Where are we now?

  1. KenderBryant
    Hi there! I'm KB, I am a Pikkit, and I come from the world of Shaarthuus! I've been here on Krynn for several years now and find myself adjusting just fine. I've gotten a job at the Palanthas Herald as a journalist and am pleased with the way things are currently going.
  2. Black Widow
    Black Widow
    A few centuries ago, when a shadowlord from another realm entered Shaarthuus and took over a continent known as Artakra(only to be taken beneath the waters by some of the deities about a hundred years later) they took me along for the ride and entered a few other worlds like Faerun and Greyhawk. They soon found a way to enter Krynn and somehow I managed to escape them here.

    Last I heard the shadowed kin was in Northern Ergoth, but who cares about that. I'm here now and I have been for a few years atleast. I am currently traveling the lands, looking for unexpected prey to weave my web around and feed them with evil thoughts. *grins deviously while rubbing open palms together*
  3. KenderBryant
    Pleased to meet you Black Widow.
  4. Black Widow
    Black Widow
    OOC: Hugs little bro.

    IC: Sure about that? *evil grin*
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