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    Key of Destiny: Day 11 and 12

    When we last left our heroes.... we ended up telling the tale of these yutzes.

    Luziann: "You can't. We're continuing on."
    Whifflenut: "I leveled! I have a fire spell now! Let me set it on fire!"
    Arden: "We can't. The adventure heads this way."
    Luziann: "Besides. If we finish this place we'll probably gain another level and have an easier time burning the forest when we come out."
    Whifflenut pouts: "I hate this. When this adventure is over, do you think we'll get our original levels back."
    Arden: "I dunno. Then again, maybe we'll end up getting more than where we were at. Pete, what level were you?"
    Peādārr: "Twenty."
    Arden: "Wow. I was eighteen or nineteen."
    Luziann: "I think I was twenty."
    Whifflenut continues to pout: "I was a god."
    The others look at her blankly.
    Whifflenut: "I was! People worshiped me!"
    The others look at her blankly.
    Whifflenut pouts and grumbles as they head onward to the temple.

    "You soon see a gauntlet of fallen monuments on the plateau of the temple. The plateau iteself is hundreds of feet across, with the temple situated fifty feet away from the path leading up from the valley below. On both sides of the temple two enormous statues have fallen to the ground, creating equially large piles of white rock scattered across the plateau. Before you, the temple-"
    Whifflenut: "ARDEN! Do you have to read that brochure?"
    Arden: "But it was right there in the plastic stand at the top of the ramp. It might have useful information in it."
    Peādārr: "But do you have to read it aloud?"
    Arden blinks: "Well... I have to sound the words out when I practice."
    Luziann pats his shoulder and says patronizingly: "And you're doing very well. You're getting better every day."
    Arden beams and continues reading: "Before you, the temple rises from the ground..."
    Luziann: "Peādārr. Put the knife down from your throat."
    Peādārr: "Just one cut. Please?"
    (After several more paragraphs they finally walk up the temple steps and go inside.)
    Peādārr: "What's disturbing is that I don't actually notice something until he mentioned it. It's as if he's covering where my eyes pan."

    They enter the small front chamber.
    Arden describes some broken statues from the pamphlet: "... but all that remains of them are lower legs of what were once apparently humanoids of some sort, for some time ago they were reduced to rubble."
    Peādārr: "Yep. And there they are."
    Arden: "A loud shout rises on the air, piercing the calm night with an alarm."
    Voice: "OGRES!"
    The group jumps as suddenly they see a horde of ogres charge up the stairs behind them, one stopping to smash a statues of Mishakal. After several disturbing moments, the ogres vanish and the temple returns to normal.
    Whifflenut turns to Arden: "Could you now say we gain 50 levels?"
    Arden: "But it doesn't say that here."
    Luziann: "Try it anyway."
    Arden shrugs: "And they all gain 50 levels."
    Whifflenut: "No! Phrase it that way and the orc might level."
    Luziann: "Ogres. There are no orcs in this setting."
    Whifflenut: "Orcs, ogres. Same thing."
    None the less, they don't level.
    Whifflenut: "Stupid pamphlet."
    Heading further in, the lighting begins to darken and they reach a flight of stairs heading down.
    Luziann looks to Arden: "Read ahead. What's down there?"
    Arden: "I don't know. It's dark in here."
    Whifflenut: "DON'T SAY THAT! Now I can't see!"
    Arden: "It's not pitch black!"
    (The group doesn't notice the coo-worble made from the creatures in that Vin Diesel movie.)
    Peādārr: "Oh. There's a little light."
    Arden: "Come on. Let's head down."
    Peādārr: "We don't even know what's down there."
    Luziann: "One way to find out." She picks up Whifflenut and throws her down the stairs. After several sounds of collisions, she adds, "Sounds fine. Let's go. Arden, you're first."
    Arden glares at her, then heads down.

    Whifflenut hits the bottom of the stairs, and suddenly a torch illuminates the wall in front of her. She takes the torch off the wall, and the light suddenly goes out. She waits.

    The reaches the bottom of the dark stairs. Peādārr casts a minor light spell, and suddenly Whifflenut jumps at them. "RAR!"

    The group jumps back, and Luziann is restrained from killing the kender.

    Once the torch is put back onto the wall, it re-illuminates. Arden pulls out the brochure and reads. "You emerge from the stairway facing a wall..."
    Luziann: "Can't you just read ahead silently for a bit first?"
    Whifflenut: "But I want to know what happens!"
    Luziann: "We'll find out, but maybe anything that happens won't happen until he says it aloud. Come on, Arden. Try it."
    Arden nods and struggles to read silently.























    Whifflenut: "I CAN'T TAKE THIS! Make something happen!"
    Arden sighs: "You merge from the stairway facing a wall. As you step off....."
    They eventually round the staircase and enter the proper part of the hall. There's a staircase on the far end and three doorways on either side. Only the second doorway on the left has an actual door in it.

    Arden: "A young human, Khurish by the looks of him...."

    Suddenly another vision occurs. A young human, Khurish by the looks of him, grasps a silver medallion of Paladine and requests from his god he have a holy sword. The sword appears and he strikes at an ogre. The ogre beats the living crap out of the young man and kills him.

    The group stairs at where the image vanished.

    Whifflenut: "What an idiot."
    Arden: "Yeah. He should had prayed for his god to kill the ogre instead."
    Luziann: "I don't think the god could had done it."
    Whifflenut: "Gods can do anything. I should know. I was one. Either Paladine didn't care, or the priest was just stupid."
    Arden nods: "Yeah. Pray for the ogres to be dead. Much better."

    Whifflenut at which point goes over to the one door, and with her body slams the thick slab open. "Hrm.... maybe should had checked for traps first."
    The room is clear, except for cobwebs (including a web-like hammock), and several swarms of spiders, including two BIG ones.
    Whifflenut: "YEA! I GET TO USE MY FIRE SPELL!" She readies her spell, and then is suddenly slammed sideways by the door. Still, she gets the fire spell off, roasting one of the big spiders.
    Peādārr tries to slam the door back, initially thinking there was someone behind it. Instead the door strikes back at him, just as one of the swarms of spiders envelop him and Luz.

    Fight. Fight. Fight.

    Whifflenut kicks the large spiders butts with her Pyre spell. Luziann swings at the door, and does piddle for damage. Arden tries to assist, and trips over his feet. Peādārr ends up getting covered in the spider swarm, and very quickly succumbs to many poisonous bites. Luz on the other hand, takes damage more from the bites.

    Eventually Arden and Whifflenut take down the door (mimic... although I doubt any of them figured that out), and Whiff also roasts the swarm of spiders on her by setting herself a blaze.
    "Ow... but at least they're gone..... Ow."

    Eventually, Peādārr casts a spell preventing the small bugs from biting him, but he has lost so much strength, he is now encumbered by his own body weight. Arden jumps on top of Peādārr and crushes most of the bugs. Luz is also swept clean.

    Arden: "Pete? Are you alright?"
    Peādārr: "uuhhhruurhhruhhhhhhh..."
    Arden: "Can you help heal Luz up?"
    Peādārr: "uhhhhhrrruuuuuurrrruhhhhh...."

    Whifflenut searches the room and finds a few spider sacks with stuff in them: including minor healing scrolls. "Hey Peādārr, maybe this will help." She hands a scroll to him.
    Arden blinks: "Peādārr? I thought his name was Pete."
    Peādārr: "uuuhhhhhrrruuuhhhuhhhhh....."
    Ironically, that was exactly the correct verbal component to the healing spell.
    Luziann regains consciousness. She's not fully healed, but much better. "That... was not fun."
    Peādārr then uses a lesser restoration to pull himself all the way back up to a whopping 5 strength points.
    Whifflenut: "Wow. Raistlin could beat him up at this point. Why aren't you coughing up blood?"
    Arden: "At least you can stand."
    Luziann: "At least we didn't run away this time."
    Peādārr: "Let's just rest here for the night."
    Luziann: "Even though we've only been in this building for 15 minutes and it's 10 o'clock in the morning. Makes sense to me."
    Whifflenut: "Should we head back up to that spot where it feel safe and all outside?"
    Arden: "That or we can find a safe room in here."
    Peādārr and Luziann glare at him.
    Whifflenut rolls her eyes: "How about this room, right here. The one we cleared."
    Arden: "That works too." And Arden continues to read the description of their room from the pamphlet. "Hrmm... I think that was a run-on sentence."

    A day passes. Minor healing is enjoyed.

    They head out the next morning and go down the next flight of stairs.

    "From the stairway, you notice that once more the torch on the wall bursts into llusory blue flames, spilling pale blue light across the-"
    Luziann grabs the pamphlet from Arden's hands, tears it up, and scatters the pieces onto the floor.
    Peādārr: "Thank you."

    Whiff sees an open door to one side and decides to try to be more kenderlike, and jumps in without looking. She sees a half-elven corpse that suddenly bursts open as centipedes pour out of it. She jumps back and uses her flame spell to set them on fire. Peādārr blows them backwards with a wind spell... which unfortunately also puts the fire out.
    Whifflenut: "Gee. Thanks."
    However, with their spells and a good sweep of a sword blade they are able to kill the swarm without anyone getting hurt.
    Luziann looks scared: "No one was injured..... Were we just... competent?"
    Peādārr: "Don't worry. It's only a phase."

    Whifflenut searches the body and finds a map with several X's marking traps, and one spot with a question mark.

    Passing by several rooms they see corpses of 400 year old dead priests, hacked apart by ogre weapons. Eventually they find a very icky 400 year old buttery.

    Whifflenut: "Iiiiiiiii wouldn't try eating any of that, Arden."
    Arden protests: "I wasn't!"

    Wandering around the room, Peādārr reaches one corner where there is an almost intact cabinet. Before reaching it, the floor creaks. Taking out a long staff, he taps the floor several feet in front of him to insure that it is safe.

    The tapped part of the floor appears solid.

    The part of the floor Peādārr was standing on falls out from under him.

    Badly hurt, Peādārr sighs.

    Luziann: "Peādārr! Are you alright!? Stay there. I'm coming down."
    Whifflenut goes around the whole and opens up the cabinet. There are several massively old bits of food long since petrified and inedible.... and one perfectly fine Twinkee. "Damn. They really do last. Hey Arden! Found something for ya!" She tosses him the Twinkee.
    Arden catches it: "Thanks!" And the extra 0.5 oz of weight results in him falling through the floor, just missing Peādārr.
    Luziann lowers herself down through the hole.
    Whifflenut: "If you don't mind! I'm going to take the stairs!" And she leaves the buttery, finds and old brewery, gets attacked by brown mold, and she sets the room on fire before going downstairs.

    The group of three notice the bed chamber they are in is much better preserved that the other rooms. Suddenly they see a priest in black and yellow communicating with an ogre chief via magic. Afterwards he opens a chest magically, gets a knife, and disguises himself as a priest of Mishakal. When the vision ends, they smell a distant fire and the oder of 400 year old burning alcohol. Ew.

    Whifflenut passes through one room and enters a hallway, noticing how clear the middle of the floor is. She hears some movement, and then the group behind one of the doors. After talking to them and checking the map (and seeing a faint symbol on the door), it appears the door to the room they are in is trapped.

    Luziann sighs: "Then how do we get out?"
    Peādārr: "Maybe there's something in the chest."
    Luziann: "Arden. Break it open."
    His first swing misses and chops a bed post down.
    Luziann sighs.

    Whifflenut heads down the dark hall a little ways to investigate a sound she heard. Using a light spell, she illuminates the hall and sees a gelatinous cube. "Oh crap." The cube starts moving towards her. "Guys! Stay in the room!"
    Luziann: "Why?"
    Whifflenut: "Gelatinous cube!"
    Arden smashes the chest top open, and he breaths in massive amount of white powder. He starts choking and hacking. Luz and Peādārr check out the contents of the chest and divee the stuff between them. Arden just tries not to fall unconscious.
    Luziann: "You know... if we had actually listened to the incantation the priest guy said, we might not had needed to destroy the chest.
    Arden hacks.

    Whifflenut launches a number of spells at the cube, and also uses narrows in the hallway to keep the thing distant. Only upon stretching out to launch an attack does the cube have a chance to strike. However, it fails in its endeavors. MANY spells later, the kender is victorious.

    Whifflenut: "WOO-HOO!"

    Meanwhile, Luziann discovers there is false bottom on the chest, but she fails to open it. Only after massive amounts of work, and Arden trying to hack away at it while hacking in another manner, they finally find a tome bound in human flesh. It is a prayer book with a commune access to Chemosh. Mucho moneyo if they can sell it later.

    Luziann: "But nothing to open the door with."
    Whifflenut yells through the door: "Hey Luz! Why don't you just open the door and find out what happens?"
    Luziann's sword cuts through the doorway, stopping just short of Whifflenut's nose.
    Whifflenut: "Well, that didn't set anything off. Maybe it only goes off if someone is trying to enter the room."
    Luz opens the door and walks out. The others follow.

    They check several rooms, finally seeing remains of dead ogres.
    Whifflenut: "Sheesh. 'Bout time some of the clerics fought back."
    They also find evidence that a couple of the clerics were killed by the man they saw in the last vision.
    Whifflenut: "In the what?"
    Peādārr: "He did have a knife?"
    Whifflenut: "Who? What!?!"
    Luziann: "We had a vision. You got to fight the cube."
    Whifflenut thinks on it. Then nods. "That's fair."

    Eventually they reach the question mark on the map.
    Luziann examines the wall. "There's a door here. I can just barely make it out."
    Whifflenut: "Ok. We'll come back to it later."
    Luziann: "What if it's a way to the bottom?"
    Whifflenut: "And what if what we're looking for isn't at the bottom?"
    Peādārr: "Actually, almost all of the time in places like this, what you're looking for is at the bottom."
    Whifflenut: "Yeah. But what if we need something to get further on and that something is in one of the rooms we skip. Or what if we ending up needing to face something, but we're not ready for it because we did do all of the fights and didn't get enough XP."
    Luziann: "But we don't get XP for fights. We level by chapter!"
    Whifflenut: "Look. I don't want stuff sneaking up on us. Alright?!"
    Luz sneers but agrees.

    They reach a small changing room partially filled with water, similar to one of the earlier rooms they glanced passed. Whifflenut frowns at the water, and throws a rock at it. Tentacles of the water jump out at her. Luz instinctively yanks Whifflenut back out of reach, and the gray ooze advances.

    Peādārr tries to slow it down by casting Sanctuary on himself and standing in the doorway. Unfortunately, the ooze (after failing to attack him) begins to seep around his feet into the hallway. This ooze is hungry.

    Arden: "That thing might damage our weapons."
    Whifflenut: "Uh, I used almost all of my good spells up fighting the cube. I got only one left."
    Luziann: "We need to block the door."
    Arden: "With what?"
    Luziann: "Something solid!"
    Arden turns around and notices the solid door leading to an interior room. "This way!"
    Luziann's eyes widen. "ARDEN! No!" She dives for him.
    Whifflenut: "Well, I got one spell." (to Peādārr) "That Sanctuary spell protecting ya?"
    Peādārr: "Yes. Why?"
    Whifflenut: "AoE coming!"
    Peādārr (knowing that Area of Effect spells won't be blocked by Sanctuary) yelp: "NO!" And he dives sideways as the minor pyre strike singes the ooze.

    Meanwhile, 15 feet down the hall, Arden grabs the doorknob but is yanked back by Luziann.
    Luziann: "Do NOT start a second encounter while we're already dealing with this one! You don't know what's in there!"
    Peādārr joins them. "What's going on?"
    Luziann: "Arden was about to start another encounter."
    Arden: "I just wanted for us to get through a solid door into a safe area."
    Luziann looks back: "Damn. It's coming."

    By this point, Whifflenut was completely out of decent spells and turned to run. Unfortunately, she ran down the other direction, out of view from the others and into a side room.

    Peādārr sees the ooze creeping towards them through the hallway. "Where's Whifflenut?"
    Arden nervously: "Whiff?!"
    Peādārr: "Oh my god. It's dissolved her. She's dead."
    Luziann hears a choir of angels. "HAAAAAALLELUJAH!!!"
    Arden is pissed. "That's it." Risking his sword he charges forward and swings at the ooze. They are lucky. With mild damage done to their weapons, the ooze is killed.

    Over that same moments in time, Whifflenut peeked out of the room into the hallway to see the ooze moving away in the opposite direction. Across the hall from her was another solid door, one in much better repair than any she had noticed up to this point. She remembered Arden mentioning something about the doors a moment ago, but she was partially distracted.

    She hears her name called in the direction of the others, and figures they are calling for her to open the door. "Alright. Alright," she mutters, after pausing for a moment when she distantly hears the angels singing the line "HAAAAAALLELUJAH!!!" for a half second. Shaking her head, she opens the door.

    The library inside is not in as good condition as the door was. Many tables had been destroyed. However, the one thing that catches Whifflenut's attention is the Khurish woman sitting at one of the tables facing her. She sets one of the books to the side as she looks up at the kender.

    "Well, it seems as if I am not the only one whose curiosity has been piqued by the temple's reappearance. Welcome, fellow explorer. I am Anasana."

    Elan: "Dun dun DUN!"

    Strange... with the exception of the spiders and mimic door encounter, they actually seemed like a decent action group with a fun bit of drama tossed in. Oh well. As Peādārr said, it can't last. Tune in next time for what will no doubt be proof of that.
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    Key of Destiny: Day 12

    Whiff: "Okay. I've been standing here for a week, and there's still a week until the next session. Can I sit down until then?"


    Whiff: "SON OF A-"

    To be continued in The Building Threat

    Whiff: "Oh please! That's a bull**** episode title!"

    Shut up.
    "A payment. My life will simply be a payment. But only when all are free... My fault."
    - The Prophet, as recorded from testimony in FyxZharar, 431 AD

    All must prepare. The Prophet has entered the war.

    Projects (Dragonlance, and Non-DL):
    "The Dying Towers of Ryst: An Achanian Tale"
    "Chef Nightly" (iOS/Android)
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    Key of Destiny: Day 12 and 13

    When we last left our (to use the term lightly) heroes, they recently had come to believe they had lost one of their number.

    Arden is patting Luziann's back as tears of joy rain down her cheers: "It's okay, Luz. I'm sure it was quick."
    Luziann's giggles in a manner that sounds almost like minor hysterics.
    Peādārr sighs: "Actually, it was probably very slow and agonizing. Very painful."
    Luziann's eyes brighten: "You think so?"
    Peādārr: "She was probably screaming the whole way."
    Arden (oblivious to the gleem in Luziann's eyes): "PETE! Don't torture her like this! Besides, we would have heard the screams."
    Peādārr shrugs: "Maybe the ooze when down her throat and prevented her from screaming."
    Luziann can only pray as she thanks the gods in heaven.
    Arden tries to change the topic: "So what now?"
    Peādārr: "Well, we have various options. We can do the 'Whifflenut' method... check every room going all the way down. Or the 'Arden' method... just head straight down into danger in order to end the evil right off, and likely get ourselves flanked in the process."
    Luziann mutters: "Or my method of turning around, going home, and celebrating."
    Arden nods: "I still think its better to head straight down. We're only wearing ourselves out going on like this."
    Peādārr: "Yeeeees. But we've also lost our heaviest hitter."
    Arden blinks: "No. I'm right here."
    Peādārr: "No! I meant the kender."
    Luziann: "In all fairness, I think she said she exhausted her spells fighting the cube."
    Peādārr: "True, but now we're not going to have those spells, even tomorrow."
    Arden: "Don't worry. I can whack off anything we come across."
    Luziann and Peādārr glance at each other and snicker.
    Arden: "What? ..... HEY!"
    Peādārr: "Okay. Arden will be the fodder."
    Luziann: "Actually, Arden's the tank. Whifflenut was fodder."
    Peādārr: "So he's not fodder?"
    Luziann: "No. Fodder is just tossed into the fight to get killed. Arden can take the hits."
    Arden: "Thanks... I think."
    Peādārr: "So, what? We're supposed to protect him now and not let him get hurt?"
    Luziann sighs: "No, we can let him get hurt. He just can't die. If he drops, we're dead."
    Peādārr: "So he's the fodder."
    Luziann: "No, a tank. There's a difference."
    Peādārr: "He goes first and takes the hits. That's fodder."

    And while this argument over semantics continues, Whifflenut meets a new friend... only 20 feet away in the library.

    Whifflenut rocks in her chair, munching on some food.



    Anasana coughs.

    Whifflenut: "What? WE'RE BACK!!?!" She stands up. "Oh, uh.... hi! What are you doing here?"
    Anasana explains that she came to Hurim when the quake opened up the valley. "I thought that would also signal that the gods had lifted the curse."
    Whifflenut snorts. "Yeah. Right. So what do you know about this place?"
    Anasana goes on telling her than she and her partner came directly to the temple, but her compatriot died upstairs from a swarm of bugs.
    Whiff: "Oh. Did he have a map?"
    Anasana: "Yes."
    Whiff: "Yeah. Well, I got it now."
    Anasana nods, a little in relief. She goes on to tell her that she's been researching, primarily collecting tales within the books of the library. She will also not go downstairs due to the evil.
    Whiff: "There were enough nasties up here. You should had seen the gelatinous cube."
    Anasana: "That was mine. I summoned it to help protect my back."
    Whiff nods as she breaks into Anasana's food stores and chews down on a few things. Anasana begins to object, but then remembers she's talking to a kender. "It doesn't matter. I've been here so late, I should probably head back to my camp."
    Whiff: "Camp?"
    Anasana: "Yes. It's upstairs. It should be safe. I placed a mimic in the form of a door to guard it."
    Whiff winces and grins: "Along with a bunch of spiders?"
    Anasana goes quiet.


    Arden: "Can we just go?"
    Peādārr sighs: "Fine."
    They head to the stairs. Peādārr tosses a rock down the stairwell. It hits webbing, and the sound of shaking bones is heard. Spiders start crawling up.
    Peādārr: "You know, if we had a mage, she could use a fire spell right about now."
    Luziann: "Shut up and..."
    Peādārr casts a gust of wind, blowing the bugs back.
    Luziann: "... light your torches. I thought you were out."
    Peādārr: "Lied. I just wanted to break soon." At which point he casts Sanctuary.

    At the end of the fight, the last of the swarm is covering Arden, who has been poisoned further. "Someone... I..."
    Luziann: "I got it." She stabs Arden and the spiders with the fire-end of her torch.
    Arden: "AAAHHHHH!!!!!"
    Luziann: "Got them."
    Arden is put out: "I'm not feeling too good."
    Peādārr: "Yeah. My strength is still poor too." At which point he pushes Arden down the stairs.
    Peādārr to Luziann: "Oh, you know. I did hear bones bouncing off of each other. That could mean undead."
    Luziann nods: "Hrmmm.. undead you say."
    They head slowly down. No rush.
    They catch up to Arden, who is tied up in the webbing, along with an ogre skeleton: "A little help."
    Luziann sets the webs on fire.
    Arden falls the rest of the way down the stairs.
    Luz looks to Peādārr: "See. He can take the damage."



    Anasana blinks: "Was that screaming?"
    Whifflenut: "Probably just my group mates injuring each other."
    Anasana: "That's not a very cooperative group. How did you get this far?"
    Whifflenut: "I often wonder that myself. But, since I'm here, wanna check that question mark on the map."
    Anasana: "All right. Just let me clean up here."
    Whifflenut: "Do you expect someone to show up?"
    Anasana: "You did."
    Whifflenut pauses before leading her out.
    At the hidden door Luz had marked, she hunts for a way to open the door, and traps.
    Whifflenut fails her search roll.
    Whiff: "I didn't find any traps. That doesn't mean it ain't there."
    Anasana: "So what do we do?"
    Whiff gets an idea: "OH YEAH! I have a familiar!" (*in a very Vaarsuvius manner, a bird appears*) "Go inspect the door."
    The bird looks at the door, turns around, and flies away.
    Whiff: "HEY!" She resummons the bird back. "I Said Inspect The- GET BACK HERE!" She sighs. "Maybe I should have spent time to train it... or fed it." She resummons the bird back again. "Door! Now!'
    The bird looks put off, but scratches at the wall. Slowly, a glyph begins to appear in the wall, and the bird flies away again.
    Whiff: "Hey!" (Anasana sides steps out of the way.) "There's a glyph in the wall!"
    Whiff: "Ow....... the door is open."
    Stepping into the dark corridor behind the secret door, she orders her bird to fly just in front of her. One step in, the tile Whiff steps own sinks. "QUICK!" she yells to the bird. "BLOCK ME FROM THE-" The bird flies away. "HEY!" And she is struck by lightning, knocked completely out.
    Anasana sighs and drags her back to the library.

    Downstairs... Arden stands up and glares at the other two before stepping into the hall. Suddenly two statues, one of Paladine and one of Miskakal, attack them.

    Luziann beams: "I'm going after Paladine!"
    Arden: "Aren't they gods of good?"
    Peādārr: "Yeah. But we're not supposed to be here."
    Arden: "Can't you show them your holy symbol or something?"
    Peādārr: "I'm still not a cleric of their orders."
    Luziann: "He's not a cleric at all. He's a mystic."
    Peādārr: "Yeeeah. There's that too,"
    Arden: "Man, these statues are slow."
    Luziann: "Really bad initiative rolls."
    Peādārr: "Let me try." He walks up to them. "Oh guardians of light, I am a humble mystic hoping to-" The statues raise their weapons over him. "Oh --censor--." He dives out of the way as the sword and quarterstaff come down.
    Luziann attacks the head of the good pantheon.

    Fight fight fight.

    The statues are destroyed. Although injured, Luziann feels good.

    There are numerous doors all around the hall, and Peādārr opens up one of the side rooms. Inside, he sees seven statues to the gods of evil. Suddenly another flicker goes off.

    Peādārr: "Oh goddamn it."

    An ogre chief runs into the room, complains about being betrayed to the Takhisis statues, and prays for vengeance. The Queen tells him that not predicting the betrayal was his fault, but that he would be avenged. She finishes him off, protecting his soul from Chemosh. "But the vengeance will not be from my hand." She looks to the group, "But yours." The flicker ends.

    Peādārr: "Hear that, Arden. You're going to be doing the work of an evil god."
    Arden: "Uh, I think she was looking at you."
    Peādārr: "You're the one with the sword. I just cast Sanctuary and cure."
    Luziann raises her hand: "I'll be vengeance."
    Peādārr nods: "That works." Going across the hall, he starts to open another door. "Let me guess, a room to the neutral gods with another playback?"
    The room contains seven statues to the gods of neutrality.
    Peādārr groans: "Okay. Fine. Show the history lesson thing."
    The room looks untouched and feels safe from conflict.
    Peādārr: "That's it? Alright. At least we know this is a good spot to camp in if we need it." He heads to the double door, and suddenly a new flicker goes off.

    Peādārr: "Sorry! Sorry! That was me!"

    Ogres attack. Clerics pray for help from the gods and gets statues to attack... and the clerics are still getting killed. Suddenly the center doors open and undead swarms of bugs attack everyone, clerics and ogres alike. Two barb-chained demons also starts rampaging. The Betrayer exits the center chamber and sneaks off to the northwest. Flicker ends.

    Peādārr sighs. "This is getting annoying."

    Unfortunately, the doors are now locked. Peādārr tries to pick them and fails.
    Luziann sighs: "Let the rogue do this." She takes out some masterwork lockpicks and: *SNAP* The picks break off in the lock.
    Peādārr laughs.
    Luziann fumes: "Shut up."
    Arden: "Maybe you just give yourself a moment before trying again."
    Luziann works on the lock: "I'm not trying again right now. I'm trying to get the pieces that broke off out of the door." She succeeds. "Okay. Taking a breath.... and trying again." *SNAP* "SON OF A-!"

    After many hours, they decide to rest for the night instead.

    In the morning, Peādārr uses a few spells to heal the group up. Upstairs, Whifflenut is still unconscious. Instead of the middle doors, Luziann tries to open the two doors to the far sides of the room. The first one is successfully opened... and reveals a massive amount of stinky gas.

    They close the door and try the other one.... which reveals a massive amount of stinky gas. They shut that door too. After a few jokes about what Arden ate for breakfast, they go back to the center door.

    THIS time, Luziann is able to unseal the door.

    Peādārr: "Finally!" He opens the door, and is blown backwards as a massive gust of wind strikes him. With his low strength, he goes sailing to the far end of the room, hitting the wall. "Ow." Luziann peals him off.
    Luziann: "Try and brace yourself as we go in."
    Peādārr nods, approaches the doorway from the side, and tries to cut himself in through the way and around the wall. Instead, he is caught in the wind, blown backwards (again), and strikes the far wall.
    Arden is able to withstand the blast, and after Luz re-peals Peādārr off the wall, they follow Arden in, hiding behind his back.
    Arden: "You know. I'm not that large, hiding behind me isn't going to work much."
    Luziann: "It's working now. So shut up and go in."

    They discover the wind is coming from a statues of Paladine. A skeletal corpse is over the altar at the back of the shrine. Keeping out of the wind gust, Peādārr approaches the altar.

    Another flicker start.

    Peādārr: "Aw ****! That was me again! Sorry."

    They watch a very very long cliche scene in which the Betrayer leads the head Cleric of Paladine and informs him that there is a betrayer in their midst.

    Peādārr: "Who is it? It's me. He stabs him."

    The priest looks up at the statue, "Who?"
    Betrayer: "Me!" Stab.

    Peādārr: "Wow. That wasn't predictable."

    The guy's robe change to that of a priest of Chemosh. He summons the bugs and demons. The dying cleric prays to Paladine, and the wind pours out, missing the evil guy. Opens the doors and unleashes them just as the ogres arrive. A lowly acolyte who witnessed the event sneaks out and weeps over the fallen cleric. The long drawn out scene continues on, and on, and on, eventually the acolyte is blessed/possessed and he walks through the wind, and kneels over a spot in the floor. The flicker ends.

    Arden is asleep. Luz yawns, and Peādārr buttons himself up. "What? Is it done? Oh. Hey Arden!"
    Arden jumps awake. "Huh? What? Did I miss anything good?"
    Luziann stands: "No."
    Peādārr: "Not a thing." He glances at Luz. "How you got 50 steel...."
    Luziann grinds her teeth: "I didn't."
    Peādārr: "Anyway. Let's check out the floor over here." After a short inspection. "There's a hidden door h-" He accidentally gets too close to the wind, is caught up in it, and it flown out the door into the other room, hitting the wall.
    Luz sighs and peels him off: "Arden! Block the wind!"
    Peādārr is able to get back into the shrine, and Arden shuts the door.
    Luz inspects the floor: "The door is locked."
    After several failing attempts to open it, she turns to Arden: "Your turn. Smashy smashy."
    Arden: "You know, I'm not oblivious to all of this patronizing." Still weakened from the spider bites, he begins hacking at the floor.

    3 hours later.

    Peādārr: "How ya goin'?"
    Arden: "I'm....*huff*.... almost.... *wheeze*.... there."
    Peādārr: "That's it??"
    Arden: "There's a small hole. This tile is four inches thick!"
    Peādārr: "Only four inches?" He shakes his head and looks to Luz. "I'm still waiting for him to fall down it when he completely breaks through."
    Suddenly the door drops down and slides further into the darkness. Arden did NOT fall in. "There!"
    Peādārr nods: "I'm impressed. It has to be the first stairs nobody-"
    The floor gives out under Arden and he falls down the stairs underneath.
    Peādārr: "Nevermind."

    Once down there, they find statues to all seven gods of good.


    Everybody groans.

    Long story short, the statue gives the acolyte a crystal sword.

    Peādārr: "Yeah, I think we know where this is going now."
    After hunting around, they don't find anything.
    Peādārr: "What are we doing here anyway?"
    Luziann: "I don't know."
    Arden shrugs: "The sword looked nice. Maybe that's it."
    Peādārr: "Fine. Let's follow the other guy." He climbs up the steps... and is instantly hit by the wind and blown into the iron doors. "And people wonder why I'm a mystic."
    Arden comes up.
    Peādārr is still pinned up against the doors: "Some help."
    Arden nods and opens the doors.
    Peādārr slides off the doors, and is blown across the outer room against the wall. Luziann re-re-re-re-peels him off.
    Using a gust spell, the gas from the room the Betrayer entered is removed. They find stairs. Peādārr tries to push Arden down them, but he's too weak. Peādārr curses as they walk down.
    Luziann: "Arden. You go first. Peādārr, you second. I'll stay back here to catch you."
    Peādārr: "Very funny."

    They notice shadows in the wall when...


    Arden: "OK! I was in the lead! That was me!"

    The Betrayer enters an underground shrine and summons two shadows to guard the area. The acolyte with the sword slowly comes forward, uses the blessings on the sword to get the shadows to back off, and then uses a prayer to reveal a door in the southern wall, and slips in.

    Arden blinks: "Wait a minute. That Chemosh guy headed straight here. The kid went to that other room first and was there for several minutes... how did he catch up to the other guy so fast?"
    Luziann: "Don't ask these things, Arden. Just don't."
    Peādārr heads over to the illusionary wall: "Now if we had a mage here-"
    Luziann: "Shut up and find the door. Wait." She feels around. I feel the handle here. She opens it and they walk in.

    Inside they find the Betrayer's body, the crystal sword through his back, as he leans over a sarcophagus. Suddenly the other sarcophagus in the room bursts open. A bearded devil charges at them, screaming to be let out.

    Arden grabs his sword, readying for a fight.
    Luziann steps aside to help allow the creature to leave.
    Peādārr steps out of the room and shuts the door.

    Luziann swears at him through the wall.

    Peādārr smiles, until he notices the shadows in the outer room moving towards him.
    Peādārr curses and re-enters the room, shutting the door behind him. After Peādārr identifies the insane pleading creature as a devil, Arden elects to attack the foul creature. Luziann sighs, and comes in to assist.
    Peādārr casts Sanctuary on himself and heads over to the sword in the corpse. After a very fast flicker of the guy getting stabbed, Peādārr grabs the sword (while the others fight). The Betrayer's skeleton turns to dust, and his skull mask falls to the floor. Peādārr shrugs and swings the blade down at the mask. He damages it, but a light flashes and the mask is gone. The devil is eventually defeated, when the mystic actually decides to join in on the fight.

    Luz: "Is that it?"
    They search and find nothing else of use.
    Arden: "I guess that's it. Kinda anti-climatic."
    Peādārr: "Seriously, what are we doing here?"
    Luz: "I have no idea."
    Peādārr: "Okay. The dead elf woman on rollerskates tells us to come here."
    Arden: "She wasn't dead. The small girl in the encampment was dead."
    Peādārr thinks on it and nods: "Right. And then what?"
    Luz: "Beats me. All I know is that we leveled right before entering this place."
    Arden: "So this has to be important."
    Peādārr: "We came here, because of a stupid music box that was supposed to be a key that was not a key."
    Luz: "Right. So maybe the sword has something to do with it."
    Peādārr: "Yeah. Unfortunately, Whifflenut had the music box."
    Luz pales, and quickly checks her bags. "SON OF A-! No! NO! The thing was magical. The ooze couldn't had destroyed it that quickly."
    Arden: "Maybe she dropped her packs down before facing it."
    Luziann breathes a sigh of relief: "Ok. Back upstairs."

    They head back up. No bags.


    Whifflenut finally starts to wake up to the smell of a small roasted bird. She smiles at her new friend: "Thank you."
    Anasana:"The least I could do."
    (Through the doors): "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"
    Whifflenut blinks: "LUZ?"

    Outside the library, the group freezes.
    Arden beems: "WHIFF!?!"
    Luziann: "...oh gods no..."
    Arden bursts through the library doors: "Whiff! You're alive!" He dives towards her and hugs the kender tightly... inflicting 2 points of damage.
    Whifflenut: "*urk*"
    Peādārr comes over to heal her. They check stories and iron out how they lost each other, and eventually the group is introduced to Anasana. Arden flirts with her, and Luziann yanks him back by the ear.
    Whifflenut hears what happened to them downstairs, and is annoyed at missing everything... having been unconscious. (She sneaks out).

    Downstairs, Whifflenut finds the dark god statues and hugs Takhisis. After grabbing a few things from the ogre corpse, she draws eyeglasses and a mustache onto the statue of Zeboim. A desecration trap tries to fry her, but a few of the gods of the other statues block it, mainly because Nuitari thought Zeb with the permanent marker on her face was funny.

    Arden realizes that Whiff is missing (again) and heads downstairs. With everything just about cleared, Anasana follows the group down as Whiff is given the tour.

    Arden: "And this way is too the gods of light."
    The door is opened. Whiff ducks to the side, and the gust his Peādārr just as he re-enters the room. Whiff sneaks inside and heads down the secret door to the main good shrine with Anasana.

    Whifflenut: "You know... I thought this place was primarily to the good gods."
    Anasana: "It is."
    Whifflenut: "Then why do the evil and neutral gods get rooms upstairs, and the good guys are shut away in the basement."
    Anasana blinks and has no answer.
    Whiff then sees Paladine's statue and squeals with glee.

    Arden climbs down in time to see Whiff laying across Paladine's outstretched arms.
    Whiff: "And I wanna pony... a nice white one... with spots."
    Arden: "Uh, I don't think he's a god any more."
    Whiff: "So. He can still get me a pony."
    Arden just turns around and heads back upstairs.

    Eventually they recheck the final evil shrine where the Betrayer had been killed. Whiff takes out a handkerchief and collects the holy symbol of Chemosh. Whiff: "I'm starting a collection!"

    Peādārr: "And now we're out of ideas."
    Arden: "Maybe we should had gone into the tower on the plateau."
    Whifflenut: "Yeah. We probably needed to get something from there to use here."
    Arden turns to Anasana: "Do you know anything about what's in there?"
    Anasana: "No. I just came straight here."
    Luziann mutters: "And probably leveled faster."
    Anasana: "What's leveling?"
    Peādārr: "Nevermind."

    After heading back up and finally checking out the armory behind the 'question mark door', they agree to leave the temple.

    Anasana: "I need to finish my research here. It was wonderful meeting you all. Thank you."
    The Group: "Bye!"
    Whiff: "Hopefully we'll see you again! That way you and Arden can actually get somewhere."
    Arden's eyes widen. Anasana turns red.
    Arden laughs nervously: "She... didn't... mean...."
    Luziann grabs his ear again: "Come on."
    Anasana: "Uh... good bye."
    The group all fails their sense motive checks. "Bye!" And they leave.

    Heading up, Arden frowns. "Why did we just fail sense motive checks?"
    Whifflenut: "I don't know. We just said bye."
    Peādārr: "She seemed nice to me."
    They shrug and continue up.

    They continue on as Anasana quickly packs.

    At the entrance to the temple, the dead girl Uleena reappears.
    "You have found it. You must hurry, for the sands of time are slipping away swiftly... the shard of light is a key, a key that will allow you to find what you seek in the ruins of a city that once felt no fear, but now lies beneath a shadow of fire and death..." And she vanishes into the temple.

    Luziann frowns: "Was that SUPPOSED to be helpful?"

    Suddenly, everybody levels.
    Whifflenut: "NOW!?!"

    A looks of realization and rapture comes over Luziann's face. "Whifflenut...."
    Whiff: "Yeah?"
    Luz: "We leveled."
    Whiff: "Yeah?"
    Luz: "Do you want to burn a forest together?"
    Whifflenut's eyes sparkle, and the two go bouncing off together.

    Arden: "At least they appear to be getting along now."
    Peādārr: "Burning stuff does that."
    Arden: "But don't they have to rest for the night before Whiff gets her new spells memorized?"
    Peādārr: "Meh."

    I guess that is a way to help in-party conflicts.... Umm... Right..... Anyway, and they lived happily ever after. Or at least until the next session. Same dire bat time. Same dire bat forum.
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    Key of Destiny: Day 14, 15, 16, 17

    In the morning, a severly injured Luziann and a heavily battered Whifflenut limp back to the camp outside of the Shattered Temple. The forest remains wholy intact behind them.

    Arden: "Things... didn't go well. Did it?"
    Luziann: "Shut up."
    Whifflenut: "Things would had gone better if we had a full group with us.... including a HEALER!"
    Arden: "We didn't think you needed help. You two seemed very sure."
    Peādārr: "I just didn't want to go."
    Luziann: "Let's just forget this and move on."
    Arden: "On to what?"
    Luziann: "The next part of the quest.... Remember what ghost-girl said?"
    The group is silent.
    Luziann: "Yeah, I figured. When the ghost girl babbles I noticed that people tend not to pay attention, so this time I tried actually listening. She told us to take the 'shard of light'" (she gestures to Peādārr's crystal sword thingy) "which is another flippin' key, and head to some destroyed city that had no fear."
    The group is silent.
    Luziann: "So obviously we're supposed to bring it to some ultra-powerful city or something that eventually got its butt kicked. My guess is Neriak. They were powerful during the War of the Lance and then got nailed at the end of it."
    Peādārr: "Don't you mean Neraka?"
    Luziann "... YES! I meant Neraka."
    Arden: "Yeah. Neriak is that dark elven city in Everquest II."
    Peādārr: "Good looking women there."
    Arden: "Was Neriak in Everquest I?"
    Peādārr nods: "Pretty much every major city in II was in I."
    Arden: "They didn't come up with anything new?"
    Luziann: "Can we focus on the fantasy setting we're actually living in? We're going to Neriak."
    Arden: "Neraka."
    Luziann: "NERAKA!"
    Whifflenut: "What about Istar? They ruled everything. They must had been pretty fearless."
    Peādārr: "Actually the Kingpriest was one of the most paranoid people to had ever lived."
    Whifflenut sighs: "And are you going to tell me no one in Neraka, a place ruled in fear and brutality, felt fear?"
    Luziann: "Please. What city doesn't have anybody feeling some fear at some time?"
    Peādārr gestures to Whifflenut: "What about the kender?"
    Arden: "What about them?"
    Peādārr: "Their home city of Kendermore was destroyed. Maybe that's where we need to go."
    Whifflenut's eyes widen: "No! Let's not! Luz was right. Let's go to Neriak."
    Arden: "Neraka."
    Whifflenut: "Neriak works too."
    Luziann: "Neriak isn't even on Krynn."
    Whifflenut: "We can still give it a shot!"
    Arden: "I think the Kendermore suggestion actually makes sense."
    Luziann: "Me too." She pulls out the map. "Kendermore isn't on this, but it's off that edge. The closest port city is Ak-Khurman. We can hitch a ride over the bay and continue on from there."
    Whifflenut frowns worriedly and mildly moans.

    After leaving Hurim, they spot a caravan to the north.

    In the Mikku tribe.
    To Alakar: "Sir, some horses are approaching from the south."
    Alakar looks in that direction. He mutters "... oh ****. they're back..." Then clears his throat, "MY FRIENDS! HOW DOES YOUR ADVENTURE FAIR!?"
    Peādārr: "Painful. Don't worry. We're just going to rest the night and continue on across the desert."
    Alakar: "You're... staying... the night?"
    Whifflenut barks back grumpily: "YEAH! WE'RE STAYING! AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO ST-"

    Fifteen minutes later the heroes have been rebound up on their horses with some supplies and sent across the desert.

    Luziann: "At least I'm only facing backwards and my mouth isn't bound."
    Whifflenut is tied lying across the saddle, bound and gagged: "I'm beginning to think they don't like us."
    Arden: "This can't be much worse." He is tied (head towards the tailend) underneath the horse's belly.
    Luziann: "At least you're belly down. Peādārr I think has it worse."
    Peādārr is tied stomach down over the horse's back, head behind the tail.
    Whifflenut: "At least the horses are going in the right direction." Her rope slips and she falls to the ground. The horse runs off. "WAIT!"

    Eventually Whifflenut catches up to the horse and leads it back... after many many hours under the hot desert sun. Luziann frees her hands and unbinds herself. That night Peādārr is freed, and so is Arden. Unfortunately for Arden, his horse had been well hydratered before they left the Mikku.

    Arden: "I'll take a bath as soon as we get to the port."
    The others sleep FAR from him.

    A few days later the group gets to Ak-Khurman.
    Whifflenut: "Let's stay at the In-Inn."
    Luziann: "The sign says 'Ghanima's Inn & Smokehouse. Not the In-Inn."
    Whifflenut: "That's what the sign says."
    Luziann: "It's just heavily worn."
    Arden: "Smokehouse? They sell meat at an inn?"
    Whifflenut: "No. It's like a place where you can relax and smoke."
    Luziann: "Actually, it means they have an incense filled room, like a sauna but without water."
    Inside, Luziann pays for her own room, Peādārr and Arden bunk, and Whifflenut elects to sleep on the roof.
    Arden asks the innkeeper: "Why is this place called a smokehouse?"
    Ghanima: "We sell steak."
    Luziann grinds her teeth, finds out who to talk to in order to get passage across Balifor Bay, and goes to sleep.
    Whifflenut goes up to the roof (and falls off onto the street below for fun).
    Arden takes a bath (especially cleaning the back of his neck) and then buys several steaks for dinner.
    Peādārr goes to the bar and gets completely drunk, moaning over being stuck with this group.

    During the night, Luziann gets no sleep as Whifflenut has the roof partying throughout most of the night... the rest of the night even the people on the roof were trying to shut her up and get some sleep. Arden sleeps perfectly, while Peādārr needs to drink himself into unconsciousness.

    The following morning, Luz contacts Rand the Broker in order to book passage.
    Luz: "When does the ship leave?"
    Broker: "Fifteen minutes."
    After five seconds of just being stunned, the group very quickly grabs their things and run for the docks.
    The people on the roof celebrate Whifflenut's departure.

    The ship departs with them diving onto the deck. Later that day, everyone is relaxed.. except for Luziann who's nerves are still shot, Whifflenut who tries to bribe the captain into beaching or sinking the ship, and Peādārr who is throwing up off the side of the boat.

    The ship lands at Port Balifor, and Whifflenut mounts her horse and tries to escape the group. She ends up running straight into a 'Welcome to Port Balifor' sign.

    Dockworker: "Oh great. Another depressing kender."
    Arden: "Usually she's alot happier. I'm not sure what's going on with her."
    Whifflenut: "Me being here happened. If I wasn't here, I'd be happier."
    Arden: "Why? I mean, is it because we're going to your old destroyed home, or is it something else?"
    Whiff stares at him blankly: "No. I think that's about it."
    Dockworker: "Can't blame her. I wouldn't want to go to Gloom Town either."
    Luz: "Huh?"
    Dockworker: "Gloom Town. The kender neighborhood in the city. Isn't that what you're talking about."
    Whifflenut: "Yeah. Let's go there."

    After going five feet into Gloom Town, Whiff is struck by a swing trap. "OW!" She responds by launching a fire spell at one of the crappy buildings.
    Arden: "Uh. Isn't that going a little overboard?"
    Whifflenut: "YOU WEREN'T HIT IN THE ARM!"
    Several small forms begin running out of the burning building.
    Whifflenut: "DUMB JERKS!"
    Kender: "It was a trap! We're trying to keep the dark knights out. The city is full of them."
    Arden: "Make's sense."
    Whifflenut looks at Peādārr. "It would also be nice if I GOT SOME HEALING!"
    Peādārr: "You didn't ask."
    Whifflenut glares at him, then finally asks: "Can you heal me?"
    Peādārr: "You need to say please."
    Whifflenut: "... can you heal me, please?"
    Peādārr: "No."
    Whifflenut: "WHAT!?!"

    By this point, the group is completely surrounded by a dozen armed kender. Blight Thistleknot introduces himself and brings them to their leader, an elderly Kronn, his father.
    They inform him they are heading to Kendermore. He provides them with supplies for their coming trip along with the temporary aid of his Wilder Elf assistant, Elijayas.

    Arden: "Okay. Let me see if I understand this. Some old bard with a head trama from a riot tells us to go rob something off of a crook. We do this, and find a music box. We almost get killed, but succeed. Regardless of having no clues to say one way or another, we decide this is the important item the guy was talking about. Then some leper elf points us off to some ruins-"
    Whifflenut: "Where we also get our butts kicked."
    Arden nods: "And we get a crystal sword along with the evil dagger thing that guy used."
    Peādārr nods.
    Arden: "Now we were told by a dead girl to head off to a dead kender city to do... what?"
    Luziann: "I have no idea. This adventure is completely stupid."
    Whifflenut: "The only reason we're doing this is because we're ensorceled to do so."
    Peādārr: "If I could quit this campaign I would."
    Arden: "So what are we suppose to do."
    Whifflenut shrugs: "Once we get to Kendermore, we take the sword and hit the musicbox with it."
    Arden: "How do you figure that?"
    Whiffenut: "It's the only thing I can think of."
    Luziann: "Works for me. Let's just get some sleep."

    Whifflenut, Arden, and Luziann fall asleep. Peādārr heads out, gets stone-butt drunk, and tells Kronn 'everything'.

    Although this is the end of the chapter, the group doesn't level... Too easy.

    Whiff: "WHAT!?!"

    To be continued, in what is hopefully a better written and played chapter.

    Arden: "Hey! Don't blame us. There wasn't much to do. Even the possible side-quests were weak."

    We're blaming you. Get over it.
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    Key of Destiny: Day 18, 19, 20 and 21 morning...

    The group wakes up after a LONG night that seemed to go on for a month. Whifflenut slips back into the room before the others realize they're gone. Peādārr is suffering a hangover. Luz and Arden feel groggy.

    Whiff leans over the suffering Peādārr: "You know, if you were a better cleric, you could cure yourself."
    Peādārr: "I'M NOT A CLER-OWWW!!"

    The troupe heads out of Port Balifor and meets up with Elijayess. "Ready to go?" the Kagonesti inquires in his deep voice. "Make sure you have everything that you need. There are no towns between here and Kendermore."

    Once he is satisfied that they're fully prepared, Elijayess shoulders one of the rucksacks, turns and starts headings to the west, towards the mountains that form a barrier between Port Balifor and the desert of the Desolation.

    Arden glances at a moment in confusion. "Ummm....." He points eastward. "The mountains and the Desolation are that way."

    The tracker turns around and heads east.
    Whifflenut: "This is the guy leading us?"
    Elijayess: "It's a typo in the adventure. Leave me alone."
    Whifflenut: "You were heading back into the city!"
    Elijayess grits his teeth and says nothing.

    After 8 hours of traveling they reach the foot of the mountains.

    Arden: "You know, most adventure stories have groups just walking and walking and you don't think anything of it. People tend not to realize how much your feet begins to hurt just after a few hours of nothing but walking."
    Whifflenut: "That's why I just enjoy the cuts over the intermediate time period. It's much easier just jumping from the last scene to the next one."
    Arden: "What?"
    Luziann: "No wonder she was so quiet."
    Whifflenut: "Oh, should I go back in time and talk the whole way?"
    Luziann: "No!"
    Whifflenut huffs: "Well, it probably would had been an easier trek if we had brought the horses."
    Luziann's eyes bug out of her head, and a long procession of CoC-violating curses spew from her mouth.
    Elijayess: "It wouldn't matter. You would have had to abandon the horses to cross the mountain passage anyway."
    Peādārr: "We could at least had sold them."
    Arden: "Don't worry. I'm sure Kronn is putting them to good use."

    Kronn and the other kender munch on their sandwiches: "These are pretty good!"

    Cutting back....
    Luziann looks sick: "That was disgusting." She blinks as she hears munching. Upon turning she sees Whifflenut with an identical horse-meat sandwich. "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?"
    Whifflenut: "I picked one up before we left."
    Luziann: "Give me a break! There was no time between when we got up and when we left for them to kill the horses we abandoned and mince them into sandwiches!"
    Whifflenut: "This isn't from one of our horses!"
    Luziann: "Then who's is it?"
    Elijayess: "A previous adventuring group that was doing this same campaign."
    Luziann glares: "If another group was going this campaign, then why are we doing it?"
    Peādārr: "They never finished."
    Luziann blinks: "Oh."
    Arden: "Must had been one of Trampas's games. And yes, I am saying this in-game because I know this line will make it into the log." Arden waves through the screen to Dragonhelm. And yes, all of this did happen in-game, including this very sentence.

    Elijayess tells them of some of the dangers of the Desolation and almost slips into campy melodrama. "We'll travel a few hours by morning, take shelter as the midday heat bears down, and then travel a few hours before we lose daylight in the mountain passes."

    They continue as planned. The first day is completely uneventful, with the exception of Whifflenut saying things to annoy Luziann.... you know, the usual. They are three-quarters through the mountain when Arden says: "This hasn't been too bad so far."

    So, of course, three sligs appear over the hill.

    Elijayess points to the figures on the rise. "Someone's coming."
    Whifflenut sighs and says annoyedly: "Thank you, Indian Companion."

    The sligs see them, and charge for an attack.

    Whifflenut: "Oooo... smelly lizard like things! Quick, Luz! Open your shirt up and frighten them off."
    Luziann: "Shut up...."
    Whifflenut: "I mean, you are a bit of a dog."
    Luziann: "Shut Up!"
    Whifflenut: "You without clothing would be enough to scare off anybody."
    As the group pulls out their weapons for the impending attack, Luziann smiles: "You know what... I think that counts as a taunt."
    Whifflenut blinks: "Really? Wait... what?"
    Luziann gets first initiative, and attacks the kender.
    One of the sligs goes after Arden, another goes after Peādārr, and the last one attacks Whifflenut. Whifflenut is stuck by both Luziann and the slig, and runs off. Both the slig and Luziann chase after. Elijayess chases after the three of them. Arden quickly takes down his own slig and cleaves into Peādārr's. Peādārr is injured, but his slig is also taken down. During the chase, Luziann does more damage to Whifflenut than the slig does. Elijayess takes down that slig and grabs Luz, slowing up her chase of Whiff. Whifflenut hides behind a small dying tree.

    Arden and Peādārr catch up as Luz breaks from of Elijayess and tries to punch him in the face for interrupting her attack. Whiff's hiding spot is pathetic, and ironically only Elijayess can't see her.

    Elijayess to Luz angrily: "If we're going into the Desolation, attacking your own team mates is the surest way to get us all killed."
    Luziann: "You can't blame me for taunting."
    Whifflenut sticks her head out from behind the three inch wide tree: "I never rolled for it! Doesn't count!"
    Elijayess scans the direction of the voice: "Where did she go?"
    Peādārr and Arden exchange worried glances.
    Arden: "Ummm... she's right there behind the tree."
    Elijayess rolls a spot skill check: "What tree?"
    Arden: "Luz. You can't attack her like that!"
    Luziann: "She was getting on my nerve."
    Whifflenut sticks her head out from behind the tree again: "I've been doing that since the start of this whole thing! What made your skin so shallow?"
    Luziann: "It's been grating down all this time."
    Peādārr: "Wait... did you say 'shallow'? Don't you mean 'thin'?"
    Whifflenut: "Not really."
    Elijayess: "If this is going to continue, I have half the mind to turn around now."
    Peādārr: "Can I join you?"
    Elijayess shakes his head, waits for Peādārr to heal the injured, and they continue on.

    A few hours later, Peādārr sees movement up ahead on one of the higher ledges overseeing the path they are taking.
    Peādārr speaks softly to Arden: "I saw something up there."
    Arden: "You sure? I didn't see anything, and neither did Elijayess."
    Peādārr refuses to reply on that last note: "I just thought I'd say. So, should be tell Whifflenut and Luziann, or let them be attacked."
    Arden: "I think we should..."
    Peādārr: "Sit and watch it is."
    Arden runs up to Luz and Whiff: "Guys, I saw... well, Peādārr saw somebody up on the ledge over there. It might be a plot point or another random encounter."
    Peādārr: "Probably a random encount-"
    Whifflenut's eyes beam and she charges up the path past Elijayess.
    Elijayess: "HEY! Wait..." He turns around on Luz. "Did you attack her again?"
    Luziann glares at the elf.

    Before getting too much further ahead, Whiff skillfully climbs up the ledge quietly and charges around a rock into a small rocky clearing.... and right into the middle of a dozen short brown clad individuals, all holding knives.

    Whifflenut: "Oh..."
    The leader of the group, a woman, says: "Well, we were just going to wait until you camped for the night, but this works as well."
    Whifflenut is grabbed from behind and a knife is put to her throat. She quickly realizes that all of them are kender.
    Whifflenut: "What are you all doing out here?"
    The guy kender holding her: "Rob people of their stuff, leave them for dead."
    Whifflenut: "Oh, well that answers which kind of kender you are. But why are you following her?"
    Guy Kender: "She gets us the most stuff."
    Whifflenut eyes widen and nods as much as she can with the knife to her throat: "AAAAhhhhhh.... she's really loose then."
    Guy Kender: "What? NO! Not that......" (sounding a little frustrated)
    Whifflenut: "Well that explains what else I'm feeling."
    Leader: "Will you shut up?"

    The groups runs up looking for Whiff, and finds the dozen kender on the ledge looking down at them with Whifflenut hostage.
    Leader: "Lay down your weapons, possessions, and coin, and we'll let her live."
    Luziann quietly thanks several gods.
    Arden swallows and unbuckles his sword. Elijayess follows. "How do we know you'll keep your word?"
    Leader: "Considering the circumstances, you'll have to trust us."
    Whifflenut: "This might not be a unanimous agreement."
    Arden: "Don't worry, Whiff. We'll get you out of this."
    Luziann: "Let's not be too hasty."
    Arden: "We don't have too much of a choice. We need to trust them somewhat."
    Whifflenut: "Yeah... trust the people willing to cut my throat open. Thank you."
    Leader glances at Arden: "Which one of you is the kender again?"
    Luziann: "We're still in debate."
    Whifflenut: "Look, they're afflicted kender. You can't trust them."
    Arden: "But aren't you afflicted?"
    Whifflenut: "Yeah, but I've pretended being a true kender long enough. I know how to fake it."
    Luziann: "I don't know which is worse."
    The Leader sighs: "Okay fine.... Surrender your weapons, possessions, and coin, or we'll give her back to you."
    Peādārr blinks.
    Luziann looks fearful and starts removing her weapons. "How do we know you'll keep your word?"
    The Leader smiles: "That works better."
    Whifflenut: "I hate this trip."
    Leader: "Then you shouldn't had come this way."
    Whifflenut: "I didn't WANT to come this way! We have to because of this stupid adventure we're on." At which point she goes on to explain everything they know (which isn't much) about the music box and having to go to Kendermore.
    Leader: "And why are you doing this?"
    Whifflenut: "Because we were told to by a ghost girl."
    Leader: "....."
    Whifflenut: "Yeah. It's stupid."
    Luziann: "Okay. I've got my coin purse out, I'm delivering it to you slowly...." She slowly approaches the ledge.
    Leader: "Fine...." She glances down at the group. "Wait.... where did the human go?"
    Suddenly the flat of a sword strikes the kender holding onto Whiff. He falls over.
    Whifflenut: "TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!"
    Arden: "I was trying to climb quietly. Come on!"
    Leader: "Get them!"
    Luziann: "NO! I CAN STILL PAY!"
    Luziann scrambles up the hill holding the coinage out. Arden grabs Whiff and tries pulling her out of the circle of bandits. Elijayess yanks out his bow and drops one of the kender in a single shot. The bandit leader swings an axe at Arden's back.
    Whifflenut: "Wait? Are you just yanking me, or am I draped over a shoulder?"
    Arden: "Yanked."
    Whifflenut: "Oh good. Then the axe doesn't hit me. Sucks to be you."

    At this point, Whifflenut unleashes her pyro spell, unleashing it over the entire group (including herself, Arden, and Luz in order to insure hitting everyone). All of the lesser bandits drop unconscious, and two die. Luziann grinds her teeth and puts the flaming coin purse out.

    Suddenly alone, the bandit leader runs.

    Whifflenut: "Ow."

    Peādārr climbs up, and surprising to everyone, after healing the group, begins healing the bandits and prevents any more from dying.

    Whiff questions one of them, learning how they've been living out here: "So you attack people and take their stuff."
    Kender male: "Yep."
    Whifflenut: "Child murderer."
    Kender: "What?"
    Whifflenut: "Well, sooner or later there has to be groups with children out there. So what? You just leave them for the buzzards?"
    Kender: "People don't take their kids out here."
    Whifflenut: "I can't believe you. Killing children."
    The bandit leader shows up, still armed, standing on a rock for added 'high ground'. "We're not child murderers. He's telling the truth," she lies. "Anybody trying to bring little kids out here tend to quickly change their mind."
    Luziann: "Anybody bring their kids out here probably deserves to lose them."
    Several of the group members look at her horrified.
    Luziann: "Oh please."
    Arden: "A little cranky?"
    Leader: "Was what you said about the music box and Kendermore true?"
    Whifflenut: "Yeah."
    The leader nods. "Well, you saved most of my group's lives."
    Peādārr frowns: "Two died."
    She shrugs: "Fair fight. Tell you what, I'll give you some help. Let those who need it rest and heal up, and we'll escort you to kendermore." Her grin is not fully settling.
    Arden looks at Peādārr: "What are our options here?"
    Luziann answers: "We could keep them around, and they could murder us in our sleep."
    Whifflenut glares at Peādārr: "Or we could NOT heal the people who attacked us."
    Elijayess bites his lip: "Added protection... may make the trip safer."
    Arden: "I'll keep watch tonight and make sure they don't try anything."
    Leader: "Then we're agreed." She hopes down from the rock. "I'm Fiera."
    Whifflenut smirks: "Fiera Babykiller?"
    Fiera: "No... Fiera Blackbrand."
    Whifflenut giggles: "I like Babykiller better."
    Fiera nods: "I can't disagree. What's your name."
    Whifflenut: "Footwise."
    Fiera's eyes widen: "Oh yeah. I think we might have a distant cousin in the troupe."
    Whifflenut: "Let me guess. One of the dead ones?"
    Fiera: "No. In one of the other groups."
    Arden blinks: "Others?"
    Fiera: "Oh yeah. We're all over the place. Probably a better reasons to be seen with me. Don't want to get hit again."

    The next morning Peādārr heals the rest of the injured kender to consciousness. The group travels on for several hours to the edge of the mountains.

    Elijayess: "It's too dangerous to travel the Desolation under the daytime heat, but at least we can now travel throughout the night." They camp once again.

    Whifflenut looks at Peādārr: "I don't get it. You've been threatening not to heal us, and suddenly you're healing the bad-guys. What's up?"
    Peādārr, embarrassed, mutters: "It's nothing."
    Whifflenut thinks on it, then beams: "I KNOW! You can't stand to see hurt kender!"
    Peādārr winces as he lays out his bedroll.
    Whifflenut: "Oh how CUTE!"

    The group tries to sleep with Arden on watch. However things get more disturbing when Fiera starts hitting on him. Elijayess, in an effort not to vomit, starts to walk about to patrol the perimeter himself. "Oh look. A desert!" He distances himself.

    Arden: "Uh, I don't think this is a good idea."
    Fiera grins evilly: "You sure?"
    Arden: "I have a thing against evil people."
    Fiera: "Technically I'm chaotic neutral."
    Arden looks more fearful: "Uhhh....."
    Luziann rolls her eyes and yells at Fiera: "Will you knock it off!"
    Fiera: "You can join if you want."
    Both Arden and Luziann and pretty much the rest of the troupe is highly disturbed now.

    For more PG-13 and morally questionable action... maybe I should rephrase that.... tune in for the next quasi-exciting action.... maybe I should rephrase that too... packed session!
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    All must prepare. The Prophet has entered the war.

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    Key of Destiny: Day 21 thru 24 and 25.

    Arden: "My god... that was the longest night of my entire life. The watch just seemed to go on forever."
    Luziann shrugs: "I slept well."
    Whifflenut: "It was good for me." At which point she looks over a Fiera, "But I'm guessing you and her were really frustrated."
    Peādārr: "Damn. I'm out of alcohol."
    Elijayess: "We need to get going."

    The group reaches the 'crags' where the barren land is covered in rocky terrain. Elijayess gives some pointless dialogue nobody really listens to.

    Whifflenut: "Was there really a point to that?"
    Elijayess: "I'm just sayin' the lines. Besides, there's a 20% chance per hour of a random encounter here."
    Arden: "Well, that would be tedious, so according to Vaarsuvius' laws, we probably won't get any more encounters."
    Peādārr: "But we need one encounter to kick that in effect."
    Arden: "We had that yesterday."
    Peādārr: "That was three months ago. We need to have a random encounter this session."
    Whifflenut: "I'll go look for some."
    Luziann: "You do that."
    Whifflenut runs off into the Devastation.
    Peādārr (to Luziann): "You know she might never come back."
    Luziann: "Your point?"

    The group travels on and has five hundred random encounters over the next few days. Ironically Fiera's troup holds far out enough to not effectively protect them.

    Arden (exhausted): "Well, we're probably done with that..."

    Five hundred and twelve.

    Luziann: "Are we there yet?"

    Five hundred and sixteen.

    Peādārr: "Ugh."

    Elijayess finally brings them to the Oasis to refresh themselves. Luziann looks over the water. "Finally." And then she's hit in the back of the head with a rock.

    Whifflenut: "Hey! Look at the stuff I found!" She's holding onto many craggy rocks.
    Luziann is lying unconscious.
    Arden (to Peādārr): "Can you wake her?"
    Peādārr goes over and dumps his water over her.
    Luziann wakes: "AH!"
    Peādārr: "Great. Now I'm out of water."
    Luziann sighs: "Well, if you didn't want to run low on something useful, you could had used a spell!"
    Peādārr glares.
    Arden (to Whifflenut): "Where were you?"
    Whifflenut: "Oh, I took the 'Green Circle' trail."
    Arden: "What?"
    Whifflenut: "The 'Green Circle'. It's the easy route. I had one wimpy random encounter and I got all of this treas.... rocks. I got all of these rocks." (She drops the rocks and adjusts a chinking bulge in the back of her robes.)
    Luziann: "What do you mean 'Green Circle'?"
    Whifflenut sighs: "There are easy routes: 'Green Circle', regular routes: 'Blue Square', and tough routes: 'Black Diamond'. We've been taking Black Diamonds throughout this entire trip. So I just took the 'Green Circle' path when I got to the sign."
    Luziann: "What signs?"
    Whifflenut: "You didn't see it?"
    Arden: "I was just following Elijayess."
    Peādārr: "There's our problem right there."
    Elijayess: "Come on. We can speak to the Oracles."
    Whifflenut: "Oracles?"
    Luziann: "I think they're SQL databases."

    Entering the oasis, the three women come out, talk all mystical-like, and promise to answer their questions of the future in return for carrying a burden, an item, and doing a chore for them.

    Elijayess: "At least now you can get some answers as to what's going on."
    Arden: "About time."
    Luziann: "WAIT! I can't believe I'm going to be following Whifflenut's logic on this, but think for a moment, Arden. We're on a railroad campaign. Whether we get answers here or not, we're going to have to keep moving forward."
    Arden (confused): "Yeah?"
    Luziann: "So why do we need to take on any extra burdens? Isn't that just taking the 'Black Diamond' route? Let's not get any answers, and just blindly go forward in this campaign. Even if we have no idea what's going on, at least we'll have an easier time of it."
    Elijayess: "So... you think that the more ignorant you are in a dangerous situation... the easier time you'll have of it?"
    Luziann: "Here, YES!"
    Peādārr: "That actually seems to make sense."
    Whifflenut nods.
    Arden: "Guys, we've had no idea what the hell is going on since this insane thing began. Now, just for a couple of chores, we can get some answers, and you're going to pass up the opportunity?"
    Luziann: "Whiff, distract him."
    Whifflenut: "Hey, Arden."
    Arden: "Yeah?"
    Whifflenut: "You want to come over here and see something interesting?"
    Arden: "What?"
    Luziann clunks him on the back of the head. "What do you know? Whifflenut's rocks actually proved useful."
    Arden wakes up a day later. "Ow."
    Luziann: "Looks like we're heading out."
    Arden: "But the questions. There are some things I'd like to know about the-."
    Luziann covers his mouth and shouts up to the Oracles: "That wasn't a questions. No burdens needed. We'll be going now." Arden is dragged off.
    Elijayess continues to get annoyed. "I can't believe you passed that up."
    Luziann: "Oh give me a break. How many times to adventures have to include three mystical women: weird women, the fates, the furies, etc, etc, etc. One with black hair, another with white, and another with red."
    Whifflenut: "Yeah, and they didn't seem really that moon related."
    Luziann: "A little originality would had been nice. How about three mystical guys?"
    Whifflenut: "Hot guys."
    Luziann: "Yeah! At least that would had been a good twist!"
    Elijayess refuses to speak to them unless directed to by the adventure from this point out.

    Some time later.

    Arden: "By the way, where did Fiera go?"
    Luziann: "I think she left after taking the treasure Whifflenut found."
    Whifflenut: "SHE DID NOT! She took Peādārr's stuff."
    Arden: "No, I'm pretty sure she didn't. You were the one with the treasure."
    Whifflenut shouts defensively: "Rocks. Just... rocks." A couple of stones fall out of her robes, and Whiff stares at them wide-eyed. "Goddamn son of-"

    And the troupe finally reaches Kendermore.

    Whifflenut (deadpan): "Yeah we're finally here."
    Arden (to Whiff): "Are you sure you're alright?"
    Whifflenut: "Yeah. I'm fine. Why?"
    Luziann: "You seemed so adamant about not coming here. I thought it would be harder on you."
    Whifflenut: "Oh that. No that was just character development. Just trying to give myself some depth."
    Luziann: "And now?"
    Whifflenut: "Well, there doesn't seem to be anybody here, so it was kind of a let down."
    They see movement in the streets from a distance.
    Luziann: "I blame you."

    After passing by a teetering water tower Whiff was very tempted to tip over, the group realizes they have no idea what they are doing here.
    Elijayess: "Maybe you'd know if you had asked the Oracles."
    Luziann rolls her eyes.
    Peādārr: "I'm sure we need to go into one of the few big stone buildings that are still standing."
    Arden: "Why's that?"
    Peādārr: "Because there's nowhere else to go."

    They come up upon a large building in the center of town and try to open it. The door opens onto refuge.
    Arden: "Ew."
    They hear movement.
    Whifflenut: "And there are rats."
    Voice from inside: "you no hurt me!"
    Whifflenut: "Or gully dwarves."
    Arden blinks: "Gully dwarves?"
    Whifflenut: "They're like rats, but not as bright. Let me incinerate them and we can go in."
    Gully Dwarf: "no hurt me!"
    Arden: "You can't hurt him. He's a living person!"
    The rest of the group stares at him.
    Arden: "Come on. I can't be the only good aligned person here."
    Elijayess: "NPC. Don't count."
    Luziann raises her hand: "Neutral."
    Peādārr: "Heading to evil."
    Whifflenut: "I'm good." (cackles evilly)
    Arden stares at her.
    Whifflenut sighs.
    Luziann: "Face it, Arden. Consider who you're traveling with."
    Arden: "Come on, Luz. You're not evil enough to attack defenseless people just because they're small and dirty."
    Luziann shakes her head: "Oh, Arden. The many times you were oblivious over the years...."
    Gully Dwarf: "no hurt me."
    Arden: "We won't. I'm Arden, this is Luziann, Whifflenut, and Pete."
    Peādārr: "Thanks for that."
    Gully Dwarf: "Me High Grup Two."
    Arden: "Two?"
    Gully Dwarf: "Yes. Me High Grup Two."
    Arden blinks for a bit: "OH! You're the leader here, you're High Grup the Second."
    High Grup Two: "No. Me High Grup Two. Me get name after lost last leader."
    Arden nods: "High Grup One."
    High Grup Two: "No. He die long long time ago. Me come after High Grup Two."
    Arden blinks: "High Grup Two? I thought you were High Grup Two."
    High Grup Two: "Yes, but that because High Grup Two Two sound redundant."
    Whifflenut: "I'm outta here." She leaves and Luziann follows.
    Arden: "Shouldn't you be High Grup Three?"
    High Grup Two frowns: "We don't talk about him."
    Arden is confused.
    High Grup Two looks at Peādārr: "He not too bright."
    Peādārr sighs: "There's no reason to be afraid." He puts a hand on Arden's shoulder and talks simply. "He 'fighter'."
    High Grup Two: "Why you fight her?"
    Arden: "I didn't fight her."
    High Grup Two: "He said you fight her."
    Arden: "But I didn't!"
    Peādārr leaves. So does Elijayess (who nobody was paying attention to anyway).

    Luz and Whiff venture through the city for a good portion of the day. Oddly enough, no random encounters.
    Luziann: "Streets go left and right. As lead kender of Kendermore, which way do you want to go?"
    Whifflenut: "Okay, uh. 1 is left. 2 is right. Pick a number, 1 or 2."
    Luziann: "Two."
    Whifflenut: "Right it is." She smirks.
    Luziann sighs: "One street to get murdered down is as good as the next."

    The Gully Dwarf gives up on his conversation with Arden and shuts the door.
    Arden: "Okay. That didn't go to well guys. Maybe...."
    He notices he's alone.
    After some searching he eventually finds Peādārr on the south side of town.
    Arden: "Where are the girls?"
    Peādārr: "Dunno."
    Arden: "LUZ! WHIFF!"
    Peādārr: "Please don't attract the attention of everything here."
    Arden: "Sorry. So, do we just search the random roads?"
    Peādārr: "Shouldn't we find the others?"
    Arden: "How is that different than searching the random roads?"
    Peādārr: "Good point."

    Whiff and Luz eventually see a park of trees with a large stone building across the road from it. Whifflenut spots a dirty kender hiding in the shadows.

    Whifflenut: "I can see you there!"
    The dirty kender runs towards the building.
    Whifflenut sighs: "Great. He's probably going off to inform others. Stop him."
    Luziann chucks a dagger at the kender and just nicks him. Whifflenut launches magic at the kender and hurts him badly just as he ducks into the building.
    Whifflenut: "Crap. Let's go after him."
    The two head inside and narrowly avoid a pit trap and a tripwire.
    Whifflenut: "Phew. I'm glad we missed-"
    Whifflenut falls through a trap door and gets impaled on tall stone spikes sixty feet below.
    Luziann stares down the hole: "Whiff? Are you alright?"
    Luziann: "Whifflenut!?!"
    Luziann smiles: "She's gone...." Her smile drops. "And I'm alone in a hostile area.... which means if I lose my fodder, I might be in trouble. But if I had the rest of my party here, then I wouldn't need her... which means I could finally let her die.... but ironically the rest of the party wouldn't let that happen." She grimaces. "Oh dammit."
    Luziann paces over her quandary.

    Although this isn't the end of the session, I'm tired of typing and will get back this tomorrow! Tune in tomorrow where we'll hear someone say:

    "Wash in sewage. You'll smell better."

    Same Lance Time. Same Lance Thread! .... man that sounded lame.
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    Key of Destiny: Day 25 thru 27.

    When we last left off-
    Luziann: "Oh shut up. They can just read the posts above... jackass." Taking a rope from her backpack, Luz ties off one end to a random solid piece of furniture in the building before lowering herself down the trapdoor. "Let me guess. I'll be halfway down before the irate kender decides to untie the rope. Yeah, this is a real smart idea, Luz. Whifflenut! Are you alright?"
    Whifflenut (at 1 hit point): "With the exception of many giant stone pikes piercing my body in numerous vital locations...? I'm okay."
    Luz lowers herself to the end of her rope (no pun intended), but is unfortunately still 10 feet over Whiff. She can however see the spikes. "Ew. Can you reach up?"
    Whifflenut looks at the spikes through her shoulder: "What do you think?"
    Luz sighs: "Wait here. I'll find the others and get more rope."
    Whifflenut (weakly, but still sarcastic): "Okay. But I may have some other things I may need to do elsewhere, so don't be surprised if I've left when you come back."
    Luz climbs up. "Oh, the trapdoor is going to shut when I leave. Just be ready for that."
    Luz disappears and hunts for Arden and Peādārr. The trapdoor closes, leaving Whiff in darkness.
    Whifflenut: " that's kinda neat."


    Arden sighs: "No luck so far. What do we do now?"
    Peādārr: "Odds are they are in one of the larger more solid buildings."
    Arden: "Okay. Let's try that one." He points to a large building up ahead.
    Peādārr looks at it and bites his lip. Picking up a rock from the road, he chucks it through a window. Some gives a screeching squawk and sounds pissed.
    Arden blinks: "What was that?"
    Peādārr throws another rock."
    Suddenly a cockatrice sticks its head up out of the window. It has a bruised noggin.
    Arden: "Uhh.... can't those things turn you to stone?"
    Peādārr casts Sanctuary on himself. "Yep."
    The cockatrice jumps out of the window and charges at them. Arden runs. The cockatrice runs right by Peādārr and continues down the road after Arden.

    Luziann walks out on the main road and sees Arden run by... followed by the cockatrice. "Huh. Cockatrice... I really don't think I've ever came across one of those before." She looks down the road in the opposite direction. "Peādārr! There you are."
    Peādārr: "Hello."
    Arden's screams diminish by distance."
    Luziann: "Whifflenut fell down into a spiked pit trap in this palace-like building near a park or something on the north side of town. She's impaled, and my ropes not long enough. Can you help?"
    Peādārr nods: "Alright, but you might want to help Arden."
    The cockatrice walks by, looks at them, gives a pissed of squawk-garble, and then heads back into its nest in the library.
    Peādārr: "His statue should be standing somewhere down there."
    Luziann sighs: "I'll get him."
    She warns him about several traps in the building and tells him where the trapdoor was. They separate.

    Whifflenut lies still in the darkness, and she begins to hear movement in the chamber.
    Whifflenut: "Oh great. This is perfect. Whatever is there, please start with my feet. It will make the pain last longer."
    The dirty kender they attacked in the last post: "Alright.... I can do that."
    Whifflenut: "Wonderful. Hi."
    Kender: "Hello. Why did you attack me?"
    Whifflenut: "We thought you were going to warn others. It's just the sort of month we've been having."
    Dirty and Insane Kender: "Ah." He starts removing her boots and, as per what he thought was her instructions, begins looking over her feet, bending each of the toes. For Whifflenut, even with all of the other pain she's feeling, it still tickles.
    Whifflenut: "Yeah, that would figure."

    Up above, Peādārr avoids the first two traps and sees where Luz had wrapped a carpet around the hidden trapdoor. With some added pressure, and a lot of jumping, he is finally able to pop it open. Below, the insane kender looks up and runs off. Peādārr ties off his rope and starts climbing down, only to discover that Luziann forgot to hand over her rope in order to let him go down further.
    Peādārr: "Peachy... Whifflenut! You there?"
    Whifflenut: "Nope. I left."
    Climbing down, he holds out a torch and sees the spikes rising up to his level. He waves the torch lower down to find her.
    Whifflenut: "Ow. Singeing. Okay. Didn't need those eyebrows."
    Peādārr: "Sorry."
    Whifflenut: "By the way, there's an insane kender who was playing with my feet down here."
    Peādārr sighs. "I can cast some healing on you, then move you."
    Whifflenut: "Don't I need the spike to not be going through my body in order for you to heal me?"
    Peādārr: "Fully, yes. But if I try to move you before hand, I'd be more likely to injure you furth-" His rope suddenly slips down a foot. "HEY! Don't untie that!"
    Insane Kender calls down: "You're helping the one who hurt me."
    Peādārr: "I'm a healer! I only heal people!"
    Kender: "Oh.... you know, I don't think the knot is going to hold itself much more. I don't think I can tighten it."
    Peādārr: "Oh crap." Carefully, Peādārr swings himself over and grabs one of the spikes. Cautiously he lowers himself down, using Whifflenut as a momentary step stool."
    Whifflenut: "Ow."
    Peādārr: "Sorry."
    Whifflenut: "No. No problem. I didn't need that hit point." (now at 0).
    Peādārr pulls the loose rope out of the way before it falls and starts tending to Whiff. He then takes out a hammer and begins breaking the spikes off in order to free her. With several spells, she is brought back up to moderate damage.
    Whifflenut: "Let's not do that again."
    Peādārr: "Now we need to find a way out of here."
    With his torch, he finds a flight of stares leading up.
    Whifflenut and Peādārr both fail their spot checks.
    Whifflenut sighs: "We're screwed, aren't we?"
    Peādārr: "Yup."
    Whifflenut: "Shall we go on?"
    Peādārr: "Might as well."
    Several steps up they're legs get caught in a barbed wire trap.
    Peādārr: "Oh yeah. There it is."
    Seven hits points of damage larger they continue up the stairs. They begin to smell a bad odor.
    Whifflenut gags as the smell gets worse. "What is that? "
    Peādārr shakes his head: "I don't know. But it's up ahead."
    The smell worsens even more.
    Whifflenut: "Oh gods, I think I'm going to throw up." She looks back at Peādārr. "Ew. Okay. You already did."
    They slowly approach a door at the top of the stairs.
    Peādārr: "It's got to be some type of undead."
    Whifflenut: "Or Luziann."
    Peādārr: "Get ready."
    Whifflenut swallows back down the bile.
    The door suddenly opens.
    Arden: "Hey guys."
    Whifflenut: "OH MY-! Arden!? Why do you.... BAH!"
    Luziann, who is standing ten feet behind Arden, looks just as nauseous and sick. "I found him in the building with the gully dwarves."
    Arden: "I escaped from the cockatrice by diving inside. It stunk so back the thing stopped following me."
    Peādārr bends over and re-empties his stomach: "I can't handle this."
    Whifflenut: "Arden. Take a bath! Please!'
    Arden looks around: "Where?!"
    Whifflenut: "Wash in sewage. You'll smell better."
    Arden: "Hey! You think what you're smelling is bad? I had to dive into that slop!"
    Luziann: "Let's get out of here."

    They step outside, and several canteens dumped onto Arden later, they continue searching the city. Eventually they hear downs around the next intersection.

    Peādārr: "I'll check it out."
    He sees one kender on a low roof taunting an ogre. Several other ogres are holding onto several chained unconscious kender further down the road. One ogre pulls out a whip and yanks the taunting kender down from the wall.
    Peādārr: "I'm coming!" He charges in.
    Arden sees Peādārr charging off, and his eyes widen.
    Luziann sighs. "He just saw the next encounter. Didn't he."
    Arden: "I'm coming, Pete!" He runs after.
    Whifflenut: "He probably just ran forward and cast Sanctuary on himself in order to get Arden to charge in."
    Luziann: "Not a dumb idea." They mosey up to the intersection and get their ranged weapons/spells ready.

    Whiff initially knocks several ogres out with a sleep spell, but the remaining ones very quickly wake the sleeping ones back up. The group gets hammered but is able to take out one of the ogres... eventually.
    Peādārr: "I hate random encounters."
    The kender that was almost captured: "Actually this is a plot point."
    Whifflenut: "Oh great. Let me guess! This is a named encountered."
    The giant ogre, much larger than the others, stands over Peādārr with his weapons ready and waves with his fingers: "Hi. I'm Karak."
    Peādārr: "Oh ****."

    Fight fight fight.

    Whiff runs low on spells partway through and looks to Arden and Peādārr who are in the middle of the fight while Whiff and Luz keep distant. "I hope you all have enough hit points!"
    Peādārr blinks and turns towards Whiff: "What? WAIT!"
    Whifflenut casts her pyre spell, blasting most of the ogres and setting them on fire... along with Peādārr and Arden.
    Whifflenut shrugs: "I only have my AoE's left."
    The named ogre, still on fire, charges at Whiff. However this allows Luziann to flank him and get some good rouge damage on. Unfortunately, the other ogres knock Arden unconscious, and the big ogre knocks Whifflenut into unconscious land.
    Peādārr dives around left and right healing group members back from the brink of death, and he gets badly injured himself. Luz is able to take out Karak with a swing from a short sword, and Arden is revived... then knocked unconscious again. The remaining ogres are eventually killed off. Everyone is severely injured, and the spell casters are just about out of spells.
    Arden is woken up. "Okay. That could had gone better."
    Elijayess nods: "That was a tough fight."
    Peādārr blinks: "WHERE THE **** WERE YOU!?!"
    Elijayess clears his throat: "I was searching the town when I heard the fight, and I came running."
    They stare at him.
    Elijayess: "Okay. The DM forgot about me. I'm not that memorable of a character."
    Peādārr: "That's for certain."
    Arden: "Don't worry about it. It happens, Elistan."
    Elijayess: "Elijayess."
    Luziann: "Close enough."
    Arden: "Elijayess. That's what I said."
    The kender introduces himself as Parrick, and after talking to Whifflenut a bit, is completely convinced they are distant cousins or something.
    Arden blinks: "Is this what real kender are like?"
    Luziann: "Funny. It makes Whifflenut not seem as bad."
    Parrick frees the other unconscious kender. "Thanks for the help. I don't think I could had freed them without you. Although there are still 20 or so more of us captured, including my sister, Kerra. They were takin' up to the Peak of Malys."
    Whifflenut: "Great. Another side quest. Aren't we supposed to be finding something here in the ruins?"
    Parrick: "Technically it's me."
    Whifflenut: "But we're supposed to do something with the stupid music box!"
    Luziann: "Just go along with it. It will hurt less if you don't fight it."
    Parrick: "Here, let's get some rest. There's a place we can hide for a day-"
    Peādārr: "Two days."
    Parrick: "There's a place we can hide for two days before setting out."
    They assist in getting the freed kender moved into one of the buildings.

    The next day, Peādārr heals up the group, partially, and then heads out. He heads to the palace and hunts for the insane kender.
    Peādārr: "Hello? Are you there? I'm not going to hurt you."
    The insane kender sticks his head partially up out of a window: "Yes?"
    Peādārr: "I just want to talk to you. I'm Peādārr."
    Kender: "Deuce."
    Peādārr nods: "Can we talk?"
    Deuce slowly walks out into the light. His eyes are truly insane, darting around at everything, and almost seeing nothing. Peādārr casts some healing on him. He is physically healed, but the mental damage is beyond his ability.
    Peādārr: "How long have you been here?"
    Deuce: "Since I was born... Everybody else left. I'm still here. Someone has to tend to things."
    Peādārr: "You're alone?"
    Deuce: "There are others. They come. Then the ogres or dragonspawn take them. They're not seen again. I stay here. Keep the city nice."
    Peādārr: "What else is in the city?"
    Deuce: "Some things are in the trees. They come out at night...... They're dead now..... But not dead enough." He blinks a little. "I think they used to be kender."
    Peādārr shudders: "Good to know. Where are the kender taken?"
    Deuce: "Up to the peak." He points up over the walls of the city at the mountain. "There are a couple of ways in. Through the top, where the Ruins are. But ya might fall into the volcano and burn to a crisp."
    Peādārr: "Good to know."
    Deuce: "There's the cave village, but there are ogres there. Then there's a passage further up the Peak, a dormant plume. It's safer. Not always guarded."
    Peādārr swallows: "Thank you."
    Deuce nods and wanders back into the palace.
    Peādārr looks up to the dormant plume, hoping it's the Green Circle.

    Before they head out the next day, Elijayess informs the group he is going to stay and help the injured kender. Parrick hands Whifflenut a bag. "Here are some things you might find useful." Inside are a few magic items (ring of natural armor +1, etc)... and some of the group's own possessions.

    Arden looks up at the volcano: "Guys... I think we're coming up on the climax of the story."
    Luziann: "How do you know?"
    Arden smiles: "We're miles away from civilization, we already went through a ruined city, and now NOW we're going into a volcano! Come on! Where else would you have a climax?"
    Whifflenut snickers.
    Arden blinks: "What? You don't think you could have an exciting climax there?"
    Luziann starts laughing as well. Even Peādārr's smiling.
    Arden: "Guys?" He sighs. "Stop that! You're being sick! I'm just saying that a fiery mountain is a big natural dangerous location! It's the perfect scenery to experience this adventure's big explosive climax!"
    The others start rolling around on the ground laughing loudly.
    Arden: "Oh the hell with you."

    Tune in *cough* next time *snicker* for the beginning of the *laughter* finale to Key of Destiny!

    heh heh... climax.
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    That was worth a 3 month wait; however, not as funny as some of the earlier episodes.

    I would kill to be in on one of these games.
    “There's always, always a choice. My options might really, truly suck, but that doesn't mean there isn't a choice.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendermage View Post
    That was worth a 3 month wait; however, not as funny as some of the earlier episodes.

    I would kill to be in on one of these games.
    It will probably take us a few sessions to fully get back into the swing of things, plus Peādārr's scene with Deuce actually was fairly touching with a bit of drama: first dealing with a kender who's will and mind is completely broken, and then turning the skiing trail marker reference almost into something foreboding - (don't worry, we'll pull that back towards comedy in the next session ).

    I could had also put more humor into the fact that Whiff's player actually forgot to level her from fourth to fifth before the session, but I couldn't smoothly fit it into the log (like any book to movie, some stuff gets cut in translation due to flow... or Code of Conduct regulations on the site ).

    However, we are one session ahead of the log (I'll get it in when I have the time), and I've noticed the amount of comedy seems to have lessened due to the fact that they are approaching the *don't laugh* climax. Still, it hasn't been anywhere close to being abandoned.

    Oh. And yes, I did completely forget about Elijayess for most of the Kendermore session... and somehow I don't feel very apologetic about that to my players.
    "A payment. My life will simply be a payment. But only when all are free... My fault."
    - The Prophet, as recorded from testimony in FyxZharar, 431 AD

    All must prepare. The Prophet has entered the war.

    Projects (Dragonlance, and Non-DL):
    "The Dying Towers of Ryst: An Achanian Tale"
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    Key of Destiny: Day 28

    After a night's rest, the group treks on towards the Peak of Malys and certain death.

    Arden: "We're almost th-Wait? What did he say?"
    Peādārr: "Knew it."
    Luziann pays Peādārr two steel.
    Whifflenut pays up as well: "Dang. I thought Arden would had missed that."
    Luziann: "By the way, does anyone know exactly where on this thing we're going?"
    Arden: "I'd guess the peak."
    Peādārr: "Nope. There's a dormant plume off to the side over there. It's the easy way in."
    Luziann: "Green Circle?"
    Peādārr nods: "Green Circle."
    Arden: "Instead of going to Green Circle, how about we go Blue Square?"
    Luziann: "Why?"
    Arden: "Well, we've been doing Black Diamonds. Maybe we want to keep some of the challenge and go the middle route."
    Whifflenut: "Uh, a lot of time Blue Square trails end and you get nothing but multiple Black Diamond to pick from."
    Arden: "Wouldn't that mean you were already on a Black Diamond?"
    Whifflenut: "No, because up until that point you were just on a Blue Square."
    Luziann turns towards Peādārr: "How do you know that plume is safe anyway?"
    Peādārr: "The kender I spoke to in town told me about it."
    Whifflenut: "Which kender?"
    Peādārr: "The crazy one living in that trapped building."
    Whifflenut and Luziann freeze.
    Peādārr sighs: "What now?"
    Luziann: "Let me get this straight. You're taking directions from the kender Whifflenut and I tried to kill."
    Peādārr: "Yes."
    Luziann: "And you think he'll not lie to you and send us to our deaths?"
    Peādārr: "No, because I didn't try to kill him!"
    Arden: "Who are you talking about?"
    Luziann: "Ignore it, Arden. You were busy in gully dwarf poo."
    Whifflenut: "Sooo.... we try to kill him, you tell him that we're all going to a dangerous location, and you think he's going to be honest with us?"
    Peādārr (annoyed): "Yesss."
    Whifflenut remains silent for several beats: "You're not too bright, are you?"
    Luziann: "What are our other options?"
    Peādārr: "There are three. 1) The top of the volcano and lowering ourselves down into the hole, very likely getting burned to a crisp."
    Luziann nods: "Black Diamond."
    Peādārr: "2) The front doors which will be heavily guarded by ogres and who knows what else."
    Whifflenut: "Blue Square."
    Peādārr: "3) The back door through the plume."
    Luziann sighs: "Green Circle."
    Arden: "Unless they know it's the back door and have it more protected than the front."
    They all stare at him for a moment.
    Arden: "Well it makes sense. Who in their right mind would attack the front door? So you put your strongest stuff in the back."
    Whifflenut blinks: "Is it wrong that that actually made sense to me?"
    Peādārr: "You can go into the front door if you want. I'm going to the plume."
    Luziann slowly nods: "Sorry, Arden. Back door."
    Whifflenut grumbles and Arden shrugs and gives in.

    The group begins its climb up the mountain. They pause when they hear dice rolling over and over and over.
    Peādārr: "Do you hear that?"
    Whifflenut: "Uh oh. The DM is rolling a lot. We must be coming up on something."
    Luziann: "That or he's determining random encounters for our climb over the next few hours. I doubt he's going to wait an hour before each roll."
    Peādārr: "Either way, best be on our guard."
    They all agree.

    Six hours later group reaches the base of the tall plume without incident.
    Whifflenut: "FIGURES! The one time we get a heads up on the encounter rolling and nothing happens!"
    Luziann: "We got to climb up this thing?"
    Whifflenut: "Get your climb rolls ready."
    Luziann: "Screw that. I'm taking 20."
    Whifflenut: "Oh come on! You have to roll. I want to see people slip and fall."
    Peādārr: "You could fall to, you know."
    Whifflenut puts on a ring of feather fall.
    Peādārr mutters a curse.
    Luziann climbs first and vanishes out of sight. Finally the group hears her voice: "OH FOR THE LOVE OF-!"
    Peādārr: "What? What is it?"
    Luziann is quiet for a moment: "... just get up here."
    Slowly (due to taking 20), the group reaches the top of the plume. Luziann is sitting with her head in her hands at the edge of the interior plume hole.
    Peādārr: "What's wrong?"
    Luziann just points.
    Looking off to the side of the hole, there is a posted sign.
    On it is a Blue Square.
    Arden blinks: "Huh. Maybe the front door was-"
    Luziann: "Let's just go down."
    Whifflenut: "Okay. Time to throw Luziann in."
    Luziann: "I'll throw you in first."
    Whifflenut smirks and jumps off the ledge... and begins floating down with her feather fall ring.
    Luziann grinds her teeth and screams: "IF YOU HAD THAT THEN HOW COME YOU DIDN'T USE IT WHEN FELL IN THE PIT TRAP!!"
    Whifflenut: "... didn't have it on 'til now."
    Luziann sighs and pulls out her rope. She ties it around the posted sign and begins the climb down. Arden follows.
    Just as Peādārr is beginning to grab the rope, something about the sign catches his eye. Something is... wrong.
    Peādārr: "Guys, wait up."
    Luziann: "... what?"
    Peādārr: "I SAID WAIT UP!"
    Luziann: "Will you get your butt down here!?"
    Peādārr leans in close to the sign and notices the oddity: "You've got to be..."
    The blue square is just a swath of thick blue paint. With a few scratches of his fingernail, the top tip of a Black Diamond is revealed.
    Peādārr: "Yeah, that figures." He raises his voice: "THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE SIGN! The Blue Square is just paint!"
    Arden: "Isn't that how they make signs?!"
    Peādārr: "I mean...." Rolling his eyes, he gives up and climbs partway down the rope. "I meant the-!" The rope suddenly slips and he drops a foot. "Oh, not again." He quickly climbs down into darkness. Suddenly the rope lets go completely and he falls... two feet onto Luziann's toes.
    Luziann: "You mind getting off of me?"
    Peādārr stands and barks at them, pissed: "As I was trying to tell you: The sign was painted over. Underneath the blue paint, was a 'Black Diamond!'"
    Whifflenut (unimpressed): "...Uh huh. And you're the one who wanted to listen to the insane kender and come this way."
    Peādārr begins pondering homicidal thoughts.
    Luziann wraps up the rope. "Well, we're not getting this tied back up there anytime soon."
    Arden: "Why not give Whiff one end and let her float up?"
    Whifflenut: "It was feather fall. I can only float down."
    Arden: "What if you start standing on your head? Will that work?"
    Whifflenut rolls her eyes, and they march on into the darkness.

    After hours of truckin' through the cavern, the passage opens up into a wide chamber. Inside everything seems covered in dark obsidian, but something is odd. Whifflenut notices that the obsidian is shifting around.
    Whifflenut: "Uh... what is-?" She turns around and sees four giant ants walk into the cavern from the passage behind them.
    Big Ant #2: "Hey. How ya doin'?"
    Whifflenut: "Uhh... Peādārr?"
    Peādārr failed his listen check and didn't notice anything going on behind him: "What?"
    Whiflenut frowns: "Peādārr... you suck."
    Arden looks over the cavern and sees that everything is covered (or made out of) living ants, the smallest the size of their hands, the largest... bigger than them. "Huh."
    Whifflenut scans the rock walls: "Luz, this place is filled with bugs."
    Luziann has already frozen herself stiff, not moving: "... no it's not."
    Whifflenut: "Yes it is."
    Luziann: "No, it's not. Because if it is, I am going to scream and run."
    Whifflenut: "Oh... so I shouldn't tell you about the ant that fell into your hair."
    Luziann whimpers and the ant crawls onto her shoulder.
    One ant, about the size of a dog, walks up to them: "Welcome," he says with in a deadpan dweebish voice. "The Queen would-"
    Whifflenut: "RAID!!!!!!!" Suddenly she starts trying to step on the dog-sized ant. Her foot keeps pressing down on its forehead, hard.
    Ant (still deadpan): "Ow. The-. Ow. The Qu-. Ow. Please stop that. Ow."
    Luziann (stiff): "Would somebody stop her, before she causes everything around us to swarm on us?"
    Peādārr: "Whifflenut. Stop."
    Whifflenut: "DIE BUG!"
    Ant (deadpan): "Ow. Please. Ow. Not the cleats. Ow."
    Peādārr picks her up and pulls her back.
    Ant: "Thank you.... The Queen would like to speak to you. If you would-"
    Whifflenut squirms out of Peādārr's hands: "EAT HEEL!"
    The Ant's face is stepped on again: "Ow."
    Both Peādārr and Arden yank her back.
    Arden: "Got her?"
    Peādārr: "Yeah."
    Ant (bruised forehead): "This.... way...."
    The Ant climbs across ladders made of the small ants interlocking with each other.
    Arden: "You going to be okay, Luz?"
    Luziann: "I can climb a ladder. It's only a ladder."
    Whifflenut: "There's ants."
    Luziann: "There...are... no.....ANTS!"
    Ant-on-her-shoulder: "What a great view! Hey guys! You've got to come up here!"
    Ant-in-her-shirt: "I've found the valley of plenty!"
    Luziann whimpers.
    They start climbing down.
    Arden: "Is the queen far?"
    Ant: "She isn't that far aw-OW!"
    Arden: "Whiff!"
    Peādārr: "No, that was me. Sorry."
    Ant (deadpan): "Sigh."

    The group is led into the queen ant's chambers.
    The big-butt queen greets them with a soft feminine voice: "Greetings, adventurers. What brings you to Our colony?"
    Peādārr: "We were hoping to find the Blue Square path, but the Black Diamond sign was vandalized."
    Queen: "There is no Blue Square path. There's only the Black Diamond, Double Black Diamond, and Triple Black Diamond."
    Peādārr: "Oh, so it was the easiest."
    Luziann: "That doesn't help."
    Arden: "Do you know of any kender who were taken prisoner around here?"
    The Queen takes out some cue cards: "The little ones are being kept-."
    Whifflenut: "Wait. What is that?"
    Queen: "My NPC dialogue. I keep them around for whenever an adventuring party shows up for this part of the campaign."
    Whifflenut: "Why do bother putting up with intruders? I mean, that tunnel we came through isn't that well protected. We just walked in."
    Queen: "There's nothing in the adventure that allows the ogres and other things to come in that way. As for the campaign, when we signed the contract to be part of this, we were promised 5 steel pieces for each adventurer who comes through."
    Whifflenut: "That's not a lot."
    The Queen sighs: "Yes, unfortunately we were expecting more people to be traveling through, but nobody bothers running 'Key of Destiny' this far. They usually give up long before this point."
    Luziann: "Lucky bastards."
    Arden: "Um, the kender?"
    Queen: "Oh! Right!" (reads the card) "The little ones are being kept in a small pit, far below us, near where the dragon's soldiers have built their colony." (puts the card down and looks to one of her subordinates) "Send Wizards the invoice."
    Whifflenut: "Is there anything else?"
    Luziann: "No. We should go now."
    Ant-on-her-shoulder: "My Queen! This perch is great! Come up here!"
    Queen: "I can lend you a few of my soldiers to help you, but they cannot fight. It might instigate full blown warfare, and we don't have the numbers to take the entire peak."
    Arden: "Really? That last chamber seemed to be filled with tons of-"
    Arden: "...."
    Queen: "Sorry, can't make the following conflicts too easy. Not an NPC's job."
    Luziann: "Crap."
    Arden: "Well, if you points us out to the..."
    Whifflenut rides by on the back of one of the soldiers: "YEE-HA!"
    Whiff's Soldier Ant whinnies.
    Peādārr drinks some alcohol from his canteen.
    Arden: "I thought you were out of alcohol."
    Peādārr: "Continuity error."
    Soldier Ant next to Peādārr: "Can I get a swig?"
    Peādārr: "Knock yourself out."
    Arden looks at the ant next to him: "You're mine?"
    Arden's Ant: "Tally ho!"
    Luziann: "I'm noticing a pattern here."
    Peādārr: "Where yours, Luz?"
    Luziann looks over to the ants: "How about you?"
    Ant: "I want you all to just die."
    Peādārr: "Yep. That's hers."

    The Queen gives them some directions, and the group rides off through a newly opened tunnel. The four ride down with their guide ant until they are stopped. The guide ant points the wall of the tunnel, "Through there is where the kender are being kept. The soldiers might not be able to fight for you, but they can retrieve the kender while you keep the enemy off of them. Good luck." He starts to leave.
    Luz's Ant: "Coward."
    Guide Ant: "You mean 'smart'." He leaves.

    Peādārr: "Okay. Arden, go for it."
    Arden: "Can I borrow your hammer thing?"
    Peādārr: "I don't have a hammer. I have a flail."
    Arden: "Then that."
    Peādārr: "Use your sword."
    Arden: "The sword is pointy. I need bashy."
    Peādārr: "It does more damage."
    Arden: "You want me to poke a stone wall into collapsing instead of bashing it?"
    Peādārr: "It doesn't matter! Your sword has better damage die."
    Arden: "Just let me borrow the flail."
    Peādārr: "No! Arden. You have a damage bonus on the sword! My flail is normal!"
    Whifflenut (to Luziann): "What are the chances that whatever we're supposed to fight has heard them arguing and is waiting for us to come through?"
    Gruff-voice-through-the-wall: "Pretty certain."
    Arden (obviously to the voice): "You're telling me that a sword can take down a rock wall faster than a ball and chain whacker?"
    Peādārr (also failed his listen check): "YES! Yes, Arden. Look at your character sheet, and look at mine! Do the math! Your weapon does better damage!"
    Whifflenut: "How about this!?" She chucks a bead of force past their heads at the wall.
    The bead explodes outward breaking the wall down. Suddenly a large winged man with scales of red gives a roar from the other side of the newly formed hole and breathes fire at the group.
    Luckily the bead of force formed a bubble shaped force field which was now blocking the hole. The fire is diverted and can't get through.
    Arden blinks: "Huh. Nice call, Whiff."
    The red dragonspawn throws himself at the field, trying to get to the group.
    *bonk* *bonk* *bonk*
    Luziann raises an eyebrow: "So, uh... How do we attack him?"
    Whifflenut shrugs: "I don't know. I think the spell lasts like nine or ten minutes."
    Dragonspawn: *snarl* *swear* *kick*
    Arden stands on his tippy toes: "I think I can see a pit down there."
    Peādārr: "That's probably where they're holding the kender."
    Peādārr's ant: "We're not going to be able to get to them until this field is out of the way."
    Dragonspawn: *growl* *curse* *scrape* *bonk*
    Arden: "Okay. So I guess we have to wait."
    They all stand there watching the raging barbarian dragonspawn for 15 seconds in silence.





    Whifflenut: "Bored now!" She starts taunting the dragonspawn, making him even more pissed and violent... another after several minutes he seems to slow down due to fatigue.

    A few minutes pass.








    Whifflenut: "This is getting old."
    Arden: "Is there any way to dispel it?"
    Whifflenut: "You think I would be entertaining myself like this if I could?"
    Luziann: "Please don't answer that, Arden."
    Arden: "I would had thought there'd be some off-switch for the thing."
    Whifflenut: "It was a small bead that blew up. Even if it had a switch, I think it would had blown up as well."
    Arden: "Well, we should probably ready ourselves for when it does come down."
    They all take their weapons and spell components, and ready themselves as the dragonspawn stares hatefully at them.


    They stand there for another 30 seconds as nothing happens.


    Another 30 seconds.
    Luziann: "Okay. I'm feeling foolish."
    Whifflenut: "Well, what else are we going to do?"
    Luziann: "I don't know! How much time do we have left?"
    Whifflenut: "Oh gee. Let me check my Timex!"
    Luziann: "How about you two?"
    Arden shrugs.
    Peādārr: "Maybe a minute or two, I think?"
    Luziann looks at the ants: "Has anybody been keeping count of how much time we have left!?"
    Dragonspawn: "Actually the shield dropped 15 seconds ago." He breathes fire at them.
    Peādārr: "Figures." *casts* "Sanctuary."
    Luziann: "Coward."
    Peādārr: "Fine." He starts trying to call lightning.
    The dragonspawn nails him and interrupts the spell.
    Peādārr: "OW! Son of a-!" He tries to restart the spell.
    Whiff nails the guy with a couple of good spells. Arden can't hit for crap. Luz chips in.
    Peādārr gets hit again, and fumbles the spell: "OW! Last time I listen to you!" he shouts at Luziann.
    Luziann: "Suck it."
    Peādārr tries one more time.
    The dragonspawn swings, misses Peādārr, and hits Whifflenut this round.
    Just before Peādārr's spell goes off, Luz stabs the creature, and he dies... and due to his death throe, blows up.
    Luz reflect saves out of the way, the rest don't.
    Ironically, Peādārr is hit by the full blast, but the spell isn't lost.
    Where the dragonspawn was standing, a strong lightning bolt strikes the empty spot near the creature's axe and equipment.
    Peādārr stares at Luziann with hatred. "You had to kill it."
    Luziann: "Oh, gee. Sorry. You have my apology. Next time I'll let you take it on your own."
    Arden picks up the creature's massive axe, and Whiff takes a magic rod: "What's this thing?"
    After a bit of investigation, she discovers that it's a Diviner of Life.
    Whifflenut: "It glows a different color when the health of the person it's pressed up against changes. Healthy, green. Injured, orange. Other colors for poisoned, or dying, etc. Etc."
    Luziann: "You mean it's a goddamn health bar???"
    Whifflenut: "Yep. *sigh* That's useless. The DM descriptions usually tell us that stuff."

    During all of this, the ants had gone down and started pulled the kender up out of the sharp obsidian shard lined pit.
    The group reaches the side of the pit as one of the last kender rides an ant up. Extremely full of cheer, she smiles. "Wow, that was one of the most boring places I've ever been, lemme tell you! One time, at band camp, I was trapped with my foot down a rabbit hole and couldn't move, but at least there I got to look around and see stuff! Here, all I got to see was a bunch of other trapped kender, most of who-"
    Whifflenut jumps into the pit to escape.
    Luziann rushes to the side of the pit: "DON'T LEAVE US ALONE WITH HER!"
    Voice-from-the-pit: "Ow."
    Arden: "Wait, that wasn't Whiff."
    Whifflenut: "No. I landed on one of the ants."
    Peādārr: "Which one?"
    Ant-in-the-pit: "Why can't you all just die?"
    Peādārr: "Oh." He looks at Luz. "It's yours."
    The ant climbs up out of the pit with Whiff on its back: "I hope you all suffer."
    The cheerful kender girl introduces herself: "My manners, I'm sorry! I'm Kerra! Kerra WHistlewalk of Hylo. Thanks for rescuin' us. I was afraid we were all gonna end up staked and spitted and bled dry for that-"
    Whifflenut jumps back into the pit.
    Kerra: "-ritual I heard 'em talkin' 'bout. Wish I could see that!"
    She goes on to talk about some magic spell ritual do-hicky she overheard the bad guys talking about. Arden inquires for a little more information. Peādārr walks out the door. Luziann follows. After a few moments Arden follows.

    Kerra looks down the pit: "Are you hurt?" she shouts.
    Whifflenut (at the bottom of the pit): "Other than my ears bleeding, no."
    Kerra: "You hurt your ears in the fall?"
    Whifflenut: "The fall? No."
    Kerra: "OH! I get it! You're one of those afflicking kender! I've heard about you. You are afflicking right? I know what a flick is, but none of them would ever tell me what your kind are trying to flick away. So, what is it your afflicking about?"
    Whifflenut: "If it hurts me, it will be worth it." She aims upwards and casts her pyre spell.
    Kerra: "EEP!" She jumps back from the hole, barely escaping the blast. "What did you do that for!?"
    Whifflenut fires again, but Kerra is out of her line of sight.


    Peādārr discovers that the door leads to a hallway: to the left there is a right turn, and to the right it continues on a good distance towards an exit.
    Luziann: "Considering we've no idea what the heck is going on, let me guess which way we're supposed to go."
    Peādārr: "There's no point in even asked the question anymore. Is there?"
    Luziann: "Nope."
    Arden approaches them: "Kerra said the spell was going to do something to a number of the kender. We might want to look at that."
    Peādārr sighs: "Left it is." He starts heading down that way. Luz follows.
    Arden starts to follow, but jumps when he hears fiery explosions going off in the previous room. "One moment." He heads back. Luz and Peādārr don't wait.

    After the turn in the hall, Peādārr and Luz come to an open doorway. They don't enter, but they look over the room. A stereotypical pentagram is in the floor (gee.... a five-pointed star... scary...) over a dark vicious fluid with a dragon skull at each point facing the center. Shackles are over each arm, and pale lights are dancing near the smooth ceiling. The same light is reflected in the eye sockets of each skull.

    Luziann: "Nothing original here."
    Peādārr: "Nope." They step in.
    Slowly the bodies of dead kender rise from the bloody pools.
    Luziann: "Still not impressed."
    Peādārr: "Nope."
    Luziann: "Should we get the others?"
    Peādārr shrugs. "No need."
    Luziann: "You sure? A healer and a rogue aren't the strongest fighting team."
    Peādārr: "I'm sure we'll be okay."
    Luziann sighs and pulls out her crossbow: "Okay."
    Peādārr smirks and casts: "Sanctuary."
    Luziann frowns at him: "<insert famous seven letter curse word here>."
    And more and more bodies begin to rise.

    Coming soon: The epic battle reaches its *snicker* climax. Who will win? Who will die? Who will care? To find out the results of this incredible fight between the forces of good (Kerra) and the forces of darkness (Whifflenut)... tune in next week! Or wherever we feel like getting back to this.

    And maybe we'll get back to Luz and Pete too if there's time or interest.
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