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Thread: Original Larry Elmore Dragonrealm Painting For Sale!

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    Default Original Larry Elmore Dragonrealm Painting For Sale!

    Hello! I thought I would start here first. I am in the process of having to either pack some cherished items away forever or see that they find homes elsewhere. One of those items is a genuine Larry Elmore painting roughly 24”x34”. This is the artwork for the cover of Shadow Steed, fourth novel in my Dragonrealm series. It was purchased in 1991 from Larry, the year after it was painted. The painting includes the images of the sorcerer Shade, the enigmatic Darkhorse, the Dragon King Silver, and, in the background, the kingdom of Zuu. This is Larry at his best.

    The painting is in the exact same condition, with a tiny scrape on the right corner, that Larry sold it for. The scrape is covered by any frame. It currently has a temporary frame.

    I am asking $5200, which includes shipping costs. Paintings of similar quality by Larry are going for more than 2 grand higher. Those interested should contact I can take payments through Paypal or will accept a check or money order, though those must clear before the painting can be shipped.

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    i believe you left out a decimal point. right after the 2 in the price I would love to have that painting but not going to happen. Thanks for considering us here at the Nexus, though! hope someone here can help you out. have a great day, Mr Knaak, and good luck!
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    Thanks for posting the image!

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    I wish, but cant afford it. Good luck and I hope it finds a good home!
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    That's an awesome picture! Too much for this hard-working father of 2, but maybe someday I can have an original Elmore!
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