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    Default Jade Regent Campaign Journal

    The following are excerpts from the biography of Ameiko Kaijitsu, exotic proprietor of The Rusty Dragon and refugee of mythical Tian Xia. A bard and close friend , Rubii Cast was among the group that accompained the young heroine on her long journey out of Sandpoint in the autumn of 4711 AR.

    Feel free to post your thoughts and recollections from your characters viewpoint in this thread!
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    Default 28 Lamashan

    28 Lamashan, 2711
    Ruby Cast, Caravan Entertainer

    With Sandpoint an hour behind us, I find myself sitting rather alone for Koya has drifted off to sleep. I believe it has been a while since my friends has traveled and the gentle rocking of the wagon has lulled her to sleep.

    I am grateful to be on the road once more. Our stop in Sandpoint was longer than I had hoped. I know that Sandru enjoys it there but “settling down” was the reason I left home, and I’m far from ready for that... but I digress.

    For the most part, the mood of the group is joyful despite the heavy cloud cover. If the sun would only peek through the clouds and brighten the day a bit. The road is becoming muddy but the horses have no trouble pulling us along, nor do the animals with riders seem to be hindered in their steps. I do hope it lifts soon.
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