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Thread: Advice for the Aspiring Writer

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    As a reader rather than a writer, I know that there is quite a difference between short stories and novels. A short story has a structure and it is more of an art form and it would be useful to study the humanities by reading short stories that are considered to be literature while maintaining neutrality, if you are a writer. On the other hand, a novel might have a formula. I think that there is some kind of formula that novels on the top ten lists use as a guide. Is the novel going to be a trilogy, or a solo book, or else a longer series, like ten novels; ask yourself. If a writer made a timeline than they could add short descriptions of events on the timeline, and be able to place more specific details around some larger detail. They would have to ask themselves these questions. Then there is the use of archetypes because a hero or an villain is more than just a protagonist or an antagonist. There is a transition or a transformation period of development before a character starts to follow a well trodden road or else finds a new path because of events that have taken place. Here is the humanities coming into play for example, illusion versus reality, love, freedom, good versus evil.
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