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Thread: DL Author We Have a Question For You

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    Thank you! Although you know what Raistlin says about "hope"!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Darkness View Post
    Thank you! Although you know what Raistlin says about "hope"!


    Raistlin was wrong and I think it is something he may have learned in the end. (Yes, I cried like a baby at the end of the War of Souls.) Laurana was right after all; there is ALWAYS hope and the only real sin in this life is despair.

    Margaret, you are our favorite author. I have read a lot of novels in my time and it is true; you are the best I have ever come across. From Mark Twain to Tolkein, you are my favorite author -- and I know others feel the same as well.

    Looking back, I think I owe a real debt of gratitude to you and Mr. Hickman. I more or less grew up with the Dragonlance novels. I recognize they had a big impact on my life in many ways. Indeed, the reason I think I became an attorney (and a successful one at that) was in large part because I take issue against those who take advantage of other people; I care (maybe too much at times) about my clients and their problems. Not to mention, it was Dragonlance that first got me to love reading and writing -- an attribute that has helped shape my life through law school and beyond.

    It may sound silly, but it is true -- I really do believe that reading your books in my formative years made me a better person...even a better friend, husband and, eventually, a father. I never forgot Tas' lesson that it is the small things that matter in life. Raistlin may be my favorite character, but I WANT to be like Tas. I WANT to be fiercely loyal to my friends and family. I WANT to be without fear, because fear is the opposite of faith. I WANT to always keep my sense of adventure and wonder, even in the midst of devastating challenges. I WANT to have a good heart and be someone people can trust REGARDLESS of innate weakness and frailty that I may try to pretend at times I don't have. I WANT to always remember the small things in life and in love.

    Your stories have so much passion and emotion, but (more importantly) they have STRONG moral lessons in them that I think every young man and woman (regardless of actual age) should learn. People love your characters because they are REAL; we all can relate with your characters. The most powerful magic in the world can't solve all of your problems for you. In fact, too much power and wealth in any form may just ruin the chance at a life you could have had. And love, family and friendships are PARAMOUNT. I hope I am not creating spoilers for those who have not read the entire series, but even Raistlin learned this in the end.

    For me, I think it was helpful as a youth to read stories about these very HUMAN heroes with very HUMAN weaknesses, and help apply the lessons from reading about their successes and failures in my own life.

    Maybe it is unfair to say because I really know nothing of the situation that is going on with WotC...but it is clear that something is going on. It may be unfair to say, but I am going to say it anyway. From all appearances, what WotC is doing with you and the other Dragonlance authors is wrong.

    I just hope you know that we, your REAL fans, appreciate you. For many of us, your stories have been with us through many of our formative years. We have faith and believe in you. There is always hope!

    Again, thanks for all you have given to us and God bless.

    Warmest regards.

    'He said kenders were small because we were meant to do small things. 'If you look at all the big things in the world closely,' he said, 'you'll see that they're really made up of small things all joined together.'
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    Thank you so much!



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