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  1. Even though this doesnt pertain to DL, can I have a personal chat with you, like Instant Message? I wish to discuss the topic of the book im trying to make, and I dont want anyone to be listening in, or in the case of the internet, watching, because I would like to discuss the plot, and how characters play their roles.

    So basically, if you could, if you have an MSN(Windows Live) my email is
    If you have a Yahoo, then my email is

    I hope to chat with you soon, ms weis!!
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    hello, as Nyx says, ya probably do! ^^ but me and my brother ABSOLUTELY LOVE Yours and Tracy Hickman's books!!!! we are both about to start the war of souls trilogy (i just finished the legends, and we both read the chronicles) Once again, Hi!, You're amazing!! Tika, silvara, kitiara and Tasslehoff (its hard to choose ;])are my faves!! my brother loves tanis!! (i named mah fish after tas :])
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    Hello Ms. Weis I know that probably many people come with this, but I'm really glad to have the oportunity to read your and that of the other DL authors great works they are really inspiring. Your characters are also amazing I mostly like Raistlin he is one of my favorites and it looks like that of many people. By the way what do you think of some of the songs your and Mr. Hickman's works gave the inspiration to like Wishmaster, The Soulforged, Csillagszellő (Starbreeze) - this is from a Hungarian band together with they song Magus, Caramon's poem, Raistlin and the rose and such I even found an instromental work called Takhisis Dance...
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    Hello Ms. Weis, I'm Pat-Ric; lead vocals for the band Vader Vader. We are being featured in the upcoming movie "Something You Should Know: The Duran Duran Fan Documentary". There is no music for them yet, but I have written lyrics called "The Hourglass Mage"; I have not got to copyright them yet but I would like to send them to you...
  5. Alright. Heres Nightwish, Wishmaster, for you.

    Enjoy, Ms. Weis!
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    Well I know theres probably not much of a chance you'll read this but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I know you don't right any more for WoTC but you are the Raistlin authority and I had an idea for a DL book or a trilogy and I was really hoping you'd let me pass it on to you for your criticism. I mean is it something already proposed? Is the idea rediculous? Anything like that. I really do think its good and I know Im not a writer, but before I throw it out there for other authors to develop I'd like your input.
    Thanks for anything, Even if its just taking the time to read this.
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    Hi Ms.Weiss, just wanted to shot you a line in regards to the "Words of Magic" for Raistlin. If I wasn't so busy at work and with my child I would have noticed the topic sooner.

    Ideas I have for those spell on the fly are easy. Obviously if he uses them on the fly he needs to basically spit them out and have them happen.

    Fireball: "Vistra Kalai"
    Dispel Magic: "Kasane Nuloso"
    Magic Missle: "Vatras Sabotus"
    Sleep: "Kaseena"

    Those were the ones asked for, and I find I make up better words of magic on the fly soooooo I figured it fit. In an Rp thread that Khaisai is running I have an Aurak Black Robe that cast a combo spell I made up (I like the story telling more then rolling dice now-a-days): "Visara kisenth vindue" While the spell is supposed to be "higher level" it was used to attack with a pillar of water in conjunction with a limited necromancy that summoned spirits of drowning victims to lash out at the target as well.

    If you are interested the links is:
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