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Thread: Theive's World

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    Loki Guest

    Default Theive's World

    OOC: With the rising tension of the war swarming throughout Ansalon, theives guilds across the continent struggle to survive and keep each other a notch below themselves in terms of prosperity. Fights break out between members of seperate guilds, some esalating into full scale battles between one guild and another.
    In a remote city east of Palanthas, several members of opposing guilds run into each other and are forced to work together to escape the local authorities who have had enough of the constant conflicts and the trouble they bring about. There is little trust in this small group of social misfits, but soon they learn that there is more than meets the eye to the guild's troubles with each other....

    Name: Lokei
    Age: unknown
    Race: undetermined
    Class: Trickster
    Weapons: Silver whip
    Bio: Guild leader, claims himself to be a god and is worshipped as one by his guild. Comes from a line of human peasants, but keeps that information to himself.

    IC: Lokei crouched on the roof of the local inn, 'The Dancing Moon'. A cold wind from the enarby ocean teased the ends of his long raven-colored hair and played against his face. The Trickster closed his eyes, savoring the calming feel of the fridgid air. He liked this time of year, when the weather kept one aware and focused by it's cold bite; instead of lulling them into a false sense of security and content by its seducing warmth.
    He opened his eyes again and resumed his self-imposed task of watching the street below. It was utterly empty at the moment, and the guild leader was beginning to tire of starring at it. Still, one could not be too careful, he told himself. Not in the middle of all this.

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    AmimiquaiBleeder Guest


    Name: Nobody knows, but he's called "Fuzz".
    Age: His guess is somewhere about sixteen
    Race: Human
    Weapons: Numerous daggers hidden wherever he possibly can.
    Bio: Found deserted in the gutter when he was still quite small and taken care of by the Guild. He usually works with burglary, since he is small enough to be able to slip through almost any window, and has a real talent when it comes to climbing.

    Nervously brushing a whisp of reddish-blond, curly hair out of his face, Fuzz silently observed his leader. The air was beginning to grow colder, and he frequently had to rub his hands together to keep his blood-cirkulation going.
    Life as one of the Thieves Guild was not easy nowadays, not with all the fighting and rivaleries going on. Fuzz wished that all that could just go hang; He wanted back the life that he was used to. Never boring, but never too dangerous either. Not like this. Not like it was now, when everything that he had even been sure of seemed to be torn up by its roots, the world tossed around like a plaything in the hands of a reckless child.

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    Loki Guest


    Movement out of the corner of his eye caught Lokei's attention and he turned his head in that direction. A young boy stood there, and as Lokei recognized him he relaxed; the child was of his own guild.
    The Trickster's expression hardened as he thought about the consequences the child's being seen would bring about. If Lokei had spotted him that easily...
    Lokei left his perch on the roof and swung down onto the street, landing in a crouch before the boy. He straightened slowly and fixed the child with a steely gaze, his blue eyes cold.
    'You ought to be more careful,' he cautioned, his oily voice smooth and mocking at the same time. 'I saw you as plainly as if you had been standing in the middle of the street.'

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    kenderman Guest


    Name: Goes by Happy Thursday. Never told anyone why.
    Age: Unkown (20-25)
    Race: Human
    Class: Unkown
    Weapons: Anything will do
    Bio: Keeps to himself. Thief of no guild. Does odd jobs for money. Good enough to be in guild, but hates being tied down.


    HP watched the two theives on the building across from him. What were they doing here? Nobody told him there'd be competition. Were they enemies? Freinds? Future clients?
    HP cleared his mind. It was probably some twisted joke of Darkness'. He probably sent them to intefere with HP, just for fun. Little bastard.
    HP toyed with the idea of killing them. The human was an easy kill, but the one who was there first... HP could see ruthlessness just oozing off this guy.

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    AmimiquaiBleeder Guest


    Fuzz smiled bleakly, nervously, but kept his eyes downcast, knew his place. "With all respect, sir, nobody ever takes a child serioulsy, and I am small enough to be taken for a twelve year old. The best way of being invisible is looking like you belong. Acorn Foultaunt taught me that once. And I've time and again found out that to be the truth. Therefor the lack of sneaking." This was the man who had clothed and fed him for all of his life, yet he still felt too intimidated to look into the man's steely eyes. There was somthing about him that made no man able to be easy and familiar around him.

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    kenderman Guest


    HP couldn't quite figure why a child was with an obvious guild member, but it didn't mater. He turned to view the street again.

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    Loki Guest


    Lokei smiled inwardly, pleased with his young associate's answer. Fuzz was a bright child, if a bit shy. Determined not show any of his satisfaction, the Trickster frowned at the boy and spoke, his voice full of venom.
    'Only those with little skill stick to one method of concealment.' he said, watching Fuzz's reaction carefully. 'It gives enemies a chance to learn your secrets.' He laid a thin hand on the child's shoulder in a reasurring manner, his voice softening momentarily. 'We will speak of this later,' Lokei gripped Fuzz's shoulder tightly with his thumb and forefinger; the signal he had devised for when they were being watched.
    'For now let us go somewhere warm,' the Trickster smiled, a mischevious gleam in his eyes. 'With drunken fools who will be unlikely to miss anything we might want to take.'
    As the two set off for The Dancing Moon at a brisk pace Lokei deliberatley glanced across the street at the small patch of shadow where he knew their watcher must stand. The Trickster's pale lips curled into a sneer, a silent challenge for the unknown being.

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    AmimiquaiBleeder Guest


    Fuzz kept his voice even and quiet, his now almost overpowering nervousness he forcefully pushed under. "When someone is watching you from the shadows, they are not the right place to hide" he said earnestly. "Then it is better to do it in the light."
    He fell silent for a while, and then: "Please, sir, do you know who it is?"

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    kenderman Guest


    HP's mind raced. They obviously saw him, but didn't move to be closer tohim. That opened a whole new line of questions. Were they going to circle around, were they working for his prey, were they to be his killers?
    HP forced himself to calm. The only way to deal with something is t odo it right. He jumped down to the street below.
    Walking up to the wandering pair, he bowed low, his green suit folding in the middle.

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    Loki Guest


    Lokei shook his head in answer to Fuzz's question. "I do not know, but apparently we are about to find out." he added as their watcher moved towards them. 'Be on your guard.'
    'Greetings.' the man adressed them, bowing. Lokei folded his arms across his chest and smiled charmingly, mischeif gleaming in his eyes.
    'The same to you sir. ' he replied smoothly, allowing the man to look him full in the face. Lokei blinked, and his eyes changed abruptly from blue to green, the subtlest of changes only a trained eye would catch. 'Might I be so bold as to ask, why you insit on watching my companion here and I from the shadows? You seem confident enough to approach us outright...'


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