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    i just want to say thanks for writing such good books
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    When I first came to this forum, I was very happy because now I could finally speak with other Dragonlance readers and discuss all the great books you and Hickman have done, and then I noticed one of your posts in some of the topics and now (after about ten minutes of just staring your name at the end of the message) I am writing to the Margaret Weis herself! It's one of the moments you feel you could just run out of your home and go hugging trees. You are surely one of the best authors ever! Thank you so much about all the books you have created! Thank you about Fizban, Tasslehoff and Flint, I've had so many laughs with them. And I'm sure you have heard this about million times before, but from the times I hardly could walk, I've always wanted to be an author. Please don't mind if my message was very confusing or just simply silly, it doesn't really help my ordinary oddness that I am actually writing to you. Sincerily yours, Apoletta.
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    Ms. Weis, you've inspired hundreds of people with the work you and Tracy Hickman have created. I don't know why Wizards relegated DL to alternate publishers, but I am glad that you've been able to keep it alive throughout 3.0/3.5 and I hope you will keep it going on through 4ed and whatever other changes WotC makes. R. A. Salvatore may have introduced me to the Realms through Drizzt Do'Urden, but you and Tracy brought me to Krynn (and I'm pretty sure it was through one of Fizban's messed up spells; either that or something Tasslehoff did ) and made it a major part of my life. So, thank you for all you've done. Your ever-faithful KenderBryant.
  4. Ms. Weis,

    I must say that I am amazed to find a site that you post on and I really am extraordinarily happy to be part of a community now that is so in tune with their author. My brother has always been a HUGE fan of your books and just recently I finished reading the War of Souls Trilogy. I actually cried at the end of the series because of just how epic everything was and I was completely caught up in it. As a matter of fact, I just went out and bought every single Dragonlance book today that you and Tracy Hickman have authored. I eagerly await your newest book and I cannot wait to read it.
  5. Margaret Weis? I'm humbled. It's a pleasure to be able to tell you that I adore your work. I've seen so much of Raistlin in myself over the years, and in reading about him I feel I've learned a few things about myself as well. I'm sure you've heard it a million times, but I'll say it as well: You're the best.
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    Ms. Weis, I've considered you my idol from the moment I first picked up "Dragons of Autumn Twilight". If I may ask, how does one become a part of the fantasy industry? Is it about the people you know, your talent, or just blind luck? Just curious. Thank you, my Queen.
  7. Margaret Weis,

    First I wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your books... They're beyond great. I was very disappointed when I heard that WotC decided that they were going to go with a different author on the hourglass mage. I feel that no one else could ever come close to getting the true story.

    That being said, people have hinted that you and Tracy might be back on the job of writing the book, but I have not seen anyone truly come out and say it... Could you confirm whether or not this is true and that you are truly writing the book?

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    I would like to ask what you think about this project I started to form elvish. Once we finished I would like to see what you think of it.
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    I would like to ask you to concider the idea that I have put forth in my thread in the Commonroom.

    Thank you,
    Sam Hanlon
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    Wow, I don't believe it, are you actually Margaret Weis? Great work on the books. My all time favorite series is the War of the Lance. Those books were outstandingly awesome. I wish you had written every Dragonlance book. =) Though, you did make my hero become mortal. =S (Paladine at the End of Vanished Moon) Great work though on your books. I wish you the best!

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