Improved Familiars

  1. Jasryn Storm
    Regarding a Pseudodragon familiar bonded to a 9th Level White Robe mage:

    1) How do you calculate the pseudodragon's intelligence score when bonded to a 9th level mage? I know it goes up, but by how much? (There's a chart for normal familiars, such as bat, hawk, raven, etc., but nothing listed for improved familiars.)

    2) Since a pseudodragon is telepathic out to a range of 60', I've been treating the empathic link with the master as fully telepathic out to a range of 1 mile. Is this correct?

    3) What abilities does a pseudodragon impart on the master? My best guess would be hiding skill, since a pseudodragon is practically invisible at will, as if it were a living cloak of elvenkind. But by how much should I increase the master's hide score? Is it a different skill entirely?

    These questions are intended for Skip Williams (who wrote some wonderful articles on familiars, but never answered the above perplexing questions) OR anyone else who knows the answer.
  2. Highpants97
    ill ask my friend he loves pseudodragons and such, ill get back to you soon...:
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