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  1. It's natural for me to pay a visit to the person who gave me many and many hours of entertaining,suspence,fun,sadness and excitement.I started reading Dragonlance 15 years ago,while I was beginning to play Dungeons&Dragons(red box 83 edition) and the characters created by you and Tracy Hickman teached to me how to give characterization,feelings,emotions to my pgs.
    People,yeah I have to say not characters but people,like Tas,Raistlin,Caramon,Flint,Sturm,Fizban became soon friends I care and worry about,who gave me sadness when they leaved us with their heroic deaths,with them I fought,I casted spells,I rode dragons and I traveled in time and in the Abyss but also I laughed,I hoped,I loved and I cryed.
    So let me say the only word that is right to say,and let me say it in Italian,the language I'm used to read your books.

    GRAZIE.......for ALL

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