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  1. Hello! I believe you were one of the gentlemen that replied to my post on the nexus facebook page. Thanks for that! I have actually already gotten in contact with Tauren, and he directed me to you and Rogue. I mostly wanted to contact you to say thank you and also ask about what games you are currently playing. I'm looking for something good for me to wet my feet with since I am new to the mechanics that you use here. I have RPed a lot in the past, all the way back in the 90s when AOL RP existed. (Yeah, I know, Old! LOL! Long live RhyDin!) So while i have a lot of experience with the story telling aspect of RPGs, I only have a rudimentary experience with the game mechanics. I am really hoping to find something where i can play a few almost NPCs or small parts just to get a hang for it before getting a true main character. Is there anywhere you would recommend I look or someone I may need to talk to?

    Thanks again for everything!

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