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  1. Hello! I believe you replied to my post on the Nexus Facebook page. So thank you for that! I have actually started talking to Tauren who is running the Dragons of the River of Time game. I was thrilled when he got back with me, and directed me to you and Rogue. So I am curious of what games you are playing and where you may recommend I inquire or otherwise start. I have to admit, that though I have RPed a lot, I have done very little in the way of working with true mechanics (I started waaaaaaaay back in the 90's when AOL RP existed... yeah, I know. Old! LOL!) Anyway, it was rudimentary at best. It looks like you guys are using some heavy duty systems and i am fascinated to see how it all works. I'm very anxious to get my feet wet.

    Thanks again!

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