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Thread: Unoriginal names used in DL/AD&D games

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    Default Unoriginal names used in DL/AD&D games

    We got the particularly clever names thread how about a thread of simply names that we picked up somewhere and decided to use it in our game?

    Heres a few

    Coke! the best thing a certain 10 year old at the time could come up with a name for his Qualinesti Mage/Thief

    Gilgamesh a Anti Paladin

    Mordor an evil Kagonesti Fighter/Thief

    Dread his brother and Cleric of Chemosh/then Zeboim/ and Thief

    Zarathos (From Babaylon 5) Another brother and Kagonesti Black Robe

    Duras (Star trek) a Minotaur Warrior

    T`Pol a Qualinesti Elven Red Robe/Cleric of Chislev

    Gandalf the chaotic human White robe

    theres a few, what names did your characters suddenly end up with that was used by TV of in books?

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    papytofu Guest


    I've got many Aragorn some ra´stlin and all the kenders i've seen were named Tasslehoff ( but it's even like that in the true story). Many time my PC are not even able to even that is a little surnatural so many time i've got an elf named Paul in my party and a gnome named Cid.

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    Oh, I've seen a number of these. I guess anyone who uses a pregen is somewhat guilty of this.

    A friend of mine named his drow Saryon, which is a character from Darksword.

    Another friend named his character Kelson. Now, how many times have we seen the name Kelson around?

    My very first kender had the most unoriginal name of Balif Quickfoot. Named after the first kender hero. lol

    A guy I knew in college named Jim named all his characters after himself. Jim the Flim Flam Man, Brother Jim....

    My very first character ever was named Kylun, after the character from the old Excalibur comic. He was about as ugly too.

    All I have time for now.
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    Default my moniker, Arek Brimstone, is really kind of a conglomerate of names that came before.

    Originally Arek Brimstone was named Tonic Bromgaard. "Tonic" because that was my nick name in college (long story...) and Bromgaard because...well, I don't recall exactly. Eventually, I decided "Tonic" had to go.

    Arek came from my liking for the spelling Ariakas/Ariakan and the name of the Dragon Warrior hero of legend (US version) Erdrick. I always liked Erdrick...but I didn't want to use I kind of combined the two and came up with Arek.

    Bromgaard...well, my original thinking was that this character would be from Solamnia...and a lot of Solamnic names had the "gaard" part at the end. I don't recall where "Brom" came from...but essentially, "Bromgaard" came from my not being able to move beyond "Crowngaard."

    And to tell you the truth...I have no idea when I changed "Bromgaard" to "Brimstone." For a while, I thought that's what it always was...but a year or so ago, I found my old SAGA character sheets and it said Arek Bromgaard on, I don't know when I changed it or why...but I think Brimstone sounds better, don't you?

    So...although Arek Brimstone doesn't really come from anything really is still just an unoriginal conglomeration of things that came before. heh heh
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    Well, I can't think of any character names that are unoriginal, but my user name has been a mix of different names, just like Arek's.

    I originally started it out as "Lorac", because I really thought that name was cool and I probably just got finished to the Chronicles : )...

    At about that time, I was trying to make a Solamnic Knight, so I changed the first name to "Loren", and added the last name "Stronghilt" to make it sound more Solamnic.

    And, at this moment, I am starting to begin my own Solamnic family line. The furthest back I have gone is good old Loren Stronghilt, and right now I am playing on a Neverwinter Nights Dragonlance server(once a week) and made a character Larac Stronghilt, who didn't follow his fathers wishes and began studying under sorcery.

    Well, I have gone far enough off topic for now, so I will end back on topic. I'm almost positive that I've had quite a few characters/players who've had generic names, but for the life of me I can't think of any of them : P

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    The worst I can remeber was another player who named his character Guy of Guisborn.
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    My moniker, Tailas, is a combination of Raistlin and Tasslehoff, my 2 favorite HotL back in junior high. I started using Tailas all the time, in D&D campaigns, online messages boards and sites (like this one), and in MMORPG's, so it became my alter-ego.

    I took Tas, and added an "ail" in the middle, which I got from Raistlin's name. I thought Taistlas looked kind of funny, but decided it was too silly, so I dropped th "st", and thus, Tailas came to be. (and yeah I know, Taistlas = tasteless......I've heard that joke many times from my friends who I RPG with.....LOL :p)

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    My first character ever was a dwarf fighter named Quazar...don't ask, I don't know. Then my most successful character was a paladin named Aragorn, who I play his grandson in a campaign still. Aragorn eventually got transferred to DL, where he became a knight, moved up to grand master before he died defending the Clerist's Tower. Then I played his son, Siragorn the White (robed wizard) who became 31st level before we ended that campaign.
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    Default Unusual Names...

    I had quite a few mindless players in my campaign when we started out. I spend 2 years back in middle school trying to keep my players from naming their characters Nightstorm, Nightshade, Nightcreep, Nightshadow, Nightmare, Nightblah blah blah. They drove me crazy. I seemed to be the only one who thought an entirely Night***** filled group was silly. Probably the only reason I stopped roleplaying is I couldn't find any decent players near me in Ohio. Only one or two weren't unimaginative or mentally challenged.

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    Anyone with the last name of Dragonbane or Brightblade. I hate that. Get original last names people.

    Also Gawain and Mordred. One guy wanted to be Grumosh (however you spell that FR god).

    One guy was Joe Momma. To this day I'm trying to figure out how he got that past the DM. That was sorta original though.


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