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    Spectre of Sorrows: Day 40

    The following morning the group wakes up... except for Whifflenut, who holds the pillow over her head to shut out the light.

    Luziann looks over at Peādārr: "We're going to need her at some point."
    Peādārr: "Why? Are we going somewhere?"
    Luz points back into the buried ruins: "Apparently in there."
    Peādārr: "Why?"
    Luz sighs: "To rescue the eggs, so we can use the library, so we can find research on-"
    Peādārr: "Why don't we just break into the library? You're a thief."
    Luz: "..."
    Peādārr: "How's that for rational thinking?"
    Luz: "You could had mentioned that a little bit sooner."
    Peādārr: "Well I figured, you being the thief and all, you might eventually come to that conclusion and might actually surprise us by already having the books in your backpack."
    Luz: "I don't know where the library is in the building."
    Peādārr: "Why? You find plunder along the way."
    Arden: "But we're gaining experience by chapter. She wouldn't get any experience doing it that way."
    Peādārr: "I wasn't saying experience. I was saying plunder."
    Luziann: "... you've got a point."
    Peādārr: "Money is different from experience."
    Luziann: "... a very good point."
    Peādārr: "Beside, if she does it on her own, she might get extra experience."
    Arden: "Uh. No, she just gets a level."
    Peādārr: "Then it should encourage her to finish everything faster. After all, we'd be skipping side quests that do nothing but slow us down, hurt us, and waste spells."
    Arden points to the opening: "But we already started this one. We fried some-" He unfolds a pamphlet. "...dessssirs, or whatever they're called."
    Luz: "Put that pamphlet down."
    Arden: "Dis..ears? Des-ears? Deyes-rrrs? How do you pronounce this?"
    Peādārr: "Don't look at me."
    Luz: "It's..." She looks at the word. "Die..sirs? Hrm."
    Arden: "Told you it was tough."
    Peādārr: "Why did Whifflenut get the feathered down mattress, multiple pillows, and a canopy while the rest of us got rolled up pads filled with straw?"
    Arden blinks: "I slept on the ground."
    Sindra laughs.
    Arden: "And why does Sindra have two beds next to each oth-HEY!"
    Whifflenut steps out stretching: "Well, with the foot masseuse done and the three-course breakfast finished, I'm feeling much better now. So what's up?"
    Arden: "Pete says that we-"
    Whifflenut: "Pizzas? We've got pizzas?"
    Arden: "Pete. Says."
    Whifflenut: "Oh. You need to be careful with that slurring." She looks to Luziann. "I thought you were teaching him Engli- err, uhh. Common."
    Arden: "Pete... is recommending that we return to the city and just break into the library."
    Whifflenut: "Okay."
    Arden: "But we already started here."
    Whifflenut: "Hrm. This is a tough one. I'll go ask squishy. I'll be back."
    Arden watches her leave: "I'm seriously starting to doubt her sanity."
    Peādārr: "I'm seriously start to doubt ours if we're actually asking for her opinion."
    Luz: "I didn't ask."
    Peādārr: "You said you needed her."
    Luz: "For fodder."
    Peādārr: "I'm pretty sure you have a love infatuation with that kender."
    Luz: "You're delusional."
    Peādārr: "No. I've got the video camera waiting. It'll eventually hit an ebay moment. You Tube at least. It'll get a million hits on the title alone without showing any footage."
    Luz: "You're just as annoying as she is."
    Peādārr: "No, I'm just going with the swing of things. I've long since given up on caring. It seems to make the adventure move much smoother."
    Luz: "Look. The adventure put us on this path. It obviously wants us to go here. It feels like this has gone on for five years already, so can we continue on instead of side tracking ourselves again?"
    Peādārr: "How is it side tracking to skip over a side adventure? Let's just head straight to the library. Besides, if we give that moron the eggs, who knows what he'll do with them."
    Luz: "Here is the problem I have with this concept. Either we sneak into this one, to find the eggs and retrieve them; or we sneak into the library, to find the books, surrounded by a multitude of other books, all of which will be surrounded by guards in the building."
    Peādārr: "How big are these eggs anyway?"
    Luz: "They're amphibian dragon eggs. They're about yea big."
    Peādārr: "How are we going to carry them back?"
    Luz: "Each of us can probably take three: one under each arm plus one for the backpack."
    Peādārr: "And the kender?"
    Arden: "She might only be able to carry one or two, but otherwise there are five of us and a dozen eggs. We're good."
    Peādārr points to Sindra: "And you think that miss beastie over there is actually going to help us?"
    Sindra: "I don't mind stealing eggs. I don't mind having a dragon."
    Luz: "We're RETURNING the eggs."
    Sindra: "Of course. Except for the ones that were lost."
    Peādārr: "Or accidentally broken before we even got there."
    Luz goes quiet for a few moments.
    Peādārr: "Luziann, do you know much-?"
    Luz: "I'm considering it........... We'd have to raise the thing."
    Peādārr: "We're raising Whifflenut."
    Luz: "I don't think we're doing any type of raising of Whifflenut."
    They think on it.
    Peādārr: "Well, it seems that there are multiple people who want the eggs, so let's waste time to get the eggs for a toad that doesn't really need them. And we'll give him the eggs at which point he'll backstab us and not give us anything even though we've done all of the work for him. Haven't you been on these type of adventures before?"
    Arden: "He's got a good point with that.... But if we don't rescue them, then they'll be in the hands of thieves."
    Luz: "Wait. There were disirs down there. Not thieves. We also saw dead goblins out here. I'm starting to think somebody was ambushed."
    Arden: "Crap. Another good point."
    Whifflenut shows up: "I'VE GOT THE EGGS!"
    DM: No, you don't.
    Whifflenut comes back up with several dragon eggs.
    DM: No. She doesn't!
    Whifflenut sighs: "You're making this no fun."
    The group start to head back towards the opening. As they approach the opening on the left they-.
    Whifflenut: "Arden! Will you stop reading that pamphlet!"
    Luziann takes the pamphlet from him, tears it up, and then stomps on it.
    Peādārr looks at a few of the remaining pieces. "Interesting. and then stomps on it. Peādārr looks at a few of the-."
    Peādārr: "The pamphlet's remains fight to exhale its dying breath. It's describing its own pain."
    Luziann: "Yeah. It does that."
    Arden: "So are we going after the eggs, or sneaking into the library?"
    Whifflenut: "Why don't we go after the eggs and THEN sneak into the library."
    Luziann: "Why would we do both?"
    Whifflenut: "Because we can sell most of the eggs on the black market, get a **** ton of money, raise one of the dragons so it can actually help us fight, THEN sneak into the library and not have to give him any of the plunder, and get the books. He's not going to know how long we're gone."
    Arden: "But... that... would be... unethi... cal."
    Luziann frowns at him: "Normally you'd be much more forceful in your feelings against doing something like that."
    Arden: "The guy's a hobgoblin! I mean, that makes him evil.... right? ........ This setting is racist when it comes to alignments, right?"
    Whifflenut: "Pretty much."
    Arden: "Good."

    They head into the left opening. They find a destroyed ghostly garden. Peādārr steps forward and suddenly a treant ghost appears. It almost attacks him, but stops. Then it charges Luziann. Four of them converge on the creature. Whifflenut spends the first round talking to Squishy ("So what should we do now? You're just so adorable!"), and then the next round she just bounces on by, holding onto a string that acts as a leash connected to Squishy... which is still stuck inside of the music box which is now being dragged along the ground. She finds the opening leading to the original tunnel she was in last night, comes back. The treant had been damaged by everyone, and Arden is weakened by a corrupting touch. Whifflenut shrugs and before continuing on she fires a spell at the treant... which kills it.

    Whifflenut: "Yea! I'm awesome."
    Everyone else glares.

    They continue on and find a cave-in area, however there is also a dark crack leading down.

    Whifflenut tries to shove Luz down but fails. They argue as to whether it is a better idea to go down or to clean out this level first. Whifflenut loses the argument and the group elects to head down the other passage. They leave and reach a road with large stone debris that had fallen from above. Almost a dozen disir charge at them, ducking from behind debris to debris to take cover.

    Peādārr pulls out his crossbow: "Okay, Whiff. A good opening spell would- Whiff? ****! Where's Whiff?"
    Arden: "What are you talking about? She was right behind me. She must be back at the crack."
    Peādārr: "She's not here!" He sighs and looks at the approaching disir. "Okay. I recommend an expeditious retreat right now." He turns around and realizes he's by himself. "SON OF A BITCH!" He climbs up one of the large stone chunks as they surround him. "..... help."
    The rest of the group finds Whifflenut brushing the around around the crack with a broom. It looks very nice. She's also wearing a maid's outfit.... and Squishy is wearing little shoes on each tentacle with a little hat on top.
    Luziann: "What are you doing?"
    Whifflenut: "I'm cleaning up the level, like you said."
    Luziann: "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!"
    Whifflenut looks dumbfounded: "Well why didn't you wait for me!? I'm cleaning up!"
    Arden spins around: "Where's Pete?"
    Whifflenut: "I don't know!"
    Arden: "No, I meant... He's behind us."
    Luziann: "You didn't wait?"
    Arden: "He said he was going to cast expeditious retreat. So I figured if I ran fast that would make him faster than me. Right?"
    Whifflenut: "He doesn't have expeditious retreat. He's not a mage."
    Arden: "Then why did he say he had it!?"
    They hear screaming from through the rubble.
    Whifflenut sighs: "Okay. Fine. Pardon me, Squishy. I need to take off your shoes." She proceeds to carefully place the shoes in the corner and start to remove her maid uniform.
    Luziann: "I think he's going to die."
    Whifflenut sighs louder: "Fine. But if I get my french maid outfit dusty, he's in trouble." She calmly turns around. "Squishy. You stay here..... Thank you." She leaves, however Squishy (and the musicbox) is still connected her to by a string, causing them to drag behind her.

    They return to see Pete completely surrounded and trying to stay out of reach of the disir swinging at him and taking shots.
    Arden: "Whiff, care to open up with a big spell before we charge in?"
    Peādārr and the disir are suddenly covered with webbing.
    Peādārr: "Thanks... I think."
    However Pete and a few of the creatures are able to keep themselves unstuck. Sindra and Arden charge into the web area to try to keep the freed disir from escaping the area or attacking Peādārr. Luziann starts firing shots from a distance.
    Whifflenut: "Hey Pete!? How many hit points do you have? Oh never mind. I'm sure you're good."
    Peādārr: "What? NO!"
    The area suddenly explodes in a ball of fire and electricity. Several of the disir drop. All except for one that escaped the area and is attacking Luz are damaged. Arden gets struck for a crap ton of damage and also gets poisoned by two of the disir. The webbing goes up in flames. Peādārr tries to jump off of the rock to escape but trips and partially falls. Whifflenut is able to use a few ray-spells to drop a couple of disir while Arden cleaves down a couple of his own (even though he's lost both str and dex points). Sindra takes down a few. Whiff fires her Crackling Sphere off a few more times. Finally Peādārr (hurt and poisoned, but not as badly as Arden) knocks one of the creatures to the ground leaving it prone, while Sindra finishes off the last one. Peādārr starts healing the group (especially himself and Arden) while Sindra goes over the prone but conscious disir.
    Sindra: "Any complaints? Any need for questioning? No? Okay then." With a grin she lifts up her sword to finish it off.
    Whifflenut: "Coup de grāce!"
    Before Sindra can swing, Squishy shoots in on the end of its rope and strikes the disir in the head. After knocking it out, the Squishy slams the musicbox down into the thing's head over and over and over until it is nothing but a bloody pulp.
    Whifflenut cheers: "WAY TO GO, SQUISHY!" The ancient elven artifact, having been dragged through the ground, over dirt and stone, covered in octopus innards and disir brainmatter, is dragged back to Whiff by the string.
    Sindra looks worried: "Does she have any telekinetic powers or spells? Cantrips?"
    Peādārr: "Hrm? What was that? I'm trying to heal."

    The group heads back out to recoup for the night. Sindra keeps a distance from Squishy. Luziann volunteers to take watch.

    Squishy watches as well.
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