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Thread: The Nexus Wants Your Campaign Journal!

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    I am playing the "Dragons of a New Age" cycle from the SAGA-products with the 3.5 rules. I would like to post it, but it is in german. Anyone want to (try ) read it!
    I promise it is funny. Many PCs die and players come and go!
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    I have the campaign journals from an old DM of our group that's years old, It would take a lot of time to rewrite since his short hand is murder to read. But personally I am not sure I would tell a good story. I guess that is why I have never done it.

    It takes place at around the same time that the module Dragons of Despair begins, maybe 3-4 weeks before and runs a totally different line of adventures that has nothing to do with the DL series.

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    Default Campaign in spanish

    Hello, Dragonhelm, I am playing the campaign "Heroes of a New Age" ... with some changes and spice.

    We play-by-wiki.... using google sites, and we all write "in character" in third person, past-tense. The result is that our game ends looking like a fan-fiction.... but it is not. It is just us playing "Heroes of Steel"'s adventure.

    Our game is played in spanish, by the way.

    Would it be of interest and appropiate to put the "journal" of my campaign in the forum?

    Best regards!

    PD: here you can see an example of one of our "scenes":


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