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    Yeah, I know. I try not to work too hard, but that's hard in itself, because I'm so driven to prove I'm not lazy. XD

    Ah well I finished Star Ocean 4. Loved it very much. 8D Though I was nearly crying at the end because of what happened to one of the characters. :( Of course I now have Final Fantasy Dissidia so that will keep me occupied for a while.

    Yeah, we need more stuff. I'm still waiting for my copy of Hourglass Mage to come in. See, normal bookshops would get these new books in on the day they're released. Does mine? Nooooo. And it's not like Dragonlance isn't mainstream for fantasy. It's pretty much mainstream, alongside Forgotten Realms and David Eddings and Terry Pratchett.

    Hmm... I think I could manage that on Photoshop. Just the eyes? Sure thing. I object to the way they did his eyes in the movie. The description always said Raistlin's pupils were hourglass shaped, not the iris as well. XD *gets to work.*
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    Heh, I don't know how to take it easy. I always push myself more than I should do. I get paranoid that people will think I'm lazy if I don't work hard. I must be doing something right, though, because so far I've been rewarded with two boxes of chocolates, and just today one of my colleagues bought me a fancy notebook and pen set, because she knew I liked writing.

    Why, yes, I have been playing the new Star Ocean game. Why do you ask? :3

    I know... and I would have gotten discounts on books... and been able to order any book I liked... I'm looking at you, Dragonlance shelf. What was once two full shelves is now less than a shelf. (I think they stocked up when they realised I was buying them like crazy, and now I've got all the main ones they've stopped ordering.)
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    Oh, I can share those. My bosses are quite nice. Always asking if I'm okay, and one gives me a lift home every now and then. And I have my own desk with laptop and paper tray and stuff. I've been working on my own this week, because my team colleagues have been on holiday, so I've been doing all the support work all by myself, and it was so much fun. XD

    Hey, books are awesome. I did want to work at Waterstones, but they weren't employing in my town. :(
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    Well, my new job is quite fun, but quite active. It's just annoying that I can't talk about it much, because I'm an Admin Assistant for my local council's social services, so I end up dealing with a lot of confidential stuff, which I can't share. But it's still fun. I do a lot of filing, and so far my colleagues and people on other teams have been very impressed with my work. I've only been there 2 months and I've been bought 2 boxes of chocolates and promised a 3rd. 8D So I like my job - it provides me with choccies for doing good work. XD

    What kind of work are you looking for?
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    Have you been watching the birthdays every day to see when mine came up? XD

    Everything's been all right. Pretty much the same as usual. Started my new job, that's about the only new thing.
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    Thanks very much, Dal. ^_^
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    There are plenty of sites that offer guides to how to draw manga style, too, so check those out. Hands are always a pain, and I still can't get them right half the time. XD

    Shadow Hearts was awesome. I've only completed the second one--that's my fave. Yuri's the main character in that, too. I was worried after I bought Shadow Hearts Covenant at first (that was the first one I got), because watching the opening trailer I was worried I'd bought a war game. Luckily it was a fantasy-history. I was amazed it blended so well together. Same with Kingdom Hearts. I never thought Disney and Square Enix would work well together, yet they created a masterpiece. XD
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    Hmm... well, I found the best way to do it is study existing anime pictures and see how they are drawn. I used to create pictures by editing existing ones, drawing my own over the top. This gave me a feel for how the bodies are structured. Also, just copying them. Reading manga is also a good way, because each artist has their own style. For example, I love Natsuki Takaya (Fruits Basket) and Yun Kouga's (Loveless) style.

    But if you want to draw Sephiroth, the best thing to do is just copy pictures of him and get a feel for the body proportions and how his body fits together. The hardest thing with Sephy is his outfit, because it's so complicated, but many fanartists don't put all that much detail into it unless they're really familiar, so feel free to simplify things. I tend to draw Cloud rather than Sephy, so I'm used to practicing with that spiky hair of his.
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    Heh, Star Ocean 3 is awesome. The opening is a little long-winded, though, but it's still a fun game. I cringe whenever Fayt screams, though. Steve Staley needs a little more practice with it. XD

    Yes, I've played that. I'm addicted to FF, so I have a lot of the games. 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, 6, Revenant Wings, Dirge of Cerberus, plus Advent Children. I may get the earlier games for the psp and ds at a later date though. Aw, the Island Closest to Hell, that's a hell of a place to fight (yay, pun!). Same with the Island Closest to Heaven. I have never won a battle on that island, but I can fight almost anything on the Island Closest to Hell, save for the Malboro, unless Odin gives me a hand in the first round. :3
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    I loved Star Ocean 3... Fayt was so cute. ^^ And yes, First Departure is PSP. I'm near the end, just training my characters up ready for the final boss. It's hard, because my characters are level 60 and the monsters around me are level 80+, so I have to level up just so I can make it to the final area.

    Yeah, I thought Kellen's story started off kinda sad... he's quite alone, really.

    Um, I've been an artist on and off since I was about 12--that was when I first started trying to draw properly. I did some very basic anime stuff, plus I'd often draw portraits of my friends or draw them animals they liked, usually dolphins. I'd also copy pictures out of books, like landscapes and faces, etc. Nowadays I only draw anime style.

    For History? Wow, a challenge, but plenty have tried that. The Shadow Hearts games are sort of history/fantasy games. Ever played them?
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