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Thread: Question about License Expiration

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    I understand that the license is expiring for the Dragonlance gaming products. I was wondering if there is going to be a date when all the products must be pulled off store shelves and no longer sold. If that is the case I have some catching up to do.

    I know this answer maybe elswhere but I couldn't find it sorry if it has already been posted.

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    From what the guy at my local store says, he can sell it as long as he wants. He has already purchased it from his distributer so he can keep it on his shelves until he feels it won't be worth it to take up valuable shelf space.
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    Anything that is already out on store shelves isn't going to get yank cause of the license expiration. Only think it effects is production of new products which caps at the end of this January. And typically a clause on how long they can sell backstock to distributors before they must stop.
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    That is correct. Dragons of Spring is our final new product that we will produce under the license. We have the ability to sell through our inventory (to distributors) until the end of June 2008. After that, whatever distributors and retail stores have will be it. But since that is also when D&D 4th Edition hits, it's unlikely they will want to hang on to D&D 3.5 merchandise anyway.


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