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Thread: Forthcoming Dragonlance Ebooks--March and April 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Darkness View Post
    Please note that this is not WoTC's fault. The publisher in the UK that currently holds the rights to Dragonlance would be responsible for ebook sales. WoTC has no control over this. The same applies to the sales of all foreign ebook editions.

    I am sorry Margaret and this is said with the utmost respect, but I don't agree with you on that. It is their fault.

    For the past ten years and more, every DL book (And forgotten Realms and Eberron for that matter) I have purchased has been an import. My buying from Amazon is the exact same thing, I am just importing already published books from the states. They already exist on computers over there, laid out in the proper format, with page and location numbers - all that of is already done. Completed. Finito. All they have to do is send it to me. This is an importation (Or exportation depending on your point of view) issue, not publishing. And as I have already said all my WotC books for past ten and more years have been imports.

    And even if there is some ridiculous legal loophole, why aren't WotC hammering on the heads of these foreign publishers? As we all know these books already exist completely formatted, how much effort does it take to get them released in other countries? And how can rights to publish deadtree books cover a format that didn't exist way back when these were first released? Wizards are losing a lot of easily made money and they don't seem to be doing anything about this, not even talking to customers like me who have repeatedly sent email after email asking for a simple explanation. The closest I've got to an answer is here and now from you (thank you ) and that is not nearly good enough.

    I have been told by some to simply 'shut up and illegally download them' and I have to admit that I have been sorely tempted as time wears on, but I absolutely refuse to. You and the other authors of these books have been good friends to us humble fans and even if I didn't know you all through this site and the internet, I'd still want to buy them. Simply put, you deserve the money for your work.

    I am really sorry Margaret , I know you are friends with some of these people, but I will continue to blame (and occasionally rant about) the folk at Wizards.
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    Often, the formatting of foreign editions is different from that of US editions, and slight editing occurs to account for differences between American English and British English. So in their minds, there isn't a readily available version, just waiting to be distributed. (Not exactly sure, when it comes to Australia)

    I did find this however, and hopefully it will be of some help to you:
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    The article Weldon posted presents the issues well. When a publisher buys foreign rights, that publisher has control over what happens to the book with regard to sales. And, yes, the publishing industry did get caught by surprise as far as ebooks go and they're trying to work out the problems. But these problems are complicated; just one involves the tracking and reporting of author royalties, which are different on foreign sales.



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