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    Hi all, I'm following this link to determine the order of the books I should read.

    I've read read Dragons of a New Age trilogy and according to the site, I should read the Dhamon Saga. So right now I'm in the middle of chapter 2 and something doesn't seem right. Who are Maldred, Fetch, Rikali and the Legion of Steel Knights? There isn't any character development on them. And according to http://www.dlnexus.com/products/chronological.aspx, Downfall takes place after Eve of the Maelstrom. So where did these people come from? Should I not be reading this book yet?

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    Well if you want to read about Dhamon after the events of the The Eve of the Maelstrom. It is about a year after that book and just hits the ground running. Jean will start filling in on who those people are and how they came about to meeting Dhamon. Great Trio and I would read Lake of Death some time after War of Souls books to cap his story.

    Legion of Steel can be found here and among many 5th Age source books.
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    so this is the first book where these characters come in? and Jean Rabe purposely did not do a character developement in the beginning? I never came across this type of writing before. Thanks for the reply.

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