Hello everyone!

Whats more exciting and thrilling then a dragonlance book?! Being INSIDE the book!

This is Solinari from the dragonlance mud called age of legends: tales of the lance. We are an exciting dragonlance based, role play enforced mud (multi-user-domain) complete with awesome dragons, exciting quests, and challenging level gaming for you video game junkies.
Create your own unique characters, develop lifelong friendships, and expand your creativity as you explore our text based dragonlance game filled with more then 1000 descriptive rooms for your enjoyment, and all for free!

We are calling all stubborn dwarves and (though reluctantly) all mischevious kenders, all sly, evil mistresses of Takhisis and all honor abiding knights! Come and find the dragonlance in you!

Please learn more and visit our website at:
Connection to the game can be done striaght through the website or for the more experianced mudder, through a telnet, zmud or gmud connector at ageoflegends.com port 6010

We look forward to seeing you,

Solinari, the White Moon