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Thread: Dragons of the River of Time - Current Character Sheets, House Rules & XP

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    Default Dragons of the River of Time - Current Character Sheets, House Rules & XP

    Quick Sheet - Dragons on the River of Time

    Usha Majere female Middle-aged Abanasinian civilized human wizard 4/Black Wizard of High Sorcery 7
    NE Medium humanoid (human); 5'4", 127 lbs., age 35 (appears 45)
    Adopted (low-light vision), Exile; Abyssal, Aquan, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven (Qualinesti), Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Ignan, Infernal, Kenderspeak, Kolshet, Magius, Sylvan, Terran
    hp 63/63
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 21, touch 18, flat-footed 17; Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +11
    Hero Points 2
    Str 12, Dex 16 (18 current), Con 12, Int 19 (21 current), Wis 12, Cha 17; low-light vision, darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +1
    Bouncing Spell, Combat Casting, Dodge, Extend Spell, Greater Spell Focus (enchantment), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (enchantment)
    arcane bond (ring of sustenance), cantrips, hand of the apprentice 7/day, item of power (rod of wonder), magic of darkness 3/day, magic of death 3/day, magic of fear, metamagic mastery 2/day, soulforged
    spd 30 ft.; base atk +5; base melee atk +6; base ranged atk +9; CMB +6; CMD 19
    Spellhammer [+1 spell-storing quarterstaff] +7 (1d6+2), mwk dagger (melee) +7 (1d4+1/19-20), mwk dagger (ranged) +10 (1d4+1/19-20)

    Tempest Downfall Windstrider male Kagonesti elf ranger 5 of Chislev/fighter 6
    N Medium humanoid (elf); 5'2", 116 lbs., age 63
    Anatomist, Axe to Grind; Common, Elven (Kagonesti), Sylvan
    hp 95/95
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 21, touch 15, flat-footed 16; Fort +11, Ref +11, Will +5 (+7 vs. fear effects, enchantment spells & effects); immune to sleep
    Hero Points: 3
    Str 16, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10; elvensight (darkvision 30 ft., low-light vision), detect secret doors; Perception +12 (+14 in forests)
    Endurance, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Critical (kukri), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Quick Draw, Two Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (kukri), Weapon Specialization (kukri)
    armor training +1, bravery +2, elven magic, favored enemy animals +2, favored enemy dragons +4, favored terrain forests +2, hunter's bond (Faoiltiama), track, weapon familiarity, weapon training +1 (light blades), wild empathy +5 (magical beasts +1)
    spd 30 ft.; base atk +11; base melee atk +14; base ranged atk +16; CMB +14; CMD 29
    Bluph's Best Kitchen Knife [+2 speed kukri] +18/+18/+13/+8 (1d4+8/15-20) & +1 kukri +17/+12/+7 (1d4+5/15-20)

    Faoiltiama female wolf animal companion
    N Medium animal; 4' long, 80 lbs., age 3
    hp 19/19
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12; Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +2
    Str 13, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6; low-light vision, scent; Perception +7
    Endurance, Skill Focus (Perception)
    bonus trick (defend), link (w/Downfall), share spells
    spd 50 ft.; base atk +2; base melee atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 15 (19 vs. trip)
    bite +3 (1d6+1 plus trip)

    Loren Soth male Middle-aged Solamnic civilized human fighter 7/paladin 3 of Mishakal
    LG Medium humanoid (human); 6'2", 168 lbs., age 45
    Armor Expert, Charming; Common, Elven (Silvanesti), Istaran, Solamnic
    hp 89/89
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 25, touch 13, flat-footed 21; Fort +13, Ref +8, Will +9 (+11 vs. fear affects);
    Hero Points 2
    Str 20 (22 current), Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 15 (17 current); Perception +3
    Cleave, Dodge, Furious Focus, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (greatsword), Mobility, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization (greatsword)
    armor training +2, aura of courage (10 ft., +4 on saves vs. fear, immune to fear), aura of good (moderate), bravery +2, detect evil (at will), divine grace, divine health (immune to all diseases), lay on hands 4/day (1d6 healing, removes fatigue), smite good 1/day (+3 attack, +3 damage, +5 damage vs. creatures with the evil subtype, evil dragons, or undead, +3 deflection bonus to AC), weapon training +1 (heavy blades)
    spd 30 ft.; base atk +10; base melee atk +19; base ranged atk +12; CMB +16; CMD 28
    +1 holy greatsword +22/+14 (2d6+12/17-20 plus 2d6 holy), Hawkeye's Trainer [+1 composite shortbow (+5 Str)] +13/+8 (1d6+6/x3)

    Ulin Majere male Wylding Abanasinian civilized human sorcerer 6/Academy sorcerer 4
    CG Medium outsider (chaotic, transmutant); 5'11", 164 lbs., age 33
    Focused Mind, Savanna Child; Abanasinian, Common, Draconic
    hp 47/47
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 19, touch 15, flat-footed 17; Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +10; +2 vs. fire spells
    Hero Points 0
    Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 20; Perception +7
    Craft Spell, Disruptive Spell, Empower Spell, Eschew Materials, Leadership (14), Magical Aptitude, Silent Spell, Still Spell
    Academy resources, arcane bloodline, arcane bond (earring of communication), arcane thesis (divination & pyromancy), bloodline arcana, cantrips, cooperative study, magical mimic, metamagic adept 2/day
    spd 30 ft.; base atk +5; base melee atk +5; base ranged atk +7; CMB +5; CMD 19
    dagger (melee) +5 (1d4/19-20), dagger (ranged) +7 (1d4/19-20), mwk light crossbow +8 (1d8/19-20)

    Brother Beldyn Pilofiro male Istaran civilized human cleric 10 of Paladine
    LG Medium humanoid (human); 6'2", 185 lbs., age 19
    Chosen One, Devotee of a Dead God; Church Istaran, Common, Elven (Silvanesti), Istaran, Solamnic
    hp 76/76
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 24, touch 13, flat-footed 22; Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +9
    Hero Points 1
    Str 12, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 20 (22 current); Perception +7
    Dynamic Priest, Eschew Materials, Improved Channel, Iron Will, Spell-Casting Prodigy, Turn Undead
    aura of good (strong), channel positive energy (5d6, DC 23, 9/day), holy lance (1/day, 5 rounds per day), nimbus of light (10 rounds per day), orisons, spontaneous casting (healing spells), sun's blessing, touch of good 4/day
    spd 30 ft.; base atk +7; base melee atk +8; base ranged atk +10; CMB +8; CMD 20
    Paladine's Will (+1 starmetal spell-storing longsword) +10/+5 (1d8+2/19-20), dragonmetal dagger (melee) +9/+4 (1d4+2/19-20), dragonmetal dagger (ranged) +10 (1d4+2/19-20)

    Colonel Luccia Tobe female half-elf ranger 5 of Habbakuk/Ergothian skylord 5
    LG Medium humanoid (half-elf); 5'5", 115 lbs., age 20
    Elven Reflexes, Courageous; Ancient Common, Ancient Ergothian, Nestari
    hp 80/80
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 16; Fort +11, Ref +12, Will +3 (+5 against Enchantment spells and effects and fear effects); immune to sleep
    Hero Points 3
    Str 17, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 18; elvensight (darkvision 30 ft., low-light vision); Perception +12 (+14 in forests)
    Endurance, Manyshot, Mounted Combat, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Ride-by-Attack, Skill Focus (Handle Animal), Tremendous Charge
    bonded mind, eagle's poise +2, favored enemy humans +4, favored terrain forests +2, griffon bond (Varin), hunter's bond (companions), mounted attack, multi-talented (druid & ranger), sturdy charge, track, wild empathy +9 (+5 magical beasts),
    spd 30 ft.; base atk +10; base melee atk +13; base ranged atk +14; CMB +13; CMD 19
    +2 falchion +15/+10 (2d4+7), Luccia's Talon [+1 lance] +14/+9 (1d10+6/x3), Quillstrike [+2 composite longbow (+3 Str)] +16/+11 (1d8+5/x3)

    Varin female griffon Ergothian skylord mount
    N Large magical beast; 7'1" long, 516 lbs., age 5
    Hard to Kill, Inspiring Rush; Common (does not speak)
    hp 59/59
    Non-Lethal Damage: 0
    AC 21, touch 11, flat-footed 19; Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +4; improved evasion
    Str 20, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 5, Wis 13, Cha 8; low-light vision, scent, Perception +7
    Flyby Attack, Hover, Iron Will, Skill Focus (Perception), Weapon Focus (bite), Wingover
    bonded mind, empathic link, pounce, share saving throws
    spd 30 ft., fly 90 ft. (average); base atk +7; base melee atk +13; CMB +13; CMD 25 (29 vs. trip)
    bite +10 (1d6+5), 2 talons +9 (1d6+5), rake (2 claws +9, 1d4+5)

    The Moons of Magic
    Solinari - High sanction, waning gibbous (+1 Caster Level & Spell DCs).
    Lunitari - Low sanction, waning crescent (-1 Caster Level & Spell DCs).
    Nuitari - Waning, new moon (No bonus or penalty).

    Knowledge Skills
    Arcana: Usha +22, Ulin +15
    Dungeoneering: Downfall +7
    Geography: Usha +16, Downfall +6 (+8 in forests)
    History: Usha +19, Ulin +11, Beldyn +9
    Nature: Downfall +10, Luccia +8
    Nobility: Loren +7, Luccia +6
    Planes: Usha +19, Ulin +3
    Religion: Beldyn +16, Loren +11, Downfall +2
    Spellcraft: Usha +22, Ulin +19, Beldyn +13, Loren +6

    Average Party Initiative: +3 (+4 in forests)

    Characters -
    Beldyn - p. 1
    Downfall & Fao - p. 2
    Loren - p. 1
    Luccia & Varin - p. 1
    Simone (retired) - p. 1
    Ulin - p. 1
    Usha - p. 2
    Misc. -
    DM Scrap - p. 2
    House Rules - p. 1
    Marching Order (Shadows of Ravenscar) - p. 1
    Quick Sheet - p. 1
    Top Ten Hits List - p. 1
    XP! - p. 1
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    Default House Rules

    1. Critical Fumble Rule Upon rolling a natural 1 the attacker rolls another d20 and applies all modifiers from the first attack roll to this roll. If the result of the second roll fails to match or beat the defender's AC (resulting in a miss), the attacker critically fumbles. Otherwise the attack is simply treated as a miss. Any character who critically fumbles may determine the result using the following 1d4 roll: 1 or 2 - The character loses their weapon for some reason, dropping it into a randomly determined square adjacent to them. If the character's weapon cannot be dropped (i.e. it is a natural weapon) their turn ends immediately. 3 - The character's turn ends immediately. 4 - The character is considered flat-footed for 1 round.

    2. Critical Hits Players have the option to either double the results of their dice rolls or roll multiple dice for damage. It's their perogative to use whichever method they prefer.

    3. Healer's Kits. Any character with at least 5 ranks in Knowledge (nature) or 5 ranks in Heal can make a DC 10 Survival check to replentish 5 uses of a healer's kit. For every 4 that they exceeded the DC of the Survival check they can add another use to the kit.

    4. New Equipment - Bandolier A bandolier in worn across the character's chest and back and can hold up to 6 Small items or up to 12 tiny items of potion size or smaller (individual thunderstones, acid flasks, etc.). Any item can be retrieved from a bandolier as a move action. A bandolier costs 10 stl and weighs 1 lb.

    5. Leveling While Wounded. If a character levels up while wounded they add half of the new hit points rolled from gaining a new level to their current hit points total. Their maximum number of hit points increases normally.

    6. Spellcraft. The difficulty for an arcane spellcaster to identify a divine spell (or vice-versa) with a Spellcraft check increases the DC of the check by +2. Spell-like abilities and spells that are opposite of the spell type used by the caster (ambient or focused) will also increase the DC of the Spellcraft check by +2.

    7. Striking the Cover Instead of a Missed Target. If an attack roll fails within a range low enough to miss the target with cover but high enough to strike the target if there had been no cover, the object used for cover was struck. If a creature is providing cover for another character and the attack roll exceeds the AC of the covering creature, the cover creature takes the damage intended for the target. If the covering creature has a Dexterity bonus to AC or a dodge bonus, and this bonus keeps the covering creature from being hit, then the original target is hit instead. However, the Precise Shot feat eliminates the threat of shooting an ally by accident in combat because of this rule.

    8. Two-Day Rule If a player does not log into the forums for two days or does not otherwise act for their character in that amount time the DM is allowed to act for them until they return to the game.

    9. Wild Magic Anytime a sorcerer casts their highest level spell or a spell created via the Craft Spell feat (see below) a percentile die is rolled. On a result of 01-03 the spells fizzles out. Nothing happens and the spell is wasted. On a result of 04-96 the spell works as it was intended. On a result of 97-00 the spell goes wild, the results of which are determined by the DM.

    New Feats
    In addition to the feats listed in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Bestiary, Advanced Player's Guide, and the various Sovereign Press and MWP Dragonlance sourcebooks, the following feats are also available to players. The feats on this list are either taken from other sources (like the Nexus) or are homebrew. I use them in my tabletop games and you guys have the option to use them here too!

    Prerequisites: Ability to cast spells without preparation, Spellcraft 2 ranks.
    Benefit: You may attempt to cast any sorcerer or mystic spell that you do not already know as is appropriate for your class; i.e. sorcerers can only carft spells found on the wizard/sorcerer spell list and mystics can only craft spells found the cleric/mystic spell list. You must have a free (uncast) spell slot of the level of spell to be cast. You may apply any metamagic feat that you know to the spell, but you must still be able to cast the spell at its modified spell level. Crafting the spell requires a Spellcraft check. The DC of the Spellcraft check is determined by the level of the spell and other modifiers, as given below. Success means the spell works as if cast normally by the spellcaster, with any metamagic feats in effect, and using up the spell slot. Failure means the spell does not work, but the spell slot is still used up. Crafting a spell is always a full-round action and includes the crafting and casting of the spell. If the spell would normally require a casting time of a full round or more, the crafting takes place the first round and the spell takes effect on the following round (or later, depending on the spell). Crafting a spell invokes an attack of opportunity, just like casting a spell. Follow the standard rules for disruption of spellcasting when crafting a spell.
    Base DC of Spellcraft check: 20 + (spell level x 2)

    Prerequisite: Eschew Materials, Improved Eschew Materials, spellcasting ability score 18+.
    Benefit: You can ignore material component costs when casting a spell that requires material components. However, this feat is left to the DM’s discretion on certain requirements. For instance, a spellcaster must still have a bit of the desired body to cast raise dead. In most instances though, a material component is no longer necessary.

    Prerequisite: Spellcasting ability score 14+, Eschew Materials.
    Benefit: You can ignore material components up to 50 stl when casting a spell with a material component. If the material component is more then 50 stl, you must still have it to cast the spell.

    Prerequisites: Sea elf, Endurance.
    Benefit: For every one point of Constitution bonus you have you may remain out of the water for an additional 2 hours before suffering from Surface Sensitivity.
    Additionally, your Surface Sensitivity circumstance penalty is reduced by one.
    Normal: A sea elf must spend at least 1 hour out of every 24 hours underwater. If they are out of the water for longer then 23 hours they suffer a circumstance penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, and checks. Dargonesti elves suffer a -2 Surface Sensitivity penalty; Dirmernesti a -1.

    Prerequisite: Land Legs.
    Benefit: Your Surface Sensitivity circumstance penalty is reduced by one. This stacks with the penalty reduction granted by the Land Legs feat.
    Normal: A sea elf must spend at least 1 hour out of every 24 hours underwater. If they are out of the water for longer then 23 hours they suffer a circumstance penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, and checks. Dargonesti elves traditionally suffer a -2 Surface Sensitivity penalty; Dirmernesti a -1.

    I realize it may seem silly to list the sea elf feats when no one is playing one, but you never know who might die and want to play a land-walking sea elf!
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    Default Dragons on the River of Time - The Top Ten Hits of the Campaign

    1. Ulin: 209 points of cold damage from a cone of cold that killed three Burning Robes and wounded another wizard, the Marauder, and the daemonlord the Wayfarer's brother had summoned to destroy the Sacred Hammerhall of Edessa. In anger, the sorcerer unleashed his most powerful magic. A cone of absolute cold extended from Ulin's hands as the temperature in the large chamber dropped to that of an Icereach blizzard. When the snow and ice cleared half the torches in the room had been extinguished and their former guide and two of the other Burning Robes lay dead on floor; frozen solid by Ulin's wrath. Only the heavy-set woman in the Red Robes was still standing, her teeth chattering and her clothes soaked with frozen water as she stared fearfully as the Wild Magician.

    2. Usha: 198 points of electricity damage from a lightning bolt that killed and wounded a number of Edessa highway patrolmen and the patrol's light horses after the heroes and their allies were drawn into a fight by the insane oracle, Voss. The Black Robe's lightning bolt sent Downfall and the half-ogre's ensorcelled opponents spasming and smoldering to the ground and wounded the animal and its unconscious rider behind them, still trapped by Ulin's mistshackles. Judging by the smell and the exploded eyeballs Downfall was fairly certain the horse at his feet was dead. He wasn't sure about the rider.

    3. Ulin: 152 points of fire damage from a fireball that killed four of the Cairngorn's Murder mercenaries trying to prevent the heroes from entering the forest around Cairngorn Keep. The dot of flame flew forward, arcing to a central point that contained all four mercs in the blast radius. Soon enough, an explosion engulfed the area. He then moved out and away from the main group so as not to make a gaggle, should another enemy spellcaster lurk nearby. When the flash of the explosion cleared all four men were smoldering corpses on the ground.

    4. Beldyn: 126 points of damage from a flame strike that killed an Edessa highway patrolman and two of the patrol's light horses after the heroes and their allies were drawn into the fight by the insane oracle, Voss. Beldyn's frustrated prayer evaporated any hope for mercy on either side in a flash as his anger incinerated the man who had wounded Varin. When the roaring column of flame spun away into nothing only the unmoving scorched corpses of the knight and his mount were left in the swirling, grasping mist that stalked the highway to Edessa. The man's crossbow was nothing but a nailed together mass of burnt firewood now.

    5. Beldyn: 99 points of positive energy damage that wounded a quartet of shadow wights that ambushed the heroes and their kodragon charges outside of Trubble Burrknott's cottage in Kenderdale Park. The shadow wights screamed in pain as Beldyn Pilofire blazed with the divine fury of a miniature sun. Luccia watched with reverent awe as her friends and foes were swallowed up by the light of the God. Only the spirit hovering at Sounare's flank avoided the blast of holy light, but it cowered and screamed just the same.

    6. Loren: 82 points of damage on a critical hit that destroyed one of the apocalypse zombies attacking the warriors of Que-Kiri. His square jaw set, he brought his sword around in a mighty sweeping arc. In one fluid motion he brought the massive weapon up from waist level and over his head as he split the zombie still sliding along the spear from skull to balls. Bones cracked and buckled as blood and organs sprayed the paladin a second time and the two halves of the dead man fell in two chunky pieces from the shocked spearman's weapon.

    7. Loren: 80 points of damage on a critical hit that destroyed the corrupt temporal copy of himself after the heroes were attacked by time fetches in the Chamber of Hours of Cairngorn Keep. His follow through decapitated the twisted anti-paladin version of himself that had wounded him. He stood there, gasping and sweating, as tendrils of black smoke dissipated into the green air around him, the only remnants of his inner demons temporarily given form.

    8. Loren: 78 points of damage from a coup de grace that executed the daemonlord summoned by the Marauder in the crypts below Edessa to destroy the city's Sacred Hammerhall. "In the name of all the Gods, begone demon!" His holy sword fell down with all his strength and all the might of his Goddess directly on the horrible things neck. There was a wet thwack and a rush of flames as the daemonlord's headless corpse imploded, sucked back into the Abyss the moment Loren's holy greatsword severed its fading ties to this plane of existence.

    9. Ulin: 76 points of fire damage from a fireball that killed and injured a number of gremlins attacking the party while the demi-gods of Alth, Thov and Kaes, battled at the Kodragons' Graveyard. Shrieking and howling in pain the gremlins bounced and bounded away from Ulin's fiery explosion in several different directions at once. Only one of them didn't collapse in a smoldering, unmoving heap afterward.

    10. Loren: 75 points of damage on a critical hit that destroyed the corrupt temporal copy of Ulin Majere as a child as the heroes were attacked by time fetches in the Chamber of Hours of Cairngorn Keep. Loren's greatsword flared blue one more time as he plunged his greatsword through the demented child's back. Simone narrowly avoided the tip of the paladin's low thrust as the blade burst through the boy's chest. Blood smeared wood soldiers clattered to the floor and then turned to smoke with their shrieking former owner. The boy's hellish screams echoed in the silence for a moment before they too disappeared.
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    Default XP!

    XP Track: Fast
    Starting XP - 6th level: 21,000 XP; 7th level: 29,000 XP; 8th level: 38,000 XP.


    It's Just a Dream
    1 animate dream [CR 8] = 400 XP for Ulin, Daevan, Simone, Waylorn, and Bhatair.
    Ad hoc reward for great role-playing and good use of skills by the party = 40 XP for Ulin, Daevan, Simone, Waylorn, and Bhatair.

    First Quest - Dragons of Death

    Que-Shu is Burning
    1 enhanced ghost baaz draconian & 8 fast plague zombies [CR 8 total] = 1,000 XP for Ulin, Daevan, Simone, Waylorn, and Variel.
    Rescuing Goldmoon = 25 XP for Ulin, Daevan, Simone, Waylorn, and Variel.

    Sir Daevan's Sacrifice
    3 spirit dragon half-red dragon giant hellhounds & 1 ghost civilized human fighter 6 [CR Special] = 533 XP for Ulin, Simone, Waylorn, and Variel.

    Hounded Across the Plains
    2 wounded spirit dragon half-red dragon giant hellhounds [CR Special] = 270 XP for Ulin, Simone, Waylorn, Variel, and Loren.

    Something's Rotten in Que-Kiri
    4 apocalypse zombies & 1 proto-apocalypse zombie nomadic human barbarian 5 [CR 7 total] = 533 XP for Ulin, Simone, Waylorn, Variel, and Loren.
    Rescuing Ignak = 25 XP for Ulin, Simone, Waylorn, Variel, and Loren.

    I'll be Right Baaaack...
    Red Wolf, undead lord apocalypse zombie [CR 4] = 1,200 XP for Ulin.

    Hunt's End
    Houndmaster Phair Caron, ghost civilized human fighter 6 [CR 8] = 600 XP for Ulin, Simone, Waylorn, and Loren.

    Death From Above
    1 enhanced plague zombie wyvern [CR 5] = 400 XP for Ulin, Simone, Waylorn, and Loren

    Welcome to Solace?
    Tanis Half-Elven, Flint Fireforge, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot [CR 9 Roleplaying Award] = 1,200 XP for Ulin, Simone, and Loren.

    A Rude Interruption
    3 enhanced ghost baaz draconians & Glaxius the Reaper, bearded devil ranger 1 [CR 9 total] = 1,070 XP for Ulin, Simone, and Loren.

    And the Current Shifts
    Safely delivered Goldmoon to her world's Heroes of the Lance [Minor Party Mission Goal] = 600 XP for Ulin, Simone, and Loren.
    Sticking with the Game and Being Awesome = 2,500 XP for Ulin, Simone, and Loren.

    Second Quest - Shadows of Ravenscar

    What Happens in Ravenscar...
    7 civilized human warriors 4 & 2 hobgoblins [CR 7 Roleplaying Award] = 800 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Lost: One Griffon
    4 civilized human fighter 4/ranger 1 [CR 8 Roleplaying Award] = 1,200 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    Bonus Role-Playing Award = 400 XP for Luccia.
    *Loren levels up (fighter 7/paladin 2 of Mishakal). Ulin levels up (sorcerer 5/Academy sorcerer 4).

    Come Back in the Morning
    3 civilized human rogue 5/assassin 2 [CR 9 Roleplaying Award] = 1,600 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Simone levels up (noble 3/rogue 6).

    Off the Beaten Path
    12 civilized human warriors 2 & 1 civilized human rogue 5/assassin 2 [CR 8] = 1,200 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Arachnid Ambush
    8 death spiders [CR 9] = 1,600 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Luccia levels up (ranger 5 of Habbakuk/Ergothian skylord 4).

    The Chamber of Hours
    6 time fetches [CR 10] = 2,400 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    river's ravaging flood spell trap [CR 5] = 535 XP for Ulin.
    Stabilizing the Chamber of Hours [Minor Party Mission Goal] = 675 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Beldyn levels up (cleric 9 of Paladine).

    Watch Your Step!
    1 spiked pit trap [CR 2] = 150 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Over my Dead Body
    6 civilized human rogue 5/assassin 2 [CR 11] = 4,270 XP for Ulin, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    Cruril Argent, vampire civilized human rogue 7 & True-Strike, civilized human rogue 3/sorcerer 7 [CR 11] = 4,270 XP for Simone and Loren.

    Swept up in the Current
    Successfully destroyed the journal of Father Shale Ironrock and hired someone to deliver the news of it's destruction to that world's Mantis Rose [Minor Party Mission Goal] = 320 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Third Quest - Kender, Kodragons, and...Cam Banks?

    Food Fight!
    Kenderdale sheriff, half-kender fighter 6 & Bubba, true kender rogue 6 plus
    3 true kender fighter 1/rogue 1 & 14 true kender commoners 1 [CR 8] = 300 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    That Sinkhole Stahnks!
    1 stahnk in a hole [CR 8] = 1,200 XP for Ulin, Loren, Simone, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Deer me! What was That About?
    4 awakened black-tailed deer scouts 6 [CR Special] = 300 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Well, That Didn't go as Planned
    4 shadow wights [CR 12] = 4,800 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Slap-Fight of the Gods
    3 jinkin gremlin sorcerers 2 & 7 gremlins [CR 9] = 1,600 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Ulin levels up (sorcerer 6/Academy sorcerer 4). Loren levels up (fighter 7/paladin 3 of Mishakal).

    Fourth Quest - If This be Doomsday

    To me my Oops-Guys!
    Deathpool, transmutant advanced nomadic human warrior 5 & 3 young clay golems [CR 12] = 3,200 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Simone levels up (noble 3/rogue 7). Ulin transformed into an outsider (native, transmutant).

    The Chicken Coop and the Girallon!
    3 civilized human warrior 3/barbarian 2 & 1 girallon [CR 8] = 1,200 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Luccia levels up (ranger 5 of Habbakuk/Ergothian skylord 5).

    Murder in Mid-Air!
    Horton, transmutant bipedal advanced griffon barbarian 2 & 4 advanced griffons [CR 10] = 300 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    The Amazing Adventure of Amarrel!
    Amarrel, Keena Ithin'carthian human greater aspect [Destruction, Liberation, Travel] mobile fighter 3/mystic 6 of the White Fire [CR 13 Roleplaying Award] = 4,270 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Correcting the Flow
    Successfully allied Amarrel with the Questing Quartet, allowing for the defeat of Galack-Tusk in the future [Minor Party Mission Goal] = 750 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    Bonus XP because the DM Screwed up XP for "Murder in Mid-Air" = 1,300 XP for Ulin, Simone, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.
    *Beldyn levels up (cleric 10 of Paladine). Ulin's subtype changes from "native" to "chaotic."

    Fifth Quest - Champions and Cutthroats

    Bad Omens
    Voss, old civilized human oracle 7 of Apocalypse plus
    5 civilized human roughriders 5 (1 possessed by a shadow demon) & 5 light horses [CR 11] = 2,130 XP for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    The Bronze Hound of Istar
    Praemonis, purified half-bronze dragon hound archon fighter 8 [CR 12] = 3,200 XP for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    The Price of Doing Business
    8 civilized human fighter 2 [CR 7 Roleplaying Award] = 1,070 XP for Usha, Loren, and Luccia.

    A Thorough Inspection
    Equus, civilized human inquisitor 8 of Law plus
    4 civilized human fighter 5/Knight of the Divine Hammer 1 [CR 10 Roleplaying Award] = 3,200 XP for Usha.

    The Game is Afoot
    6 civilized human fighter 5/Knight of the Divine Hammer 1 [CR 10] = 1,600 XP for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    Bonus Points!
    4 civilized human fighter 5/Knight of the Divine Hammer 1 (1 possessed by a shadow demon) [CR 9] = 1,070 XP for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    I've Seen the Devil, and he is Me
    The Godpriest [CR 7 Roleplaying Award] = 3,200 XP for Beldyn.
    Bonus Role-playing Award = 1,000 XP for Beldyn.
    Freed Praemonis from the Godpriest's influence [Minor Party Mission Goal] = 400 XP for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, and Beldyn.

    The Hidden Enemy
    1 daemonlord & 4 wizard 5/Wizard of High Sorcery 1 plus
    3 rounds vs. The Marauder [CR 14] = 6,400 XP for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, & Beldyn.

    Set Adrift
    Stopped the Marauder, in the guise of the Burning Robe Gareth Nix, from destroying the Sacred Hammerhall of Edessa and undoing the damage done to the River of Time by Sir Daevan Mark's death in "Dragons of Death" [Minor Party Mission Goal] = 400 XP & 1 Hero Point for Downfall, Usha, Ulin, Loren, Luccia, & Beldyn.

    Sixth Quest - Adrift

    Back to the Beginning
    1 skeletal champion civilized human cleric 5 of Chemosh & 1 bloody skeleton heavy horse plus
    1 grasping zombies trap & 22 skeletons [CR 11] = 2,130 XP for Downfall, Ulin & Beldyn.
    Saving Flint Fireforge From Tasslehoff Burrfoot [CR 9 Role-playing Award] = 2,130 XP for Ulin and Beldyn.
    *Downfall levels up (ranger 5/fighter 6).

    Lost in the Fog
    The Wayfarer [CR 10 Role-playing Award] = 3,200 XP for Usha and Luccia.
    *Usha levels up (wizard 4/Black Wizard of High Sorcery 7).

    A Choice
    12 skeletons [CR 5] = 535 XP for Downfall, Ulin, and Beldyn.
    Bonus Role-Playing Award: 1,000 XP for Downfall, Ulin, and Beldyn.
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    Name Loren Soth
    Male Human Fighter 7/Paladin 3
    LG Medium Humanoid (Human)
    Age 45, Height 6' 2", Weight 168, Eyes Steel-Grey, Hair Black
    Languages Common, Elven, Istaran
    Current XP 99,778 (As of Set Adrift XP)

    Str 22 (+6) (+2 Belt)
    Dex 14 (+2)
    Con 14 (+2)
    Int 14 (+2)
    Wis 13 (+1)
    Cha 17 (+3) (+2 headband)

    Speed 30, Init +2
    Senses Perception +1
    Traits Charming, Armor Expert

    Hero Points: 0

    Hit Points 89/89
    AC 25 (Base 10 +12 Armor +2 Dex +1 Dodge), Touch 13, Flat Footed 21
    +10/+5 BAB, +16 CMB, 27 CMD

    +16 Base Melee Attack (+10 Base, +6 Str)
    +12 Base Ranged Attack (+10 Base, +2 Dex)

    Saving Throws
    +13 Fort (8 Base +2 Con + 3 DG)
    +8 Ref (3 Base +2 Dex + 3 DG)
    +9 Will (5 Base +1 Wis + 3 DG)

    Improved Critical (Greatswords)
    Power Attack
    Great Cleave
    Furious Focus
    Quick Draw
    Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
    Weapon Specialization (Greatsword)

    Abilities (Racial / Class Features, etc...)
    Weapon Training (+1 on attack on damage rolls with Heavy Blades)
    Armor Training (-2 Armor check Penalty, +2 Max Dex, can move at full speed in heavy armor)
    Bravery (+2 saves against fear)
    Aura of Good
    Detect Evil
    Smite Evil 1/day
    Divine Grace (apply Charisma bonus to all saves)
    Lay on Hands (4 uses per day- heals 1d6)[] [] [] []
    Aura of Courage (Immune to Fear, allies w/in 10' get +4 bonus on saves against fear)
    Divine Health (Immune to all disease)
    Mercy (Lay on Hands also removes the Fatigued condition)


    +10 Climb = STR 6+1+3
    +16 Diplomacy = CHA 3+10+3
    +9 Handle Animal = CHA 3+3+3
    +11 Heal= WIS 1+7+3
    +12 Intimidate = CHA 3+5+3
    +7 K (Nobility) = INT 2+2+3
    +11 K (Religion) = INT 2+6+3
    +3 Perception= WIS 1+2
    +6 Ride = DEX 2+1+3
    +10 Sense Motive = WIS 1+6+3
    +6 Spellcraft = INT 2+1+3
    +7 Survival = WIS 1+3+3
    +11 Swim= STR 6+2+3


    +1 Holy Greatsword +19/+14 (2d6 + 12, 17-20, x2) (+2d6 vs evil)
    "Hawkeye's Trainer" +1 Composite Shortbow (+5) +13/+8 (1d6+6/19-20)


    +3 Full Plate (+12 Armor bonus, -3 ACP, +3 Max Dex)

    Headband of Alluring Charisma
    Belt of Giant Strength +2
    Medallion of Faith, Mishakal
    - 3 Magic Feathers (Weight- NA)
    - Cold Weather Outfit (Weight - 7 lbs)
    - Bedroll (Weight - 5 lbs)
    - Trail Rations (x 4) (Weight - 1 lbs each)
    - Waterskin (Weight - 4 lbs)
    - 1 flask of alchemist's fire (Weight - 1 lb.)
    -10 Crossbow bolts
    - 1 mwk sling bullet
    -Glaxius' Gear: 2 healer's kits, 2 extra bowstrings, 4 arrowheads, 2 fishing hooks, 1 full waterskin
    -potion of protection from good (CL 4th), 2

    Items Left in the the Sanctuary:
    -nonmagical glaive
    -Phair Charon's +1 ghost touch elf bane flail
    -Phair Charon's breastplate +1 ghost touch breastplate

    Coins / Gems
    100 stl, 9 cp

    Loren Soth is a tall and heavy-boned man, with a square jaw, prominent brow and high cheekbones, with deep-set and piercing steel-gray eyes and thick, pitch black hair with a shock hanging down over his shoulders in curls. He lacks the typical Solamnic mustache and instead sports a clean-shaven face.

    Loren Soth is a man who has made mistakes. His life started out exactly as planned. He was a dashing young knight with a beautiful wife, a productive and peaceful land, and many quests already under his belt. This life changed when Soth and his knights saved a carriage from attack by goblins. Inside was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen: the elf maiden, Isolde. He was filled with a love he had never known, and brought her back to stay in his keep. In the same place where he lived with his wife, Soth began an affair.

    Soth’s wife knew she was losing him, and so conspired to get pregnant to keep him. She became pregnant through magic, and was told that the baby would be a reflection of her husband’s soul. When she finally gave birth, the baby was dark and demonic. Soth flew into a rage upon seeing his child, accusing her of adultery and dark magic. He struck his wife and was about to murder the abomination. As he was about to kill his own son, Soth looked at the child and knew in that moment that it was true, there was darkness in him and this hideous child was just a reflection of it. Tears streaming down his face he returned the child to the crib and left his wife. He shaved off his solamnic mustache, left all his money and titles behind to his wife, and left his castle with only Isolde by his side, looking for redemption.

    Eventually Isolde became pregnant, and Loren began to fear that this child too would be marked by his inner demons. While praying at a temple of Mishakal, he received a vision of how he could repent. He needed to go to Istar and stop the Kingpriest and save the world from the Cataclysm. Loren went off knowing he would likely die in his quest, but he believed he could save Isolde and his son from him. He set off, but was soon stopped by three elves who told him poisonous lies that Isolde’s child was not his, that she had cheated on him. He again flew into a rage, but this time he knew better. He quickly calmed himself, sure in Isolde’s love of him. He continued on his quest, making it into the Temple in Istar just as the Kingpriest was beginning to attempt to ascend to godhood. Loren tried to talk the man out of it, but it was no use. With tears streaming from his eyes for what he was about to do, Loren cut the Kingpriest down. The energies the Kingpriest was channeling were unleashed, and in a massive explosion Istar was destroyed, the city falling into the sea. The destruction was massive, but it was minor compared to what Loren had seen in his vision. One city was destroyed, instead of the many that would have been lost to the Cataclysm.
    As Loren was consumed in the explosion Isolde was giving birth to a healthy baby boy. She cried out to Mishakal, begging for Loren to have a chance to see his son. In a flash of blinding yet comforting blue light, Loren was brought back in front of Mishakal’s statue. He held his son in his arms, and from that day forth he vowed to keep the darkness inside of him at bay. Although he was not aware of it, back at Dargaard Keep his son from his first wife cried to be fed. His first wife came to feed him, and was shocked to see that the child was completely normal.

    Loren is a man who knows that there is darkness inside of him, but every day he devotes himself to doing good, for his love, for his child, and for his own soul. He became a rare thing in history, a holy warrior of Mishakal. His talents are all in war, but his devotion is to bring redemption to those that need it, or at the very least protect the innocent from those who refuse to repent.
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    -Loren Soth (LG Male Human Fighter 7/Paladin 3; Dragons on the River of Time)
    -Kadrien Soth (Zabrak Soldier 5/Jedi 2; Star Wars-Dawn of Defiance)
    -Victaria Grey (NG Female Cleric of Irori 5; Rise of the Runelords)

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    Name Simone Belmonte
    Female Human Noble 3 Rogue 7
    CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
    Age 19, Height 5' 10", Weight 113, Eyes Green, Hair Brown
    Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven
    Current XP 75,461 (as of "The Chicken Coop and the Girallon!")

    Str 14 (+2)
    Dex 20 (+5) (16, +2 Racial Bonus, +1 Level 4, +1 Level 8)
    Con 13 (+1)
    Int 14 (+2)
    Wis 12 (+1)
    Cha 16 (+3)

    Speed 30, Init +5
    Senses Perception +13
    Traits Charming, Extremely Fashionable

    HD 9d8 +12 (3d8 +3 Noble, +3 Favored Class, 7d8 +7 Rogue); Hit Points 59/59
    AC 19 (Base 10 +4 Armor +5 Dex), Touch 15, Flat Footed 14
    +7 BAB, +12 CMB, 24 CMD

    +9 Base Melee Attack (+6 Base, +2 Str)
    +12 Weapon Finesse Attack (+6 Base, +5 Dex)
    +12 Base Ranged Attack (+6 Base, +5 Dex)

    Saving Throws
    +4 Fort (+1 Lvl 3 Noble, +2 Lvl 6 Rogue, +1 Con)
    +13 Ref (+3 Lvl 3 Noble, +5 Lvl 6 Rogue, +5 Dex)
    +6 Will (+3 Lvl 3 Noble, +2 Lvl 6 Rogue, +1 Wis)

    Exotic Weapon Proficiency [Whip] (Level 1)
    Agile Maneuvers (Human Bonus Feat)
    Combat Expertise (Noble Lvl 3 Martial Style Feat)
    Improve Trip (Level 3)
    Weapon Finesse (Rogue Lvl 2 Rogue Talent)
    Improve Disarm (Level 6)
    Improve Feint (Rogue Lvl 4 Rogue Talent)
    Quick Draw (Level 9)
    Weapon Focus [Whip] (Rogue Lvl 6 Rogue Talent)

    Abilities (Racial / Class Features, etc...)
    Bonus Feat (Human)
    Bonus Skill (Human)
    Bonus Class Skill [Heal] (Noble Level 1)
    Favor (Noble Level 1)
    Inspire Confidence (Noble Level 2)
    Wealth (Noble Level 2)
    Noble Style Feat - Martial Adept (Noble Level 3)
    Trapfinding (Rogue Level 1)
    Evasion (Rogue Level 2)
    Rogue Talent [Finesse Rogue] (Rogue Level 2)
    Trap Sense +2 (Rogue Level 6)
    Uncanny Dodge (Rogue Level 4)
    Rogue Talent [Combat Trick] (Rogue Level 4)
    Rogue Talent [Weapon Training] (Rogue Level 6)
    Sneak attack +4d6 (Rogue Level 7)

    Skills Armor Check Penalty (included in totals): 0 (Total Skill Points 97, Max Ranks 10)
    (Any Skill not listed uses only the appropriate Stat Modifier)
    +17 Acrobatics (9 Rank +3 Class +5 Dex -0 ACP)
    +8 Appraise (3 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +18 Bluff (9 Ranks +3 Class + 3 Cha +3 Circlet of Persuasion)
    +8 Climb (3 Rank +3 Class +2 Str -0 ACP)
    +18 Diplomacy (9 Rank +3 Class +3 Cha +3 Circlet of Persuasion)
    +9 Disable Device(1 Rank +3 Class +5 Dex -0 ACP)
    +9 Escape Artist (1 Rank +3 Class +5 Dex -0 ACP)
    +5 Heal (1 Rank +3 Class +1 Wis)
    +18 Intimidate (9 Rank +3 Class +3 Cha +3 Circlet of Persuasion)
    +6 Knowledge [Arcana] (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +10 Knowledge [Dungeoneering] (5 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +6 Knowledge [Engineering] (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +6 Knowledge [Geography] (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +10 Knowledge [History] (5 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +6 Knowledge [Local] (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +6 Knowledge [Nature] (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +10 Knowledge [Nobility] (5 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +6 Knowledge [Planes] (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +14 Knowledge [Religion] (9 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +9 Linguistics (4 Rank +3 Class +2 Int)
    +13 Perception (9 Rank +3 Class +1 Wis)
    +9 Ride (1 Rank +3 Class +5 Dex -0 ACP)
    +10 Sense Motive (6 Rank +3 Class +1 Wis)
    +6 Swim (1 Rank +3 Class +2 Str -0 ACP)
    +10 Use Magic Device (1 Rank +3 Class +3 Cha +3 Circlet of Persuasion)

    +9/+4 Unarmed Strike (+7 Base Attack +2 Str)
    1d3 +1 (+2 Str)
    Crit x2, Type Bludgeoning (Non-Lethal)

    +15/+10 Mantis Barb (+7 Base Attack +5 Dex +2 Enhancement +1 Weapon Focus) - Ghost Touch, Undead Bane, Disarm, Reach, Trip
    1d6 +4 (+2 Str +2 Enhancement)
    Crit 19-20 / x2, Range 15 ft, Type Slashing, Weight 3 lbs

    Mithral Shirt (Weight - 10 lbs)
    AC +4, Max Dex +6, Armor Check -0, Spell Failure 10%

    Circlet of Persuasion (Wearing, Weight - negligible)
    Noble's Outfit (Wearing, Weight - 10 lbs)
    Wrist Sheath (Spring Loaded) [Dagger] (Wearing, Weight - 2 lbs total)

    Handy Haversack (Weight - 5 lbs)
    [Main Pouch] (Capacity - 72 of 80 lbs)
    - Cold Weather Outfit (Weight - 7 lbs)
    - Courtier's Outfit (Weight - 6 lbs)
    - Entertainer's Outfit (Weight - 4 lbs)
    - Explorer's Outfit (Weight - 8 lbs)
    - Hot Weather Outfit (Weight - 4 lbs)
    - Noble's Outfit (spare) (Weight - 10 lbs)
    - Bedroll (Weight - 5 lbs)
    - Winter Blanket (Weight - 3 lbs)
    - Small Tent (Weight - 20 lbs)
    - Silk Rope (Weight - 5 lbs)
    - Jewelry (1500 STL worth)
    [Right Pouch] (Capacity - 15 of 20 lbs)
    - Adventurer's Sash (Weight - 3 lbs)
    - Dagger (x 3) (Weight - 1 lbs each)
    - Throwing Axe (x 2) (Weight - 2 lbs each)
    - Boomerang (Weight - 3 lbs each)
    - Holy Water (x 2) (Weight - 1 lbs each)
    [Left Pouch] (Capacity - 14 of 20 lbs)
    - Flint and Steel (Weight - 1 lbs)
    - Trail Rations (x 4) (Weight - 1 lbs each)
    - Torch (x 5) (Weight - 1 lbs each)
    - Waterskin (Weight - 4 lbs)

    Coins / Gems
    316 STL (in Adventurer's Sash)
    1500 STL worth of Jewelry (in Handy Haversack)

    Though her preferred fashion changes more than the seasons, there are a few constants of Simone's appearance. Her auburn hair is usually well past shoulder length and beautifully maintained, whatever style it happens to be in at the time. Her face is fair and radiant, and can light up with jubilation, hint at the sadness in her heart, or betray her childish tantrums, depending on how concerned she is with impressing those around her. Her natural beauty has a way of inspiring men around her to do their best to stay in good favor with her without knowing why.

    The Belmonte name is well known in Nightlund. Throughout the decades, the title of Mantis Rose has been passed down from generation to generation within the family, signifying an uncanny proficiency at hunting and slaying the unnatural horrors contaminating the region. The latest Mantis Rose, Leon Belmonte, married his beloved, Sara, who soon after gave birth to Simone. As Simone grew older, she started learning the skills needed for a hunter of the undead, under the tutelage of her father. Though she was still quite young, she took her training very seriously, for she did not want to let her father down as the next Mantis Rose. Or so she thought...

    Leon quickly grew wary of the idea of a female Mantis Rose, and shortly after Sara was once again with child. To Leon's relief, Simone's brother, Trevor, was born. Simone's training continued, however, for it would not do to have a daughter of the Belmonte name who could not defend herself from the unsavory creatures of Nightlund. As the years continued to pass, Simone blossomed into the very essence of a noble young lady. Well mannered, well educated, and kind-hearted, her training had paid off in not only the ways of combat, but also how to present oneself in the presence of others. She strove very hard to make her father proud, took great comfort from his approval when earned. Her perfect world was shattered, though, when her younger brother began his training and it became known that he would inherit the title of Mantis Rose.

    Simone's initial protests fell on deaf ears, for her father had made up his mind years ago. After a rebellious phase, she quieted down and appeared to have come to terms with the decision. While seemingly returning to a proper lady-like demeanor, in actuality she had begun thinking of ways to prove her worth using more inconspicuous means. She eventually learned of the Brotherhood of Shadows, an organization dedicated to battling the undead that plague Nightlund while unconstrained by the local laws and regulations. After managing a few contacts, she was afforded a chance to take the entrance trials and prove worthy of a place in the organization.

    Not knowing what the trials would entail, she packed a bag with everything she deemed potential useful and made her way to the shrine housing the Mantis Barb. A sacred family heirloom, the Mantis Barb was passed down along with the title of Mantis Rose through the generations. This holy whip would surely help her cement a position within the order, and as long as she was back by morning, the whip could be replaced and no one would be the wiser. After "borrowing" the Mantis Barb, Simone disappeared into the night, ready to meet her contact and show Nightlund she was worthy of becoming the next Mantis Rose.
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    Post Luccia Tobe

    Name: Luccia Tobe
    Female Half-Elf [B]Ranger 5, Ergothian Skylord 5
    LG Medium Humanoid (Half-Elf)
    Age: 20 (circa 1812 PC, 789 Ergothian Calendar, Born 1832 PC), Height 5' 5", Weight 115, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Golden-Brown
    Languages: Ancient Common, Nestari, Ancient Ergothian
    Current XP: 78,775

    Str 17 (+3)
    Dex 18 (+4)
    Con 16 (+3)
    Int 12 (+1)
    Wis 13 (+1)
    Cha 18 (+4)

    Speed: 30', Init: +4
    Senses: Elvensight, Perception +11
    Racial Abilities: Adaptabilty, Elf Blood, Elven Immunities, Keen Senses, Multi-talented
    Traits: Elven Reflexes, Courageous

    [B]Hit Points 57/87: HD: 5d10+15 (Ranger) + 5d8+15 (Ergothian Skylord):
    AC 20 (Base 10 +6 Armor +4 Dex), CMD 18, Touch 14, Flat Footed 16
    +9/+4 BAB, +13 CMB

    +13/+8 Base Melee (+9/+4 Base, +3 Str)
    +14/+9 Base Ranged (+8/+3 Base, +4 Dex)

    Saving Throws:
    +11 Fort (+4 Ranger 5, +4 Ergothian Skylord, +3 Con)
    +12 Ref (+4 Ranger 5, +4 Ergothian Skylord, +4 Dex)
    +3 Will (+1 Ranger 5, +1 Ergothian Skylord, +1 Wis)

    Skill Focus: Handle Animal (Half-Elf Bonus Feat)
    Mounted Combat (Ranger 2, Combat Style)
    Endurance (Ranger)
    Point-Blank Shot
    Tremendous Charge
    Rapid Shot
    *+[unnamed Griffon Feat @5th skylord lvl]

    Abilities (Racial/Class Features):
    Multi-Talented: +1 Skill point(+5) or +1 HP(0) per level of Ranger or Druid
    Track (Ranger)
    Wild Empathy (Ranger)
    Favored Enemy: Humans x 2 (Ranger)
    Favored Terrain: Forest (Ranger)
    Hunter's Bond: Companions (Ranger)
    Griffon Bond (Ergothian Skylord)
    Mounted Attack (Ergothian Skylord)
    Sturdy Charge (Ergothian Skylord)
    Eagles Poise (Ergothian Skylord)
    Bonded Mind (Ergothian Skylord)

    Skills (Total Skill Points 48, Max Ranks 9)
    (Any Skill not listed uses only the appropriate Stat Modifier)
    +7 Acrobatics (Rank +1, Class +3, Dex +4)
    +5 Craft [Bow] (Rank +1, Class +3, Int +1)
    +5 Diplomacy (Rank +1, Cha +4)
    +5 Disguise (Rank +1, Cha +4)
    +18 Handle Animal (Rank +8, Class +3, Cha +4)
    *+9 Heal (5 Rank, +3 Class, +1 Wis)
    +9 Intimidate (+2 Rank, +3 Class, +4 Cha)
    *+9 Knowledge [Nature] (4 Rank, +3 Class, +1 Int)
    +6 Knowledge [Nobility] (2 Rank, +3 Class, +1 Int)
    *+12 Perception (6 Rank, +3 Class, +1 Wis, +2 Race)
    +15 Ride (8 Rank, +3 Class, +4 Dex, *+2 Stay in Military Saddle)
    +3 Sense Motive (2 Rank, +1 Wis)
    +9 Stealth (2 Rank, +3 Class, +4 Dex)
    +12 Survival (8 Rank, +3 Class +1 Wis) + 3 Tracking

    Ranger Spells, Capacity 2, 1st level spells, DC=11:
    Speak with Animals, Aspect of the Falcon.

    +13/+8 Unarmed Strike (+8/+3 Base Attack +3 Str)
    1d3 +2 (+3 Str)
    Crit x2, Type Bludgeoning (Non-Lethal)

    +16/+11, Composite Longbow +2 (+3 Str) “Quillstrike”, (+9/+4* BAB, +4 Dex, +2 Enhancement)
    1d8 +5 (+3 Str +2 Enhancement)
    Crit x3, Range 110', Pierce, 3 lbs

    +15/+10, Falchion +2, (+8/+3 BAB, +3 Str, +2 Enhancement)
    2d4 +7 (+3 Str(x1.5, 2-hand) +2 Enhancement)
    Crit (18-20)x2, Slash, 8 lbs

    +14/+9, Lance +1 "Luccia's Talon"(+9/+4 BAB, +3 Str, +1 Enhancement)
    1d10 +6 (+3 Str(x1.5, 2-hand) +1 Enhancement)
    Griffon Mounted Charge: +17 (+9 BAB, +5 use Griffon Str, +1 Enhancement, +2 Charge)
    ..1d10+6 x2 (+5 Str (Griffon & one-hand) +1 Enhancement)
    Crit x3, Pierce, 10 lbs. Reach: 10', x2 Dmg on charge

    +14/+9, Pair of Daggers, (+8/+3 BAB, +3 Str or +4 Dex Thrown)
    1d4 +3 (Str)
    Crit (19-20)x2, Pirece or Slash, 3x2 lbs

    +14/+9, A Quatrane of Chakrams, (+8/+3 BAB, +4 Dex Thrown)
    1d8 +3 (Str)
    Crit x2, Range 30', Slash, 1x4 lbs

    Dragonmetal Chain Shirt +2 (10 lbs, worn)
    AC +4, +2 Enhancement, Max Dex +6, Armor Check -0, Spell Failure 10%

    Equipment: (total weight carried: 68 lbs)
    Explorer's Outfit (worn, 10 lbs)
    Ring of Feather Falling (worn)
    Quiver (11 arrows, worn, ~3 lbs)
    Tabard of the Ergothian Imperial Guard with Colonel's Badge (1 lbs)
    Neck-thong [empty] (worn)
    Bag of Holding II (25 lbs worn; up to 70 sq ft., 500 lbs) Containing:
    Lance +1 (sheathed, 10 lbs)
    Weapon Cord
    3 quivers, 60 arrows (9 lbs)
    Bedroll (5 lbs)
    Blanket (3 lbs)
    Everburning Torch (1 lbs)
    Silk Rope [cut](5 lbs)
    Grappling Hook (3 lbs)
    Heatstone (1 lbs)
    Flint & Steel (1 lbs)
    Torch (1 lbs)
    Water-skin (4 lbs)
    Noble Outfit (10 lbs)
    Fancy headdress with faux braids (3 lbs)
    Soap (0.5 lbs)
    Trail Rations (10 days, 10 lbs)
    Dried Horse Meat (25 lbs for Sounare)

    Female griffon Ergothian skylord mount
    N Large magical beast
    Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent;
    Perception +12
    AC 21, touch 11, flat-footed 19 (+2 Dex, +10 natural, -1 size)
    hp 59 (7d10+21)
    Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +4; improved evasion
    Resist bonded mind
    Speed 30 ft., fly 90 ft. (average)
    Melee bite +10 (1d6+5), 2 talons +9 (1d6+5)
    Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks pounce, rake (2 claws +9, 1d4+5)
    Str 20, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 5, Wis 13, Cha 8
    Base Atk +7; CMB +13; CMD 25 (29 vs. trip)
    Feats Iron Will, Skill Focus (Perception), Weapon Focus (bite), Wingover, Fly-by Attack, Hover
    Skills Acrobatics +10, Fly +8, Perception +12 (2 more skill points);
    Racial Modifiers +4 Acrobatics, +4 Perception
    Traits: Hard to Kill and Inspiring Rush
    Languages Common (cannot speak)
    SQ empathic link, share saving throws
    Other Gear exotic military saddle

    [IGNORE due to Oblivion]
    Companion: Griffon, "Sounare", Brood: Grinfia. Wearing Exotic Military Saddle (30 lbs)
    Large Female Magical Beast: 8' long, 25' wingspan, 500 lbs.
    Speed: 30', Fly 90', Initiative: +2, AC: 21, CMD: 23 (+4 Trip), HD: 7d10+21, HP: 61/61
    Attacks: Bite: +12 (1d6+5), Talons x2: +11 (1d4+5). CMB= +11
    Special Attacks: Pounce: Full attack action on charge including Rake, Rake: Claws x2: +11 (1d4+5)
    Ability Scores: Str 20, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 5, Wis 13, Cha 8
    Senses: Darkvision 60', Low Light Vision, Scent, Perception +12
    Special Qualities: Empathic Link, Share Saving Throws
    Saving Throws: Fort: +8(10), Ref: +7(10), Will: +4(6). (ref: Share Saving Throws)
    Skills: Acrobatics +10, Fly +8, Perception +12
    Feats: Fly-By-attack, Iron Will, Weapon Focus(Bite), Skill Focus(Perception), Wingover
    Traits: Hard to Kill, Inspiring Rush
    Language: Understands Common yet cannot speak

    Luccia is a short half-elf young woman with fair skin. Her eyes show cerulean chased with streaks of silver. Her curly locks are the color of brown wheat glowing gold in the sunset. Out of necessity, she was recently forced to bob it short, now it has grown out to a more pleasing shoulder length. She is blemished by two scars along her waistline, one on her back and the second on the opposing side above her pelvic bone. When outdoors she wears thick soled riding boots, green leather pants, with a thick belt to hold a few bladed weapons. A thick brown hooded cloak can nearly conceal her entire form or be thrown back for quick action. A white blouse is concealed by a newly acquired Mithral Chain shirt. Over this she wears a tabard identifying her as a Colonel in service to the Ergothian Imperial Guard. A leather thong about her neck holds a promise ring and Sounare's first molted feathers. Recent troubles have left a dark stain below her eyes. Hopefully, her usual, endearing smile will be seen again soon.

    As an orphaned half-elf child, Luccia was taken in by the Roves, an Ergothian noble family of middling importance. Bearing her little love and meager accommodations, they set her to task as a servant. Her bright disposition and diligence went unappreciated by her adoptive family. She raced at completing her chores to sneak out and spend afternoons in the forest. There she found solace in the wonders of nature. Often Luccia was relegated to cleaning and cooking as the Roves played host to nobles in a bid to increase their own social standing.

    At one such garish festival, she met the son of a nobleman named Vinas. Fate saw to it they became fast friends. They would run about town, march playfully behind guard patrols, play in the woods and cause harmless trouble. Approaching maturity, the two became nearly inseparable. The son of Adrenas, Captain of the Imperial Guard, Vinas had inherited a legacy of military service. His father trained him in basic sword play, drills and the general discipline expected of a soldier. Vinas would soon be old enough for duty.

    In a flight of fancy, Luccia dared Vinas to submit himself for recruitment despite his age. Vinas accepted, provided she was at his side as a fellow recruit. Luccia reluctantly agreed, parting with the length of her hair to pose as boy. The military would be, at the least, reluctant to accept a peasant girl. Likewise, Vinas took on the guise of a simple peasant knowing that a recognized noble son would not be recruited without the express blessing of his father, the Captain. The officers scoffed as the couple presented themselves, they truly looked the part of dirty peasants. Under false names, Tobe and Tobias, they would be accepted only if they scaled a sheer pole and rang the signal bell at the top. Surprisingly, the recruits agreed to the treacherous task. They would have to work in tandem for any hope of success.

    The gathered crowd began to laugh as Vinas and Luccia began what seemed, an impossible ascent. Long moments passed and the bell sounded out their accomplishment. The moment of victory quickly passed as they fell. Careening downwards, Luccia spotted a weapon rack directly below Vinas. Without a thought for her own safety, she pushed him away from herself, taking his place.
    Vinas landed with a loud thump, gasping for air and barely conscious on the hard earth. Luccia had found the ground only after being impaled through the abdomen by a spear. Miraculously, they both survived.

    Adrenas was stern with his son for the whole affair. As punishment he would indeed serve as a foot soldier quelling the growing rebellion of starving Ergothian peasants in outlying hamlets and not the safer duty of a capital city guard usually afforded a son of nobility. Alternately, Luccia would be allowed convalesce in Adrenas' own home. While bedridden, Luccia received care from Adrenas' own battlefield physician and she dreamt of the wild forest she loved exploring in her younger days. The combination of these two elements lead to a quick recovery for the half-elf.

    Adrenas had already liked her as a playmate for his beloved son and the tale of Luccia's sacrifice served to further ingratiate her with the noble Captain. Adrenas had recently received payment of a debt in the form of a griffon egg. Of great value, the egg was supposedly from the brood of Grinfia, the most pedigreed lineage of griffons according to Silvanesti records. Adrenas had no need for a griffon personally and no knowledge how to raise the hatchling. The young griffon would made an excellent gift to the nature-loving half-elf in return for saving Vinas' life. Once healthy enough, Luccia spent time carefully raising and caring for the beautiful creature. Named Sounare, for the sound of strong racing wind, the noble beast accepted Luccia and vice-verse, the two had formed a bond. Sounare had learned the meaning of the words Luccia used and would react appropriately to her mood and anticipate her intentions. Conversely, Luccia knew what Sounare was feeling, doing or wanting, even from a healthy distance. When neither of them could be found about the grounds of the manse, it was an easy guess they occupied the vast sky, somewhere. Luccia discovered Sounare enjoyed feasting upon horse meat and soon had to teach her to respect people to a degree and moreover, to leave the 'horses with people' alone.

    Time, fate and love grew; Luccia missed the company of Vinas. Resuming her identity as 'Tobe' she sought out Vinas. She had learned the general location of the Vinas' company and rejoined them. Sounare would be relegated to her own devices for brief periods of time, just far enough from the company for Luccia to steal visits in the night, yet remain out of sight. The two seemed know exactly when and where to meet. With little searching, she found the Vinas and their assigned company, the two were happy to be reunited. The duty was unhappy, orders were issued in the best interests of the Crown, without care for hungry peasants. The couple and the company trudged onwards. Weeks passed and Luccia found herself with the aid of Sounare, secretly gathering and delivering food for the revolting peasants. Vinas found no honor in fighting starving peasants. They both hid acts of kindness and mercy, for fear of insubordination. It was a happy surprise when they discovered each other secretly aiding 'the enemy'.

    The tour completed and the entire company was recalled to the capital for the Emperor's wedding. Adrenas and his wife were to be guests of the Emperor, as was Vinas. The son of a noble, Vinas would be expected to invite a lady companion. Vinas knew there would be no better companion than Luccia, whom was reluctant only for the sake of her alter-ego 'Tobe'. Vinas' purchase of a fine dress and expensive headpiece with faux braids convinced Luccia to attend and further inspired her. As a guest at the wedding she would have access to speak with the royal bride and present a case on behalf of starving peasants. Better still, a simple, yet elegant ring accompanied by a vow to marry sent Luccia's heart further aloft.

    The day of the Emperor's own wedding arrived and everything was found in order. Adrenas' family, Luccia and other guests were received at the palace with appropriate fanfare. The event fueled daydreams of Luccia's upcoming wedding day. Soon, the Royal couple recited their vows of marriage. The celebration began as a feast was presented, all attendees seemed to enjoy the festivities. Two guests seated near Adrenas' family 'seemed' more than others. As Adrenas feasted his complexion turned red, he gasped for air and collapsed, eyes bleeding. As the Captain of the guard succumbed to poison, the two seemly guests arose and drew concealed crossbows. Vinas reacted quickly, burying his dinner knife in the assailant’s neck. An errant bolt sank into a nearby portrait of the Emperor. Ominously, the bolt struck the depiction in the chest, a red, oily poison ran down the canvas. The second assassin leveled his crossbow at the Emperor, yet his body jerked as Luccia smashed the man's head with a heavy serving bowl, spattering nearby revelers with a rich stew. Cruel fate directed a second errant bolt into Vinas' chest. Moments later, his dead body could only bleed.

    Time stood still for Luccia as guards swooped about her, the royal couple, her beloved and his father. As Luccia's concept of time resumed functioning, she found herself in a study surrounded by guards and in the presence of the Emperor. Her love was dead by what might as well been her own hand. When questioned as to how a lady would find herself foiling an assassination attempt, she told the truth. She had posed as a man to serve as a soldier for the betterment of the Ergothian Empire.

    With false braids in hand and a heart void of passion, she took responsibility for the death of Vinas. The Emperor laughingly brushed her self-implication aside. As he praised her for saving his Royal Person, her ears went deaf. That deafness faded when she heard that she would be second to the new Captain of the Imperial Guard, in merit for saving the Emperor. It seemed callous the Emperor had already selected a new Captain, before Adrenas had even been buried.

    Coldly, Luccia accepted the position and her request for leave to hunt the conspirators and bring them to justice was granted. After attending the memorial for Vinas and Adrenas, "Heroes of the Empire" she found her eyes had run out of tears, yet her heart still ached. She was given the finest armor and arms from the armory, a sturdy horse and some soldiers to assist in the hunt. Oddly, there seemed enough foodstuffs packed to feed twice the amount of soldiers for more than two months.

    She was done with the capital city. Luccia's men could barely assemble fast enough for her liking. Soon they would respect her determination and secretly worship her beauty. Outside sight of the city, the Lady's horse mysteriously went missing. The disappearance of her mount seemed no surprise to her and before her men could begin a search, the steed was replaced by a majestic griffon. An omen to the small company of soldiers, this beast seemed to be sent just for her and would greatly aid their hunt. They would be on the right trail in no time...
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    Ulin Majere
    Male outsider (Chaos, transmutant) Abanasinian Sorcerer 6 (Arcane Bloodline)/Academy Sorcerer 4
    CG Medium humanoid (human)
    Age 33 Height 5'11" Weight 164 lbs. Eyes Gold Hair Chestnut brown
    Languages: Common, Abanasinian, Draconic
    Current XP: 104,223 (Making a Choice) Needed for Next Level: 105,000
    Traits: Focused Mind & Savanna Child
    Hero Points: 2

    Str 10 (+0)
    Dex 14 (+2)
    Con 12 (+1)
    Int 14 (+2)
    Wis 12 (+1)
    Cha 20 (+5)

    Speed 30 ft.; base speed 30 ft. Initiative +2
    Senses Perception +7
    HD 10; Hit Points (current/max) 47/47
    AC 19 (+2 Dex, +4 bracers, +3 deflection bonus), touch 15, flat-footed 17
    Base Attack +5
    +5 base melee attack (+5 base, +0 Str)
    +7 base missile attack (+5 base, +2 Dex)
    CMB +5 (+5 base attack, +0 Str)
    CMD + 19 (10 +5 base attack, +0 Str, +2 Dex, + 2 deflection bonus)

    Saving Throws
    +7 Fort (+4 base, +1 Con, +2 cloak)
    +8 Ref (+4 base, +2 Dex, +2 cloak)
    +10 Will (+7 base, +1 Wis,+2 cloak)

    Craft Spell
    Disruptive Spell
    Empower Spell
    Eschew Materials (b)
    Magical Aptitude
    Silent Spell
    Still Spell (b)
    All simple weapon proficiencies

    Abilities/Special Qualities
    Academy Resources: If near a DM approved, functioning sorcerer academy, Ulin’s arcane research and item creation takes half the normal time
    Arcane Thesis, Divination: Ulin is a master of the Divination discipline, making Perception a class skill and Divination spells cast on objects and non-living material at one level higher
    Arcane Thesis, Pyromancy: Ulin is a master of the Pyromancy discipline, +2 competence bonus to saving throws vs. fire spells, and adds +1 DC to saving throws and to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance with all fire based spells.
    Bloodline Arcana (Ex): Whenever Ulin applies a metamagic feat that increases the slot by at least one level, the spell's DC also increases by +1.
    Bloodline Power, Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to your sorcerer level.
    Bloodline Power, Metamagic Adept (Ex): At 3rd level, once per day Ulin can apply any one metamagic feat to a spell he is about to cast without increasing the casting time. He must still expend a higher-level spell slot to cast this spell.
    Cooperative Study +2 (Ex): Academy sorcerers learn that sharing research and information is critical to Wild Sorcery mastery. This ability increases Aid Another actions in Craft (alchemy), Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft and Use Magic Device skills.
    Magical Mimic (Sp): Anytime Ulin witnesses a dragon, fey, or outsider with the chaotic subtype activate an exceptional, spell-like, or supernatural ability unique to them he can make a Spellcraft check (10 + target's HD + target's Cha modifier) to temporarily duplicate the ability and store it for future use. If Ulin succeeds on his check he gains the use of the ability for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his total sorcerer levels and can activate it as a spell-like ability without having to make a Spellcraft check at any time in the future. He may only store a number of abilities equal to his Charisma modifier. When Ulin reaches his maximum number of stored abilities he must use a move action to “forget” a previously stored ability. Ulin may then attempt to mimic and store a new ability per the normal rules. He must be able to clearly see the target use the ability or physically experience the effect of that ability to be able to make the Spellcraft check. If Ulin fails his Spellcraft check he cannot attempt to mimic that creature's ability until twenty-four hours have passed.
    Research Breakthrough: Still Spell

    +7 Appraise (+2 Int, 2 rank, +3 class)
    +10 Bluff (+5 Cha, 2 ranks, +3 class skill bonus)
    +9 Craft (alchemy) (+2 Int, 4 rank, +3 class skill bonus)
    +11 Diplomacy (+5 Cha, 3 ranks, +3 class skill bonus)
    +15 Knowledge (arcana) (+2 Int, 10 ranks, +3 class skill bonus)
    +11 Knowledge (history) (+2 Int, 6 ranks, +3 class skill bonus) *
    +3 Knowledge (planes) (+1 Int, +2 ranks)
    +7 Linguistics (+2 Int, 2 rank, +3 class skill bonus)
    +7 Perception (+1 Wis, 3 ranks, +3 class skill bonus)
    +7 Ride (+2 Dex, +1 ranks, +3 Class skill bonus, +1 trait)
    +6 Sense Motive (+1 Wis, 2 ranks, +3 class skill bonus)
    +19 Spellcraft (+2 Int, 10 ranks, +3 class skill bonus, +4 Magical Aptitude)
    +2 Survival (+1 Wis, 1 ranks)
    +14 Use Magic Device (+5 Cha, 2 ranks, +3 class, +4 Magical Aptitude)

    +5 Unarmed Strike (+5 Base Attack +0 Str)
    1d3 +0 (+0 Str)
    Crit x2, Type Bludgeoning (Non-Lethal)

    +8 Light Crossbow, Masterwork (+5 Base Attack +2 Dex +1 masterwork)
    Crit 19-20 / x2, Range 80 ft, Type Piercing, Weight 4 lbs

    +5 dagger (+5 Base Attack, +0 str)
    Crit 19-20 / x2, Range 10 ft, Type Piercing /Slashing, Weight 1 lbs

    Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 10th) (DC 15 + spell level) (+1 DC Divination, Fire)
    5th (4/day) - Cone of Cold
    4th (6/day) – Dimension Door, Wall of Fire
    3rd (7/day) – Fireball, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic
    2nd (7/day) – Elemental Dart, Detect Thoughts, *Invisibility, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray
    1st (8/day) – Burning Hands, Comprehend Languages, *Identify, Magic Missile, Shield
    0 (unlimited/day) – Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Read Magic

    Daily Spell Slots Used: 1st/0, 2nd/0, 3rd/0, 4th/1, 5th/1

    Explorer's Outfit (wearing, 8 lbs)
    Bracers of Armor +4 (wearing, 1 lbs)
    Callentine (wearing around neck, 0 lbs)
    Cloak of Resistance +2 (wearing, 1lb)
    Earring of Communication (Bonded Item) (wearing, -)
    Iron Rod of Cancellation
    Quiver of Bolts (20) (on back, 2 lbs)
    Ring of Protection +3 (right finger, -)
    Scroll Case (on belt, 1/2 lb) Scrolls: Remove Curse (CL 7), Protection from Energy (CL 5), Summon Monster V (CL 9)
    Handy Haversack (Weight - 5 lbs)
    * in Haversack [Bedroll,, Flint & Steel, Ink, Inkpen, Parchment (5), Rations (6)]

    75 stl
    7 silver

    Ulin Majere is tall with golden eyes (which he inherited from his mother), and shoulder-length chestnut brown hair. Ulin considers himself homely, rail-thin, gangly, and has Caramon's big bones but no meat to cover them. He usually dresses casually in a loose tunic and pants.


    Ulin Majere was fated to magic. The name Majere heralded heirs to the greatest archmages of Krynn for two generations. Ulin was not one to break tradition. With his father Palin gone on a mission of some sort or running the Conclave, his mother and sisters raised him. Time with his father was soley dedicated to pouring over ancient tomes and lessons in spellcasting.

    And so Ulin’s love for his father was intermingled with a love for sorcery. Classically trained in the art, he attended the same academy as his great uncle Raistlin. Since the beginning Ulin experienced magic differently than others. Many times his spells surged with power at the whim of his mood. A bad day could set a building on fire, or a good one caused flowers in his presence to bloom. His instructors found him an oddity, riding him harder than the other students in attempts to teach Ulin to harness his ability. He constantly struggled with the practiced, formulaic aspects of his studies. Imagination fueled his spells, as Ulin saw magic as more of an emotional expression.

    It was not until poor grades sent Ulin back home on suspension did he finally begin to feel the practicum of High Sorcery had flaws. Ulin felt the magic flow through him like a well, but could not understand its application in the traditional ways. On a lark, Ulin began researching his own father’s library for knowledge that explained his hypotheses. After weeks of study, he found an old account from the late archmage Par-Salian. The missive detailed a mission to destroy a cabal who practiced “Wild Sorcery.” Ulin connected the dots.

    Shortly after he left Solace, searching Ansalon for places strong in the “Wild Magic” to perhaps prove his suspicions. Months later, Ulin found himself at an old battle ground, a scorched ruin left from the Summer of Chaos. It was a haunted place, deemed cursed by travelers passing through the territory. Witch lights burned at night, and fires with no heat flashed in strange colors on nothing more than the air. Walking through the strange place, Ulin could feel power crackle at his fingertips. Over time he learned to wield the ambient energy, creating spells there were far above his experience level.

    After months of experimentation and living as a hermit, Ulin mastered a new form of spellcraft. Fearing the possibility of being deemed a renegade, he stayed silent over his discoveries. He set forth from the ruins and systematically traveled the countryside in search of others that also felt the pull of Primal Magic. Using his own family fame, he began training others in secret, finally opening a small academy on the outskirts of Solace. It was doomed to fail.

    Renegade hunters under the direction of the head of the black robes, Dalamar the Dark, eventually uncovered his efforts. They attacked with extreme prejudice, and the resulting battle rocked the town of Solace with spells of destruction. Vallenwoods burned, and many homes and businesses disintegrated to ash.

    So started the war against Wild Sorcery with Ulin and his students existing as fugitives. He trained sorcerers in secret cells across the continent to keep his life’s work from erasure. A half year later it came to a head when confronted by renegade hunters and his own father, now head of the Orders. The chance encounter turned deadly when Ulin’s apprentice surged a spell with unstable chaotic energies, opening a deadly rift to the Grey. The energy killed all but Ulin, and demolished the small city.

    The sole survivor, Ulin’s life is one as a renegade, the whole population now siding with the Orders of High Sorcery. With Dalamar the Dark as the new head of the Order, a full on war was declared on any practicing the heresy of Primal Magic. Ulin now searches for a way to undo the damage done, even at the expense of his own life. He is a haunted man, plagued with self-doubt in reflection of his failures.
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    Beldyn Pilofiro
    Male Human Cleric of Paladine 10
    XP 102,350 (as of bonus) Needed for next level: 105,000
    Lawful Good

    Strength 12 (+1)
    Dexterity 15 (+2)
    Constitution 11 (+0)
    Intelligence 15 (+2)
    Wisdom 13 (+1)
    Charisma 22 (+6)(16+2+1+1+2(magic))

    Size: Medium
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 185 lb
    Eyes: Pale Blue
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Fair
    Age: 19

    Domains: Good Sun
    Energy: Positive [Healing/Damages Undead]

    Total Hit Points: 76

    Speed: 30 feet
    Armor Class: 24 = 10+2 [dexterity] +1 [ring] +8 [Elven Chain +2] +3 [Shield +1]
    Touch AC: 12
    Flat-footed: 22

    Initiative modifier: +2 = +2 [dexterity]

    Fortitude save: +7 = 7 [base]
    Reflex save: +6 = 3 [base] +3 [dexterity]
    Will save: +10 = 7 [base] +1 [wisdom] +2 Iron Will

    Attack (handheld): +7/+2 = 6/1 [base] +1 [strength]
    Attack (missile): +8/+3 = 6/1 [base] +2 [dexterity]
    Combat Maneuver Bonus: +7 = 6 [base] +1 [strength]
    Combat Maneuver Defense: +19 = 10+6 [base] +1 [strength] +2 [dexterity]

    Light load: 43 lb. or less
    Medium load: 44-86 lb.
    Heavy load: 87-130 lb.
    Lift over head: 130 lb.
    Lift off ground:260 lb.
    Push or drag: 650 lb.

    Languages: Common, Istarian, Church Speak, Elven, Solamnic

    Chosen One Benefit(s): You may cast light once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level 1st), and you begin play with a masterwork longsword. In addition, whenever light is cast upon this sword, the radius of light and its duration is doubled.
    Devotee of a Dead God Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks and Knowledge (religion) checks. One of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

    Spell Casting Prodigy (Charisma) 1st +2 for spell bonus purposes
    Eschew Materials 5th level No need for cheap material components
    Turn Undead
    Dynamic Priest (Charisma) 1st-human bonus Uses Cha rather than Wis to determine bonus spells
    Improved Channel 7th level +2 bonus on DC for enemy saves
    Iron Will 9th level +2 Will

    Skill Name Key Ability Skill Modifier Ability Modifier Ranks Misc. Modifier
    Acrobatics Dex* 2 = +2
    Appraise Int 2 = +2
    Bluff Cha 10 = +6 +4
    Climb Str* 1 = +1
    Diplomacy Cha 20 = +6 +10 +3 [class skill] +1 [trait]
    Disguise Cha 6 = +6
    Escape Artist Dex* 2 = +2
    Fly Dex* 3 = +2 + 1
    Heal Wis 8 = +1 +4 +3 [class skill]
    Intimidate Cha 6 = +6
    Knowl (history) Int 9 = +2 +2 +3 [class skill]
    Knowl (religion) Int 16 = +2 +10 +3 [class skill] +1 [trait]
    Linguistics Int 7 = +2 +2 +3 [class skill]
    Perception Wis 7 = +1 +5
    Ride Dex* 2 = +2
    Sense Motive Wis 1 = +1
    Spellcraft Int 13 = +2 +8 +3 [class skill]
    Stealth Dex* 2 = +2
    Survival Wis 1 = +1
    Swim Str** 1 = +1

    * = check penalty for armor/shield
    ** = some groups double armor/shield penalties for swimmers

    Zero-level: 4 can be selected per day, unlimited casting:
    Detect Magic
    Enhanced Diplomacy

    First-level: 4 per day +1 from a domain +2 Bonus:
    Noble Sacrifice (HOS 64)
    Moment of Greatness
    Hide from Undead
    Shield of Faith
    Divine Favor
    (Protection from Evil)

    Second-level: 4 per day +1 from a domain +2 Bonus:
    Heroic Fortune
    Restoration, Lesser
    Calm Emotions
    (Heat Metal)

    Third-level: 3 per day +1 from a domain +2 Bonus:
    Mistshackles (AoM 72)
    Dispel Magic
    Dispel Magic
    Stone Tentacles
    (Searing Light)

    Fourth-level: 3 per day +1 from a domain +1 Bonus:
    Blessing of Fervor
    Insight of Yarus
    Holy Smite
    (Fire Shield)

    Fifth-level: 2 per day +1 from a domain +1 Bonus:
    Breath of Life
    Plane Shift
    Heroic Fortune, Mass
    (Flame Strike)

    Favored class points: Hit points +9; Skill points +0
    • This human chose +2 to charisma (already included)
    • Extra feat at first level (already included)
    • One extra skill point at each additional level (already included) Cleric
    • Alignment Aura
    • Spontaneous casting -- trade prepared spells for curative spells
    • Channels positive energy (8x/day) 6d6
    • High Cha gains bonus spells daily
    • Domain choices give additional abilities.
    Touch of Good (Sp): You can touch a creature as a standard action, granting a sacred bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws equal to half your cleric level (minimum 1) for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
    Sun's Blessing (Su): Whenever you channel positive energy to harm undead creatures, add your cleric level to the damage dealt. Undead do not add their channel resistance to their saves when you channel positive energy.
    • Good clergy can bestow a sacred bonus on d20 rolls for a round, and at 8th level make a Weapon holy
    • Sun clergy can add their cleric level to positive energy damage to the undead and undead cannot use their channel resistance. At 8th level you give off light in a 30 foot radius that causes undead to take your level damage per round, and that dispels darkness.
    • Concentration check: d20 + cleric level + Cha modifier vs. DC


    The legends are true. You know the ones; an elf is born from a tree, ogres were the fairest beings on Krynn, dragons ruled the skies, the Lightbringer would wield the crown of power… They are true, all of them.

    My name is Beldyn Pilofiro, or at least that is what I have been called. My mother’s womb was not a tree; it was flesh and blood like most. But unlike most I have no recollection of who my mother was. Every now and then I have whispering images in my head; like ghosts of those gone past. But I can never weave enough of their dispersed tendrils together to make a coherent picture. I have no doubt they loved me deeply. I look forward to meeting them in the Dome of Creation.

    I was saved off the streets of Xak Tsaroth by Brother Voss, an aged priest of Paladine after he saw me pray over a woman sick with Grey Fever. She was healed, as were the others I had prayed over. I have a feeling my parents were in some service to Paladine because worshiping him came natural to me. I cannot think of a time in which I didn’t know that Paladine was watching over me. But digress. Brother Voss championed me in front of the other priests of Paladine and he was banished for his efforts. You see, I was deemed a threat to the establishment; at least I have that in common with the tree-born.

    Most of my education and growth came from Brother Voss in an old, blasted shell of a monastery of Majere. It was a wonderful life. From the temple steps we would watch the wyverns fly from their caves, not too far away, in their search for food. Or we would sit and watch the water flow over the cliff edge. But most of all, we would talk about Paladine and what was expected of us.

    We were soon joined by other monks and priests who had heard the call of Paladine, a call that was unhindered by the Church of Paladine, which by this time was falling into decadence. My powers, or I should say my ability to channel Paladine’s powers were growing. I was able to do things not heard of since a thousand years past. And then the dream came.

    I dreamt I was standing on the crest of a great mountain. I was dressed in white with a breastplate of platinum and a crown of gold tipped by 11 rubies. But something was not right; it was if I was watching another’s dream, another’s life. I awoke before I could finish the dream and not wanting to have a lack of faith I accepted the fact that I was the foretold, the Lightbringer. This idea was only solidified when word that the First Daughter was in the region, looking for the Lightbringer.

    She tested me. I expected to pass, my faith never wavering, and I did. During the test I reached into the sky and pulled down a star, proving my calling as the Lightbringer. I cupped the star in my hand until the streaming light was blotted out by my fingers. Upon opening my hand, instead of infinite motes streaming in all directions, the light solidified and elongated, forming the shape of a longsword, Paladine’s favored weapon. The test ended but the sword in my hand remained. The blade is starmetal, made for the essence of the star and shining with a pure light. Etched on the blade is the constellation of the Platinum Dragon and near the cross-guard are the words Palado Nais, Paladine’s Will. Surely this was a sign even above the First Daughter’s test?

    Shortly thereafter we traveled healing those who needed Paladine’s blessing. I met a young man, Cathan MarSevrin whose sister laid dying of the plague. He swore devotion to me, which I accepted in the name of Paladine. However, by then, after helping so many people I had begun to have doubts. How could I continue to help people, on a one-on-one basis if I was also destined to be the Kingpriest? Did I even want to be Kingpriest or the Lightbearer?

    About this time the town I was in was about to fall under attack by the forces of the Kingpriest. We rallied the populace and took flight towards the regional capitol. However, cavalry were too swift and we found ourselves fleeing to the safety of the other side of a stone bridge, which I planned to bring down with Paladine’s might. The six Knights of Solamnia, who were with us held the bridge as we staggered across. As I prepared to unleash a mighty spell upon the bride, I heard Sir Gareth, the leader of the knights, the six holding back a flood of 30 times their own number, shout “For the Lightbringer” before being swept up by his countless enemies. His war cry was for me and yet it did not seem right. Could I rightfully ask others to die for me when I, in turn, was only a servant?

    Others then died in my place, the regional leader, the defacto leader, soldiers, even the First Daughter. They all died to spare my life. I was told that others had seen visions of me as Kingpriest which only confirmed by own thoughts. I also learned that the Crown of Power was beneath the very temple in which we had found refuge. Deep into the catacombs MarSevrin and I explored until we came across a sealed doorway. Despite my prayers and struggles the door, which would only open to the Lightbringer, refused to open. I called for MarSevrin’s aid, thinking I was too physically weak to open the door and upon his touch, the door opened. As you can imagine, my faith in myself and my doubts were clashing at that time.

    We found the Crown but were put upon by countless numbers of undead. MarSevrin, like Sir Gareth before him, fought to stem the tide and allow me time to reach the Crown. It was there, before me and yet I could not take it. I could not even take my eyes off of the undead that swarmed at us. I was a coward. Deep down I knew I was not the true Lightbringer. The true Lightbringer’s courage would not have failed him; he would not have let his friends die on his behalf. And he didn’t. The true Lightbringer, MarSevrin, fought for his friends, he did not hide behind the robes of his own purity.

    I was overcome by the foul undead and awoke three days later. MarSevrin was there tending to me. For three days he had had the Crown of Power in his hands and yet he refused to use it as he believed it was mine by right. I knew I could not have done what he had so flippantly done. If I held the Crown I would have used it to make all kneel before me. I would have been Paladine’s righteous wrath. But he, he offered it to me like I had asked him for a cup of water. That was true leadership, that was true power. Beside him I looked like a hollow husk. I had been so caught up in myself that I had forgotten who I was. I had been chosen by Paladine, just not the way I initially thought. There would only be one way for me to fulfill my calling and to earn my reward, and that was by rejecting the Crown.

    Turning my head so I could not see it, as I did not have the courage to look at it, I refused it. MarSevrin pleaded with me again to take it, reminding me of all the visions and prophecies. Perhaps, in the future it will be explained why I passed the Lightbringer trail. But at that time, bolstered by my newly reflamed convictions I looked into his eyes and declared, “I am not the Lightbringer. I am not the Kingpriest. I am Paladine’s servant.” My world exploded in light at that moment.


    Headband of Alluring Charisma +2
    Ring of Protection +1
    Starmetal Longsword +1 of Spell Storing (Paladine’s Will) +9/+4 = 6 [base] +1 [strength] +1 [magic] +1 [special] 1d8+2 19-20 Searing Light 4d8
    Dragonmetal Dagger +9/+4 = 6 [base] +1 [strength] +2 [special] 1d6+2 19-20
    Elven Chain +2
    Heavy Mithral Shield +1
    Handy Haversack
    Medallion of Faith (Paladine)
    Clerical Vestments
    Explorers outfit
    Ink and quill
    Insight of Yarus scroll CL 7
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds
    M.A.G.E messenger
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