulsion subschool, increase the spell’s DC by +2.
    Laughing Touch (Sp): At 1st level, you can cause a creature to burst out laughing for 1 round as a melee touch attack. 6/day
    Woodland Stride (Ex): At 3rd level, you can move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at your normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment.

    Skills (Skill [subtype] (abiliy mod., ranks, class skill bonus, other modifiers)

    +12 acrobatics (4,5,3)
    +7 appraise (2,2,3)
    +13 bluff (3,4,3,1,2)
    +4 climb (0,1,3)
    +10/+11* craft [alchemy] (2,5,3) *+1 circ. bonus with portable alch kit use
    +12 diplomacy (3,4,3,2)
    +10/+12* disable device (4,3,3) *+2 circ. bonus with MW tools
    +10/+12* disguise (3,4,3) *+2 circ. bonus with kit use
    +10 escape artist (4,3,3)
    +8/+10* fly (4,1,3,2*) while wearing armor only
    +9 intimidate (3,3,3)
    +8 knowledge [nature] (2,3,3)
    +8 knowledge [local] (2,3,3)
    +12 perception (2,5,3,2)
    +15 sense motive (2,5,3,2,3)
    +11/+15* sleight of hand (4,4,3) *+4 bonus to hide object on body with pocketed scarf
    +10 spellcraft (2,5,3)
    +17 stealth (4,5,3,5)
    +4 swim (0,1,3)
    +10 use magic device (3,4,3)

    Armor & Shields
    padded griffon mane armor
    armor bonus: +1; max dex: +8 ;spell fail: 5%; weight:10 lbs; speed: 30'
    special qualities: grants +2 circumstance bonus to fly skill checks

    +8 unarmed strike*- DMG: 1d3+0; Crit: x2; Type: B Wt: -
    *imp. unarmed strike feat. May be lethal dmg

    +8 sap- DMG: 1d6+0; Crit: x2; Type: B,NL; Wt: 2lbs

    +8 cat's paw- DMG: 1d4+0; Crit: x2; Type: S; Wt; 2lbs
    *When used to kill a creature, make an untrained Knowledge (nature) check with a +2 circumstance

    bonus (+3 for a masterwork catspaw). The result of the check is the DC of Perception and Knowledge

    (nature) checks needed for others to determine that the claw pattern has been faked.

    +9 MW cold iron dagger- DMG: 1d4+0; Crit: 19-20/x2; RNG: 10'; Type: P/S; Wt: 1lb

    +8 darts- DMG: 1d4+0; Crit: x2; RNG: 20'; Wt. .5 lb

    +8 blowgun- DMG: 1d2; Crit: x2; RNG: 20'; Type: P; Wt: 1lb

    +8 lt. crossbow- DMG: 1d8; Crit: 19-20/x2; RNG: 80'; Type: P; Wt. 4lbs

    +9 MW sliversheen sword-cane rapier- DMG: 1d6+0; Crit: 18-20/x2; Type: P; Wt: 4lbs
    *discovering the hidden weapon requires handling it and a DC 20 Perception (Search) check.
    *silversheen weapons act as alchemical silver weapons and are resistant to Rust effects.

    Spells (DC 13 +spell lvl)
    Spells/Lvl: cantrips, 1st-6/day
    Bloodline Spells: Entangle
    Spells Known:
    cantrips- Daze, Detect Magic, Ghost Sounds, Light, Message
    1st- Insatiable Thirst, Mage Armor, Memory Lapse,

    Haversack (2 lbs) back
    bedroll (5lbs)
    Waterskin (4 lb) shoulder
    Belt Pouch {x's2} (1lb) belt
    Scrollcase (.5lbs) belt
    Rations {10 days} (10lbs)
    Blanket, Winter (3lbs)
    Grappling Hook (4lbs)
    Silk Rope {50'} (5lbs)
    Twine {50'} (.5lbs)
    Soap (.5lbs)
    Sm Steel Mirror (.5lbs)
    Sealing Wax (1lb)
    Flint and Steel belt pouch, back left

    Invisible Ink {good}
    inkpens {2}
    Parchment {20}
    Stationary {10}
    Disappearing Ink {3 oz}

    Glass Cutter belt pouch, left back
    This small metal rod has a tiny sharp wheel on one end and a bulb on the other. You score the glass with the wheel and tap it with the bulb to break it. If you succeed at a DC 15 Sleight of Hand check, you can break the glass very quietly
    MW Thieves Tools (2lbs) belt pouch, left back
    This kit contains extra tools and tools of better make, which grant a +2 circumstance bonus on Disable Device checks.
    Portable Alch Lab (20lbs) (+1 circ. bonus to craft alch)
    Disguise Kit (8 lbs)
    This kit contains tools like makeup and fake facial hair, and provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks. A disguise kit is exhausted after 10 uses.
    Antidote Kit (3lbs)
    This small box contains a wide variety of remedies and treatments against not only specific poisons but also their most common methods of delivery, including such things as purgatives to eliminate ingested toxins. It grants a +3 circumstance bonus on Heal checks made to treat poison. An antidote kit is exhausted after 10 uses.

    Cold Weather Clothes (7lbs)
    Scholar's Clothes (6lbs)
    Eyepatch worn
    Explorer's Clothes (8lbs) worn
    Pocketed Scarf (.5 lbs) worn
    This scarf grants you a +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to hide objects on your body. This bonus does not stack with the bonus wearing heavy clothing provides but does stack with bonuses for attempting to hide small objects.
    Mask (10 g; 1lb)
    Poison Pill Ring worn
    This ring has a tiny compartment under the setting, typically used to hold poison. Opening and closing a ring is a move action; doing so unseen requires a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check.

    Empty Flasks {3}
    Empty Vials {10}
    Ether {2} belt pouch, left
    Night Drops belt pouch, left
    Herbal Solutions:
    Wolfsbane {2}
    Garlic {2}
    Tanglefoot bag {1} (4lbs) Haversack
    Smoke Stick {2} (1lb)
    Sneezing Power (2lbs) belt pouch
    Ithcing Powder belt pouch
    garlic {1 lb)
    wolfsbane {6}
    belladonna {2}


    Tri-poison {3}
    Sassone Leaf {2}
    Malyass Root {2}
    Blue Whinnis {3}
    Shadow Essence {2}
    Giant Wasp Venom {2}
    Id Moss {2}
    Deadly Nightshade {2}
    Erl Queen Lace {1}
    Oil of Taggit {3}

    Potion of Lies: This potion grants the imbiber a +30 bonus to Bluff checks for one hour, but only for purposes of telling lies. Magical investigation, such as effects like discern lies, cannot register the speakers's words as untrue.

    Tasting Cup: These coveted crystalline goblets are embossed with swirling, serpentine designs. Whenever a poisonous liquid is poured into the goblet, the clear crystal assumes a lurid violet shade. The tint fades once the goblet is emptied and wiped clean.

    Wine of Suggestion: The user must pour this wine and the imbiber must drink it. The user is immune to the effects of her own wine. Once both individuals drink at least one glass, the user can make a suggestion on the imbiber (DC 12). This is a one-use item, acting as a potion.

    Sylvan Cloak of Stealth: This pale rose-colored garment plays tricks on the eyes of others, granting the wearer a +5 bonus on Stealth checks.

    Candle of Nightmares: Vengeance is nigh. Light this black taper, and the person whose name the user whispers has terrible dreams, suffering from the nightmare spell (Will DC 17). The item has unlimited uses. This is an evil item, requiring a Powers Check on part of the user.

    Witch-Finder Compass: This magic compass constantly points to the nearest female witch, hag, or witch of Hala. (witches of Hala are clerics of the Ravenloft goddess Hala). The compass does not reveal distance.

    Wolfspaw: No creatures in lupine form with SR less than 16 can cross the boundary of a 10-foot-radius circle centered on the paw. Nor can such creatures voluntarily transform into any wolf-like form (regardless of method used to do so) while within the aura's radius. A creature that involuntarily assumes a lupine form while within the wolfpaw's radius (such as an afflicted lycanthrope exposed to its trigger) must flee the radius area on its next available action. The wolfspaw takes up the amulet slot on the body regarding placement of magic items.

    MW Cold SteelDagger {x's 1} (6 g; 2lbs) left boot
    Sap (2lbs) in haversack
    Cat's Paw (2lbs)
    Blowgun (1lb)
    blowdart {20} (2lbs)
    Lt. Crossbow (4lbs)
    Bolts {20} (2 lbs)
    Darts {4} (2lbs)
    MW Sword-Cane Rapier (4lbs)

    Padded Griffon Mane Armor (10lbs)

    Treasure (include gems and art)
    92 gold roses
    89 silver crowns
    38 copper swords

    Encumberance/Carrying Capacity (str 10)
    Light Load 33 lbs. or less; Medium Load 34-66 lbs.; Heavy Load: 67-100 lbs.
    Current Weight: 51lbs Speed 20'


    Description Soon!

    History/Background Soon!
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