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Thread: Star Wars: DoD- Episode II - A Wretched Hive

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    One of the Gamorreans struggled to his feet, and charged Tahla. She lifted her lightsaber a moment too late, and the brutish alien swept past her defense and lashed out. The heavy vibro-weapon rose and fell, buzzing with a harsh industrial anger. The stroke opened her clothes and skin like warm ryshcate. The girl saw the spray of her own blood, and distracted, missed her riposte completely.

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    Default Conclusion

    The final confrontation in the guard room raged on. Making short work of the Gamorreans, the heroes finally faced off against Igren Demos and Syyrik. Like he planned, the thugs served their purpose in softening up the opposition. The Nemoidian and Trandoshian set to their grisly work. Superheated tibanna gas scorched through flesh and bone. Fragmentary grenades seared and sliced in contained explosions. Focused beams of light surgically cut through limb and landscape, impacts sparking in colorful flashes of energy. And finally, the Force pushed many to the brink of death.

    After a pitched battle, only Igren Demos stood against the combined strength of the heroes. But it was not the expertise of padawans to bring him down. The roguish scoundrel of a droid Ace scored a vicious shot from the same blaster pistol used by the now deceased Kessra.

    Demos’ smoking corpse fell, immolated. As the others tended to the wounded, Warrick Raden surprisingly took charge. Accessing the guard room computer, the Deveronian opened the secret passage leading under the city and directly to Zarra’s spaceport. Sometime later, the Beginner’s Luck blasted off one ally short, but another ally gained.

    While exiting the planetary corridor under sublight speed, Senator Bail Organa contacted the crew via the holonet for a full report. The discovery that Darga the Hutt’s interests in Cloud City on Bespin concerned the Alderaanian. He ordered the team to investigate. An upcoming Sabacc tournament would serve as cover for new identities to somehow find how the tibanna gas mining company influenced the Sarlacc Project. Their mission against Darga was now fully personal to all members as the Hutt held Kadrien prisoner.

    But before the Beginner’s Luck whisked away into hyperspace, Organa requested another short side venture, this one for Gavin Zrek of Jaded Exports….

    OOC: For those not in the know, we finished this fight on the gaming table. Sorry for containing the end game to such a small conclusion. Please follow the new thread Delusions of Grandeur. It will contain what is happening between Episode II and Episode III.
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