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Thread: Delusions of Grandeur: The Jaded Exports Missions

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    Shayle was nervous. He knew that there was a small chance that the cosmetic procedure might not be able to be reversed, but he knew it was the only way to infiltrate Bespin. Darga knew all them by sight now and was sure to have all his cronies on the look out for any and all sightings of his team.

    Shayle's idea was to pose as a clanless bothan trying to make his way back into bothan society by winning big at Cloud City. His new identity was Ralk Azira. He left the clan surname off, which meant in bothan society he had been an outcast of his clan. Shayle closed his eyes as his chair was leaned back. "Wake me when it's over." He told the medical droid.

    Shayle wasn't sure how long he had been out. When he woke he saw Lykka and Trangle admiring the handy work that had been administered to them. It was impressive to see. Trangle had actually been transformed into a quarren, and Lykka was now blue! Shayle stood from his chair still a bit groggy from the anesthesia. He looked in the mirror and was amazed. Gone was his blackish grey fur, replaced by blonds and browns. He had a jagged scar over his right eye, going up towards his forehead where no fur grew. His left ear was pierced three times and his right was pierced once. He ran his hands through his hair and marveled at the transformation. "Wow." was all he said, and was taken aback at his voice. No longer did he have his raspy, gravelly voice as a smoother, lighter voice escaped his lips. He was pleased, he knew his voice was distinct and now that that was changed he knew he could become Ralk Azira.
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    ACE couldn't stop ejecting his hold-out from his forearm.

    With a flick of his wrist a series of brand new servos snapped open the hidden holster built into his right arm. As fast as the droid could draw the tiny blaster was spring launched into his eager hand. He sighted, aimed, and took the imaginary shot before he dropped it back into it's waiting catch and repeated the process all over again.

    “Well done, Commander Frye,” he said approvingly.

    There were no hiccups or breaks in his speech. Surprisingly, the woman hadn't been able to iron out the quirks in his vocabulator. Evidently the malfunction was somehow tied to his higher heuristic functions. Anything more then a temporary fix risked significantly tampering with the droid's personality programming and emerging sapient algorithms. It was a thing of beauty, Frye had said, if it wasn't tied up in such fang pi. So she'd simply masked ACE's unique speech patterns and voice by feeding his vocabulator through a voice modulator in his new “head.” The result was a nasal and completely unremarkable mechanical voice.

    The new face and body took some getting used too. His own head Frye had left intact, simply encased in a heavily modified 4-LOM protocol unit's head. The commander had simply extended the bug-like mouth of the head to accommodate ACE's cigar-shaped one. And he could pop it off in a pinch when he needed too.

    The bulky super battle droid chassis was gone, replaced by an ancient GE3 series protocol droid's body. It had been a shell when the commander had found it buried in the scrap heap, making it all the easier to replace it's insides with ACE's more advanced systems. Frye had even modified the “wings” that hung down the front of the body from the narrower shoulders and tapered to points at his coiled gyroscopic mid-section. Each wing was separated into two sections. The top section of each now opened opposite of each other to form the miniature doors to the droid's new internal storage compartment for his tools.

    His arms and legs were the same gangly battle droid limbs, but the gifted commander Frye had completely replaced the mechanisms in every joint with a brand new, top of the line fourth-degree servomechanical system stolen from the Imperial Droid Corporation by rebel spies. He even had two more fingers on each hand, for a full compliment of five!

    ACE had not been happy to learn he had Imperial parts now, but he quickly forgave Commander Frye's decision when he saw the data from his processor's initial three-hundred and fifty seven combat simulations. His dexterity and reaction time had been increased almost twenty-percent. He was willing to live with his evil parts for that.

    ACE retained his dark blue and dull gold paint scheme, but with his new parts and without his duster and small arsenal of guns and explosive he looked every bit a harmless custom built protocol droid. He thanked Commander Frye and then headed to the medical bay to see how the meat-bags had been changed. He barely recognized them, but couldn't help but laugh at his partner's new color. His familiar warble was now a flat, clipped chuckle.

    “Don't look so blue Lykka,” he said stiffly. “You'll be back to your own self in no time!”

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    I'll update ACE's appearance on his character sheet shortly. It was 1,000 credits for the +2 Dex upgrade and the hidden holster, right Ed?
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