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Thread: New Members - Look here before posting!

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    Hi! I actually joined probably a long time ago, but never posted anything. I've just recently gotten back into dragonlance and am looking to hang out with some other fans.

    Dragonlance (and Planescape) was what originally got me into D&D. I've been playing for years, and now use tome material and a wide variety of other homebrew (some self made).

    Anyway's glad to be back in the fandom, and I hope to make friends and be around for a while!

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    merlin is back with bronze dragons and i love dragonlance
    merlin the wise green dragon master wizard

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    Default Just saying hi

    Longitme fan, glad I found this site

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    Default New Guy....

    Good afternoon. My name is Jason and I have just picked up Chronicles Vol. 1 to restart my DragonLance journey. I'm 43 years old and I have a big box-full of DL books that I started buying in 1984 (when Vol. 1 was printed). I stumbled across this forum, on accident, and am glad I did. I don't play D&D, anymore (been 30 years), nor do I have any intentions of doing so. I just wanted to share my love of this series and the Magic of Krynn. Thanks for having me.

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    Hi there. My name is Jayce (surprise surprise), but I'm not the Defender of Tomorrow - sorry to disappoint y'all. I've been registered for a couple of months, but due to medical reasons I haven't really been online much at all. But I've finally gotten round to posting, I guess. Yay.

    I've been into Dragonlance since the late 90s, I got into it through AD&D 2nd Edition (which is still my preferred system for roleplaying, although I own most of the 3E/3.5 DL stuff - I'm a big fan of it, but mostly for the background stuff). Oddly, perhaps, I actually read the Deathgate Cycle before I read any Dragonlance novels, although it WAS the fact that Weis & Hickman had been involved with AD&D and Dragonlance that drew me into reading them. Although I regularly find myself delving into other RPG settings and fictional universes, in the end, I always end up revisiting Krynn.

    Anyway I look forward to sharing my love for Krynn with y'all.

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    Welcome to the forums Jayce!
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    hello. my name is Emily, and i love dragonlance very much.
    I've recently read chronicles again,and I've read other books from the series a few years ago, so i don't remember a lot.
    i am pretty new to this forum thing, i have never played a dragonlance d&d [there aren't many dragonlance players in the country i live in].
    i will be happy to meet you all here

    pls note: i never read dragonlance in English so it might take me a while to get used to the names and writing.

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    Welcome to the forums, Emily! If you've never played Dragonlance D&D, you've got a good shot here, if you are a fan of playing by forum! Check out our games, set both in Krynn, and in other worlds.

    Most importantly, post away. Ask questions, get involved in discussions. Mix with the fans of Dragonlance, and count yourself among us. Thanks for joining! Moderater - To be one, ask one!

    Do you love the Dragonlace Forums? Do they provide you with hours of entertainment? Why not donate? Keep the hamsters running. Ask me how!

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    thank you SuperBall! i would like to join in!
    i just want to ask where can i join a dragolance game?


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