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Thread: Quest for the Eye of the Dragon

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    Default Quest for the Eye of the Dragon

    Campaign season was at a close, Rose Killian was going to return home and spend the winter in her nice cozy house buried under a mound of blankets, but first she was to meet with her friends, her comarades to go over stories of glory and say their farewells untill the next campaign season.

    Rose entered the tavern that group had agreed to meet at. She walked in with the hood of her red cloak pulled far over her head, beneath she wore a red tunic that came to mid thigh and black breeches and brown suede traveling boots. Although, a follower of Lunitari, she seldom wore her robes, she thought they got in the when she had to fight, but she always wore Lunitari's color, red.

    She looked around the room she saw a table in the far corner of the room. She graceful strode over, placed her staff against the wall, removed her cloak and took a seat, and ordered a glass of wine. She made herself comfortable and was awaiting the arrival of the rest of the group.

    As she sat she noticed someone was watching her she merely raised an eyebrow in passing interest. She thought little of it, as she had many admirers, and figured she had just added another to her collection.
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    Talro entered the town walking after a slow moving merchant. He was tired and cold from the years campaigning. His axe was scarred and pitted on his back from several compaigns. He decided that as soon as he returned to Barter, he would commission his older brother Belaek to forge a new one.

    Talro moved quickly through the streets looking at the townfolk who were scuttling around. He spotted several of the folks giving him stares as they were startled to see a dwarf in their presence. He walked over to a trough and splashed some water onto his face to awaken himself a bit. He had been up all night walking here to meet with his friends to discuss this years campaign.

    He thought that they would probably be surprised to see him back here after they had been forced to split up. Talro still felt bad about the whole affair but the past was that. He was getting to old for this kind of stuff. He entered the tavern the Black Light and spotted Rose sitting at a table not far from the door.

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    Rizzen Vrinn stepped up to the doorway of the tavern. And then he hesitated. He thought nothing of it and put is hand on the door to open it.

    "Why do we do this?" he thought. "We work together to accomplish like minded goals, part ways, and then meet again. What's the point? Why bother getting close? Why bother caring? It's all just going to be stripped away."

    Then he opened the door. A few leaves rustled in behind him. Autum was coming, and it would lead right into a cold winter, if the short summer before hand had anything to say about it.

    Pulling his black cloak around him as it flapped in the wind, he short the door softly, and kept his hand on it for just a moment staring at his red gloves.

    "I should leave. They won't miss me. I can't stand this. The dwarf...Talro...I hate him and is overbearing constant advice and complaining at the same time...but that old bastard has my respect. He's put his life on the line for me more times than I can remember."

    "And that elf. The Druid. It was his fault that Aldamath---NO! No. No, it wasn't him. It was a Qualinesti Elf. My own kin, that stole her from me. That man has done nothing wrong. Everytime I see him though I can't help but think of her killer. I know he didn't do it, but it's just so damn hard."

    Rizzen fought to hold the tears back.

    "Why am I doing this? Nuitari help me. Why? They've travelled with me. Not all of them understand what I've gone through, but she does...Rose, she-"

    As Rizzen turned from the door, he saw her.


    His only true friend in the entire world. Sure the dwarf and the druid had been there for him in battle many times. But Rose had been there for him other times. Times when he couldn't take the pain anymore. She never said why she cared? She just did. And that made it all that much more difficult. To get close to anyone was just setting yourself up to come crashing down even harder when they're gone. Aldamath and her death proved that.


    How he had missed her warm smile, and compassionate eyes.

    He made his way to her table.

    "Hello Rose," he said with a slight smile and in a soft whisper, as he never raised his voice above one, so as not to attract attention to himself, "It's been a long time."
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    Rose gave a warm, and welcoming when Talro walked in. The old dwarf could be a pain with

    his constant grandfatherly advice, but she had to admire the hell out of him. He was quite a

    skilled fighter and had pulled rear out the fire many a time.

    "Talro! how was your journey, not too hard on them ol' bones of yours I hope." Rose patted hime on the back and laughed.

    Not too far behind Talro, came in Rizzen. He seemed to hesitate, and Rose feared that he may leave. Her expression soften, she let out a soft sigh. Then Rizzen saw her and approached the

    table, her warm smile came, her cobalt blue eyes flashed with pleasure at seeing her closest friend.

    "Hello Rizzen. I am glad you decided to come. Yes, It has been awhile. I trust your journey here was well and safe." Rose spoke with soft voice. Somewhat unlike her, except with Rizzen.

    Rose knew the inner turmoil that Rizzen experienced, although she would never discuss what inner turmoil of her own that made feel as though she and Rizzen were kindred spirits. She knew she could never take his pain away, and it at times pained her to know that.
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    "The journey was safe enough....well as safe as one can be in these days."

    Rizzen pulled off his red gloves and slid them into one of the inner pockets of his black cloak. He smoothed his red tunic with his hands, and then the pant legs of his black breeches. He then fiddled for a moment with one of the buckles on his black riding boots, checked in his spell component puch to make sure everything was there (as if it were going anywhere) and then he stopped for a moment and just stared at Rose's smile. Realizing she was watching him watching her, he quickley turned to look toward the bar, and spoke a tad more audible than he intended.

    "Have you ordered anything to drink yet? If not I can have the barmaid bring us some wine. Talro, ale for you? When's that damn druid getting here?"

    It was hard doing this. But each passing moment with Rose...and Talro as well, helped to warm Rizzen's heart atleast somewhat.

    Or at the very least make him forget his pain for a moment.

    He then whispered something barely audible.

    "I believe I've found a way back into Qualinesti..."
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    Shalafi Crysania Guest


    "Gillad? Ha! you know him, he was probably late to his own birth. I have never know him to show up on time to anything." Rose spoke happily and in joyous tones, hoping that it would cheer her friend.

    "Rizzen don't just stand there, sit down, relax for a bit. I hope our company isn't that bad" Rose threw him a crooked charming smile.

    Rose wasn't what one would take for a magic user. She was a flirtacious, and somewhat rambuncous, she enjoyed having a good time and was quite the jokster, until it came to business.

    Rose's gaze drifted to the back corner of the tavern, where once again she noted that the odd stranger was watching them. All expression left her face, as her eyes narrowed into a studious gaze, this time making a mental note of the man and keeping an eye on him.

    Rose returned her gaze to those at the table with her, and again a charming smile brightened her face. Every now and again she eyed the corner of the tavern, "So tell me of your journies...."

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    Rizzen took a seat directly across from Rose. He knew something odd was going on....or atleast he assumed. He ALWAYS assumed something was wrong, and was always ready to confront the situation....even when it didn't need confronting.

    "What's going on, Rose?" he wanted to ask, but thought better of it, not wanting to come off as paranoid. Still he quietly unlatched the buckle of his scabbard which held his sabre. he left the blade in its place but wanted to be ready at a moments notice. The last Inn he had been in, in Northern Ergoth...well that night ended in blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyCrysania
    "So tell me of your journies...."

    I've been travelling for a while now....I was in Northern Ergoth at an Inn....I don't think....they'll allow me there anymore ," he said with a sly dark grin. "

    "I had gone there seeking some rare herbs that only grow in Ergoth's rich soil. I found them, and happened to go to an Inn one night for food and rest. However two human men were there, giving a few gnomes a hard time about some contraption or another they sold the men. Something to do with a plow. The gnomes took offense to what the men had to say, and threatened to take it to some commitee or another. I don't know if the men knew what the gnomes were talking about or not, or for that matter, if the gnomes even knew.

    But one of them, one of the gnomes that is, decided--"

    Rizzen trailed off quietly following Rose's gaze across the room to the man watching her. When she stopped watching the man, Rizzen did as well. "So that's what it was" he thought. Someone is following her.

    He then jumped back into his story so as to appear non-chalant to their watcher.

    "It didn't bother me. I could care less either way. But a scuffle broke out and one of them lept onto the bar, one of the gnomes. He pulled out a small crossbow fired and the next thing I knew the entire place, a total of about two dozen people, were fighting. Someone came at me to hit me. So I turned his nose into a frog...or atleast I made him and the rest of the patrons think that. After that I had the entire bar coming my way, including the gnomes, to rip me apart. That's when I drew my wasn't pretty, Rose. But I swear to you, it was self-defense."

    Rizzen rested his hand gently onto the hilt of his sword. He would die before letting this man who was watching, hurt her.

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    At the mention of the name Gillad, a man stood and gave a sly smile.He wore a long black cloak, and his hood cowled over his face. He walked over to the table, "Am I interrupting anything?" he asked slyly. He leaned heavily on his quarter staff a gazed at each one of them in turn. "It has been far to long," he said softly. He hooked a chair with his staff and pulled it to him, taking a seat putting his boots on the table. "You know you two should take a damn look around when you enter a room, and maybe pay a bit more attention." Gillad cast back his hood and looked over Rizzen, "The damn druid is here," he said with a large grin. He stopped a barmaid and grabebd a glass of wine and took a long slow slip, "How are you today Master Talro? The road is being kind to you, or as Rizzen said, kind as it can be these harsh times." He looked at the black robed mage, "Greetings friend, sounds as though Ergoth is not to disheartened by your leaving," he said softly with a gentle smile. Then he finally he looked to Rose, "And I am not late, just unfashionably early," he said with slight chuckle....
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    "Finally," Rizzen thought to himself, "this damn fool has shown up. He's the perfect tool, for ensuring my way past this dread curse and back into Qualinesti, so I can seek my vengeance. "

    "Gillad, you damn fool. You know better than to sneak up on me like that. I could have cast a spell," Rizzen said in his soft whisper and made a feeble attempt at half a smile.

    Rizzen clasped the buckle back on his scabbard, resecurring the magical blade.

    "So the three of you have heard my tale of the day. The rest of my time was spent just searching for herbs and a few private meetings held at the Tower. So what of you all; what have you been up to?" he asked quietly, as the barmaid made it back to the table to bring the rest of them drinks.

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    Shalafi Crysania Guest


    Rose looked down at the table, her shoulders shook with surpressed laughter. She eyed up at Gillad, laughter dancing in her eyes, she pushed her red hair back behind her ear then look at him full on and shook her head, "unfashionably early?" she repeated with a giggle. "Only you would look at it like that. But please, by all means make yourself comfortable." She said making reference to him putting his boots on the table.

    Rose stopped talking and her body stiffened, she slowly sat back in her seat. She did not turn her head just merely eyed up to the black robe stranger that came up to their table.

    "So you finally decided to come out of your hole?" Rose turned to look at the stranger, she could make nothing out but dark emerald green eyes. "What is it that we can do for you?"

    "I wish to hire you. Being a mage, I'm sure you have heard of the Eye of the Dragon?" The robed figured spoke with soft tones.

    "Yes. I story has it, it was stolen and was considered to be lost to the conclave." Rose retorted

    "But it has been found. And I wish to hire you and your friends to go seek it out, retrieve it so it can be returned to the conclave. I am permitted to pay 20 steel to each of you."

    Rose looked at the stranger with suspicion "20 steel? Why do you not just walk the corridors of magic and get it?"

    The stranger appeared as though he was losing patience "Because of where it is hidden to use magic to retrieve it would be foolish."

    "Leave us. Let my friends and I discuss this. This is not a decision to be made in haste." Rose replied thoughtfully

    The stranger slammed a hand down on the table "Can you not make a decision, girl!"

    There was a flurry of movement, Rose was up, one boot on the chair, the other on the table. In one movement she had deftly trapped his arm under hers pulled him so they were nose to nose with her blade at his throat. "You would do well not to anger those whom you seek assistance from." She spoke through gritted teeth.

    Rose pushed the stranger back, "Now be gone, I let you know our decision."

    He nodded his head "I give you til sundown."

    Rose replaced the blade back in her boot and jumped down from the table, looked at her friends "So what say you all?"


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