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Thread: [2E] House Rules for 5th Age Krynn

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    Default [2E] House Rules for 5th Age Krynn

    Hey guys,

    My group still plays Second Edition but for my next set of games, I'm thinking of setting the campaign in the 5th Age (specifically post Dark Disciple) so I'm thinking I am going to have to provide some house rules for Primal Sorcerers and Mystics. My players aren't interested in playing either class but I know I'll need them for flavor/NPCs.

    Wondering though: would they work best as homebrewed classes or would simple kits for Wizard and Cleric suffice? I know Al-Qadim played heavily with Wizards through kits so I'd have a blueprint for doing it that way.

    Anyone have experience bringing some of the newer stuff into older versions of the game?
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    One (if not both) of the hybrid system products at the end of DL's 2e run suggested just using the wizard class for sorcerer and the cleric for mystic.

    That would suffice. However, I guess it really is a matter of how much of the SAGA sorcerer and mystic you want to keep. If you want the schools of sorcery and spheres of mysticism, break the spells up into new wizard schools and cleric spheres. 2e has some rules for metamagic (in Tome of Magic, IIRC) which would be useful in shaping spells.
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    These are the official rules.

    Personally, I would just use Magic-Users for Sorcerers and Clerics for Mystics, and ignore the “flavor” problem.

    That doesn’t help much, though, if you’re post WoS where you have Mages AND Sorcerers; Clerics AND Mystics.

    At one point, Turambar suggested using Illusionists and Druids, but that only really makes any sense with 1e.


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